The Truth about 23rd of September & Nibiru

The fearful people who are waiting for the end of the world are often subconsciously placing time anchors which can direct negative thoughts and emotions towards causing destruction and the same is happening with the 23rd September and because of this I am writing this article to assure you that everything will be just fine if you will not let this negativity overcome you.

To ensure that you are not also being caught in these anchors that manifest chaotic events, just say the following like you really believe it:

23rd of September will be a great day!

Spread this message to create a positive synchronicity.

Do not let the doom seekers and the conspiracy theorists program your mind towards mentally conjuring negative events because this situation has become a mass sickness. If you are someone who is interested in doom and gloom and destructive conspiracy theory subjects, please make sure that you are open to positivity otherwise you may be badly affected by these frequencies and feel that you are constantly being disempowered. You may feel like your life force is being drained which is what happens to someone who focuses on many of the compiracy sites. They are basically energy sucking machines which lure people in by providing some truths and some logic but everyone with the slightest perception can understand that most of the information provided on this sites are psychic garbage which can make you very sick.

I will give you an example to understand some of the dangers that can develop from seeking thrills from reading or listening to doom and gloom conspiracy theories which can become an addiction and sway you away from seeing the truth and make you see things in something that is not really there or which has a different meaning altogether. Seeking constant doom and gloom, end of the world conspiracy theories can be compared with the MMA as a cyber Mixed Martial Arts sport while all of those people who are seeking for doom and gloom conspiracies are feeding their ego sickness with what they THINK that they know and they are damaging each other in chats rooms, groups and forums. And so they think they are all becoming experts in ‘cyber martial arts’ and arguing with each other about who has the most knowledge about a particular theory and they are ready to punch you and kick you just to feed the shadows which are produced by this madness.

Before I will continue remember that:

23rd of September will be a wonderful day!

Most know about the Nibiru cataclysm theories which began with the pseudo-scientist Zecharia Sitchin and his believers but these types of theories were also spread by people such as Nancy Lieder who is supposed to have been contacted by some alien race known as the ‘Zetas’ who are grays according to ‘experts’ in these issues and so what do the ‘experts’ have to say about the grays who are considered by them as a malevolent race? What if these frequencies are aiming to create synchronicities and place time anchors in order TO HARVEST ENERGY;

And so now we have the Nibiru cataclysm theories in the mainstream media (!!!) which suggest that Nibiru will crash our planet in 23rd of September!

Here is an example:

Link to the

Regarding this issue I have to tell you that I have inside information from the Anunnaki that something great will happen on 23rd September which you can learn ONLY IN THIS SITE which will bring light on the subject of the ‘planet’ Nibiru. If you have up to this point then you no excuse to not be a witness of what will happen here at Esophoria Mystery School AFTER 23rd September and this is also a warning that if you miss this you may never find the truth about Nibiru.

I will post some videos to just get an idea about this date:

These videos have about 3 million views and these are just two examples of the mass hysteria about this specific date. The first video speaks about the return of the Christ and the second about the crash of Nibiru and here at Esophoria Mystery School we have an answer for both of those theories which we can only provide after 23rd September which we will be a great day!

Also read our latest channeling which is also related with the movement of the planet Jupiter which is considered in the second video above:

The Shining: Planetary Alignment

Here are also some affirmations which can help you to deal with this situation:

“With the power of the CROSS I place a shield between negative frequencies and myself.”

“With the power of the God and Goddess I destroy the negative energies within and around me.”

“I submit my ego to the ROSE for now and for the eternity and I open myself to the divine to work through me.”

“I stand within THE CROSS OF LIGHT and I bring a new hope for humanity.”

You can also read my latest article:

The Rose and the Cross

Let me also put a positive song and let’s all together visualise green trees and Red Roses and kick DEATH away:

I suggest to everyone to post this article in their social networks so that together we can also make a miracle!

So instead of opening yourself to the possibility to receive guilt and negative emotions focus on the possibility to receive credit from your friends list for informing your friends about what will happen here in Esophoria Mystery School after 23th of September because something great WILL happen here with the power of YOUR WILL which has the power bring a new hope for humanity. 93

You can also try the following if you feel that you have been disempowered by this constant growing negativity or if you think that you may have been programmed by malevolent and negative frequencies which aim to suck your energy and create synchronicities in order to place time anchors for negative events to happen:

Distant Arcturian Healing

Distant Anunnaki Healing

Distant Healing Packages



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