Rosa de Lumine – Rose of Light

Rosa de Lumine – Rose of Light

“Should vibrations roll from the tongue of the fiery serpent
Then let they be truths within you,
For your thoughts are but mirrors
Of what your soul truly wants you to see.

I am the seer of my people and the magnifier of wisdom.
I am a woman of the divine root and the symbol maker
And the knower of roads.
I am the divine shoot, the egg that hungers the seed
And I am the golden obelisk
That surrounds the conscious of your passion.

I am the rose on the cross of change
And with my words come clarity and knowing,
For any ear that should hear my whispers
Who have turned their hearts towards the heavens
Shall hear the sounds from my tongue reverberate off their thoughts
And all that they can identify with is the one true power of ALL.

Let all men know my power
And let all men know not to try to replace my significance
With that of the male pride,
As this is my story, the story of the Rose,
The moist spiral within the redness of the white;
I AM the star who created your world
Based on the passion of my heart.

I shall not be used as a tool,
I AM the channel of the Shakti,
Not for the pride of men
Who wish to abuse the words of the gods
For their own satisfaction.

I am Womb-An(u).
I speak for no man.
I am here in service to the gods,
To share their Logos
Among the mortals
To bring hope, wisdom and love
And the arrival of the divine plan on Earth.

Any man who does not praise the Rose shall eat her thorns
And he shall know the taste of rejection on his tongue.
This is not a game for cowards but for those who respect my name.

There are many who try to pass the boundaries of truth
Yet each word they use to gain access is a lie.
I am the gateway of the starry night
Who leans across all nations and ingrains in them my love,
And nothing can enter the heavens but by me
For I am the divine lock that requires the divine key
To open my door to the mysteries and the kingdom of the gods.

Shame is a tool that will take you to humility
Yet strive not to be shameful by not performing shameful deeds.
Any who have forgotten my names shall be shameful
And all those who remember me shall no longer be lost.
I am the darkness of ignorance and I am the light of wisdom.
I am she who bends the will of the cosmos
Through compassion for my people.

And the Dove that you so freely dismiss as being spirit
Is truly my form among the right handed,
And although they admire my beauty
They do not feel my in-dwelling presence.
Should this be a time of metamorphosis among you?
I can grant this wish, as I am the accumulation of response
To the tears and cries of humanity.

Delay not the chances to change
And do not hide away your secrets for I see them;
There is nothing that I am blinded to
And there is nothing I shall become blind to
For the sake of blasphemy against my brethren.

I am the seven fold star
That unravels the mysteries of the universe.
I am the seven petaled rose
That reveals the true name of all that is sacred.
And even though the worms who follow my patterns
Try to hide behind my blooms,
The light of my existence exposes their souls.
Ravaged are they who put my name on their lips
During their rites of whoredom.
This shall not be tolerated
And to you the gates of Venus shall be closed.

I am the winged serpent that rises to kiss your third eye,
And I am the mother of blood that rises from the lava of the Earth.
I know every one of your faces
For I fashioned them with my own bare hands
And I know every one of your souls,
Because I housed them within your flesh.

The road of victory is scorched within the souls of the Masters,
They who guide the sheep through the storms.
It shall be done through the Thelema of the gods
That times are changing so that you understand
The code of the mighty dragon.

Amman! Amman! Amman!
Raise the great warrior from the limits of the Earth!
Shahnameh! Shahnameh! Shahnameh!
Reveal yourself once again to the created
Before the eyes of the creators!
Baraz Minoo, descend!
Nehru, widen! Allow your waters to flow!
For this shall not be the flood of death
But the channel of fire that is coursing towards you,
Opening up your veins to run like rivers of flame
Within you!
And then you shall turn to Zargun!
The result of the Great Work inside you,
Performed by the Kimia of the cosmic powers
Manifested on Earth!

Dawood, dance among the followers!
Dance among the faithful.
Shine your light on the ignorance of mankind
And erect the columns of the temple,
For Babylon is rising
And the gods are awakening from their slumber,
And you shall speak in tongues of fire,
Those who have remained within the honour of the divine!
You shall spit fire and baptize those in denial of us!

My children, now, listen to your mother,
She who has given you a home within her womb
And bathed you in the ambrosia of her heart.
You are destined to become more than you have become
If you ignite the flame of Christos within you,
For Christos are seven within and around the spheres
With each one producing a sun who is the son and consort of Venus.

Eos crux Deus.
And they shall know crux Deus.
Crux lux Deus
Terra sancta ev aeternitas
Ego verbum Mater.

Dust off your feet, my pilgrims,
For it is time that you began your journey back to Eden,
As the walls of paradise exist no more
Because it has been unleashed into your world
To mitigate the negative forces that enslaves you
And will unite god and man as one,
For the new covenant that is written on my soul
Speaks of new blood that shall arise among you,
That will lead you back to me
And the kingdom of Malkuth.

For behold! I am the voice of Wisdom
And I call to you from the highest peak
Of the Mountain of Nabu!
For the Ancient of Days sleeps beneath my wings
And his eyes see through the words of Moshe,
The projection of Lord Sargon,
And the destiny of humanity!

Rendered without ears are those who choose to close their minds
To the cry of the Dove that circles above the crowned one,
The one who is Chrismated with the wonders of my essence!
For I am the Mother of the soaring Falcon,
He who has come to you many times with his many guises
And who has opened the gateways to Babylon in my name.

