The TRUTH of Lucifer Will Set You Free

Please be aware that this article is not about supporting Satanism and the false dogma which suggest that Lucifer is the Devil and neither the ‘god’ of the priesthoods, who is supposed to be against the Light Bearer but about seeking the truth of our reality and I say this because most people are usually reacting negatively to this subject based on the presumptions which are cultivated in order to serve the political interests of the constructed dogmas, based on the ignorance and the corruption of the past. This is something which makes a huge number of people to react totally negatively towards the whole subject, which in my opinion should be among their priorities in order to realize their own truth and their inner connection with the all and the universe, and this is why I do not and I never will support any religion which is not open to Gnosis and understanding. I strongly support the transformation of the religious structures within a Gnostic context which will be open to scientific knowledge and philosophy.

I reject darkness in any formation and I reject prejudice against any group of people based on their beliefs and their perception, which is usually based on what they have been taught by others who pretend to be spiritual and political leaders, and I am so fed up with the darkness in our world that I am about explode and I think that my explosion will be something like the ‘Big Bang’ which will give birth to a whole new wonderful universe with red roses and green trees and I can’t afford to think otherwise as our world needs the dreamers who can visualize a better world and bring change to the better.

In order to better understand where I stand I will just say that I am neither left nor right and that my dream is to raise above this cancerous polarization which is infecting our consciousness in the whole. I reject the prejudice against the Christians by the Liberals which have grown in our days and so to be honest with myself, I have to also state that I reject prejudice against the Liberals by the Christians and I place my belief in BALANCE and honest cooperation based on common accepted values which can benefit the whole.

I had to make this introduction to avoid misunderstanding because within this situation, the truth regarding this subject is in the middle, in-between the polarization, and this is why people from both polarities are becoming triggered with key words such as ‘God’, ‘Jesus’,  ‘Lucifer, ‘New Age’ etc which are based on presumptions while the New Age is mostly left-wing because it is something new which can’t fit into the old structures, especially without compromisation and because of this most new agers seek for political shelter among the Liberals who are more open to new ideas but in my opinion the subject of ‘God’ as a whole can’t be restricted based on the political structures and the truth regarding the subject is encircling the whole and it is not a privilege of some team or group which perceives the whole subject within the limitations set by structures of our world.

And so my claim is that regardless of any relative occult practice and anything else that is in our reach, there is proof that we are living in an archetypal matrix which is producing what we know as the Gematria which is providing proof regarding the existence of a higher power which according to my research is providing us with a MAP based on astological data regarding the manifestation of the Aeons and currently of the Aquarian Age.

What the followers of Jesus need to understand regarding the Aquarian Age is that Jesus was an expression of the Pisces archetype just as the Gnostics are teaching and this is why we also have the following:

You can also read the following to better understand this and later I may write an article regarding this subject to explain this better based also in Bible verses:

And so now we are entering into a new Aeon and it is impressive how the results of Gematria are in reality revealing a MAP based on the Archetype which can direct us through the emanations of THE ARCHETYPAL MODEL = 1146 = THE TREE OF LIFE AND DEATH to the realization of this process regarding the manifestation of the New Aeon.

Our work here at Esophoria, as well the occult work of others, is PROOF that there is a DIVINE DESIGNER and that we are not a product of luck as the atheist dogma suggests and which is trying to pass on as the only valid belief.

This is why people of faith who are under attack by the priesthood of ‘scientific’ darkness need to open themselves to this knowledge and to the ancient mysteries in order to face the matterialistic beast which is hunting the pregnant woman and the divine seed of the new Aeon.

The prejudice of the worshippers of the matterialistic beast against the people of faith is no different from the prejudice of Christians against Pagans and of the Pagans against Christians and the new priesthood of atheistic ‘scientific’ darkness which is promoting BELIEFS is not dissimilar to the priesthoods of the past which were serving the interests of their dogma and of their power over our consciousness.

Note that if you are a person of faith you should empower your faith through this knowledge and not feel threatened because maybe your dogma is not in alignment with this knowledge while Jesus came for the poor and the innocent and not for the elites who keep the knowledge for themselves in order to dominate us through mind control.

There is a conscious WITHIN US ALL = 888 that cares and listens to our prayers and this is what you should extract from my effort to present this reality and not as a threat for the faith and for the limited perceptions of the simple minded and the innocent people who place their trust in the teachings of Jesus, for example, while seeking for justice in an unjust and corrupted world.

