The Solar King Lives and Reigns

Channeling from Alexander the Great!

Helen: I hear Alexander laughing gently before I see him. He tells me that he knows the things that I will ask him and some of those things are making him laugh. He tells me that he will help me to understand when I ask exactly what he is laughing about.

Slowly I begin to see the figure of a lion walking towards me, a huge lion, with beams of golden light radiating off his beautiful fur (Note: Bel Marduk has also appeared to us as a lion on various occasions in the past.). I know who this lion is and it is hard not to cry from the magnificence of this divine being that stops in front of me. Alexander the Great, in the form of this lion, sits on his hind legs and I move forward and hug him. I feel so safe and secure and the power from this being enters my heart Chakra and I feel much loved and at peace. The tears begin to fall down my cheeks and I feel safe and I feel the way I do when I hold council with Jesus. I feel safe. I feel all my problems leaving me. I feel healed.

I feel his body begin to change and I open my eyes and see him as a man and as he smiles at me, his face glows that same golden hue. I smile back through my tears and hug him again. I know his energy. It is so familiar.

Alexander: My Ishtar. You know me. You feel me. Do you know why I was called GREAT? Not because of who I was but because of my heart. I have the heart of a lion and I love just as strongly. Don’t cry now; there is no need to cry. This Earth is so full of wonder and you know this too. Throughout the life that I lived I loved this Earth and I loved humanity and always, always, I wanted to give something good to them to show my appreciation for their love.

They, the historians through time, believed that my mission was to conquer but would this not make my ego be greater than my heart? The true reason I wanted to be regent of the world was to ensure that humanity came together and allied with one another. For me this was the only way the wars would be stopped. Believe me when I say, you think that your world now is full of wars but when I lived there was never any peace. There was constant bloodshed and battle. Please know that back in the time when I lived, life was uncertain for any nation for no nation ever knew if they would be attacked and invaded.

I tried to bring the world to order and bring order to chaos. I deplored at the chaos that continued around me day after day. And yes; to bring order I did have to war and I did have to shed the blood of others. Sometimes you have to understand this, my Ishtar. Those who resisted did so because they opposed to the plan of making one united world.

I know that you have numerous questions for me and I will answer them as I am permitted to right now. Esophoria was given to you to make one world. I want you right now to ask your beloved Theophilos to calculate these numbers in Gematria. That’s right; ONE WORLD.

(Theophilos: I searched his words in gematria and this is what I got:

I must also note that:

Esophoria is a prophecy about the return of the Solar King who will bring one world order.

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With Esophoria it will be possible for you to bring together people who are descendants of ours. Yes; descendants for you are descended from me and descended from the Anunnaki as you have been told before. This is what Esophoria is and what it will and is doing for humanity.

The next question you have is will I return? Is it I who will be the divine child you and the whole world awaits? The answer is yes and no. I am already on Earth. How is this possible? You know that Marduk’s avatar is on Earth and I am an avatar of Marduk, just as your beloved Theophilos is.

Helen: Who will be the divine child?

Alexander: As I told you, I am the divine child and I am not. I am the one to come and I am not. How? Because my father and I are one and as I was the avatar of Marduk in my time, by returning I will carry the essence of my father who you know as Enki.

So in a sense I am already incarnated yet not completely for now. The time will come when I will return and my father will reign through me. I will not only come with a new name but with a new language. The language of the gods will return to Earth and these are codes that all will learn to communicate with the divine and have direct access to their energies.

Helen: I know that you will be born a Greek. Will you come to lead the Greeks?

Alexander: My Ishtar; I will come to lead the world. You know, I understand my connection with Ammon and I understood that Ammon was also Marduk yet I felt inside of me and with divine guidance that Marduk was my true identity and that he was my true god and the PAN god of all gods. My mission was to return to Babylon where he was loved and worshiped.

All through my life I searched all countries to find my identity to understand who I was to know myself and when Marduk began to speak to me, just like I am speaking to you now, he asked me to return to Babylon and to rebuild his temple for when I did so, the power of the gods would reign strong once again on Earth and it would join the Kingdom with Earth. This is what I tried to re-create on Earth; the Kingdom of the gods. Only then could they join us and we live alongside them and be loved by them in physical sight.

Helen: What do you think about the Greeks of today?

Alexander: What Greeks? (He laughs). Show me a true Greek. You see, a Greek is not a Greek by his blood; a Greek is a true Greek by his heart. I have looked into the hearts of some Greeks and while there are many that still have the fire and the passion running through their veins there are many who are…how can I say it? Misguided?

Helen: What can you tell us about the Epsilon Team?

