The Great Mother Goddess

“Dear Mother Goddess,
Help us to find you in all of your glory;
Enable us to discover the hidden paths you have made for us
So that we can merge with you as the God merges with you in oneness.
Within you there is ALL power and ALL wisdom!
Within you there is sacred knowledge and sacred love!
Reveal to us your truth, your word and your guidance.
As it is, so mote it be.”
-Helen Demetriou

The Great Goddess, the Divine Mother, is a part of and within everyone and everything on this planet and on every planet in the universe. She is a part of and all of nature in all of its beauty and ugliness. Every rain storm, every landslide, every unique snow flake, every blade of grass, every stone, every you and every me. The Earth is the domain of the Goddess for she is MOTHER of the earth.

She creates not only the feminine form but also the male. She is present within man and woman. Without her, life would not be possible. Without her, there would not even be death, there would only be nothing. All that dies and all that is born is within her jurisdiction as everything follows the divine plan.

Without a Mother, it is impossible for there to be a Father and vice versa. As we were created as a reflection of the gods and in their image, we know that there are both male and female aspects of the creator.

Mother means life for she gives life; nothing is created or comes into this world without first passing through her. She is the vessel which brings, carries and gives birth to life.

The Goddess has been a part of our lives since the day we were born. The Goddess has been a part of our lives in this and every life time. The Goddess is a part of all the people that we see, male and female. She is in every living thing and every thing that you believe isn’t alive but really is. The Goddess is what is known in Christianity as the ‘holy spirit’. She is the godliness that dwells within everyone and everything; she is the breath of life that lives within us and journeys within us when the soul departs the body upon death. The Goddess is the all that produces the Christ light.

I am going to take you on a journey of self discovery. Those who are ready to read my words will resonate with what I say. The writings here come from my own wisdom, from channeling my higher self and also from the Goddess. With my words you shall begin to meet the Goddess and recognize her presence in your life and within you.

One of my missions here on earth is to resurrect the Goddess. One of my missions here on earth is to help the Goddess ascend within you; to help her ascend from your sub consciousness to your consciousness. She is with you right now, watching you as you read, looking through your eyes at what you read, feeling what you feel, and thinking what you are thinking for she is everywhere, inside and outside of you. She is like the softest silk caressing your soul and mind and heart and bones and meat and muscles and every single cell in your body. Do not believe for one moment that she is only belongs to woman…she belongs just as much to man.

I have come here as a daughter of the Goddess to spread her light and to share her word. I have come here as a daughter of the Goddess to be an example of her power on earth. I have come here as a daughter of the Goddess to prove to you that she has been in front of your eyes your whole life without you even acknowledging her. Well now is the time to open your eyes, brothers and sisters, and truly see. Allow the cataracts of ignorance to fall from your eyes.

From the time you were a thought your creation had begun. In that instant when your parents made love, the creator planted within the thought of your creation and then into your mother a soul within matter. The Goddess, who is the female expression of the creator, settled within your soul and instructed your body and everything that is matter how to grow. The Goddess made love with the male expression of the creator and within her as she dwelt within your soul she gave birth to the son/daughter, other wise known as the Christ light or Christ consciousness.

The Existence

I want you to look around you and write down how many things you feel the Goddess lives in. I want you to look around where you are, right now, and write down what you can see that contains feminine energy. Take one of the smaller objects that you have written down and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and allow the energy of the object to meld with yours. Can you feel its heart beat? Do not allow your ego to tell you that this object is dead for it is not; it contains energy because EVERYTHING contains energy and it is your natural senses that tells you whether an object is female, male or even neutral. Your energy spoke with the energy of the object and you subconsciously received the message back. We are all energy and we are all connected to everything, because everything is surrounded by a magnetic field which also surrounds humans and other living entities.