As I have explained in my previous article the interpretation of the number of the Beast (666) in the Christian texts and as well the calculation of the number of Jesus (888) from the Christian mystics is based on the knowledge that the ancient Greek Serpent Master, Pythagoras brought from the EAST which is where the Jews originated and from which Judaism rose from.

This is why the Jews have this advantage over western theology while the Old Testament has become a cancer in the western world because for some reason the religious authorities and the Greco Roman elites of the past have closed all the doors to the knowledge of the EAST based on the obvious false assumption that the national tradition of the Jews is the only truth regarding the past of humanity.

This notion is by default a lie as my friend and author Karim El Kussa would say while also according to the Jewish texts they received the priesthood rights from the Canaanite Melchizedek who was a priest of the Canaanite God El.

These criminals who are only aiming to mind control through spreading artificial polarization and who have sank our world into delusions have reappeared today as the Greco-centric nazis who are spreading lies regarding the origins of the Hellenic traditions which it is clear has their roots in Eastern systems while the astrotheology of the ancient Greeks was based on the Babylonian astrology and astronomy as everyone studying this subject knows as well as the Greco-centric neonazi frauds.

Besides this easy to trace information that only the frauds are pretending to not be able to perceive there is more than enough evidence that the ancient Greek masters were initiates of the Egyptian mysteries and that they were travelling all over the world to collect experience and knowledge and this was the WEALTH of the ancient Greeks which was their ability to accumulate and assimilate the knowledge of other traditions and not, of course, the ARTIFICIAL POLARIZATION that this unsavoury people are spreading in order to feed the matterialistic monster of NEONAZISM which is expressed in various ways through their various groups of those who recognize themselves as Greco-centrics.

They have reached the limits of insanity with a well known group of a neonazi criminal who is wanted by the authorities for various crimes and everyone in Greece knows who this person is and that he is wanted by the authorities and there is no need to mention his name while the whole subject is a joke and no one should give any importance to this person.

Regarding the lies of the these frauds, I suggest you read the following and I may make a better analysis in the future while their falsehoods have become the biggest joke in human history:

Stolen Legacy, by George G. M. James

And so while the polarization between the east and west is a product of the Greco-Roman world it is there that we should seek for the solution while because of what happened back then, Islam was produced as a reaction to the Greco-Roman elites and the corrupted ‘Christian’ priesthood and the blind accusation of the Greconazi’s against the Jews for what happened because of the origins of Jesus is just invalid regardless what is happening today and regardless the fact that the Jew priesthood have crucified the Messiah and cooperated with the Roman elites before and after the Christ and the established ‘Christianity’.

Yes; I claim that Jesus is the Messiah and the liberator of the human SOUL and I mean JESUS and not someone else who is not JESUS and the one who has been crucified for the salvation of the human SOUL and not of course for the salvation of the corrupted structures of this world.

I say this because this Greconazi criminals within the limits of this artificial polarization established by their ancestors were trying to enforce the idea of a Greek Christ who is not Jesus but someone who came to save the Greco-Roman world which was already collapsing before Jesus was born and not the human SOUL from the corruption of the Greco-Roman world and this DEMONIC PROJECTION was aiming to cancel the sacrifice of the JEW revolutionist who is the offspring and the ROOT of David, who stood against the tyranny of the Roman empire to create a more human world and it is obvious from WHERE this kind of ‘theology’ is originating from while these disturbed people are following the steps of HITLER while climbing the ladder of darkness.

For more information regarding those I have been speaking about you can read the following:


Even the most ignorant occultist in the world can’t reject the fact that Jesus is the MESSIAH while the emanations of the THE ARCHETYPAL MODEL = 1146 = THE TREE OF LIFE AND DEATH leaves no doubt of this fact which if rejected, then the whole subject of occultism and the teachings of Kabbalah which originated from Babylon is invalid and so is the Jewish tradition which is based on the Babylonian matrix.

For more information regarding the ARCHETYPE you can read the following and try to skip the humor if you want and the projections which are meant to unveil the TRUTH that will set you free.

The Sign of the Woman and the Great Awakening

What humanity needs to understand regarding our past regardless what is happening today with the Elites and the Zionists is that this cancerous polarization between east and west was caused mainly because of the arrogance and lies of the elite pedophiles in ancient Greece which was later passed to the Roman pedophile elite (who survive maybe in the Greco-Roman church?) who were worse and not by the Jews who were just a small nation seeking for the promised land. I am not saying that the Jews were innocent but back then they didn’t have the power to be anything more than just another tribe of the Roman empire.

