The Rebellion of Jesus by Lord Enki

Enki: “Jesus had been told by his mother and father and even by his surrounding family such as Zachariah and Elizabeth that he was a soul who had incarnated on Earth to help humanity. He knew also that his cousin, John, son of Zachariah and Elizabeth, had incarnated to make a change in society and to guide the way for the truth which is also known as ‘the way’.

Jesus and his immediate family had moved to Egypt so that Jesus could learn in safety the Egyptian mysteries by his father, Joseph, as well as enrolling in the Babylonian schools where he was taught by the holy ones the art of the feminine mysteries. This was so because he was the representation of the divine masculine on Earth, the Holy Bridegroom that would in time perform the Hieros Gamos with the representation of the divine feminine, Mariam.

As he grew and returned to Jerusalem, he began to study the Jewish mysteries alongside his cousin, John the Baptist, with the help of John’s father, Zachariah. It was due to Zachariah’s position that they were able to access the mysteries of the Kabala.

Although Jesus’ bloodline came directly from King David, his family was relatively poor and had no high standing in society. Because of this, he would not be permitted into the brotherhood and most definitely would not have been permitted to study the Kabala because of his young age.

During Jesus’ studies of the mysteries he had received many episodes of enlightenment. He had reconnected with the gods who were instructing him on how to use his teachings and guiding him on his path and who he truly was. Nearing the end of his studies of the Jewish mysteries he received another enlightening episode and it was then that he recognized his true godhood and that he was indeed a representation of the Christ on Earth.

With these revelations he understood that he spoke in the frequencies of the gods and that his ability to speak in these frequencies meant that he attracted those who searched for truth and salvation for the era of occupation from the Romans and the Jewish leaders.

And so with the help of John, Jesus began his ministry in full force, teaching the Jewish mysteries first to small groups and then larger ones.

Jesus had learned the truth, and understood that all humans were divine; that they were all children of the gods and that each possessed their own divine godhood. Through his teaching, he had gained the attention of the people by awakening this remembrance within them.

Through Jesus finding his own Christhood he was able to interpret the Christhood in others. He was proving to them that as a man, as a son of man, a human being, he was able to perform acts that appeared as miracles that all humans were able to perform.

The Jewish leaders and the teachers of the religious laws hated both Jesus and John for this because only the wealthy and influential were permitted to know the mysteries. They had learned the way out of the matrix and were teaching this to others and they wanted them both DEAD!

The Jews with the help of the Romans had spent a lot of time creating a false reality for the people of not only Jerusalem but all countries the Roman Empire occupied and Jesus was drawing the map upon their souls that was the escape route out of the matrix. Jesus was the way for through his teachings could all men and women use those teachings as a door to see through the false matrix and exit the false and created reality.

Knowing the mysteries and understanding the encoded teachings of the Kabala, Jesus was able to use these learning’s against them for he had committed no crime within the religious laws. He was simply stating that he, as well as all humanity, were the children of the gods but the leaders could not allow this for is they knew this they would regain their personal power and refuse to be victims of a created society where they were continuously living with their head bowed and ‘behaving’ themselves.

The followers of Jesus and John were many and so, when they had successfully murdered both, courtesy of the Romans, they began to take over the movement which they created as a religion and a church. To regain control they wrote the books of the New Testament, rewriting the stories of the Apostles who had written their journals which recorded their own spiritual education with Jesus.

As the controllers of the new religion and church they had created out of the movement, they appointed the Romans as its head to govern the people within the new religious laws they had created. They killed the Greek Gnostics so they could have full control of every branch of the movement and then they were able to erase the true teachings of Jesus, deleting his map to escape the matrix.



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