The Bite of the Serpent Logos

So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived. Numbers 21:9

Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up. John 3:15

I bring to you an image of the serpent, which is the male Logos. I bring to you the SERPENT LOGOS, for it is the re-birthing of knowledge within you, the resurrection and the light; it is the epitome of life never ending and through my mouth, the mouth of the serpent, you shall pass through the gateways of death, unharmed but baptized with divine fire.

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There are 3 main categories of people: there are the lambs, the wolves and the shepherds who enter into our reality from higher densities to guide the lambs and to protect them from getting lost. The right pillar is producing lambs and food for the lambs while the left pillar is producing wolves out of the lost sheep which cannot fit into the polarization of the right pillar. In time, while we are going through the transition to the new age, most people are like lost sheep who are searching for shepherds while the wolves are multiplying and they are also changing forms and they try to hide behind these new forms to feed their realities with the blood of the lambs.

The gods love and protect the sheep of the right pillar because they are choosing to serve the light and help their fellow humans as well as showing respect to the gods, trying to avoid meddling with the cosmic order while at the same time, offering their faith to them that through a macroscopic reality, they will bring justice for the pure and the good people.

From the moment that you produce the thought which suggests that there is no God and there is no cosmic order, you are moving to the left pillar and you are trying to turn the sun wheel (swastika) to the left side, even if the God you reject is not the right one. From the moment you choose to reject the divine authority in any form that is presented to you and you come to the conclusion that there is no order in the universal consciousness, you are stepping onto the path of danger and into the arena of the gods and demons because where there is no order one will manifest itself and human survival instincts alone will try to produce one by projecting long shots through the left hemisphere of the brain based on macroscopic (external) or microscopic (internal) visions within the limits of the war of the left side where you can be cooked by the fire produced and be a delicious meal for the demons or become a wolf yourself and start consuming the energy produced by the lost sheep in order to direct it towards order or chaos.

The same happens when you are polarized by the external power and the external order of a religion or ideology as it happens at a very dangerous level in Islam and Christianity which are products of Judaism and of the extreme and cancerous patriarchy which is orchestrated in this way in order to replace the divine authority of the inner with the material and the outer authority of the ‘patriarchs’ and their political interests. This is why this reality is trying to block the left side and the left hemisphere of our brain in order to prevent understanding and this is the reality which is producing the extreme materialism of the western world by forbidding balance and alignment of spirituality with science in our reality.

In most cases these ‘patriarchs’ are wolves in lambs clothing and it is their inner imbalance and mental instability that leads them to the path of the blind ‘God’ in the first place which doesn’t want to reveal himself through the outer and through the archetypal patterns and through philosophy and externalization of the inner, but the worst are the occultist priests who are mostly members of the Vatican who come to the conclusion that the inner knowledge is meant only for them and for the ‘chosen’ while they are projecting fear and polarized patterns such as this ridiculous projection about the descended Logos (Lucifer) who they made equal with Satan in order to feed their monstrous constructions with darkness. They are more like the priests of Satan who serve the “God” in the underworld and they are those who follow the negative/polarized left hand path whether they are able to understand it or not. Where there is no evolution of spirit there is devolution and degeneration and where there is no God there is Satan.

Yes, there can be good wolves who can see trough the circle of involution and ascension which produce positive mental power who in reality are lambs in wolf’s clothing who made the choice to fight in the darkness for the gods and for the divine order and to protect the simple minded people who do not have the ability or the time to deal with the difficult questions which the left hemisphere of the brain is producing. A simple faith in the divine can elevate you above difficulties if you are of course able to close your ears to the noises and the voices which the left hemisphere of the brain is producing or find some way to deal with it through some sophisticated mentality that will enable you to align with the exiting external reality and find inner peace through socialization.

If you cannot balance the voices of the left side and you cannot pass them through the existing reality, through socialization, it is highly possible that you will start thinking about asceticism because the voice of the ‘Satan’ within you will be stronger than in ‘normal’ people and you will start thinking about detachment and asceticism to find inner peace and give an end to the war of the opposite polarities within you which are in constant conflict. You may also get into the mental war of the left side and become a wolf where you have to, in order to bite with your sharp teeth, those who are consuming spiritual energy for unworthy reasons or to start eating the lambs for your own pleasure while you feed your ego with a negative mental power.

There is positive and negative mental power and both can be very ugly in the eyes of the lambs as well as being dangerous for them. It can be as ugly as guns are for simple people who just want their peace and for some reason they find them selves in the middle of a gun fight and even become the collateral damage, especially if they are so innocent to attempt to use their water pistols against machine guns and bazookas.

It is better for a believer and for a righteous lamb of the right pillar to remain silent and just step away when the mental guns start firing because if they want to step into the war of the left hemisphere of the brain they first have to make sure that they are wearing their armor and they have to be ready to shoot and be shot at and train their minds in the art of mental warfare because there is no god that can save them from their own reality and there is not a righteous lamb of the right pillar which can make a mental war with a wolf. It is simple logic, really.