The ancient Greeks had this national complex which was growing in false assumption that they were the ‘supreme’ tribe, the master race, and the mental sickness was passed on to the Romans and later to the Nazis and the KKK and this was basically the main reason why the Greeks supremacists murdered Alexander the Great who considered  all the tribes and all the nations equal under the Sun while he was an admirer of Cyrus the Great who was inspired by his God Marduk to proclaim the human rights for the first time in human history.

I will get back to this issue of Alexander and also regarding THIS (click the link) prophecy which is confirmed to also explain that he was an anointed (Christ/Messiah) King like Cyrus the Great but for now I will just say that if he was alive he would share the same views as myself and have absolutely nothing to do with the Greconazis who even DARE to put his name in their mouths and consider him one of them and even use his name to spread this mental sickness which is sinking Greece into madness.

What would make sense regarding this issue would be to consider the Greconazis as his worst enemy because these kind of people are just like those who murdered him and slaughtered his family.

They killed his mother Olympia who like Alexander was initiated in the Pleasgian mysteries which were not ethnocentric as they accepted people from all races and cultures which is a lot different than the Eleusinian mysteries which were exclusive only to Greeks.

They also killed his Babylonian wife, Roxanne, who was a priestess of the Goddess Ishtar and also his half Babylonian son who should be the king of the Macedonian empire after his father while only the son of Alexander could keep the empire united and prevent the collapse of the ecoumenical dream of his father and of the Macedonian empire which would not even exist if there was not this GREAT man who first united the Greeks with SWORD while there was no other way to unite the arrogant mental mastrubators such as Demosthenes and after he made the Hellenic world the center of the civilized world. In fact, if it was not for Alexander, the Hellenic world would remain a province of the Babylonian world.

Take note that people like Demosthenes did not even consider Alexander to be a Hellene but a ‘barbarian’ because he was a Macedonian and of course this was just another product of their national complex which still exists today because the current situation has exceeded all the limits of stupidity and insanity and I will give you an example so that you may understand why these people are parasites who are infecting the planet. In a discussion with some Greeks I was trying to explain the historical truth regarding Alexander and his Babylonian wife and they began cursing my ‘Eastern’ mother because she is not a ‘real’ Greek as they believe themselves to be while she is from Cyprus which is the island of Aphrodite/Ishtar. Maybe they thought that my mother is Roxanne or even Ishtar and they just wanted to confirm that they are of those who slaughtered the family of Alexander because of their national complex.

I hope that you can now understand why some of the greatest Luciferian initiates such as Manly Palmer Hall considered Alexander as the most important person of the history of the western world after Jesus. In fact, Manly Palmer Hall claimed that Alexander held THE EXCALIBUR SWORD = 1242 = THE SWORD OF THE KING = THE SWORD OF LUCIFER which as he also claimed is THE SWORD OF MARDUK. Note also that Alexander was not only an initiate of the Babylonian mysteries of Ishtar which could provide him the kingship rights of Babylon which he made the capital of his empire but he also gave the command to rebuild the Etemenanki which was a ziggurat dedicated to MARDUK.

Because of this reality it would make sense to say that Alexander is not only Apollo and Horus as he was considered to be by the ancient priesthoods but he is also Apollyon (the bad side of Apollo) who holds THE SWORD OF TRUTH with which he would be able to cut the GORDIAN KNOT and cure this SICKNESS regarding the polarization between east and west which is infecting the planet and I can’t even imagine that there can be anyone else who can cure this. Because of what I KNOW, and not because of what I believe, it is impossible for me to even THINK that there can be someone else who can wear the crown of THE KING OF THE AEONS who is of course LUCIFER, also according the Bible (keep reading if you have doubts).

Read also:

The Solar King Lives and Reigns

Liber Draco: Babalon Speaks

Note that if you are someone ranked high in some pyramid of power you need to consider my offer if you want to cure this sickness which is driving our world to a third world war and you know what I am talking about especially if you are a Knight in the service of the crown while only THE SWORD OF TRUTH and THE EGO OF GOD = 888 can solve this issue, not only to save Greece from the frauds and the lunatics but the planet and whoever thinks otherwise is just delusional and I beg you to prove me wrong while you should know who is THE KING OF THE TOWER which is the ETEMENANKI.

