The Elohim Blessing

“We know that you need hope; we know that many of you are feeling that there is no meaning in anything and that you feel yourselves getting lost into negative thought patterns and emotions. We hear your hearts crying out in pain and anguish, asking, “Help us!” and because there are no immediate results that satisfy you, you are beginning to lose faith.

Many of you are wounded souls yet this does not mean that you do not have the power of the Almighty Mother and Father inside of you. You are wounded and some of you are very empathic and can feel actual physical, emotional, spiritual and mental pains of your Earthly brothers and sisters.

This is beautiful for us to feel and know and observe because it shows that you are sensitive to the needs of your Earth family and it shows the power of your heart amidst those who through their love of materiality, can no longer feel compassion.

Hush, our divine children; we ask you to quieten your fears and your woes. We ask you to trust in yourselves and your presence on Earth, for the reason that you ARE on Earth. You have been told so many times that nothing is without reason and the meaning of you on Earth is that you are on Earth with meaning. We ask you to quieten your tears and to keep your faith and for those who feel it is becoming too much to take the pain of the world, surrender these burdens to us for a while; let us take your overwhelming weight of the world that you feel is on your shoulders.

We love you and we created you in our image and the whole meaning of this is that you are powerful beings living in a material matrix in order to perform the divine work of your very soul which is part of the ONE or the ALL that we have also manifested from. Within you there is a light of hope and each of you are beacons of light, shining in the blackest day, guiding the lost. Even though YOU may feel lost believe us when we say, you are merely delving deeper into your own archetypes and conscience to learn more about you. You can never lose yourselves by detouring and taking other routes. Always keep this in your minds.

Simply by recognizing your own light and your own divinity means you are following your sacred path and fulfilling your missions. So when you feel hopeless because you feel that you cannot help the misery taking place in the world remember that you are hope personified and express the Eros inside your hearts for this too is a lighthouse of powerful frequencies.

And so we tell you now what is happening on a etheric level within your world reality and this is that the gates of heaven have been fully opened to allow the heavenly essences to descend among you and within you in order to bless each of you with the hand of the elohim which we are.

These energies have also been released in full force because as many of you are aware, there is a great imbalance on Earth between the right and the left polarities. Both are needed in order for balance and this is what we ask you to try to do for you and for your world and this is to find balance of both the poles within yourself so that you do not also become a victim of imbalance which promotes uncertainty of your own divine presence.

And this is exactly what you are; you are EACH the DIVINE PRESENCE on Earth and we are simply energizing and empowering the divinity of you all so that you may stand as icons among the false idols and those who have become enamored by the false idols.

We hope that with this blessing you will receive from us that you can begin to teach others the importance of balance and of taking yourselves out of the world while still inhabiting it. This means that you rise above the chaos and the material beliefs, the corruption and the agendas, and focus on the wounded souls that have become confused and imbalanced. We ask you to help those who are afraid of the coming times, of the coming of the new aeon, and to soothe their fears your words for those who continue to understand that you were created by sacred hands will always speak with the frequencies of the sacred energies.

To take part in consciously welcoming the elohim blessings simply sit in a quiet and comfortable position and close your eyes. Place both of your hands on your heart and lower your head. Say:

“I AM Elohim.
I receive the blessing of the Elohim with gratitude and understand that my purpose is to be of purpose and to shine my light.
I receive the blessing of the Elohim and ask the Elohim to work through me.
I AM powerful. I AM divine. I AM the LIGHT.
I AM Elohim.”

You may wish to listen to this beautiful album while reciting the above affirmation which empowered me during this channeling:

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