There is no imaginary spiritual power which is not reflected in the Logos of a person. If we cannot make it through the calculations of the left brain hemisphere then this in the most cases means that we are weak in the lower densities because we are also spiritually weak and we cannot balance our left side through involution and this means that we should never try to mess with complicated mental calculations and get attached by lower perceptions, especially those regard the involution process of the spirit in matter.

Of course, there are ways to make a passive war as Gandhi and the New Testament taught and this would be great if we could have some success through it but we have to understand that this is not the only way and not all people can accept to be hit or their people hit without reacting and this is not always weakness as we also need to understand that we have to detach if we follow this path and stop projecting a polarized reality where the whole and absolute is passiveness to everything and the polarization of the right side. This projection is just an empty bullet and it is like a suicidal act if you throw it to a wolf who can see through the shadows of the left pillar, because such a projection can easily become the biggest hypocrisy when all of these wrongs are happening and some people chose to project their ego above those who have something to say about it because they are too incompetent to deal with reality and they become hippie-like, thinking that their stoned reality is above everything.

Binah (understanding) is connected to the left hemisphere of our brain and our heart and in reality, if you are becoming polarized by all of the new age nonsense, then you will not discover the MEANING of true love because you cannot love something that you cannot understand, even if you choose to chant the word ‘love’ and project your ego against the left and the whole because of fear. You cannot transmute darkness into light if you fear darkness because you need to understand darkness in order to transmute it into light and you cannot love something that you cannot understand and something that you cannot pass through the left brain hemisphere and from there to the heart. There is no light where there is no darkness and there is no right where there is no wrong and some fearful people of the new age movement are projecting an illusion which can help them to escape reality and nothing more as they are unable to understand the right hand path they choose to follow which I will explain better later.

The right hand path and the passive way is the way of the lambs. We are not all lambs and there is nothing wrong in being one and understanding and accepting that you prefer to be under the protection of the right hand of God rather than to fight in a war where the lambs are in danger from the wolves. Anything beyond this is an artificial polarization of the right side and NOT the whole. The whole is NOT passive and some people in the new age community need to escape from this illusion and stop projecting an artificial polarization of this kind in a reality which mental and spiritual chaos is ruling. The whole has BOTH the left and the right hands and can be really dangerous and it does not follow polarized patterns.

We must understand that from the left side emanates Gnosis (Binah), strength (Gebourah) and self esteem (Netzach) and there is no god or Ascended Master in this or in any universe who is not complete and whole and has BOTH the left and right hands and can’t see through the whole circle of involution and ascension.

If you do the math you can understand that the real shepherds who manage to cross the polarities of the left and the right pillars are not even the 0.1% of the worlds population while for example in Greece the majority of the population believe that because they are Greeks and because they believe that the Greeks invented philosophy, they are all spiritual masters and great philosophers while the vast majority of them are mental masturbators with overfed egos who are just biting each other and drinking each other’s blood while the polarization is expanding to a very dangerous level and both the left and the right wingers are going crazy while they also have the biggest neo-Nazi party in the world! The Geeks always had overfeed ego because of the polarization of the left pillar within a reality where the many were trying to imitate the few real philosophers who were hunted and even slaughtered by the many because many were confusing mental masturbation and polarization of the left side with philosophy which was mostly a product of the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian mysteries in which the great Greek philosophers were initiates.

Hellenism externalized the esoteric knowledge of the east-right and anyone who is unable to see through this reality is because of ignorance, deep mental masturbation and delusions which are a product of the materialistic and external polarization of the western (left) world.

Grecocentrism at a national level can be something like a protective shield against the blood sucking projections of the brain damaged left wingers who are living in a parallel universe and who have lost contact with reality but in a wider level, Grecocentrism is like a planetary cancer which is being used to expand polarization between the inner/east and the outer/west and this is not something new; it is a very old and complicated game which was all about directing the consciousness of the planet to specific agendas and I could write whole books to explain how and why this polarization is being implanted into our consciousness and how all of the western traditions are involved and co-responsible for the materialistic polarization of the planet.

I also think that this is not a coincidence:


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As the historian of philosophy Diogenes Laertius said:

“Τὸ τῆς φιλοσοφίας ἔργον ἔνιοί φασιν ἀπὸ βαρβάρων ἄρξαι. Γεγενῆσθαι γὰρ παρὰ μὲν Πέρσαις Μάγους, παρὰ δὲ Βαβυλωνίοις ἢ Ἀσσυρίοις Χαλδαίους, καὶ γυμνοσοφιστὰς παρ’ Ἰνδοῖς, παρά τε Κελτοῖς καὶ Γαλάταις τοὺς καλουμένους Δρυΐδας καὶ Σεμνοθέους, καθά φησιν Ἀριστοτέλης ἐν τῷ Μαγικῷ καὶ Σωτίων ἐν τῷ εἰκοστῷ τρίτῳ τῆς Διαδοχῆς. Φοίνικά τε γενέσθαι Ὦχον, καὶ Θρᾷκα Ζάμολξιν, καὶ Λίβυν Ἄτλαντα.