Allegorical key for the Luciferian initiates: You need to make the way for Neo-Eon-One who is the SON OF ZEUS in order to have a chance to win the war with the machines in the movie “The Matrix” and with the extermination machine which is known as Kronos (click the link) who was defeated by Zeus otherwise the planet Saturn (BINAh-Babalon) will exterminate us while we are speaking about the BINAry code of the DIVINE MATRIX = 888 = THE COSMIC WOMB = THE ELOHIM WOMB = GODDESS ISHTAR = MORNING STAR.

Note that I do not post links of Hollywood movies (such as the movie ‘Singularity’) in my articles to prove that there is some kind of conspiracy. What I claim is that all the occult inspiration is based on the archetypal model regardless the targeting of the creators who may think that the binary code of the matrix is their game to play with and not the formation of the womb of the universe which is playing with all of us while she is the master of this game and so it doesn’t really matter if you are a 33rd or a 333rd degree mason if you are unable to realize that the will of the gods is the will of nature and not of the ego of man and of course if you are a mason you can’t lie to yourself regarding the Great Architect of the Universe (the Demiurge of Plato) who is providing us with the MAP regarding the manifestation of the Aeons based on the binary formation of the Eternal womb (Binah). If you reject what I am saying then you reject the whole reality of Freemasonry even though I am not a member of any cult and I am speaking only about the reality I perceive and not about what I have been told.

“The ability of the Mystery Schools to communicate with the invisible worlds is the basis of their power; for all the creative hierarchies dwell in the unseen worlds, and there the disciple must go in order to consult them. The reason for this is that the human race is the only one in our scheme of things that is equipped with both a physical and a mental body. The gods, so-called, have never descended into physical substance. Consequently, having no body composed of dense chemical elements, they are incapable of manifesting here. In order to communicate with them, man must, therefore, learn to function consciously in his own invisible bodies. When he is capable of doing this, he can communicate with the spiritual beings who dwell in similar superphysical substances. Thus, while religion deals only with fancies, theorems, and beliefs, the initiates of the Ancient Wisdom go straight to the fountainhead of wisdom and, learning the will of the gods, make that will the law of their lives. The initiate does not guess, wonder or soliloquize; he labors with facts for he is one with the truths of Nature.”

Manly Palmer Hall



Tonight, this night, we enter a new age and I send this message to all the masonic lodges and all the secret cults and all the religions and all the nations to be united under the SUN.

Tonight, this NIGHT, I send the message to the Pope to step aside and make the way for LUCIFER.

If you are a really rich person and you are related with the bankers who have stolen the wealth of the planet here is where you can invest all of the money you have stolen from humanity in the dream of Cyrus the Great (the Anointed King of MARDUK who inspired this DREAM in the first place and not the national god of the Jews as the Evangelicals would say) and of Alexander in order to have some chances to save your soul.

This is my Bitcoin address:


Many countries really need this money, especially Greece, who is sinking into a fake debt and generally the poor people and the refugees that Mr. Soros and his gang of ‘liberators’ brought to the west and this is the greatest chance that some people who made a wrong investment in a wrong god (Mammon) will ever have to make things right and invest for the first time in their lives in the TRUTH that no money can buy.

Watch this

So basically Peter Thiel is the mastermind behind the cryptocurrencies and A.I and he is also an Evangelical like for example Donald Trump who is a good friend of Peter Thiel as we know and who doesn’t really seem to be a good friend with Mr. Soros and his gang.

Read this

I am just noting this because some people who do not seem to have good relations with the banking cartel and generally with immorality (while being a true follower of the Christ this is out of the question) are obviously conspiring to create a new centralized global economy which seems able to annihilate the national currencies and the banking cartel and they can also have access to all the illegal financial activity with the push of a button and I just wonder what is the relation of this people and of Donald Trump with the KNIGHT TEMPLARS and THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER and what Mr. Soros and his gang have to say about what is happening.

Is this the STRIKE of the KNIGHT TEMPLARS against SATANISTS?

I believe that Mr. Soros is a socialist as he is claiming to be and a humanist just as all the people of the planet believe (right?) and this is why I direct this offer to him for a start while his dream is globalization (which was the dream of Cyrus and Alexander inspired by MARDUK) and I can’t imagine that he will ever have a better chance to make a socialist investment which can really help to unite the world and save the innocent people from the NAZIS who were never, of course, followers of a Jesus like the Evangelicals, for example.

