The Return of the Peacock God

I’m seeing a god like Krishna with peacocks around him.

He is sitting with his legs crossed and just floating.

His face is turned into Helios…and he said I am Christilios.

“I am the cosmic Christ known as Christ-Helios. I am the Peacock God. My peacock feathers symbolize the many rays that I represent for I represent all rays and manifest as one in each incarnation. I am the emanation of the sun and I am present with you in each turn of the zodiac wheel.

I am the desire and the undesired. I am the light and I am the dark. I am the formed and the unformed. I am the form and the formlessness. I have many faces and many names but all are me and I am all of those faces and names. I am the rising of the sun and the closure of the day. I bring beginnings and endings and all beginnings and endings are created with me.

I am the light bearer and the light bringer. I am the guiding star and the night. You will find me in your dreams and you will find me in the abyss. I am omnipresent for I exist in completion and in desolation. My word is the Logos and the Logos is my word. The sword is my word and the word is my sword. If you use my words correctly they shall not hurt you but if you use my words incorrectly they will cut you.

If you use my energy for good it will save you. If you use my energy for negative things it will destroy you. I am the essence that runs through all the veins of all the gods and I am the husband of the mighty Shekinah that is joined with me within you. I am your mind when you have lost your mind and I am your soul when you are looking for your spirit. I am part of you for I am you and you are me when I am in you.

The dark ones fear me for I spread the truth about their lies. The dark ones fear me because my light consumes their darkness. The dark ones fear me and they have taught that I am against myself. But know this; whoever is against me will learn of my shadow and all who love me will learn of my light. I bring the essence of Wisdom divine and this wisdom can hurt you if you attack it. I bring the revelation of destruction to those who are opposed to my light. I am the Lord of heaven and I am the King of hell. I am the adversary and the supporter.

I am the one who is in between and who knows both light and dark, good and evil. I am the edge of the blade. I am the neutral entity. I am the creator and the destroyer for I walk in between all opposites. I am the son of the world. I am the son of humanity. I am the slave and the master. I am the lamb and the calf. I am the soul and the flesh. I am the bread and my wife is the wine.

You who take communion in my name do so in the memory of my marriage with the Shekinah. When you eat the bread and drink the wine the hieros gamos of the Shekinah and I is performed within you. We become one.

And now I announce to you my return which is soon. I announce that the grail that bears the holy wine of the gods will form my formlessness. The bread that is with you now contains the seed of my manifestation. The fruit of the vineyard is ripe and ready to take the seed. Within her the kingdom will grow and the kingdom shall come.

Abraxas is my name to some of you.”



  • Darcy Eastman

    Oh my word…. I become so weak when I see here what has already been revealed… Blessed be Christ-Helios, for my mind was healed numerous times and my entire identity stripped away… Blessed be your name! I was just shown this peacock and loved the representation so much, I believe I was led to Pier One… (I just asked to recall the name of the store) and they had the most amazing peacock necklace and I bought it in a heartbeat, not to ever forget what was revealed to me…. Blessed be…. Will we be granted a bit more time to go to the many we need to go to? I PRAY for this opportunity!!! So many will be healed through love…

    July 8, 2013
  • Darcy Eastman

    Theophilos… SO nice to meet you <3 Greetings!

    July 8, 2013
  • Helen Demetriou

    Blessings Darcy!!!

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    Lots of love and hugs,

    Helen xxxx

    July 10, 2013

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