The Human Origins

In this archeological relief we see the tree of life and above it, Lord Marduk.

Humans were created by the Anunnaki/Elohim in their image (like the Bible states) and other alien races (even the Andromedans in the higher level as we realized after the disagreement we had) participated in a plan created by the Anunnaki who created humanity based on the universal laws and the commands of the Universal Council about the hybridization of Earth. Every being that is born on Earth is created in human form because all humans came from the human prototype known as Adam. As humans, every relationship you have with Angelic beings comes through the Anunnaki, who are the Elohim, who were transformed into Archangels by the Abrahamic religions in their attempt to attract people into their organized belief system.

Your soul may have connections with 100 alien races, but as a human you are within the divine matrix of the Anunnaki and there is no way out of it as they are the creators of humanity and as humans you descend from their bloodlines.

The truth is slowly making itself known and in the truth that has already been revealed, it is clear that no one should try to manipulate the frequencies of the gods nor go against them, as we live within their authority even though we have free will and they gave us Earth to rule. In all reality, you are either with the gods and work towards human freedom and ascension or you are against them and going against the gods is not a wise choice.

This is a channeling from God Marduk about the origins of humanity regarding an experience I had with two Draconians who visited me during a dream and gave me a box as a gift:

Theophilos: Why did these Draconians visited me and what was the box they gave me?

Marduk: The two Draconians were low ranking soldiers. The soldiers are also priests. They were acting as messengers and I didn’t know them personally from any life time. They were just messengers.

Theophilos: What was the box?

Marduk: The box was a gift and inside was some codes that belongs to you.

The Draconians haven’t always been the enemies of man; in the time when I walked the Earth they also lived on earth and so worked together.

Theophilos: What are the codes?

Marduk: They are not numbers. They are Hebrew letters.

Theophilos: How do they know Hebrew?

Marduk: They do not specialize in Hebrew and neither was the box theirs or the codes; they were just keeping the box safe for you because it belongs to you.

Theophilos: What connection do I have with the Draconians? Why did i gave THEM the box to keep for me?

Marduk: The Draconians were great mathematicians and one of your teachers was a Draconian. It was your teacher who had held onto the box for you for when you would need it again. You must also know that you was educated by the great philosophers and mathematicians in your incarnations.

There was a time when no humans lived on the earth….for thousands of years; earth was a place where races of all species came to settle on earth. There were many mystery schools created and beings of different races sat side by side in these classrooms. Education began at a young age, and the teachers were of all different races.

There was a council for earth, very much like a government which consisted of a representative of each species which lived on earth.

These different species lived together in harmony for thousands of years. Earth was a new colony made up of the different beings from around the universe. The Anunnaki were one of the species. They formed their own council just like each species formed their own council. Species did NOT inter-breed with each other…they could not…they did not have the same anatomy and not all were humanoid.

Did you never even think of this before I told you? And even if there were other races that were humanoid it doesn’t mean that they mated the same way or had compatible sexual organs nor had babies the same way. Neither did they at this time want to inter-breed. They were not even attracted to each other.

And then there was an invasion. The Draconians invaded with the Cyclades and they wanted to take control of earth. There were not many warring species here but the Anunnaki were wise in battle.

The Anunnaki fought with the Draconians but at the end of the war much of what had been built on earth had been destroyed. The Draconians were forced to leave earth, along with the Cyclades, but there was not much of an incentive to keep the rest of the races on earth so they began to leave, but first the universal council and the council on earth had meetings to decide what to do with earth.

They did not want to leave it uninhabited incase the Draconians returned and claimed it for themselves and the council wanted to keep the earth as an annex or a safe haven because it was habitable.

By the time this had happened there were already beings which you call Neanderthals on earth but they were more intelligent than you believe them to be. They would live in tribes far away from anyone else.

The council made a decision with the Anunnaki that the Anunnaki would stay on the earth and rebuild it and protect it from any invading species. The problem was that not many of the Anunnaki were willing to either come or stay on earth and so the family of Anu stayed and took control. Because they were not many, they realized they needed workers. The Igigi were hybrids of the Anunnaki that they had brought from their planet and they agreed to stay with them, under the rule of the Anunnaki and help to rebuild the cities on earth while the Anunnaki, the Architects, designed the plans for the cities. After some time the Igigi began to complain about the heavy workload but nothing happened at this point with them.