Αἰγύπτιοι μὲν γὰρ Νείλου γενέσθαι παῖδα Ἥφαιστον, ὃν ἄρξαι φιλοσοφίας, ἧς τοὺς προεστῶτας ἱερέας εἶναι καὶ προφήτας. [2] Ἀπὸ δὲ τούτου εἰς Ἀλέξανδρον τὸν Μακεδόνα ἐτῶν εἶναι μυριάδας τέσσαρας καὶ ὀκτακισχίλια ὀκτακόσια ἑξήκοντα τρία· ἐν οἷς ἡλίου μὲν ἐκλείψεις γενέσθαι τριακοσίας ἑβδομήκοντα τρεῖς, σελήνης δὲ ὀκτακοσίας τριάκοντα δύο.”


“The work of philosophy was taken from the Barbarians. Was born from Persian magicians, from Babylonian and Assyrian Chaldeans and from Hindus and Celts and Galatians and the so called Druids and Egyptians and others.”

“Λανθάνουσι δ’ αὑτοὺς τὰ τῶν Ἑλλήνων κατορθώματα, ἀφ’ ὧν μὴ ὅτι γε φιλοσοφία, ἀλλὰ καὶ γένος ἀνθρώπων ἦρξε, βαρβάροις προσάπτοντες. Ἰδοὺ γοῦν παρὰ μὲν Ἀθηναίοις γέγονε Μουσαῖος, παρὰ δὲ Θηβαίοις Λίνος. Καὶ τὸν μὲν Εὐμόλπου παῖδά φασι, ποιῆσαι δὲ Θεογονίαν καὶ Σφαῖραν πρῶτον· φάναι τε ἐξ ἑνὸς τὰ πάντα γίνεσθαι καὶ εἰς ταὐτὸν ἀναλύεσθαι. Τοῦτον τελευτῆσαι Φαληροῖ, καὶ αὐτῷ ἐπιγεγράφθαι τόδε τὸ ἐλεγεῖον·“


“They are mistaken about the accomplishments of the Greeks because philosophy was a product of the eastern (Barbarian as the Greeks were saying) traditions…”

Hellenism was one of the greatest gifts given from the gods but at the same time, it is one of the greatest curses because with it also comes responsibility. As we know from the Sumerian texts, the gods warn humanity that once they give them the gift of civilization there is no going back to innocence because with civilization comes many joys but also many sorrows and once we accept it, we can never give it back.

Hellenism externalized the esoteric knowledge of the east and upon it gave birth to the western civilization and it was one of the greatest achievements that humans have ever accomplished while the deep impact of the contrasts manifested a very powerful matrix/womb which was bound to give birth to ascended beings and because of this great gift, there was a price to pay and the price is equally great as the Hellenic matrix is because such a great matrix requires worthy hosts while the external is the host of the internal and vice versa. A material being within an ascended matrix is like a malevolent and parasitic alien host and while the Greek matrix was degenerating and devolving because of the increase of entropy, the price was becoming more and more.

I am trying to explain how the mental polarization of the outer (lower densities/yin) is produced in the western world while the spiritual tradition of west originates from the east. The east (right brain hemisphere of the planet) is producing the divine seed which then implants in the west (left brain hemisphere of the planet) in order for it to grow within the womb of the western civilization which in this case is Greece which produced the intellectual power of the west. Even now I do not think that any western thinker can just skip the Greek philosophers and what we NEED to understand as a collective entity is that this intellectual miracle happened because of the crossing of the polarities of east and west and not because of the overfed mental polarization of the outer which the western civilization is producing.

I am explaining the difference between a polarized reality and a CROSSED reality. A polarized reality of the right side (east/yang) can produce mentally weak and submissive people and a polarized reality of the left side (west/yin) can produce mentally strong people with overfed egos polarized in the lower densities (yin). In the same way, a polarized reality of the right side can produce spiritually powerful people with strong will’s which are the real saints whom you can find in all traditions and a polarized reality of the left side can produce spiritually weak people who are sinking into the lower densities and into extreme materialism. Of course, reality doesn’t have to be this way and in every case what is needed is balance between the opposites which can be manifested through the conscious effort to cross the polarities starting within and manifesting without and we must try to avoid the polarized conceptions which suggest, for example, that only the east needs the west or that only the west needs the east. East and west need each other in order to produce a balanced reality in the planetary consciousness and what we must avoid is the polarization of either the left or the right. There is nothing wrong with the right hand path as long as it is NOT projected as the absolute reality against the left side and against the whole. There is nothing wrong with the left hand path as long as it is NOT about dominating the weak people and it is not about stealing their energy but it is about freeing the consciousness of the planet by bringing the darkness into the light.

