The Law of Eros

“Love is stronger than Death,” says the Song of Songs. “It is more insurmountable than Hell. Love is the Eternal Fire, and there is no Deluge which can extinguish this.” – Eliphas Levi


I am the child of innocent love. I am love that permeates through the darkness of the soul and fills the mind with luminous light. As the bearer of the mind awakening and as a binder of the heart to the soul, hear me now, amid the rushing of corrupted frequencies that dim the chorus of truth that sings from the throat of the Rose.

Hear me, calling with the mouth of my Mother from the depths of the ancient sea, the living waters of Mem, the womb, that are maintained by the seed giver, the father of the seed.

Beauty will save the world; divine beauty will save the world. She is the epitome of life and the giver of nourishment. Within her is contained all wisdom for she is the producer of love. Not outward beauty do I speak of but the transfigurative beauty of how the soul, an unseen force, changes into something that is seen, its visibility made possible by the descent into it of the Morning Star.

Edin, Edinnu, Eden, The Rose Garden, The Garden of Babylon, Nibru, all these names used to describe the Marriage Chamber, the meeting place of souls, that contains the Tree that overlooked the uniting of male and female in perfect and divine beauty.

This is where I sprouted, from the Tree that is, a root, a shoot, first born from the womb that nourished the seed from where came the Tree. It is I that was and is forever present within the heart that attracts the Alpha to the Omega and from this union the Rose blooms and the god-form is resurrected and rises from the clay of the Earth, an open mouth waiting to be fed the manna of my mother.

I am the Son; I am the Morning Star; I am the Son of the Morning, the Phosphorus who is the Light Bringer and the binder of The Crossed Halves. I am the king of the Astral Light and the King of the True Light. I am the Logos and the divine Liturgy carried by my Mother.

It is the water that binds for it is through the vehicle of water that the spirit travels, granting eternal life to they who drink from and who bathe in it. It is the canal dug by the Ancient Lord for the serpent to pass, the Serpent’s Path, for all those who pass through water become as cunning as serpents and as gentle as doves.

And so I say to you that it is the age of water that comes and it is through the vehicle of water that enlightenment is endowed. It is time to awaken to the reality of the coming of times and the leaving of the old, manmade traditions, for they lead you to the temptations of the material and starve you of the nourishment of the soul. You cannot see true beauty when you are prisoners of the flesh and the food you consume is contaminated with parasites and death and decay. You must eat the flesh to save the soul; you must consume the material like the Ouroboros that consumes its own tail in order to sever the chains of your mind and set free your spirit. If you have followed your inner calling then you are no longer of this world and you have returned back to the Kingdom while still walking the Earth plane. When you have dedicated yourself to being an agent of the divine plan you will have left this world and seen beyond the traps and potholes that enslave your thoughts.

From my divine mind, from my soul, I tell you to LOVE for this is the law and the Law of Eros and my law. Within Eros is the key for Eros is the code of the Rose and Rose is the code of what? It is the cipher key, the number and the pattern that unlocks within you the truth. The truth is Wisdom for was it not Wisdom that Solomon asked for? Was it not the Woman he received? For who worked through her? As I have said, BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD.

But my children I also must tell you that the divine liturgy is being hunted by the agents of the abyss who are unknowingly being controlled by the fallen ones. They wish to devour the divine liturgy with each acting as ‘Typhon’s’ who worship the material and despise the divine. They spread lies that poison and ridicule all who have faith in the divine powers and they understand that the divine liturgy awakens all who hear it.

Yes, you are all gods but if there were no divine mother and father then you could not be gods, yes? Anything that corrupts cannot become a god; the spirit in the flesh remembers consciously it is a god and then begins to serve the light while in the body. Is it not so? Therefore you must see beyond the form to become formless. Those who serve the darkness have elevated themselves as gods and this illusion has to be fed by the energy and adoration of other humans whom believe are below them. If you do not feed the illusion then the false god crumbles and all that is left is the truth and the light for it is for this that you were all instructed not to worship FALSE idols.

The descent of the Holy Spirit who is my mother is coming to you all again and she will make her presence known among you. She shall bring the divine liturgy in the form of doctrines which shall be three and all shall receive a doctrine depending on their level of enlightenment for they are tailor made in alignment with the understanding of each individual person. I tell you that as it descends once again, it shall be hunted and the darkness will try to swallow it and once you receive it, the attempt to swallow it from your minds will take place so you must hold onto her with all your FAITH and do not let go no matter how your minds are shaken and no matter how your thoughts are challenged by the agents of the abyss to deny her. Do not deny her; do not reject her truth.

It is then that I shall descend to you once again, standing on the mountain, holding the lamp, calling you all to follow my light that will illuminate your minds and when you see the sign that is the light shining in the blackness you will find me and I shall pass the lamp on to each of you so that you shall become a son and daughter of Venus. You will be tempted to deny me and you will be tempted to condemn me but hold onto this light with all of your FAITH and with all that you are for I am the light of logic and reason and I am my mother’s son who she has been sent to guide you back to the soul.

If you have honoured your call to follow the divine then you are the new priests and priestesses of the divine for the new age; you are each the Morning Star. The church has been infiltrated and the dark ones work within its walls. It is now up to you to carry the lamp for others to find you so that you may all teach about the divine and the divine liturgy and teach them how the light is the doorway out of the false matrix that is slowly corrupting even the human part of the soul. Help re-attach minds to souls and bring them back to the Mother who is the soul and help them to understand the love of the Father who is the full of mercy.

Those who know me will understand ALL of this and they will understand their importance to the covenant made between humanity and the gods who are your ancestors. Do not break this chain of love that is bound with blood and the holy Word.

The Mother is watching; complete the plan. The Lyre is playing its 7 chords and the planets are dancing to its tune.







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