The War Between Man & Beast: Babalon Speaks

For I was to you ALL things
But you chose death over life;
You chose darkness over light
And in the process you found pain
From your rejection of peace
And for this you have been allotted a number
And you have been given a mark.
You craved illusion over divine reality
And you sought the material as your idol.

762! 762! 762!

762 is the number of the divine liturgy

Look at me like I am your lover
And you shall see the golden apple
Handed to you upon the hand of Ishtar

For Eros is the essence of the fountain
That the beloved Soul drinks from
And like a bird she pours it from her mouth into yours.

Destiny is coming to you
On the wings of a dove
And the rings of the sun shall be your halos.
Do not curse the light for the darkness is waiting for you
Should you try to flee from Lucifer.

You shall not bow down to me.
You shall not hang your head in shame.
You shall stand and take your judgment
For good or for bad
And you shall own your crimes
Or you shall own your good deeds.
All can be seen and all is recorded
In the Book of Men-Or-A
That is bound with the skin of the serpent
The all knowing, all healing
Miracle giver and life taker.

The divine liturgy
Shall detonate in your minds
Like a weapon of mass destruction
To those who try to swallow the WORD
But to those who hear the call
Who love the divine
This shall activate your godhood.

You shall fall on your knees and scream

And it is because you have become BLINDED BY SKIN AND FLESH!!!!!!!!!!

There is no more time for you.
You must make the choice.
You must choose between the light and the darkness.
You must choose between the unrighteous and the righteous.
You must choose neither left nor right
You must walk through the sea
You must pass through the middle

“Oh my God”, Says Helen.
“Oh my God”, Says Nanaea
“Oh my God”, Says Babalon
“How can humanity survive this chaos???
Where are the shepherds?
Where are the holy priests that I remember?
Where is my womb traveling to?
Where are the seeds?
Show me the seeds, OH my God
So that I may plant them.”

And My Lord Saviour Apollo-Eros rises into my eyes
And my eyes become suns and they burn
But he is beautiful and he is mine. He says:

“You are all of my divine desire
You are the collection of all saints
And all suns
You are the collection of small universes
In one conscious

Come”, he tells me
And I follow him for always I will follow.
And he takes me through to the forest
And Pan sits playing his pipes
And he too is beautiful
And he asks me,

“What do you love, man or beast???”

I say, “Are they not the same?”

And Pan tells me,

“No; God is man and man is beast by choice. I am the in-between.”

“Who do you love?” he asks me again and I think and say”

“I love all things because God is in all things.”

And he replies, “Love is not a choice but who you serve is a choice.

I am the god not yet formed.
I am the beastly man eternally transforming into god

I am also the shepherd of men
For beastly as I am
I understand their natures
Because of this.

Do not condemn me.
Love me.
See past my ugliness
See into my heart
For I too am Eros

You are my lovely Rose.
You grow in my garden
For you grow wild in the wild forest
And all wild things are beautiful

He is the DRAKONOS who must protect the Rose from me

Because I will devour you and try to suck you into my reality

You, The Wild Rose, are a danger to my reality
And for this I will try to devour you

You are my Sancta Rosa
You have much pain to carry
But when you understand the lesson
You shall understand the meaning of your name.”


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