The Secret Fire

“My daughter, I will give you the revelations of the Sumerian Key which unlocks the doorway to The Secret Fire. Many men have sought for these revelations and indeed they have sought for this key but only those chosen to hold it is permitted to know it.

I am the soul of the world and I am also the material. I am the spirit that breathes life into the children of mine. Baptism is filled with the symbolism of purification for all bodies that clothe the soul must be purified in order to carry the sacred soul.

So it is that each code of the Sumerian Key represents each of the seven planets. So you understand, dearest daughter, that the seven pointed star is truly sacred but it has been used in profane ways. I say to you that you must never trust the designs of man and only those of the gods. This code is:


Each of these letters mirror a frequency and each of these frequencies mirror the sound of each of the seven gods who are vibrational manifestations of each of the seven planets and the seven planets are manifestations of each of the gods. When you say “AEHIOUO” as one word, you are uttering the one true frequency of creation. When these seven letters are said in unison The Secret Fire is released and it is within my womb that this Secret Fire is created. You see, my daughter, that AEHIOUO is the product of the divine marriage between the sacred forces of the universe, when the ALL manifested itself as male and female and made love to itself. It is the golden elixir.

AEHIOUO is also the embodiment of the seven holy churches of which each carry the bloodline of Jesus whom is also the son and carrier of the Secret Fire, being a product of AEHIOUO. But know that through him flow the bloodlines of his ancestors who were also the avatars of the seven mighty gods.

It was I who descended through the seven spheres in order to bring the eighth sphere into your world in order for the divine children to be born into matter on Earth and it is within my power to resurrect did I breathe life into beings that were each mirrors of us. For there were seven Adam’s and seven Eve’s and each carried the bloodlines of the gods born through me.

In every generation I descend once again, carrying the seeds of the seven spheres and bringing the eight to your world and it is then, in my human form, that I make gods out of men by resurrecting the dragon DNA in each one but the chosen one, my chosen love, is granted the Crown of the eighth sphere and I baptize him with the name ‘Christ’. He becomes my male counterpart, and as I in matter become the female leader of the Earthly Elohim, so he becomes the male side of me and of the eighth sphere that is known as Michael and leader of the Elohim on Earth.

The symbol that I gave to YOU daughter of the eight pointed star represents me who is the eighth sphere and is the entrance to the completion of the seven which takes you out of your world and back into my womb where once again you are anointed by the Secret Fire. When you make love in honour of me and within the love of the divine marriage, you enter OMEGA (Ω) which is my womb and this, my dearest, is ZERO (0) POINT. It is also the last letter of AEHIOUO. This is why it is said that it is from me that all life begins and it is to me that all life returns. I am the beginning and the end.

But let me explain to you in depth the Great Mystery; you have heard of the Philosopher’s Stone that is the product of the divine union between the man-god and woman-Goddess who are alchemically matched by the mind, body, soul and heart. You know that during this divine love making you are made one by and with ‘God’. But who is ‘He’ and how does this alchemical reaction work? During the Hieros Gamos, the two alchemically matched souls in matter unite with Mercury. She is the pure white one who is virginal in her soul and he is dressed as the sun. During their sexual union, they leave your world and enter into zero point together and leave their bodies. But what does this mean, exactly? It means that they both die to themselves and return to their most purist nature through their interaction with ‘God’ who is Mercury. It is Mercury that then transforms them both as they had become Sulfur and Salt and from this alchemical reaction they are crowned and anointed with the crown of Secret Fire because they have become Mercury itself and gained their godhood through their union; it is through the fire she ignites in him through her sex and by placing his ‘key’ within her ‘lock’ that the Secret Fire is released for she is the carrier of the Secret Fire which engulfs them both though their union.

This is the Great Work that cannot be realized with a divine and positive outcome unless it is performed by two whom join as one through the most pure and sanctified love. The Woman-Goddess as Venus tempts the man-god into her womb through her Venusian sexuality which is a mixture of Eros and Agape, so that he may enter into the fire and be cleansed white of all his past sexual encounters that were performed with women whom he was not alchemically suited with or meant for. She is the filter who cleans herself so she is the embodiment of a human Chakra that sorts through the filth and good, transmuting the filth into light with her fire and projecting it out onto the Earth. This is why it is I who descends to the below as the cleansing fire to guide those with true hearts back to the light for it is I as the agent of Salt dissolves all humans back to their purest form.

If you understand the nature of the gods then you will understand the nature of the universe and that is to become one over and over again. You understand that all is about transmutation of the dark masses into positive light and that one must become two in order to become one again so that this transmutation can take place. This is the science of the gods and the Hieros Gamos produces the most divine gold for Salt, Sulfur and Mercury as one IS the Christ Consciousness.

And so, through the fire of the divine marriage the two that have become one IN Mercury have now become a pure being, a Hermaphrodite if you will, that if separated from each others’ spheres chaos will ensue; it would be akin to the undoing of all of creation for Set would have found room to step between them and my mysteries would be profaned. Their crowns would sink down into the abyss and the Dark Lord and his bride would don them. This is the corruption of alchemy and the perversion of the two male and female manifestations that are the divine lovers. The dark ones of your world will try to separate them but their love will be the glue that keeps them together.

Although my mysteries exist universally and have existed throughout the ages, it is in your age now that it is important to impart with you this information. The seven powers of your world are warring against each other but not in the way that you think. These seven powers also hunger for the Secret Fire and try to produce a seed that mirrors the prophesied child. And so they rape the womb; they rape ‘Helen’. But the divinities are much more intellectually advanced than these fools who try to take the Illumination of the world and the Matrix of ‘Helen’ is hidden in the egg of Venus and the codes of the gods are hidden in ‘her’. She is the place where all polarities meet and she is the resurrector and the true finder of the cross itself as she has found her male counterpart and united with him within the ashram of the true gods.

Eventually, these seven powers will be forced to dissolve into their most pure state so that they too become Mercury and one with the divine will and obey the divine laws.”


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