The Astral Light – The False Light

Goddess Inanna: “My daughter I will explain to you the meaning of the ‘Astral Light’. When people talk about the veil or seeing past the veil, it means seeing what is beyond the astral light for you see, the astral light is everything that is superficial which covers the esoteric meaning of the mysteries which is the soul and the core and the root of all light and love.

Is the astral light evil? Of course not, my beloved. The astral light is a precaution and to protect the truth of Wisdom against those who so willingly believe that the truth IS the astral light because they shall not see past it because what is beyond this curtain of confusion is something their consciousness is not advanced enough to comprehend.

My son who is known as Lucifer or Eros or Jesus plays many roles in the divine plan and one of those roles is as the astral light. He becomes what he needs to be in order to lead humanity to the soul yet he can also become the false light in order to hide the sacred teachings away from those wishing to abuse, misuse and profane them, including the ignorant who will insult that which they cannot understand.

Let me explain to you more. Those who are anchored to the material and who create misshapen idols out of their illusions are those who are magnetized to the astral light like moths to a flame. They enjoy the falsity of the world, that which is superficial and nothing which is deeper than this. Even when they are taught about the true light they refuse to look at it for it forces them to really see and so because they cannot cope with what they see in this light, they prefer the false light, the astral light, which enables them to live in their superficial fantasies.

They are slaves to everything that is an illusion and that which they believe to be of the true light is only a projection of the astral light for the true light does not allow those to pass if their ego rebels against the divine teachings. How can someone tell if something is of the true light or a trick of the astral light? Because anything that belongs to the world is unreal and that which can only be seen with the heart and soul is real. What the world produces are only false idols and this can be anything, including belief in material things and disobedience regarding the divine laws of the universe which no human or god can escape. When the true student surrenders their mortal self to the soul that is me then they are not allowing their ego to be their master. It is the ego that rebels against what is unseen and holy and which worships that which can be seen with human eyes and is part of the world.

And so, the veil that is the astral light, keeps hidden the true meanings unless the eyes of humans become opened by illumination which is both the alchemy of the intellect with the soul. They are those who have understood that there is something more important beyond that which their human eyes can see, that which their soul is hungry to discover during that life time. And when they see beyond the veil that is the astral light then they see the true light and the veil dissolves and will never be reconstructed ever again.

My mysteries which were upheld by the original Christian faith speaks against the astral light, depicting that it is something evil yet in every pathway that leads to the divine, there are tests. Those who are ready to face the astral light are those who can see past the warnings and deterrents. Lucifer or Eros or Jesus represent, as I said, the astral light but also the true light, and those who choose illusion over truth will only see the false light. The sons of Venus are the light bearer yet no one can impart of this light unless they see beyond the veil and they can only receive this light when they are willing to sacrifice the beast within and bow down before the soul.

When the church tells you to reject Lucifer they are simply telling you to reject the illusion of the world which is the astral light, even though many priests themselves do not even know this or what it actually means. For those who choose to worship the astral light and make it their god, what they are receiving is the darkest side of the black sun because they choose to worship material gods that are divided from the soul.

For those who rebel against the divine laws and the divine truth, they believe in the false doctrines of the world which is the astral light. Those who believe that intellect is superior to the soul shall receive the astral light. Those who believe that a human body and its mind is above the soul, they shall be punished by the astral light.

As it is said: “You shall receive the god you deserve.”

There are those who scorn others for believing in a ‘God’ they cannot see and they are the same people who believe in the material only and the material is an illusion of the astral light. So whenever you hear those who say ‘Lucifer is the devil’ this can be true for these material worshipers who only believe in what they see and who are chained to the beast of illusion which is a projection of the astral light.

The astral light is a projection thrown from the mind of the Christ who is the son of Venus and when the a true lover of Sophia stands on the threshold of truth, the astral light who is the true light ignites the mental desire within them to become one with the soul and they understand that by crossing this threshold they shall be united with her. The astral light that becomes the true light guides the student and obedient of Sophia through the gateway which is the veil into the entrance of Venus where they will begin their ascent to union with her.

Every god and every force has two faces; they have their dark face and their light face; they have their face of truth and their face of illusion. The face a human will see will depends on if they have the strength to believe in what they cannot see.”

Helen: “What about the idols and the icons of the gods and saints?”

Goddess Inanna: “Any person can create an idol out of clay and worship it as their god whom they have not based the true forces of the universe on but on a creation of their mind. They may even create an altar and place money as the center piece of their faith. Anyone can paint an icon and place it on their wall. Without the true intention of capturing the divine in an image then these remain false idols. If, however, the creator allows their hands to be guided by the divine and their intention is to create an image of the divine out of clay or paint on canvas, then the divine essence of this archetype shall descend and reside within the material image.

Divine images and idols had to manifest materially in order to help a person become one with the essence of the divine and their chosen image of the divine is usually based on their own archetype in order to understand this face of the divine more and also themselves. They also had to manifest themselves materially in order to counterbalance the false idols created by the mislead.

You are ALL living idols, Nanaea; each human houses the divine manifestation of the ALL which is a soul. If a humans intentions are not the mirror of the divine will and this will not be put into action then they too become false idols. If humans choose the material world over the divine then they will become possessions of the material world and this shall be the only world they will know and their consciousness shall be limited to this world only and they will remain empty shells of meat. Those who surrender themselves to the soul and merge their consciousness with the soul shall transcend the world and enter the Kingdom which is not of your world. And in the kingdom they shall partake of my holy manna and they shall receive the celestial waters of immortality. They shall know what it is to be a god living in the heart of illusion but it shall not hinder them for they will no longer be a part of it but an advocate of the kingdom and an idol representing the divine.

The Earth is my womb and all who enter into it has free will to return to the divine ways or to remain slaves of the beast. We hope that eventually humanity will return to the gods and the holy ways and abide by the laws of the universe so that Earth can ascend and return to its natural, divine state and become one with the Kingdom.

The astral light is simply a reflection of the true light yet it can be a teacher for those who have merged their consciousness with the soul for the astral light also represents illumination and is part of the three-way sun.

There is only one way into the world but there are two ways out of it and all ways, in and out, are through me and in truth, the only way out is in. A human can choose death as being their only exit or they can choose illumination through ‘Thelema’ and enter the kingdom yet still reside on Earth in their human bodies.”

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