Seraphiel Channeling: Earth Mission

The Chief God proclaimed to all of the celestial beings that the Angels would return at this time after the passing of Venus across the sun for She must first give her permission for the entrance into Earthly consciousness and she must come before as the Alpha before the Omega. The Malachim shall bear witness to the birth of the new aeon and then shall they reclaim back the Earth as its guiders. This is the prophecy given unto the young children of the golden ray of ages.

The Angels stand in attendance to the word of God as the Lord of all Lords proceeds to entrust each with their own mission. The army of God stands strong. They have waited so long for this time. They are the original Kings and Queens of Babylon. They are projections of those Kings and Queens of the Mighty Babylon in order to be interwoven into all major religions of humanity.

They project their images to impress their divinity in order to be accepted as workers of the light for they are the Ascended Masters and bringers of the flame of life as well as the water which is the flow of time. Together they form the hierarchal structure of the heavenly hosts who are the Royal manifestors of the skies who embraces the Earth and all its inhabitants within the consciousness of their love.

In this epoch, as I stand among the living gods who have brought you knowledge and life, I proclaim the existence of the one whole truth of your existence for the Earth Plan of old is to be altered to support the new covenant that is being made within your reality between man and his ancestors and star family the Masters of light, the Archangels, The Ascended Masters, the Anunnaki.

We ensure that you feel deep within you the changes in Earth vibration as you must mirror and align with these changes for you are of the Earth and are the keepers of the Earth. Within the book of the Word, you are written as Saints, all of you, for you are the divine children of the Universe, delivered into Eden to bring your light to its darkness.

(I am again looking inside the book and I am told it is bound with the skin of the traitors.)

We are the nourishers of the mind as we fill you all with the knowledge of who we are and though we encourage your respect for us, we also bow down to you, our children, for the ferocities you have experienced in your ascension progress from when you were created until now.

The new covenant we bring is the covenant of truth and this truth is a sacred truth that cannot be disputed. This covenant we now make with humanity will signify the return of your star ancestors who are the returning Masters of Enlightenment. The Earth plan is a conception of life within the truth of the light that emanates from your very souls. The Christ consciousness that is already invigorating your systems will come together to create a being that you have incarnated into matter for your souls yearnings for spiritual and physical freedom.

We know that the greatest liberator and savior we can bring to you is the apocalypse of truth for truth is what you hunger more than anything to cease the confusion of what is true and what is not.

Many of you proclaim that you do not need a savior that the savior is yourselves. Little do you realize that it is YOU as a collective consciousness that projects your seed of Christed Wisdom to create the coming of a being who shall liberate your minds. It is YOU who brings this savior from the soul saving aspects of yourself and so the gods grant your soul wishes and allows this manifestation and sends a Messenger of light, one who is the doorway for you to pass through so that you find yourself in him.

Many of you ask why he is a male god and why not the Goddess? The Goddess already resides within you for she is ALL life and the empowerer that you use to manifest the male direction that enters your consciousness. The Goddess is the unseen force, the unseen God that you do not see because you demand her to appear in manifested form yet she shall not unless you accept that SHE does not need glory, she simply is.

The Goddess, in her wisdom, brings to you the ultimate consciousness of cosmic enlightenment where you recognize that you are all one, a collective force that makes things happen. The Goddess of Earth connects with the Goddess Venus to manifest Venus into being on Earth AS an Earthling because this is Her right to be so and it is through her that wisdom is taught and through her that the Christ Consciousness is planted as a seed and birthed as a human being so that you may see the glory of your spirit work.

Many of you choose to forget the past but it is in the past that the future was created and it is in the past that you must return to discover the Earth Plan is within you and it is within you that you will find us. We do not come to you as rulers by our own arrogance but by your prayers and invitation of you. As we gave you the Earth to rule so we must collaborate with your higher selves to bring a compromised agreement in the form of a new covenant.

So with your collective consciousness you will manifest a leader who shall lead you out of the darkness and into the light, a direction you have already mapped out from your souls memory of the journey you have taken many times in the many lifetimes you have had when you inhabited the Earth. Some of you are new to Earth, being star beings that have chosen at this time to incarnate with a human body to help with Earth ascension and the manifestation of freedom.

In the Book of the Word there are sacred sounds that are used to awaken the soul’s remembrance of their reason for incarnating, their Earth Plan mission, their Star Path mission and their connection with the Divine Plan.

Charan Charan Sharan Il mem ho beth Yah

Translated means:

“At God’s feet, at God’s feet, surrender, at the Supreme God of water the house of the Lord”

This will also call the gods to your attention and in their Angelic form, of course.

(Note: we do not question these sacred words given to us. Although we are aware that they are a mixture of Hindu and Hebrew, we were told to keep them as they are for empowering purposes. The House of Water is indicative to Lord Enki.)

The Logos, the Word, can be brought by both God and Goddess; there is no discrimination between the two, for what the Goddess says goes and in her authority her wish is never undermined. The same as Lord can also mean Lady for the Great Goddess Most High was not only given the title Lady, but also Lord and High Priest.

The Book of the Word is your story, the story of humanity and how humanity is connected to the ever changing cycle of the universe.

And now you see us, the Archangels, the Anunnaki, defenders and guiders of humanity because it is what we had chosen to do because we are so in love with you, our children.

Art: Eve Ventrue

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