The Divine Matrix Activation (mp3 audio)

Description: We are comforted in the knowledge that all beings that have incarnated into this time frame are here for a reason and this is to help support the divine plan though there are others who feed the false matrix. By being unaware of the divine plan, a person continues to feed the matrix of illusion and empowers it into the collective reality.

By awakening to the divine plan and activating the true matrix, a person automatically aligns themselves with the one truth that is Holy and aids human evolution.

Esophoria offers ‘The Divine Matrix Activation Program’ which awakens your cellular memories and helps you to remember your reason for being here. Through the activation of these memories you are able to empower the divine plan and live in oneness with the Goddess and the creator of ALL. You become part of the grand scheme to awaken others and play your divine role in delivering humanity to an ascended level of consciousness. With the help of the Shakti energy and Archangel Metatron, your personal divine matrix grid is activated and empowered and you are fed the true Manna, the bread of life.

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