Archangel Michael & Co.
Space Clearing & Protection

Our home is our most sacred place and it is the place we most feel safe and relaxed. Through time, family upsets and traumas, a home can become over loaded with negative energy which can create more upheavals at home. Negative energy attracts negativity and we can easily become ill when our haven is polluted.

Helen brings with her Archangel Michael and the cleansing Angels when she enters your home. With her skill, experience and wisdom she is able to cleanse a space of all negativity, cleanse the Chakras of the property and harmonize the energies. Helen then proceeds to protect your space with the help of the protection Angels. She will also give you a few tips on how to keep your space fully charged with positivity and love.

Helen is able to visit your home astrally and through meditation, prayers and visualizations she can enter your home and carry out a space clearing. You will also be instructed on how you can work alongside her to ensure your space is cleansed.

Price: $185

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