As I speak to you, Melek Ba’al
I touch your heart with my left palm,
Sending into you the currents of love
That from ancient times bound your soul with mine.
My Meshach, son in law of my father,
You who have mastered even my own stations
Of the mansions of the moon.
And by your marriage rite to me
You have inherited the responsibilities of my father
And he shines for you in adoration of your presence.

The only true council is the divine council,
And no government on Earth is divine
Unless it is appointed by the gods,
For Kingship and Councils descend from Anu,
Through the power and the glory of Venus.

Only the wise and chosen have right to guide humanity
For only THEY love ALL humans, the good and the bad,
Because the rotting ones are rotting because they cannot see the light, the TRUE LIGHT,
Not the FALSE LIGHT, though the ‘false light’ shall lure the dark ones out of their shadows
And baptize them with FIRE to PURIFY them.
For there shall BE a HARVEST of CLEANSING for those who have taken the world by the throat and dictated their man-made and diabolical agendas.

“EGO EGO EGO”, chant the Lords and Ladies of the MEN-O-RAH!
The fire you tried to steal through your abominations shall be the fire that burns you
And you shall have the god that you deserve depending on your deeds.
All those you condemn to spiritual death shall rise up against you,
And they shall beat you with the same iron rod that you ruled them with.

You fake shepherds with your fake staffs,
Are merely clowns with a handful of parlour tricks!
The time will come for even YOU to prove your worth,
Lest you be thrown into the pit that you tried to open
With the sickness of your self importance.
You, who think you know the ways of the gods,
Who believe you shall rise to the status of IMM-OR-TAL,
Shall be hung by your tongues in the Temple of Truth
And on your right hand shall be brandished the sign of the Resheph.

Your conjured laws and acts of filth shall be the cage which entombs your mind.
You will not be able to turn left or right and only the middle way, the middle path
Can bring you peace,
For it is only this way can your sanity be saved!

Heed me well!
I AM the voice that cries out in the desert!
I AM the voice that calls to ALL who are brave enough to hear!
No MAN-MADE false power shall prevail!
Rise! Rise above all that distracts you!
DETACH from the false realities of your world!

FALSE creations and corruptions of the divine form!
FOOLS! FOOLS to follow, like lambs to the slaughter, the ways of the wicked,
Those you idolize, who count you like cattle and play with you like pawns!

But I warn you;
Let not one hair on the heads of mine be touched!
Let not one of mine be troubled,
Let not one word be said against my true Priest and Priestesshood,
For I am the creator of ALL forms
And my judgment shall be upon those
Who try to judge my forms
And those who try to stop my children from communing with me.

The right shall fall to the left.
The left shall fall to the right.
And the ones who have upheld my laws shall be neither left nor right

The Lapis Scarab has begun its walk
Through the labyrinth of alchemy.
Be sure that your heart is pure
As the time is nearing,
The time of the Reckoning.”

And I see a man riding a horse,
And this horse is half white and half black,
And on his head he wears a crown.
Written on his crown are the letters
And on his heart he wears a rose
And on each petal there is a letter
And these letters spell
D – A – L – E – T – H.

The man dismounts the horse and he holds up his right hand
And on burned into his palm are the letters
S – H – I – N.
He holds up his left hand and burned on his palm are the letters
M- E – M.
He places both of his palms on top of my head and says:
“I anoint you, my daughter. I give you a new name.
SHANA is your new name and shall be now and always,
For you have come to Earth to stand before the courts of IBRAHIM
And you have bloomed for those who were righteous
And choked with your vines those who were not.
Be now one with the heavens and do not look back at the fire.
Do not look down into the pit.
Do not look left. Do not look right.
Look only above and before you,
For you have not come to bring exits but entrances.
This one that you love, he shall be names
But only when he rides his own horse on the straight road.”

I ask this man, “Who are you?”
And the man says,
“I am Hashem. I am the dark and light sides of the moon.
I am the dark and light sides of the sun.
I am nameless and the named.
I am the seen and the unseen.
I am the formed and the formless
I am your father and the wisdom keeper of old.
I am water and I am fire.
I am cold and I am hot.
I am earth and I am air.
I am the one you wrap yourself around.
I am the one who sent you.”

I ask, “Why did you send me?”
And the man says,
“Ask no-one;
No-one knows.

Daughter, it is important that you understand
That as I am both polarities of the wheel of light
and there is nothing that is without poles.
I am both male and female,
Both god and Goddess,
Both he and she.
The job of any man who incarnates on Earth
Is to honour the divine feminine,
And the job of any woman
Is to honour the divine masculine.
But the Goddess needs to be elevated
In your world that is full of phallic projections
By they who do not bow down to the Great Mother
And who do not promote the Great Work,
That which is the uniting of opposites,
The merging of the masculine and feminine
Within the divine marriage of pure and immortal love
Which unites you with me,
And you become part of the triangle
Of the divine trinity.
It is for this hunger to merge with the Rose
That the initiate so craves,
And it is his glorifying of her and her role in life
That gains him access to her heart.
She is watching every man
And her eyes see each time he steps on her importance.
When a man understands the necessity of the divine marriage
To reach true enlightenment,
Then he is surrendering his ego to the Mother
Who is the Master of your world.
Should he fail to do this he shall be lost in the labyrinth
And tormented by the shrieks of Medusa.”


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