Do not make the mistake of believing that the left hand path is not a path of danger and that you will liberated from the gods and the ALL and that you will be able to do anything you like; this is just an illusion which is projected from the lowest levels of Satanism and from spiritually immature people that have no sense of responsibility. There are laws and law keepers who rule both the dark and the light and from the moment you step into the left hand path you are either under the authority and the protection of the gods or you are under the authority of beings that no human would ever want to be connected with as they would never ask your permission to implant their energy imprints into your shadow and suck your energy through these implants and make you a zombie.

The gods and the Archangels can implant their own energy imprints within you if you give them permission to do so as I have done in many cases where I have signed sacred contracts with the gods to work for them in the lower densities when before this they were trying to reach me but I could not hear them and give them the conscious permission to work through me.

You have to understand that the gods would never lower themselves as to force their will upon you or violate your free will if you do not agree or ask them to do so whereas the malevolent beings who seek ‘freedom’ from the gods have no morals and no code of honor or self respect and they will always try to trick your mind until you will become someone else or worse, something else, and they will never ask your permission for playing with your DNA or programming your subconscious the way they want. This is the ‘freedom’ that many delusional people of the left hand path are receiving.

With the left brain hemisphere we are making calculations about the outer (lower densities) through square logic and with the right hemisphere of the brain we are making calculations for the inner (spirituality/higher densities) through circular reasoning beyond time and space and this is why in most cases the produced result is abstract and seemingly irrational. While we are trying to reach the higher densities through meditation and through normal spiritual practices of the right hand path, in reality we are trying to see beyond time and space while the higher densities vibrate faster and so time is running faster and so the circle closes faster and so we can perceive it through abstract reasoning while the lower densities vibrate slower and time is running slower and so it is more difficult to see through the circle if you will not bring it down (involution) and make a rectangle out of the circle. This is the alchemical key of involution (left hand path): We have to make a rectangle out of a circle where at the end of the circle the rectangle will return to its source.

There is no evolution of spirit (ascension) where there is no involution of the spirit in matter where we have to produce the circle with our right brain hemisphere and bring it down to our left brain hemisphere through square reasoning and Gnosis about the involution process which is produced in the left brain hemisphere as I have explained here:

“The outer Christ can be perceived through the left pillar and through GNOSIS which you can gain ONLY through involution and through the left brain hemisphere which is connected with Binah.”

Where a spiritual perception is not producing Gnosis regarding the involution process through the circle, we are just manifesting a polarized illusion of the right hand path mostly because of the fear for the unknown (dark) which in return produces a strong polarization of the left brain hemisphere while the produced perceptions of the polarized right hand path can produce mental diseases which grow into spiritual diseases which can’t pass through the rectangle and return to the source through the circle.

Through this reality you can better understand the difference of a real spiritual person from a religious fundamentalist who believes in the dead word of a book in reality and who is becoming polarized in the binary products of the left brain hemisphere as I have also explained here:

Believing in God does not mean believing in the OUTER expression of God as it is presented to you and as you perceive it through the outer, but it is about believing in the INNER that you CANNOT perceive. When people are able to perceive the inner through real spiritual experiences they do not need any faith or any religion. If you can see through the circle and understand the involution process then you are a Gnostic and not a believer and you are starting to dig into the shadow of the past (left side) to find the patterns which can help you to understand clearer the involution process and bring the circle down to your left brain hemisphere through square reasoning based on the need of time (Ananke/Chronos). This is the Living Logos which is the Serpent Logos that is not a dead/static word as we perceive it through the polarized perceptions of the lower densities where we cannot make a circle out of the rectangle with binary reasoning and return to the source and to the zero point (cosmic egg) by passing through this alchemical process. This is the serpent/Uraeus that was emerging outwards from the third eye of the Pharaohs that was a powerful protector and destroyer of Ra’s enemies and this is the same force which an initiate can trace in the Logos of Jesus and his projection in the astral (within) by analyzing the patterns through the left hand path and through intellectual algorithms.

Jesus is my friend and I like him and my left side that rules the underworld adores him and I will NEVER deny him until the end (which is soon) and I find it hilarious that some foolish people think that they can ridicule him but this is life which sometimes can be a real bitch for some people. There are those who are really confused and have even tried to create a fake Messiah with a lowly teacher who is known as Krishnamurti who would not be able to understand the difference between a man and a woman in the higher realms just as Osho, his drug addict friend, who sold himself as the great master from the east.

