The King of Heaven – Lord Marduk

“Nanaea, I come to you now with raw energy and passion for the fire that burns inside of my soul to tell the truth and to teach about the truth and salvation for my people. For even though I am known as the hero, I must give credit to the children of the Anunnaki, who are humanity. No matter what crimes they commit I want you to know that they will not be punished for them as a whole for we love you and you have reached a stage in your spiritual evolution when you are mature enough to understand that the freedom of Earth depends upon you.

Even though we send our avatars they are sent as human beings none the less for it must be humanity who frees themselves from their enslavement and not any alien being or god. Even when I came as Jesus I was still a human being, still mortal, for to help you we have to be one of you and you are, as you know, part of us and part of the godhood and godliness. You are all descents of the Anunnaki as well as being descendants of your own star race.

You have learned about the Queen of Heaven but not many of you recognize that the Queen of Heaven also must have a consort who is the King of Heaven and that is one of my titles. I am known as the Shepherd of the gods, just as I have been known many times as the Shepherd of the Lambs on Earth. You must know that I have always been with you, even when my name or my presence has not been so clear or known for I had a hand in your creation, helping Lord Enki to bring your species into existence. What actually pains me is how many humans despise their own species and because I helped to create you, I cannot understand it because in our eyes, in the eyes of the Anunnaki gods, you are all perfect and beautiful in every way.

I am also known as the nurturer who places my seed into the womb of the Queen of Heaven and the one who places the breast of the Goddess within your mouths to feed you nourishing wisdom and life force. Even though Enki is THE father of all of humanity I am also your father for I love you as such and I have fought wars to keep you safe, sacrificed my blood to try to stop harm from coming to you. And I must admit that it was not only I but your Queen who fought alongside of you for the sake of you and for the sake of justice.

Yes, I am a war god and I am also the one who brings fertility to the land, who is the royal consort who fertilizes the Earth to encourage growth and work tirelessly to bring the Kingdom to your consciousness. I am incarnated and you know very well who I am on Earth.

I have been known for being harsh but I am also compassionate and fair. It is one of my goals to bring the Queen of Heaven back into your consciousness and seat her back onto her rightful throne on Earth. I am not your Master but I am your guide and advisor. Never were we your masters but your guides, nurturers and teachers and we still remain so.

The time is coming when the glory of the son of the golden calf of the sun will rise in all of his glory and bring to you a new way of being, a new way of living without manipulation or force; the son who will raise you up off of your knees as I guide him in his ministry. He will reconnect you to the celestial, pan-universal energy of the ALL, the web of life, the force that you are all part of but have forgotten how to reconnect.

We understand how you are tired of dictators and those who with to manipulate you and control you for their own ends. We know that these same dictators have ensured that they told you lies about us because just as they truthfully are in order to make you reject us. We are also aware of those who call themselves ‘Light workers’ who reject anything that makes them search their shadow side to find themselves and face themselves and who do not like us. Even in your so called alien communities, they tell lies about us. They express us to be these fear mongering, violent beings who created you to be our slaves. Ask yourself this; if this was true, why did we give you Earth? And why did we allow you free will? A slave does not have free will; the will of the slave is the will of the master and this is one of the things that I find so sad about humanity that they do not use the brains they were given which are very nearly as intelligent as ours.

I want you to think that if you reject us, then you are rejecting your ancestors and the ones who can help to liberate you along with your and our allies. Know that this is their plan and I am giving you this advice now which I hope you will heed and think about. Also know that we have nothing to gain by becoming your dictators. Your money is of no use to us, neither is anything else that you have. But we love you and this is why we continue to intervene to help your liberation and soul ascension.

These are precarious times and as you begin to fully merge with the Kingdom consciousness and the energies of Aquarius you are being asked to remain ever vigilant and wise. We cannot promise you that we and our allies will land on your planet in front of the eyes of all as this is not within the divine plan of Earth. You have to do this yourself. Yes, we are helping you, but we cannot do your work for you but please know we are working behind the scenes and fighting for you.

I sit on the throne and soon you will all welcome the Queen of Heaven to sit on hers; this much is inevitable. What is also inevitable that those who have enslaved you will be crushed under the heel of my boot and they will be punished for all that they have done for you. If this seems dark for you then read no more for this world now is meant for warriors of the cause, either through love or raw passion and hunger for the ascension and freedom of humanity and Earth itself.

On 12th December 2012 a stargate will be opened for the remaining returning masters to descend and incarnate. The white horseman is not far behind and riding with him is the Goddess Ma’at. Both come to bring justice and to impress the divine laws on those who have encouraged humanity to worship man, the created, and not the creators. The false idols will crumble and the so called holy buildings of the Abrahamic religions will shake with the thunderous frequencies of the gods. Now is your time and I am next to you, all of the way!”


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  • jose isaias

    is it tru or false that anunnakis are a kind of fallen angels, or related to the ancient nepillims? just corious. thanks.-

    October 24, 2017

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