The New Human Race – The Liberators

During the past year and a half we have been receiving constant messages regarding the migration of the Tree of Life and a new race of human beings who are coming to Earth. Over this period of time we have been publishing channelings regarding the coming of the new humans and Lord Enki goes into detail in our channeling called ‘The New Human Model’.

Apart from being informed by the Anunnaki and various other tribes in the universe about the coming of this new race, we are told of different root races throughout history from varied sources such as the tablets from ancient civilizations to master mystics like Helena Blavatsky.

To explain how we know about the previous groups of humans the Anunnaki created, I will provide passages for you, not only from our own channeled messages but also from the translations of the Sumero-Babylonian texts.

It is also very important for you to understand that there could have been a large amount of time between the creating of these different groups of human beings, especially between the first and second passages you will be shown.

I would first like to show you a passage from the oldest poem in history that was written on clay tablets in Sumer:

“At that time, it was planted, a tree, a single tree, by the banks of the Great River, Enki, the Father, did plant the Huluppu-tree, The God of Wisdom, he planted it by the banks of the Euphrates, before he set sail, before the Father departed for the underworld.

The tree was nurtured by the waters of the Euphrates the very waters that carried Enki to the sea Small wind stones were tossed against him; large hailstones were hurled up against him; like onrushing turtles, they charged the keel of Enki’s boat. The whirling South Wind arose and blew upon the tree, pulling at its roots and ripping at its branches, until the waters of the Euphrates carried it away.

A young woman who walked in fear of no man, and would not be owned, plucked the tree from the river and spoke: “I shall bring this tree to Uruk. I shall plant this tree in my holy garden. Inanna cared for the tree with her hand.”

-Inanna and the Huluppu Tree

In this passage, we are told how Lord Enki, the father of humanity, had planted the Huluppu Tree (the tree of life) but after setting off for the underworld (to see his twin sister Ereshkigal) and how when he had departed, the South Wind had blown upon the tree and uprooted it and had thrown it into the Euphrates River.

This first Tree of Life that is presented here is connected with the first humans that had ever been created by the Anunnaki on Earth. In a recent channeling from Lord Enki regarding life after Eden, we are told that there was more than one human race:

“I want to speak to you about life after Eden, when the first man and woman left Nibiru to build the Earth and make it productive. I will call him Adamu and Eva so that your readers can align and understand this truth for it is more familiar to them. Adamu and Eva were anointed ones after having been taught the mysteries of divinity and civilization. They began to create their children and along came more humans that we had created and their children mated with them.”

From the story of Inanna and the Huluppu Tree, we see that this Tree of Life that was uprooted and thrown into the Euphrates River, had been spotted by the Goddess Inanna and she had re-planted it in her garden where she had nurtured and tended to it lovingly until it had taken root securely within the Earth and its branches had re-grown.

As we know, the bible stories are based on the Sumero-Babylonian Genesis stories and we can see the same story below in a passage from Revelations 22:1-3 as in the story of Inanna and the Huluppu Tree:

“And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

We can clearly see from this story that a second group of humans were created and we know, due to our extensive research into the Mesopotamian texts, that there are THREE creation stories coming from the same people as within the Enuma Elish translations which was written long after Inanna and the Huluppu Tree, Lord Marduk is said to have created a race of humans with the Goddess Aruru (another name for Inanna):

“Marduk bound a structure of reeds upon the face of the waters, He formed dust, he poured it out beside the reed-structure. To cause the gods to dwell in the habitation of their heart’s desire He formed mankind. The goddess Aruru with him created mankind,”

This is also the perfect opportunity to explain to those who misunderstand the Sumerian creation stories and those who have only ever read the books of Zachariah Sitchin and those who have jumped on the bandwagon and built on his theories, that the Anunnaki did not ‘experiment’ when making humanity; they made humanity for a very specific reason and this was to inhabit the Earth and work the Earth to keep it habitable which the Earth would then be GIVEN to humanity to live. I am sure that the logical ones among you can understand that to love something and value it and look after it, you must first sweat for it so that it has meaning for you.

The reason why Lord Enki and Goddess Ninmah created beings that were handicapped in some way (I do not mean to offend anyone by saying this; I am simply quoting from the tablets) was to express why we have people with disabilities. Please know that each of these beings was taken to the temple to live with the gods. They also created a being who was A-sexual and this human was also taken to live with the gods and ALL creations were loved EQUALLY.

I find it very disturbing how even in the new age community, people dislike the Anunnaki for creating beings with disabilities or who were bi/homosexual and express their ‘distaste’ at how they were not PERFECT in their eyes. These people are trapped within the false/created matrix and are brainwashed into having an image of what ‘perfect’ is supposed to be and instead of understanding the reasons behind the creation of these various types of human, they project that they were the product of ‘failed’ Anunnaki genetic experiments. To the gods, ALL their creations were perfect and had the ability to be the best that they can be.

Now, with these writings that are written in stone which explain about the three previous human races that were created, we, the Official Anunnaki Earth Council, proclaim the coming of the FOURTH human race as we have done so for so long, now. Throughout history the gods have chosen scribes to record prophecies of the coming of ages including information humanity need to be aware of regarding their world and the reality they live in. It is paramount that the gods continued to work within human consciousness so that humanity never lost touch with their ancestors and also so their children would be prepared for coming revelations that would take part in the near and distant future. This is why our work as channelers, not only for the Anunnaki but for other tribes in the universe, is important in our times and as scribes, we relay to you the messages that we receive to enlighten you of impending events in our human and Earth history.