It makes me laugh to think about these packaged, spiritual drugs that the lower devas sell to the lambs regarding one Jesus Sananda who became an Ascended Master just recently. This is one of the most ludicrous ‘inventions’ of our times and even though this channel is being used by the real Ascended Masters (who are lower than the gods) it is an illusion and I can guarantee you that it is an illusion when compared with El Shaddai, the king of heaven and hell, who will bring judgment and not packaged eastern drugs.

Those of the left path who can see and understand his left hand KNOW that he was a master alchemist who enforced his reality through his projection of the Uraeus in the astral which chocked anyone that was trying to project against his projection and he brought TERROR in the underworld.

He was not just some eastern ‘lover boy’; he is the bridegroom. He is Osiris/Marduk, the lord of the dead and the king and the judge of the gods and not just some lower master from the east. He could be the god of the east and nothing less than this. He could (I know that he is) be Krishna the son of God.

The Serpent Logos is the creator of EVERYTHING in the UNIVERSE. The Serpent Logos is the spiral or the Golden Proportion which is reflected in all things in the COSMOS. The serpent spiral is produced through the alchemical Hieros Gamos and through the crossing of the opposite polarities where the shadow is being assimilated and integrated through the involution process (rectangle out of the circle, from right to left) of the spirit in matter and through the ascension process and the return to the source (circle out of the rectangle, from left to right) at the end of the cycle (AEON). The Serpent Logos is produced when we conquer BOTH the left and the right sides, darkness and light, west and east, yin and yang. The Serpent Logos is the divine essence which runs through the veins of ALL the gods and ALL the ascended beings who manage to balance the opposite polarities, either through the left hand path or the right hand path and the masters of both polarities are known as the Christed Masters and as the Dragon Slayers.

You can see the image of the Serpent Logos which I am describing through the following pattern which you can find in many traditions around the globe:

A Christed Master is the one who manages to complete the circle and cross the polarities either through a microscopic esoteric reality (right hand path, from right to left) or through a macroscopic exoteric reality (left hand path, from left to right). This is where the two circles which turn in the opposite direction away from each other (from right to left and from left to right) meet at the zero point and reveal to the initiate the middle path of the dragon and the mother Logos of Binah, the father Logos of Kether (crown) and the son Logos of Chokmah. This is the holy trinity which is above all gods and all forms and this is an esoteric reality which all the ascended beings are aware of but it is also an exoteric reality where you can trace the genders and the product of the Hieros Gamos which is the triangular hermaphrodite Logos which emanates from the holy trinity and manifests the pyramid of creation with the 13 floors (which is an ancient Babylonian symbol that masons use today) through a spiraling consciousness which is known also as the Jacobs ladder. When the microcosm (esoteric) and the macrocosm (exoteric) meet, the two circles which are turning in the opposite direction (opposite polarities) merge together and cross the polarities through the alchemical process of the Hieros Gamos which produce the serpent spiral (serpent rope) which emanates from Ein Sof through the Vesica Piscis.

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It flowed down the center of the main street. On each side of the river grew a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month. The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations. Revelation 22:2










1188 = INFINITY IS ZERO  (Ein Sof/No Thing)

Try to go against the Serpent Logos once this reality is revealed to you and you will be broken into pieces by the Uraeus and you will not be able to blame anyone for your foolish choice to think that you can rise above the creator of everything in the universe because you are either good in mental masturbation (left side) or because you think that you are some great spiritual master from the east (right side). In either case if you make the foolish choice to think that your polarized illusion is above the cosmic order you will have to deal with it and face your reality where it can get really ugly if you challenge this cosmic force and provoke the Serpent Logos to wrap itself around you and chock you to death by taking the last breath of life out of you. You can call this force Christ and Ra or Satan and Apep if this naming works better for you. The naming in this case is of no real importance while this force is beyond polarization (beyond the poles) and beyond any form. I would call this force Abraxas to be able to explain it better through the tradition of Abraxas but I could also call it Apollo (which means beyond the poles) to trigger the minds of the real Pythagoreans who can see beyond the statue and the depicting of Apollo through the Greek mythology.

Ignorance is bliss in these cases and there is NO ascended being in the universe that will go against the lambs of the right side because they do not know or because they cannot understand. It is ludicrous to even think about and it is a product of the lower ego of the polarized beings of darkness (left side). So yes, you can call me a Satanist if it works for you as I am part of every product and its polar opposite that any polarization can produce but of course, I have no relation with these ‘great masters’ of the left side who worship polarized beings of darkness through manipulated forms such as this ridiculous projection of the Satan-Lucifer creation who is an enemy of Christ. These theories are pure comedy.

Those who have the biggest problem are the false shepherds and the projectors of the false reality/matrix and the more people that they influence, the more karmic debt they are generating because they place themselves as gods in the place of the gods and project a polarized reality in the lower densities that does not let the consciousness spiral of the planet to grow and ascend to the higher densities and the higher mental fields.