You only have to look at the doorway of most churches to see that the entrances are the shape of the vagina. The church herself is called a ‘she’ and the interior of the church is labeled as the ‘womb’. Many pagans state that Christianity deleted the existence of the Goddess yet if this was true, then Mary, the mother of Jesus, would not have been given the title “Mother of God” or “The Queen of Heaven”. If Christianity had deleted the divine feminine from the church then there would not be any female saints to honour. We cannot for a moment ignore or neglect the mysticism in TRUE Christianity. When we look at the Christian Gnostics we are reminded of the worship of Sophia, also known as the Holy Spirit or the Shekinah or the Shakti.

We know that Master Jesus is a solar god, yet it seems that the moon and femininity rules the energy of the church. Take time to look at the anatomy of a church building. Take time to note the femininity of its design. There are no mistakes; the ‘architects’ knew what they were doing.


You cannot walk into a town centre without seeing a place of business not being named after one of the Goddesses. There are statues which represent the Goddess everywhere. Even courts have the Goddess Themis as their patron. You only have to go to New York in the States to see the huge statue of Liberty! If you visit ancient archaeological sites in most countries you cannot miss the sanctuaries and temples dedicated to the Goddess and her worship.

We cannot blame anyone for not seeing the existence of the Goddess when she is and always has been right before our eyes but we are taught not to see her because society does not make her a prominent and important figure even though she is a part of us in every way. We also cannot rely on religion to teach us about her existence or the role she plays in our lives. True seekers and lovers of the Goddess must take the time to notice her around them, to research her story in HERstory.

As a species we wait to be spoon fed our spirituality and then complain when we are not taught the things we learn after our search for truth. We remain incapable babies who believe that we need to be given our beliefs when in ancient times this was not how people lived. When a person wanted to discover who they were and what they believed they would go looking for their truth; they would spend time visiting libraries and temples to discover what each culture throughout history had to say about religion, spirituality and religious beliefs. Yet in truth we needn’t look outside of ourselves because as I said above, the Goddess dwells within us. Would not this be the best place to look?

My students, clients and readers always ask me, “How can I become closer to the Goddess? How can I build a strong relationship with her?” and my answer is always, “Well, how can you become closer to yourself? What kind of relationship do you have with yourself?” Does this sound too cryptic? I assure you, it really is not.

The reason for answering their questions with questions is to get the student to truly look at themselves because even if they feel slightly indignant at not being given the answers on a plate (which the answers are different for everyone, because everyone has a unique relationship with the Goddess, so there isn’t always just one and only way), they will go away looking at themselves in every way and this is the first step of their spiritual path, really looking for the Goddess. The student must realise that the Goddess lives within them not without and even though I adore idols, we tend to need external representations of the Goddess which we feel most resembles how we ourselves would like to be or are.

True Goddess worship does not come in the form of performing witchcraft. Witchcraft is a purely scientific practice which involves intention which uses energy and tools as a focal point for the mind to believe that the magic is truly happening. But what is magic, really? Magic is energy and for me, there is nothing magical about it as it incorporates quantum physics and the forces of nature and the universe herself. Even if you do not resonate with what I have just said, how can anyone perform magic with the use of the gods when they do not have a true knowledge of who the gods really are and how they help the magic to ‘go’? Do you believe, deep within yourself that the gods will help you in your craft if you have not taken the time to do your homework about them? Getting to know the gods is hard work which takes hours and hours of dedicated study and research. The gods will not help a lazy witch or magician, neither will they jump at your commands to be part of your spell or your ritual if you do not honour them and attain a relationship with them. They are not just some name that you call upon and while doing so, your mind is blank when you call upon them. They are the living and eternally divine and they exist for you exist and you are an expression of their creation. So when you are not discovering where they exist within you, then you are not discovering their history and vice versa. You are a part of their history and they are a part of yours. The Goddess does not bow down to your commands and to even try to perform magic without knowing her is the biggest disrespect to her. When you build that much needed relationship with the deities you will understand that no tool is needed to perform your craft, that tools are only an option and not a necessity.