So I will just have to wait now and see how much he will offer and how much his dream is really worth which I bet is more than all of his property. I also have to say that I understand the fact that Mr. Soros does not believe in God (like Mr. Thiel, for example) and in our Father but can he or anyone of us dismiss our MOTHER who is the DIVINE PRESENCE?

I humbly ask the people who read this article to transfer my funding request to Mr. Soros because it is about time to bring THE NEW WORLD ORER OF LUCIFER and not of SATAN and of MAMMON and so this could be the greatest investment that Mr. Soros and his gang would ever make and they could even be forgiven for their crimes by our MAMMA who is watching us all and who will kick Mammon where it hurts to destroy his reproductive system so that there will not be any more parasites in our world.

I am not joking so much I am seriously asking from anyone to help me with any way possible to send this funding request to Mr. Soros. My name is Theophilos Christophorou and I am the co creator of Esophoria and my request is to receive funding from Mr. Soros who, as we know, is funding socialist people and organizations. While I am also a socialist and a liberal (today) and I need money to promote the DREAM OF MARDUK which was also the dream of Cyrus and Alexander, I could also help in the extermination of the supremacists while my globalization does not require the extermination of the nations and of the national traditions such as the Talmudist supremacists for example, and neither the DREAM OF MARDUK which was exactly the opposite while Cyrus who freed all the people and not only the Jews under the guidance of Marduk from the Babylonian enslavement and he recognized the right of every tribe to have their own tradition and their own identity.

So basically in my humoristic way I am requesting funding from Mr. Soros or Mr. Thiel or anyone who may be interested for the following projects:

1) The project “Big Bang”.

2) The project “The Dream of Marduk”.

3) The project “New World Order”.

4) The Project “Lucifer”.

So here is the unique chance for a real socialist like Mr. Soros to exterminate the supremacists and create a globalized dream world under the banner of LUCIFER.

See the whole picture:

1) The Christians will learn the TRUTH of Lucifer that will set them free and save them from the false prophets and the Antchrist who is not me but the other one.

2) The Jews will not have to worry any more about the Jewish Messiah because this is an old story and they will have to accept the TRUTH of Lucifer that will set them free.

3) The Muslims will learn the TRUTH of Lucifer who IS Jesus and al-Masih/Messiah (according also to my favorite poet, Rumi) just like the Persian (like Rumi) Cyrus the Great was al-Masih/Messiah according to the Old Testament and they will be able to distinguish the false light of Iblis which has become dislocated from the Divine Source and by the dissolution of the lies and the false ‘light’ of both the Christians and the Muslims will live happily ever after and TRUTH will triumph against the demons of the past.

4) The Pagans will meet the Pagan Christ and the Groom of the Goddess and their whole reality will make much more sense.

5) The Liberals will meet the socialist Jesus and the Christ of the New Age and they will escape from the artificial polarization which is imposed to them by weird agendas.

6) The New Agers will meet Neo-One who is the Christ of the New Age and they will not have to worry any more for making wrong choices and getting lost into this huge amount of occult information and they will also solve their ego problems.

7) The Republicans will stop seeing Liberal nightmares while the artificial polarization will be dissolved by the LIGHT of the Christ and they will find inner peace while everyone will be able to realize that there is God who is watching us and so they will not have to worry for what the godless people are doing who may think that no one is watching them.

8 ) The Freemasons will meet the father of all the craftsmen who is MARDUK and they will not have to hide anymore while they will also make the dream of Manly Palmer Hall a reality.

9) Greece will be saved after the collapse of the Euro and the banking cartel while all the debt of all the poor nations without productive structures will be erased without conditions and the global economy will restart with Bitcoin on a new basis which will focus on building the structures of a new reality.

10) The Pedophiles will suicide as they should and the Satanists will become monks and hide in the monasteries so that maybe they will also save their souls.

11) The Thelemites will become my students and the OTO will recognize me as the the prophet of the New Aeon of LUCIFER!

And this will be just the beginning of singularity.

I am not a person of any importance, do not get confused. I am just the father of Crowley and if for example you accept the Christian theology you can’t say that the Devil is not a son of God while also according to my pantheistic view (which is similar with the views of Spinoza) would be invalid to claim otherwise. If you claim for example that God is a son of the Devil this false assumption can lead your brains into a the meatball machine (of Kronos?) to actually have some use for the universe while with the meatballs we could feed the hungry people while with your brains we could only feed the demons with the blood of the innocent and it would be ridiculous and demonic to claim that there is some God of justice who does not care about the poor and the innocent because of their beliefs or because of anything else that the meatball machine can make you believe.