Every reality projector and ‘divine wannabe’ mason and architect is meddling with the binary emanations of Binah from the LEFT side and so they think or realize that they are players of the serpents game in which Atum, the lord of the circles of the serpents, is the ruler. In reality, a polarized being of darkness (left side) could never be a real divine mason while the ONLY thing that they can produce is IMITATIONS of the holy sequences within the lower densities (lower mental fields) which manifest an artificial polarization of the left or right side because subconsciously they are controlled by fallen beings which cannot climb up the Jacob’s Ladder (serpent spiral) to the higher densities and their false reality projections would be in danger if the collective consciousness spiral grows beyond their polarized lies and illusions on which they base their authority in the lower densities with the only aim to dominate the lambs and feed their lower ego.

The holy sequences are emanating from the higher densities through the Tree of Life and they are ALL products of the Serpent Logos which is the Alpha and the Omega and so the beings who are meddling with the left side are in danger of becoming trapped in their own illusions which in some cases produce never ending karmic vortexes in which they choke themselves to death if they cannot go through this alchemical process of involution and ascension and complete the circle.

In this sense, what the Bible says about putting those of the left side to the mercy of Satan is the truth because those who produce evil will not be able to escape their own reality and they will understand that indeed they are at the mercy of Satan who is the shadow of the Serpent Logos who as we know was taking commands by God as we learn from the story of Job.

I am sure that the Serpent Logos (the divine essence of ALL the gods) will greatly appreciate the blood (spiritual energy) sacrifices they are performing to honour (and empower in reality) his shadow and they will get back what they really want. It is basically easy to understand why and how Gnosticism produced Satanism; it is pure logic and you do not have to be able to ascend (make the circle out of the rectangle) to understand how this works. You can just see the light in darkness (lower densities) if you make the required calculations while bearing in mind that we are at the crossroads of the old and new Aeon (the Aeon of Abraxas).

By default the Gnostics are delving into the left side and either they are working to bring the darkness into the light as the real Illuminati are supposed to do or they are working through a polarized perception of the lower densities which is a product of manipulated frequencies which are meant to empower the projections of the architects of the false matrix. Either way, the Gnostic practice in not easy and the left hand path should not in any way be projected against the right hand path by default as it happens in some groups of people who think that they raised themselves above the gods because they are good with numbers and calculations and they can in reality imitate the holy sequences in the lower densities as I have explained. Of course, you have to be a Gnostic (a master of the left hand path) to make it through the Gnostic projections which can easily be used to entrap peoples minds into blood sucking delusions.

What simple people can do to make it through the Gnostic projections is to start realizing the importance of the CROSS. You do not have to know or be able to dive into darkness in order to learn how to be protected by it. All you have to do is to ENTER THE CROSS.

Here are some simple tips on how you can enter the cross through the right hand path:

1) Believe that there is a God who is a protector of the poor and the innocent who will crush the bad guys wherever they are, even those of the church who pretend to be the holy priests of God.

2) Forget and completely erase the idea that the whole is passive and that there is no higher force which will bring justice through a macroscopic plan.

3) Accept and enjoy the FACT that you are a Lamb of God as I am.

4) Take your soul out from this world and give it to the right hand of the nameless God who is above everything and who can protect you and forget about projecting a religion reality based on the structures of this world.

5) Talk with the Christ within you and tell him your worries and your faults and make him understand and also think about asking for forgiveness if you feel that you should and even bow to the nameless, formless and timeless most high God if you feel that this is what you should do.

6) Talk less and do more. Try to help the people in need around you and forget about difficult equations and understand how masochistic this could be and that you can save yourself from a lot of trouble by just have faith in the heavens and forget about Satan.

7) Forgive and move on. Understand that by creating imaginary enemies of light who are trying to play with your mind you are just torturing yourself while you are also attracting the real beings of darkness if you focus your mental power to ‘expose them’ as you believe.

8) Close the door to the outer and let nothing to pass through your inner gate and care more about what is coming out from your mouth rather about what is entering your ears. Be humble and friendly with everyone while knowing that what is coming out from your mouth is not the word of God and that you choose to believe rather than to know.

The best tip that I can give you to go through the left hand path and the middle path (the path of the dragon) is to follow our work here at Esophoria and study anything which can help you to grow your understanding about alchemy and anything which can help you to find balance.

While our world is going through the Alchemical process of the Hieros Gamos to give birth to the new world order, the polarized products of the left side (of the outer) will dissolve in the depths of abyss and burn in everlasting fire while more and more people will disconnect from the blood sucking illusions of the lower densities and mostly of the 4th dimension. The more that some people are attached to the false matrix, the more they will suffer while we are going through this process while those who go through detachment and through the simplicity of the right hand path will feel no pain because they have totally rejected the false matrix and the lower densities and they have nothing to lose.