Alexander: (He gives out a thunderous laugh and I cannot help but laugh with him.) Ok, my Ishtar I will try to be serious about this question. This is why I was laughing at the beginning of our meeting. The Epsilon Team does not exist as a whole yet this is a legend that has been spread around from Greek to Greek and even none Greeks. That is correct; even none Greeks are following the Epsilon Team’s projections which I must tell you now DO come from the dark brotherhood but the whole belief system they have set up is complete psychosis. But believe me when I say that I do not blame the Greek people because there are true warriors among them, those warriors who do me proud. These are the ones who want so much to be free and who are in love with their homeland. But after this they begin to make mistakes. Their need is to defend their homeland, not their nationality, for their homeland can be taken over but no one can ever take their nationality or their history.

We are not so concerned by the Epsilon Team now for their time is limited. Though they are creating damage to not only their own consciousness but to the consciousness of humanity and hindering the ascension process, it will be destroyed in time when the divine child is born and takes his place on the throne of the world.

They are just hungry for a leader to lead them out of chaos and this is why I am returning; to bring order to chaos.

Theophilos: Could the double E mentioned by Plutarch be two E’s looking each other and not opposite like the symbol they have created? There is no evidence whatsoever for this symbol and I just wondered how the ancients could think of this double E since if you join two E’s facing each other you get the divine Θ (Theta).

Alexander: Man and woman come together to open what? A stargate and this is the symbol of Θ. Separating man and woman can be done by making them look away from each other. Is this what the world really needs? Where is the balance in this madness?

Theophilos: So the double E that Plutarch mentioned was based in this thought?

Alexander: You can do what you wish with symbols. You can manipulate them to bring the outcome you desire. If you want division between god and humanity you can create the Epsilon’s facing opposite each other. If you want division between man and woman you can create the Epsilon’s facing opposite each other. If you wish the gods to be among you the man and woman come together and become one with the divine.
When a man and woman come together they complete the circle.

When man and woman come together and find true balance not one of them is above or below the other. When humanity and the gods come together they break the cycle of manipulation for humanity then become gods, true gods, and this was my hope, my mission; to break the cycle of manipulation and help humanity to face the gods to break the cycle.

Theophilos: Will creating the double E’s to face each other reverse the effects of division and separation?

Alexander: You will open the stargate within each of you but know that we are not talking about Epsilon here. We are talking about the hand of the gods, divine intervention. Opening doorways to welcome them back. Do you not understand the symbol of Θ? It is a gate; a stargate.

This is why you have the correct name (Theophilos-Θεόφιλος). When the two tridents/lightning bolts/psi’s, face each other they open the gates to the kingdom. The dark brotherhood has created this symbol to separate humanity from the divine and cause division between men and women. It is that simple. And who is this Plutarch? He did not tell the truth about me (he wags his finger in disapproval). I do not care much for him.

Helen: Are you Apollo?

Alexander: I am a ray of Apollo. That makes me Apollo.

Helen: What can you tell me about Aristotle?

Alexander: He taught me well and I respect him with all of my life. I swear on my bones that much of his teachings can be seen in my strategies and how I dealt with the people of the different countries I took under my care.

Helen: Did you treat the Greeks and non-Greeks differently or the same?

Alexander: The biggest reason why my men went against me was because of their arrogance and their false belief that none Greeks were inferior to them. I have nothing to hide even though I strived to bring one world together under my banner of the sun had me murdered.

Helen: What can you tell me about Perseus and Melqart?

Alexander: Theophilos was right to notice Perseus and Persia for Perseus was name after Persia for it is where he came from. He was not a Greek. Does this surprise you? Melqart, Marduk, Ammon are the same being. We are all Christ avatars.

I am Macedonian born but Babylonian by spirit. The only places I felt at home were in Macedonia, Persia and Babylon. It is there where my heart lies.

My parting message to Theophilos is this: Μy son, you hold the sickle of the gods in your hand and you hold the staff of creation and love in the other. Uproot all the weeds that suffocate the flowers but give your divine love and healing to those who deserve it.

Helen: Do you hold grudges against the Greeks for murdering you?

Alexander: My ego does but my soul does not and it is my soul that matters. They were only carrying out the prophecy. You do know that it was prophesied for me to be murdered so young do you not? I knew of this prophecy and I do not deny that I tried to fight it. I was indeed poisoned slowly and in my weakened state I could only allow it to be continued for this was my destiny.

I could do no more though I wished to honour my promise to my god Marduk and rebuild his temple though upon my death he revealed to me that because it was so well known to humanity that I wanted to rebuild his temple, this was enough to understand my love and service to him.

My anger truly lies with their evil deeds of them murdering my mother and wife and children. This contributes to the fact that I cannot rest nor forgive. They could take my life and I surrendered but I do not forgive that they took my family to end my bloodline. As a god I can forgive but as a man I cannot.

You are both tired and it is time to say goodbye for now.

Helen: Thank you so much, my King.

Theophilos: Thank you my great King, you are truly the greatest man ever lived.

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The most important letter in Greek and Jewish Alphabets is the letter Theta/Teth which has the Gematria value of 9. Both of these letters originate from the Phoenician letter Tet, and this is the Sun Cross in motion and means ‘wheel’.
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