Because the ancient translations only explain our history to a certain point, it is up to us to provide new information that lets humanity understand where they stand today regarding what is to come and we do this by communicating with the gods and channeling their guidance.

We were told a year ago about the migration of the Tree of Life and at this time, we did not understand just how important this information was. Only now, a year or so later and after being given further revelations regarding the new human model that is coming, do we understand how all information that has been given to us links and matches with each other. Only now, after reading further stories do we see how everything that was written on the ancient tablets we were told about BEFORE we had read them. Here is a quote from a message we received from dragon Ferren about the migration of the Tree of Life:

“And now, I must tell you something else; the tree of life has been taken off planet to another planet. Maybe I should not have said a planet. Maybe I should have said a realm, a different dimension and it was kept under the watchful eye of Marduk. Nebiru is also another name for Earth. And Inanna brought it back to the new reality that became Earth.

We were there, of course, and we helped. We helped to tell the humans that danger was coming. We helped Marduk to transport the tree to the other dimension. But do you understand what we mean by transported the tree?

Marduk was called Nebiru and Inanna was called Mother for a reason. She is the spirit of the tree, the Sophia, the Holy Spirit in matter and he is the Logos and the builder of its branches, for this tree continues to grow and each branch represents a hybrid of different human being and also those who are to come, the new generation of the golden ray.”

In our work we have continued to explain how the Kingdom/Eden is Nibiru which was a place on Earth and it was considered the City where no one ever got sick and no one died. It was the place where the gods dwelled and where the first humans were created. In time, after the fall of Atlantis, it moved to a different dimension for humans had begun to degenerate and devolve due to religious doctrines and dogmas and due to the false matrix being put in place and because the Anunnaki vibrate at such a high frequency, they could no longer dwell among their children who had begin to vibrate at a very low frequency.

Within much of our revelations we explain how Nibiru is a consciousness which is now merging with our Earth reality in order to create a NEW WORLD for all of humanity and this merge is and has been happening for a very long time which is why most of the more ‘awakened’ humans feel the pressure to awaken fully and to help awaken humanity for we must be ready for this total shift in consciousness that is taking place.

The Tree of Life has been re-planted as a physical entity within Nibiru ready, for the completed merge with Earth reality and the new world and the fourth race of humans are now being prepared to enter our world who shall be the official children of the Aquarian age.

We know that our world is deteriorating and that the dark brotherhood/elite have created such an issue with the food that we eat, the chemicals and hormones injected into our water supply, chemtrails etc that the human model, as it is now, must evolve or perish. In other words, it is the plan of the dark brotherhood to kill off the un-resilient so that only the ‘strong’ and resilient survive to make up a race of humans that they plan to allow into THEIR ‘new world’. They believe that they are above the divine and above the gods and do not want a world that contains humans that are sickly or handicapped in some way, so their plan is to create a new world with the strong humans that survive their war on our health.

This is one of the biggest reasons why the new race of human beings are coming who will be stronger than us, more enlightened, more mentally powerful and more intelligent, in order to take back control of our world and to finally put an end to the false matrix that we have been living in for thousands of years. The new humans will be our liberators and they will be the returning Ascended Masters that we know of from our planet and other planets around the universe. They are the Lemurians who were the first race of humans created by the Anunnaki, that were highly advanced beings but who faded into the background because of wars between the children of the light and the dark brotherhoods which you can read more about here:

“From the past years and in the coming years the Master will be reincarnated on Earth and reanimated in time into their roles of protectors and teachers of humanity and Earth. Now, in your time, is a reverse polarization of the Atlantean age…time is moving backwards.

The Masters, some who exited Earth and some who went underground lost their authority within the consciousness of humanity during the time of Babylon, for the dark brotherhood of Atlantis rose and gained control. After the gods had physically left Earth, in their stead were the Masters of Enlightenment who stayed behind to preserve and teach the mysteries taught to them by the gods. These Masters reincarnated over and over again throughout the ages, never giving up the battle to regain the protection of humanity regarding spiritual expansion and human traditions and living conditions.

The dark brotherhood, after manipulating the support of human beings became the favoured choice of rulers for their empty promises and their creation of a rebellion against the true Masters who are also known as the Ascended Masters.”

To prepare the road for these new humans can come, time has began moving backwards; we are being taken back to the time when humanity were more spiritually advanced and many of you are feelings these shifts within you as we return to the time of ‘knowing’, before our degeneration and devolution.

We are the way makers, the ones who have come here to prepare our consciousness for their birth and whether you believe that the information we have provided is legitimate or not, you also know that we are not the only ones who have been speaking about the new world and the new children who are to come.

To understand how these revelations have developed, we advise you to begin studying our articles and channelings on our websites and to understand the future of our world and humanity.


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  • Linda Trueman-Cruickshank

    Thank you again for the insight you have taught me,you have answered many of my questions and will read this again. I love you teachings and I send my warmest blessings and my love your way.You are an awesome teacher.<3

    September 13, 2013

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