Forget about the polarized perceptions of the right hand path and of the left hand path and see this reality through the completion of the circle where the microcosm (inner-right) meets the macrocosm (outer-left). By entering the cross, either through the left to right path or through the right to left path a whole new reality will be revealed in front of you through Da’at that will lead to Kether (father Logos) through the Omega point.

While you cannot enter the cross through blind faith on a macroscopic plan (outer-macrocosm-left) or through inner knowledge/gnosis (inner-microcosm-right) you are at the mercy of the polarized projections of polarized beings of the left side that are stuck in material calculations and illusions that are a product of the negative ego. The fallen beings who cannot climb through the conscious spiral (Jacob’s ladder) because they rebelled against God (against the higher mental fields) have a very strong ego (polarization) in the lower densities and for many of them it is impossible to introvert and return to the divine order (repent) while they are also falling into the traps of black Tantrism and become the food for the incubus and the succubus who are consuming their creational force to empower their demonic matrix.

The incubus will attack the feminine and try to find the weakness in the left side in order to penetrate them anally and the succubus will attack the masculine and try to empower the desire for flesh in them. The left and the right of the lower densities make its own circle but the more you give in to this circle the more you are descending into the demonic matrix and the more you get attached to it, the more sexual perversions you will attract while you are transforming into an incubus if you are male or into a succumbs if you are female.

I have seen how some people of the left hand path look in the astral and I didn’t know if I should cry or be disgusted by the view while simple people of the right hand path can even have wings while our world rejects them because they are too sensitive (as I was) and too different from the ‘normal’ people. These people are often being bullied and mentally abused by sexually perverted, sadistic and masochistic people who are attracted more to the demonic matrix. This pattern seems to mirror some American movies where some of the bullied and abused people at some point gain super powers and become the worst nightmare of bullies. Sex is the key of everything and within, you can even open the gates of heaven even close the gates of hell while you are in it.

Jesus Christ CROSSED the polarities and manifested a protective shield over the lambs through his projection and this is why the demons are so obsessed with him while in reality they cannot even go close to his light because they will burn as many before of them did.

Quote from:

“The cross was originally worn as a protection amulet, evoking the union of the God and Goddess within the wearer. The wearers were protected because when the male and female polarities come together they are impenetrable by demons or negative energies and agendas. So the seal of the hexagram and the seal of the cross obstruct the energies from entering the consciousness of the wearer. “

IF you mange to enter the cross nothing will be able to penetrate your thoughts through the outer or through the inner. The incubus will not be able to trace your female weakness and the succubus will not be able to trace you male weakness and if you empower this protection around you, they will not even dare to try to get close to you.

While this alchemical process of the crossing of polarities is being empowered these beings will totally lose their senses and so the people that they influence and that they are attached to will because their reality will cease to exist and it will not be able to produce food for them, so they will starve and go through desperation while they dissolve in chaos.

If beyond your illusions you are ascended enough and you are really able to see through polarity, then as you are trying to digest my words you will be forced to use both hemispheres of your brain and see through my eyes and you may feel a pain in both sides of your brain because of the pressure of the higher densities and even a pain in the heart like what happened to Helen when we turned the sun wheel to the left during a ritual we performed. Otherwise you will try to hide in your illusions, either because of your fear for the unknown or because of the polarized lower ego that doesn’t allow you to see through and beyond polarity because you cannot see beyond polarity if you are unable to see through it and you cannot see the light if you will not pass through the darkness.

It is like I am the Apollo (beyond the poles)/Lucifer of this density and I am turning the sun wheel (swastika) anti-clockwise from the left (mental) to the right (spiritual) through the path of Alchemy which is the path of transmutation. Note that Apollo is associated with the left turning swastika which can be found in numerous artifacts that are depicting Apollo.

The masters of the right hand path are teaching how to turn the wheel anti-clockwise and the masters of the left hand path are teaching how to turn the wheel clockwise. The left facing swastika indicates involution/descent of spirit in the microcosm and the right facing swastika indicates the evolution of the external-macrocosm and ascension. The circle begins with the involution of spirit into matter by turning the wheel anti-clockwise to open and closes with evolution and ascension. By turning both the left facing and the right facing swastikas at the same time you are creating a bridge between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Place the right facing swastika in your left brain hemisphere and the left facing swastika in your right brain hemisphere and meditate on this and you will solve the biggest mystery in the universe and you will start to realizing the Serpent Logos and if you succeed to cross the polarities then Uraeus will come out from your own third eye and you will become a projector of the serpent spiral and of the tower of Babel through which people can rise from the dead or bury them self’s in the depths of Abyss.

If you succeed the result of your projection will manifest a stairway to heaven if you look up in the macrocosm (from right to left, from down to up, right hand path) and at the same time if you look down and within (esophoria) to find the answers (Gnosis) you will manifest a gateway to hell (from left to right, from up to down, left hand path) where you will have to pass through the dominion of Ma’at and also be judged by Osiris in order to prove your self worthy enough to enter the halls of Amenti and conquer death as Jesus did.

