Spiritual Awakening Activation (mp3 audio)

Many religions and spiritual belief systems speak about spiritual awakening and it is a pivotal point in during a souls experience in matter within each life time that those who become aware of themselves within the cosmic consciousness hope to reach. Spiritual awakening, to outline it in basic terms, is the awakening of the conscious self while in form and becoming aware of your oneness with the one true source of ALL.

Your higher self or your true self is already sentient and its mission is to merge its consciousness with your mental consciousness that is your reality as a human being. Spiritual awakening comes from the realization that you are not only one but many and that you are connected to all life throughout the universe, that you are a manifestation of the cosmic force that creates and flows through you and everyone you meet. You become aware that you are every rock, every plant, every animal, every-one and that you are indeed spirit, energy, residing within a vehicle of flesh.

Many experience spiritual awakenings in different ways. Know that we have many spiritual awakenings throughout our life time but there is usually one which begins it all. For some it is a process that began since they were a child. Others have awoken because of certain incidents that have occurred, some happy and some painful. There are some who have yet to have that cosmic explosion within when everything begins to make sense and become clear to them and they begin to see past the veil from the material to the spirit. Many have already reached certain levels of enlightenment but who wish to evolve further.

This activation does not promise to provide a full spiritual awakening for only hard work can produce this phenomenon, but it is a trigger that helps the conscious to gain access to your cellular memory and to help your conscious to communicate with the higher self and draw that awareness into your reality.

During this guided audio you will take part in your own activation as you are plugged in to the source of all knowledge and as a bridge is created between your conscious and higher self.

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