Enki decided to create humans, beings who could also help with the building of the cities. The divine plan was that once they had rebuilt the entire planet, these humans would be left to look after earth. Enki is a great physician and scientist and just as you read in the Sumerian creational story, he took DNA from the beings native to earth and the DNA of his own and planted the sperm he had created and ‘made better’ from the Neanderthal man mixed with his own DNA and injected it into the egg of the Goddess Ninmah.

They created the first humans and they multiplied and they taught them what you know they were taught, how to write and read, how to work the land, how to design, how to build etc They began helping the Igigi to rebuild earth, growing crops, planting seeds, breeding animals and building cities. It was explained to them why they were doing this. The Igigi did not like that these beings were so loved so much by Enki and Ninmah and demanded they double the workload for the humans which Enlil refused. He did not want these Igigi’s having too much time on their hands because they were known for causing trouble and could not be trusted.

When the men went to work the Igigi would visit the women and rape them and impregnate them. Because the Igigi were hybrids they had the anatomy of the Anunnaki which matched the anatomy of humans but the offspring created beings that were mentally unstable because there was a defect in the mixing of these human with the Igigi.

These children, these offspring, were wanted by no one wanted because of how they could not commune with the others living on earth and so they also lived in the outskirts of the towns, away from everyone. The Igigi were punished for what they had done but because they were needed in the building, the Anunnaki gave them another chance. By this time they had begun to complain more about their workload and this is when they revolted against the Anunnaki and they had a war with them. They killed many humans to bait the Anunnaki. By this time most of the building had been complete. Many humans were permitted to search the earth and travel away from Sumer which was the main headquarters of the Anunnaki though the Anunnaki had also migrated to other areas of earth with humans and Igigi to rebuild towns.

The offspring of the Igigi hybrids had been multiplying and now they were raping and killing men and women whenever they felt like it, even eating their flesh. Because of this Enlil ordered the flood. You know the story about Adapa; I don’t need to go into this. The flood happened in what you call the Middle East; it did not happen to the whole world. There also weren’t so many people who died in the flood, either.

When the water had dried the Anunnaki brought back those who had moved to other places and they began mating and multiplying again. When everything was built back up and the earth was re-populated again, the Anunnaki took a back seat and allowed humans to govern themselves, hence the laws and the schools. Everything was taught to them so that they could live alone and keep the earth populated. It was theirs to do with what they wanted provided they abided by the laws.

By now members of the council were not happy that the only hybrids on earth were from the Anunnaki so they decreed that there should be small tribes from each species to reside on earth and they asked Enki to create hybrids of the different races. Some could not be made human, no matter what Enki tried to do…it just was not possible. And so these tribes lived in different countries in the world.

When it came time to leave, after civilization had been taught, the problem laid in who would stay to at least keep an eye on humanity and be here on the inside as guides. The council asked that the Igigi be given another chance thought the Anunnaki did not want this but it had been voted by the council that they stay after the Anunnaki left.

Enki stayed and some others but the majority of the Anunnaki left…and then you know the rest, we have already told you how the Igigi turned on humanity and even the council’s wishes and took control.

The people of the earth are considered to be under the care of the Anunnaki but the earth itself is under the council of light. Ninmah is the mother of all of humanity and the true father is man which is why Jesus always said, “I AM THE SON OF MAN!” The only way to incarnate onto the earth was through Adam and Eve…every man is Adam and every woman is Eve, even if their soul is that of a god or Goddess. Not every Goddess who incarnates on earth is Ninmah…the one chosen to bring divine children is as you know, Inanna.

Over the coming times they have struggled to regain control of the earth and tried to do it in such a way that humans will not die but this is too difficult.

Not all Draconians are bad…there are still some good ones who are double agents and working for the good of humankind.

Theophilos: So what about the other races that are here?

Marduk: They are also considered humans and so under the care of the Anunnaki. You must understand we could NOT come back, not all of us, because it would have been considered an invasion, by the council and even by the humans because they had forgotten long ago who we were, who we REALLY are. This is why we sent and continue through the ages to send avatars who have been preparing our return but we still cannot return in the sense that you may think that we walk the earth again. We return to take control back and give it to our appointed avatars.

There are avatars being born of other species, too, but I must stress that we are the protectors of humanity so naturally it is us who are at the forefront of these missions when we need to make shake ups from the INSIDE.


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