Stop Hurricane Irma: Join Hearts

The Menorah, who are the collective conscious of the divine council, have been trying to reach me for many days to share with me what is to come and what must be done. I tried to avoid holding space with them as I knew that what I was going to be shown I did not want to see because I understand how negatively certain things in the new age community is received. So after numerous tries of trying to communicate with me the Menorah visited me in my sleep.

After only being asleep for less than an hour I received visions. I saw that there were many, many tornadoes spiraling relentlessly across the Earth, causing devastation wherever they went and then they joined as one, gigantic tornado and wreaked havoc. I understood that this was a symbol of the hurricane Harvey and now hurricane Irma.

For me, I was safe inside my Father’s and Mother’s house which I understood to be the House of the divine, and I was looking out of the window at what was transpiring.

I was then shown that behind these hurricanes were black magicians who had manipulated nature, performing the most horrific acts, in order to create these hurricanes.

Had I not seen this vision in a dream then I would never have believed that there was any other cause of these hurricanes but Mother Nature herself.

After the dream I waited to be told the next part of this communication and so when I felt myself falling onto the divine frequencies I knew that it was time to channel the message of the Menorah to humanity:

The Menorah: “There is so much pain and devastation; so much loss of life. Through their attempted destruction of civilization the black priesthood have gone against the free will of all living beings and of course against the course of nature. This is not the divine will and neither is it the divine plan.

And so it has opened an opportunity and a lesson for the inhabitants of Earth to come together and join hearts and help one another, regardless of religion, colour or creed; regardless of species; each living being contains the divine spark of life within, humankind and animal. Do you remember what you was told about the universal heart, Nanaea?

“Nanaea, all humans are linked through their heart Chakras. All humans are also connected to the gods through the heart Chakra. It is in the heart that you can feel distortions in the consciousness of humanity. It is in the heart that you can feel new energies entering and leaving your consciousness. The heart is a compass, believe me. The heart is a satellite which can receive and transmit love but also soul messages. Humanity talks to each other through the heart. Humanity talks to light beings and the gods through the heart. People believe that to speak to other beings telepathically they must use the mind but this is wrong thinking; it is through the heart that you speak telepathically and the heart which is the most powerful organ of communication that ALL beings in the universe posses. So when you feel that you can hear the thoughts of others, you are not really hearing them; you are FEELING them.”

There is a heart that beats in the center of the universe and which all hearts of all beings are connected with and each of your hearts are connected to one another. This is the key to overcoming darkness.

If you are receiving this message then you are one that has felt the need within to help push back hurricane Irma and any other engineered weather disaster that is created to cause chaos. If you are wondering what to do then follow these instructions:

At the sunset of each day put your left hand on your heart and ask the divine to connect your heart with all those who are performing this same ritual. Next, ask the universal heart to push hurricane Irma and any other artificial weather storms away from land and to be guided in such a way that it will not cause an adverse reaction due to your intervention. If you feel you would like to add anything onto this then you are free to follow your intuition.

Know that it is paramount that you believe that you have the power to make a difference and to be a force of light and goodness against the evil.

We want humanity to know that we love you and we understand that it is hard to believe that there are divine beings overlooking and guiding you when everything seems so hopeless but remember that we are guiding you to save yourselves; we cannot do this for you; it has to be a joint effort by humanity to rise above your human state and step into your godhood. This is partly why you manifested on Earth, after all…”

If you would like, you can perform the Sacred/Higher Heart Activation which is empowered with the love and DNA repair 518hz frequency:

Esophoria Mystery School asks each of you to share this work so that others may be aware and take part.


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