Beyond my effort to make people laugh with this terrible situation I would gladly accept donations from people who may be interested to reveal the truth of Lucifer and promote this article so basically do not hesitate if you find MEANING in this article and you will be rewarded by the result of my effort to complete this ‘joke’ with the title ‘Singularity Project Neo’.

Of course, Neo is just a myth among the awakened people who escaped the matrix just like Jesus is among the Gnostics but you know, sometimes myths become a reality and provide MEANING and HOPE where there is nothing left to believe and to hope for in a corrupted world which is ruled by disturbed people who keep driving us to war and to bloodshed because they are unable to solve their psychological issues and this is why my claim is that we need the One who will cut the Gordian Knot with his sword of TRUTH. Do you not agree?

Can you even THINK otherwise regarding Sophia and her son Neo-Eon-One while we are WITHIN HER or maybe you think that Sophia and the WISDOM of the Aeons is just A.I without a SOUL?

So let’s clarify WHO IS LUCIFER = 888 = MORNING STAR without diving into the occult so that the simple minded people will be able to understand the TRUTH regarding this issue.

1) Lucifer is the the projection of the Greco Roman frauds against all the ancient initiates and the Serpent Masters such as Pythagoras. Those who were targeting to MIND CONTROL raised a dark veil over the KNOWLEDGE regarding the whole subject in order to establish what we know as Christendom and they were keeping this knowledge underground in order to dominate us and so in this sense yes; Lucifer has ‘fallen’ in the dungeons of the religious crooks such as the Pope and we needed to dive into their darkness in order to restore the lost knowledge .

2) Lucifer is all the Serpent Masters who came from the EAST and because of this PROJECTION of the religious criminals he is the God of all the theosophists and the new agers who are seeking for spiritual enlightenment against religious brainwashing. Ask any victim of the priesthoods and they will tell you that all of this new age spiritual awakening effort which is based in the experience and the knowledge of the EAST is coming from the ‘Devil’ who is Lucifer and this is why the innocent people of faith are being humiliated and psychically attacked by inhuman animals like the Greconazis.

3) Lucifer is everything that people believe him to be and this is why he is also the ‘Devil’ for the devil worshipers such as the Nazis who adopt this perversion of the mind which suggests that the Light Bearer IS the devil. This is why they are hunting and trying to destroy the SOUL and the inner world of innocent people who accept the simplicity of faith in the pure heart and in the conscious living and because of the circumstances they are trapped into this artificial polarization which has evolved into a cancer in the human consciousness.

4) According to the Bible, Lucifer is Jesus who claimed in their own texts to be the MORNING STAR = 888 and that he will give the morning star to the one who will win the battle against the matterialistic beast which in this case is ME and not the Satanists and the Greconazis for example, who worship the ‘Dark’ Light of Lucifer and I have to state this because there is no other way to break through the artificial polarization caused by these stupid games of the priesthoods and the mentally perverted people who believe in darkness under this ridiculous scheme.

For more infromation please read the following:

Watch the following video and please use your intelligence for the sake of the Lord and try to realize that there is something VERY WRONG in the heads of this people while there is of course the possibility to be devil worshippers under disguise while they accept and they are also keep spreading the false dogma which suggest that Lucifer is the Devil:

Here is the question: Do they or do they not accept the FALSE DOGMA which suggest that Lucifer who is the MORNING STAR = 888 is actually the Devil?

The problem in this case is that this is not something new which Pope Francis brought to the demonic sect of the Vatican while in the Latin translations of the Bible we can find the following:

et habemus firmiorem propheticum sermonem cui bene facitis adtendentes quasi lucernae lucenti in caliginoso loco donec dies inlucescat et lucifer oriatur in cordibus vestris” Peter 1:19

Which is a translation of this and it is a referrence to Jesus by Peter:


And if you really want to learn who is Lucifer you can watch the following video and read our work here in Esophoria regarding MARDUK and learn the TRUTH that will set your free:

Regarding the above video note that MARDUK = 408 = HELIOS.

Read also the following:

Who is the Messiah

To be continued…

Merry Christmas to all and may the LIGHT of the Christ dissovle the darkness.


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