Your projection will then look like this:

But you know that some times words have two meanings and so it will also look like this:

In order to turn the sun wheel clockwise you have to first be able to turn it anti-clockwise through white Tantrism which enables you to become a real master of the left hand path by completing the circle and rising from the dead because while you are diving into the inner microcosm, you are entering the dominion of the dead (Hades/Shade/Shadow) and if you manage to conquer death through sexual transmutation, then you can rise from the grave and bring the light of the darkness within and in this sense, raise Lucifer and Apollyon from the depths of the abyss into our reality. If you carefully study the scriptures you will understand that Apollyon/Abaddon who is also Apollo is the judge.

In Revelation 9:11, Abaddon is described as “The Destroyer”, the angel of the abyss, and as the king of a plague of locusts resembling horses with crowned human faces, women’s hair, lions’ teeth, wings, iron breast-plates, and a tail with a scorpion’s stinger that torments for anyone who does not have the seal of God on their foreheads for five months.

Try to see through my eyes and understand that the Apollonians whom this lunatic known as Nietzsche was accusing and attacking were Gnostics and masters of the positive left hand path and of the individuation process because they passed through the Dionysian initiation process which Nietzsche could never pass because he was just a brain damaged psychopath and a great mental mastrubator. Have in mind that the most important Delphic maxim was: Know thy self. Know you inner self and bring light through your inner darkness. I will have to explain more the individuation process in a later article but for now I can say that the only way to pass through the individuation process is by passing through the initiations of the left hand path.  The Apollonians had NOTHING to do with the perceptions of the lambs and the polarization of a stoned reality of the right hand path or of a mental delusion of the left hand path.

After we had performed our rituals and turned the sun wheel anti-clockwise (left) we saw this image and Osiris appeared to us sitting on a throne in his temple. Shortly after this vision we began to see Buddha sitting on his own thrown next to Osiris on his right side and they both explained to us how we can turn the sun wheel (swastika) with some arguments that on first impression seemed like they were contradicting each other when in truth, the arguments of both fall into the empty space of nothingness from where everything emanates (Ein Sof/No Thing) after the end of each cycle while traveling to opposite directions of each other.

For example, Osiris morphed into Marduk wearing his armour and preparing for war and he pointed at me with his sword and said: “My wrath is in you” (meaning that his wrath is expressed through me) after the moment that Buddha had said to me to make peace not war. Osiris was turning the wheel clockwise from left to right and Buddha was turning the wheel anti-clockwise and both of them had the same goal which is to rise beyond polarity to the state of nothingness (Ein Sof) which is known as Nirvana in Buddhism.

Osiris is turning the wheel from left to right and he judges even the gods:

(Note that Marduk was also the judge of the gods.)

From the Pyramid texts about Osiris:

Remove yourself from upon your left side, put yourself upon your right side, for your seat among the gods endures and Ra leans on you with his arm. Your scent is as their scent, your sweat is as the sweat of the Two Enneads. You appear in the royal hood, your hand grasps the scepter, your fist grips the mace; stand at the head of the Conclaves, judge the gods, for you belong to the stars who surround Ra, who are before the Morning Star, you are born in your months as the moon, Ra leans upon you in the horizon.

In this image you can place Satan/Lucifer as, Osiris the lord of the dead, sitting next to Jesus on his left side and understand that both of them construct the whole which is the Serpent Logos. The female serpent and the female Logos in this image is Lucifer/Osiris and the male serpent and the male Logos is Jesus/Buddha. The male Logos is turning to the female direction from right to left (anti-clockwise) and the female Logos is turning to the male direction from left to right (clockwise).

In the Hellenic matrix, this image could depict Dionysus/Osiris sitting on the left side of Apollo/Buddha while Dionysus is supposed to be the descended (female) Logos which allegorically the Titans enslave in the lower densities. Apollo is turning the sun wheel (swastika) from right to left (involution) while Dionysus is turning the sun wheel from left to right (ascension-resurrection). Note that Buddha is also associated with the left direction swastika as Apollo does.

In reality Jesus was a master of both the left and the right hand paths and a master alchemist (or the master of all the alchemists, as Eliphas Levi said) and he did not come to Earth to bring peace but war and judgment (Gebourah) and he is neither Osiris nor Buddha; He is both. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is Heru-ra-ha.

Read also:



The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.

Homo Est Deus!

Here in the depths of Abyss is where you will find the answers you are looking for:
Don’t be scared just come down here to find the wisdom of the east and solve your issues in the purgatory and maybe you are not nothing as he says. Here you will understand that we are making cycles and the one who always wins in this unfair game is the king of the serpents who have the biggest…circle.


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