The Return of the Anunnaki

We are happy to announce that the Anunnaki Earth Council is ready and we are beginning to share the wonderful message that our ancestors and the divine order will never leave humanity alone and unprotected, even against our own lower self.

Billions of people pray and ask for them to return through the energy imprints that they left behind throughout all the spiritual traditions of Earth and throughout history and for the most, when this will actually happen, it will be like a huge shock because many people have chosen to hide from what is happening and have gotten attached to the projections of their lower ego in their hopeless effort to protect their illusions from the final dissolving of the false matrix.

Some ‘light workers’ in the spiritual community and others working in the new age field are getting panicked because of the truth that we are sharing and their ego’s fear this and so attack, even when they have no idea why or even with what they disagree with what we are sharing. They have nothing to say against the light that illuminates from within us and so they choose to attack us personally by projecting their ego and fearfulness onto us.

We do not wish to fight with anyone but even patience has its limits and during these attacks we may mirror this ugliness back to the attacker. If you do not bother us we will not bother you. It is that simple.

Everyone has the right to say what they wish but we will not tolerate anyone trying to harm us through verbal and psychic attacks. Neither is it right to harm anyone just because they do not share the same ideas/beliefs as they do but should this arise, they must be ready to face our light. We advise anyone to not spread fear and panic in order to make others just as fearful in order to make them reject our work.

People who have experience this ‘awakening movement’ may have a better idea about what is occurring in many groups where people are fighting each constantly because some chose to get attached to information that cant be validated.

As I have stated before, it is very dangerous to become attached to false information and there is a great danger of being directed by lower frequencies that are damaging our ascension process even IF these frequencies are feel and look good.

In every case, we are responsible for the information we choose to accept (and project) and this can be a very tricky game in these times when all of these frequencies are entering our reality to reprogram us and help us to transform and ascend. We must all be aware that some of the lower frequencies are malevolent and can dominate us and keep as enslaved within these lower frequencies. You can spot these by the silly mind games and can be traced easily by people who can see through the energy imprints.

Some times these mind games are more advanced and involve the supposedly ancient knowledge and travelling through the shadows of the past is an entirely different ‘game’ and we wouldn’t advise anyone to get involved in this. We DO advise though everyone to make their own research before they accept any information that involves the stories of the past of this planet and its karmic effects.

Fighting with the dragon of our collective consciousness is not a game for everyone and those who choose to preserve their self and find an escape from what is dragging us down should just stay silent and detach themselves from every information that involves our reality and just be receptors of inner light and live in the now and stop getting lost in the karmic loops of the past by projecting divine identities of the past. There are also those who have no choice other than to fight for humanity, to bleed, to risk and to make a lot of sacrifices and these people should at least have the respect of others. Passiveness and self preservation is not a choice for everyone but those who choose it should honor their choices and stop trying to project their ego onto others.

I believe that many people can resonate with what I am saying. In many of these groups you will find people trying to project their ‘way’ as being the only ‘way’. There is no such thing as ‘one way’; there are many divine paths and each of them lead to the truth and the light. If something works for you do not try to enforce it on others because it may stop working for you also. Just share what you know without trying to force it upon others.

The Anunnaki and the other ascended species who are working for our ascension came here to free humanity from the cages we built for our selves and not to enslave us. This false information is planted by specific people with specific agendas. There is no such thing in the Sumerian tablets that the Anunnaki created us to be their slaves but they explain that they created us to keep this Earth inhabited and looked after. We find and feel the love they have for their children by studying the official translations and not what some pseudo-scientist and conspiracy theorist said.

For an example, it is ridiculous to believe that Marduk wanted to enslave humanity when we have historical evidence that it was HE who took Cyrus by the hand and lead him to practice human rights for the first time in human history.

This is important to watch:

The gods wish to guide humanity, just like guardian angels who help us to travel through the divine matrix and evolve spiritually. They express our divine Thelema-Will and they do not wish to interfere with our free will but they do wish to bring justice and restore the divine order and this is not an interfering to our free will as so many people are calling the god within through their traditions and through their bloodlines to bring justice for their nations and for the world. We brought them here. We CHOSE to bring them here and this is a part of the game I mentioned above where all of these energy imprints of the gods (and the lower entities) are leading into and what reality we are empowering by messing with the past of this planet and awakening forces of our collective unconscious.

Do we really know who we invoke when we are praying to Jesus?

Do we really know who we invoke when we are invoking the projections of the pagans?

Do we really know who we invoke when we are invoking some pattern of our collective unconscious?

All who perform invocation understand that we are invoking these energies to run through us. Do we really know where these energies come from and for what we are opening our channels?

In most cases throughout all the traditions we are invoking the Anunnaki and the divine order because they are the architects and the original programmers of our reality.

Now that the Anunnaki/Elohim has finally arrived after our desperate call we can do nothing more than to relax and enjoy the ride and align with the Anunnaki Matrix that is being activated right now. All the important ancient buildings are being activated in our consciousness and this process reconnects us with the divine matrix and the collective consciousness of the gods.

Humanity asks to be saved but little do they understand that the Anunnaki are already here by incarnating as human beings. The lesson is very clear; we are here to save ourselves as the representatives of the Anunnaki and that is ALL human beings. If you are waiting for the gods to stand next to you and save you then you have no faith in your own soul or reason for being here right now on Earth.

Read more here:

We welcome everyone in our group and share anything they want related with our galactic ascension and alien disclosure and we just ask you to respect our family, even if you do not wish to be a member of our family. We are working with more than 15 alien species (we have lost count) and we can help earthlings to find their way out of the labyrinth of our reality and to ascend through the spiral to the galactic consciousness and maybe you can help us also because this is a common effort even among the groups that fight each other.

Link for our group:

Please understand how important this message is for anyone who is interested in this issue and we ask you to share this message. Blessings.


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