I am frequently asked, “How do I know the Goddess is communicating with me?” and again, this is not an easy question to answer for I can only answer for myself. Because of my mission here, the Mother Goddess revealed herself to me as a very young child. She would appear before me in the forms of Durga and Mary, the mother of Jesus. The love between my biological mother and I is very strong and I have always been very attached to her. The love I felt from the Goddess in those times was very similar but there was something else which I can never quite explain. I felt like my whole being was loved and the realization that there was this entity visiting me whom no one else could see, whom made me feel so complete and showed me another kind of love.

As I grew older I began to realize what these entities were and the times that I didn’t see them, but spoke to them, they replied through the wind. The wind would blow and the branches of the trees would sway, their leaves fluttering like tongues in the air.

And so as time proceeded I grew into a woman, attended college, married, had children and moved to Cyprus where I live until this day. It was after the birth of my second child that I began to receive more and more visitations from the Goddess, the Angels and ascended masters. Each told me that I had something to do here on earth, that I am an earth guide and here as a vessel to teach about and resurrect the Goddess within others and to give birth to wisdom on this planet. I am here as an avatar, an emanation of the Goddess and it was during the time of teaching one of my students that I was introduced to the Anunnaki, the pantheon belonging to the Sumerians.

I instantly fell in love with their stories and resonated so much with their deities. The Goddess Inanna began to visit me and speak with me and revealed many things about myself to me. I was addicted to learning everything I could about her, going through the translations of ancient tablets which told of her history and her own spiritual journeys.

It was through studying about her and meeting with her that I began to piece the puzzle together about whom she is and what she represents. She began sharing with me that she is the representation of Sophia, the holy spirit and the Queen of both Heaven and Earth, the Morning and Evening star, the Moon, the Queen of love, lust, passion, wisdom and war; she is all of the beautiful things and all of the ugly things about nature; she is the female aspect of the creator as a deity and as the tablets say, a deity born on earth. As we track Venus the Goddess or Goddesses corresponding with Venus who share the same aspects with Inanna, we can understand her incarnations and different names in different cultures. The Babylonians called her Ishtar, the Phoenicians titled her Astarte, she was Anahita to the Persians and Hathor-Isis to the Egyptians. In the Greek pantheon, we can see how her aspects have been split into two Goddesses: Athena and Aphrodite, wisdom and war and love and sex. What intrigues me the most is her incarnation as Mary the Magdalene, the wife of Master Jesus. Yes, I said wife.

Throughout Inanna’s incarnations she is always partnered with a dying and resurrected god such as Marduk (which one of his aspects are the Shepherd god king, Dumuzi), Tammuz, Osiris, Mithras and Adonis to name but a few. Her consorts also held the title of being a solar god, or a solar king which ties in with their relationship in astrology and the setting and rising of the sun which corresponds with they being the sun who has died and risen again.

Inanna is also known as the Queen of the Hieros Gamos which translated into English means the Sacred Marriage. It is this coming together of the god and Goddess that creates true alchemy which brings the two polar opposites together; yin and yang united to form the perfect being, making love in the presence of the creator makes them three, and the birth of their son/daughter makes them four.

Each project is a course within itself and it is not meant to only be read but meditated on. You must make your own research on the several points I have mentioned so that you may exercise your spiritual muscles. I cannot teach you wisdom but I can lead you to the doors of the East. I cannot open them for you but I can provide you with the keys. I cannot turn the light on for you, but I can tell you that light exists. I can promise you that this as fact.

Please find below further Gematria results:


As you can see from the Gematria results above, Esophoria is empowered by the Goddess just as she empowers and gives her power to any divine workings, including the divine plan which has been put in place by the gods. She is also The Kingdom, which in the Kabalistic Tree of Life is known as Malkuth. The Kingdom is the Earth and as many of us are familiar with the deity of Earth, she is known as Gaia.


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