The Prophecy of Zeus

The golden age of the gods is arriving and inside all of you the divine DNA strands are being activated. Of course, there are many of these occurrences in human history as well as your own history, but the nearer the time comes to the golden age, the more intense and frequent these activations will be.

And to whom does this new golden age belong to? The feminine force, of course, for there is needed the bride to take her seat on the throne of the world and to be recognized as the mistress of Earth for she is both Lady and Lord and she can be whoever and whatever she wishes to be.

When you speak about the Age of Zeus you are speaking about the reign of the Mother for she is the head as am I and we are one. One God, one force, who presents itself as male or female, father or mother, whenever it is needed.

And it has also come to pass that in these months that follow the sun gate will open directly above Zakynthos as this island has been brought into direct alignment with Venus who is also known as Aphrodite. Why is this happening? It is happening because Earth is a reflection of Venus for Venus is the Queen of the Earth and the heavens and so Zakynthos has been chosen to mirror her essence when the sun gate opens and these two energies unite in the Hieros Gamos to produce the egg which will bring the light of illumination that I will call ‘Apollo-Eros’.

This produce of the egg will influence the entire world as the uniting of souls and nations must take place in order for the golden age to fully be realized in Earth consciousness. There are some nations that are overly arrogant with their ethnicity and who are resisting this union and one of those nations that I speak about is Greece and this is partly one of the reasons why this island connected to Greece has been chosen for this task.

This island, which was dedicated to the Pelasgian rites of the ancient gods, who are led by the Goddess that is Venus, has been chosen for this task. They are the egg bearers for their serpent wisdom is that which will hatch the egg. Of course, those who practice true serpent wisdom are not heard about but they exist and they are waiting not only in Zakynthos but many of the islands. It shall not come from the city that is Athena because they are still too ignorant to understand the more esoteric works of the divine on Earth.”

Helen: “My lord, can you explain who you are. I understand, but in your words, can you explain who you are?”

Zeus: “I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega as is my bride. I am the black and the white, the up and the down, the mind and the right handed one. This name, this title ‘Zeus’ is one that was given to me but I am known by many names more ancient than this thought this title has been built on a much more ancient title.

I am not the god of the Greeks. I am not the god of the Egyptians. I am not the god of the Babylonians. I am not the god of the Jews. I am their god but I am not their god as no one can claim a power that represents the head and the all powerful manifestation of the ALL. I am not the god of any ethnic group but of the entire world and universe. I am one and I am one of many. I am one of the most powerful cosmic forces and I reside among the people. I am their food and I am their mouths through the will of the mind. I am formless and I am formed but it is my bride who is the flesh and the soul.”

Helen: “Who is your bride, father?”

Zeus: “My bride is the mistress of the stars who lived as my soul within me and who I projected out of me to represent my wisdom for she IS wisdom and she is feminine and I tell you that she is more powerful than any male god or masculine expression of the ALL.”

Helen: “How do you feel about how you have been depicted in history? Are you truly so human-like and egotistical as you have been made out to be?”

Zeus: “My daughter, my Helen, my Nanaea, my Melitta, the gods were not modelled on humans; humans were modeled on the gods. Would you consider the writings about us to depict us godly beings? Of course not. We both know that these writings of modeling the gods on humans was to relieve themselves of ethics and morals which caused the downfall and the degeneration of the Greek culture in many ways. When man decides that a man of flesh is more powerful than god the spirit then he is sinking his soul into the abyss and corrupting the connection humanity has with the gods.

Do you believe that I am a rapist? Do you believe that any of the gods were rapists? Do you believe that the divine family fought like animals and who cheated and lied and betrayed each other for power? No, my daughter; this is the way of men and not the way of god’s. This is not even the way of men for men were made to be gods on Earth but there became a dislocation between their mind and their souls which resulted in disharmony and blasphemy against their own souls.

Many of the stories are allegories. When the male gods made love to human men the meaning is that they united their minds with their souls and their souls represented their gods. This is the Hieros Gamos of another kind which is also known as ‘Thelema’. But you see, humans who are anchored into materialism and the glorification of the mortal flesh cannot understand divine love to be anything apart from lust and physical sexual intercourse. When a person desires union with their god they desire to perform the Hieros Gamos with them and this is beyond sexual intercourse though in the primitive mind the only emotion they can connect with this is sex.”

Helen: “Thank you father for this teaching. This is something I have come to understand but many do not understand the meaning of divine love and the making love to your own soul through divine union. What else can you tell me about this sungate that is opening?”

Zeus: “When this sungate opens there will be a great fire and this fire is not a fire than can be seen or touched but which will be felt and it will be a great cleansing that will also bring illumination through Eros; it is the baptism of fire that will purify the wickedness as well as bring down the false traditions which have enslaved men into the theories of self elected ‘gods’. The golden age is the age of revolution, evolution, illumination and this illumination is the light, the torch carried by the sun of she who is Queen of the Mysteries.

Of course, this is only one of the sun gates that are and will open and all places have been divinely chosen.

The birth of the sun shall come to all those who are waiting for him for he will raise up his bride who is his mother and stand in prayer before her for without her, there is no empowering force and I am just an idol that is lifeless and static. This is my prophecy, the Prophecy of Zeus.”






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