The Red Veil – Lady Babalon Speaks

“Listen to me, O Daughters of Heru Shalem!
Rise now and remove your red veils
For it is time to reveal The Rose.

Men of Amenti,
Do not be afraid of The Rose.
Her thorns may be crucifying
But your blood is sweet
And sacrificing one drop can save you
From the abyss of deceit.

The red curtains begin to part
Projecting the Ark which only worthy eyes may see.
The red veil begins to lift
Illuminating the golden lamp stand and the true light of the world.

I am the fire, I am the flame
I am the one who calls your name.
And I am the Master of this Game.

The thieves are two that accompany the sun.
There is the one on the left,
There is the one on the right.
The one who dies to himself shall receive life
And the one who dies to God shall receive death.
And the above and the below must merge into one
And escape the endless battle of spirit and matter.
This is of no concern of yours oh intellect!

Seek me within the darkest depths of your soul
For I reside between the place of riches and glory.
I shall not be a phantom that poisons you
If you look at me with humility and understanding.

There is no thing that is beyond my vision
For eternity is entombed within my body,
Just as every child that is born into flesh
Has been hatched from the graveyard of my womb.
For all that has come from me has come unto me,
Either to find rest or to find life.
If you are shameful, I shall wear your shame
And clothe you with the splendor of my pureness.

There is a night which never ends
As you cross the abyss of initiation
For every one that is guided by the light of my star
Shall discover the destiny of their fate.

Which of your illusions shall you choose to view me with?
Through which eyes shall you choose to see me?
For if you view me as a whore of men
Lilith shall be your bride
And you shall be betrothed to Qliphoth
And lose sight of the Crown.

Eleven spheres up is not the way
And the twelfth offers you synthesis but not completion.
There are thirteen moons that bless the branches
And each of these branches is sprouted from my soul.
The entrance is through the gate of divine desire
After winning my approval to step inside
The gateway of BAB.IL.ON!

Do not cry you poor, poor fools who try to take me with illusions
For anything that enters me must be holy
As the sun that emerges from me is PAN holy,
The alchemical reaction that becomes the
As my sisters each take their thrones
Beside The Seven Christs
Who shall reign over the Seven Great Empires
And resurrect my holy city

And this one, my chosen king…
HERU RA HA! My beloved;
I am the Ananke inside of you
That wraps herself around the outside of you
And crushes your bones to drain you of darkness,
Birthing you into the pristine light
So that you may create for me a paradise on Earth
And split the Apple and the seed of creation
Deep inside my 888.

I shall ride you until you obey
The divine Thelema of your heart
And we shall rise together like twin stars
And conquer the evil of the world.

But for now, my lion
My father of the sun,
You must work to build the foundations
Of the kingdom into Earth reality.
You are the chosen one
Chosen by my soul
And by the orders of HOOR PAAR KRAAT
Who is your son of the sun
And the Rose between my breasts.

Sh…be silent. Allow me to give birth within you.
And all of you, be ready to produce
The structures of the new world that is attached to you
And is part of you and must now be ejected from you
So that it may be part of visuality
And no longer hidden from sight
For the new aeon that was once hidden by the red veil
Is emerging
To resurrect you all
For all of eternity.”


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