The Path of Destiny

Babalon: “There comes a time, a time of change, when each must complete their destiny. And on this path of winding roads there is a cave that leads man to his mind. Within that cave exists all of his illusions and it is the cave that remains after the completion of the labyrinth.

Man and woman who are true seekers of illumination must take the choice to make the first step on the Path of Destiny. From this point on, your own guardian shall be your guide.

So you have defeated the dragon and you have gained access to the labyrinth and you have defeated the Minotaur and you have reached the center and you have chosen the path that takes you to the exit.

But before you is the cave and within this cave is Medusa and she is the beast master that you must face.

Are you afraid? You should be.
Are you brave? Only your actions shall tell.
Are you to become the warrior Perseus?
Are you to face she who cannot be faced?

I dare you. This is part of your training. To face the scorned woman who was punished by the minds of men.

Can you calm her? Can you comfort her? Can you win her over and gain her trust? Can you love her, this ugly beast? Can you love her beyond her exterior?

This wounded woman is part of you and is the Goddess that you must adore,
For she exists as a reality before your eyes and she exists as a reality within.
O, you poor men who have tortured yourselves by hurting the divine feminine.
It is because you are afraid of her power and so you are afraid of YOUR power.

Can you understand?

And if you manage to chop off her head, what shall happen, warrior?
What will happen?
You will gain the shield of Medusa, The Aegis.
The question is, if you gain it then what will you reflect? For it is the mirror of the gods and the reflection of their protection and power.

The crown of life is given to he who is re-birthed back into life. The seven seals shall be broken and the lamb shall shed its blood and on the offering table of humanity this blood is placed Within the cup of innocence that is consumed by the wicked. But this blood of the innocent lamb shall be a poison upon their lips that shall bite them inside like a serpent and that shall inject its venom into their gut.

This is why the blood of the gorgon is the elixir of life; it is an alchemical concoction but only the true seeker shall understand its contents.

It has come to the time when I shall release the blood of the saints back onto your Earth and for them to manifest themselves into the gods of old. Already some has been used to bring the ones that are to bring change.

The light gleams in the darkness of the soul shining like the lantern of the Hermit. For within the portals to the gods are signs and symbols Of the lost and found. But who is it that lost them? And who is it that found them? And once you reach the bridge between your world and Amenti. How many steps will it take until you reach the bridge of the Abyss? And shall you take the left path? Or shall you take the right?

Within the centre of the Abyss exists the NO THING who is the EVERY THING and beyond this is the Holy Shekinah who is seated upon the Ark.

And where are you now? You are within the cave. And Medusa exists no more.

She has transformed back into her true self. The healed feminine and giver of wisdom and life.

If you do not have fear in your heart, you shall not pass. If you do not leave something behind as an offering, you shall not pass. If you are not willing to give your life to her, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

The answer lies within the heart of the rose. And when you choose the heart of the rose all roads of duality disappear. There is no more opposition, no more decisions, One mind, one heart, one path. This is your destiny and this is your Thelema.


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