Money Magnet Activation (mp3 audio)

Description: When spiritual people speak about money, many believe money to be an evil, materialist thing which is attached to greed and the ego. Though this can be true in some cases, money is also regarded as an energy that is used as a currency in return for goods received. There are numerous people who wish to manifest abundance into their life in the form of money, either to pay their bills, pay for spiritual education and courses or simply to enjoy life without having money problems or with not having to donate their time to thinking about having enough.Though this activation does not promise to make you rich, it will aid you in awakening the magnet that will attract prosperity that does exist within each human being. A lot of it does depend on you and how much faith you have in your ability to manifest money into your reality.

This activation works within the principle of giving and receiving and the divine laws of attraction. By taking part in this activation you will program your higher self to instigate opportunities for making money. So for example, if you have a business and you are hoping for more customers or clients, this activation will stimulate your inner money magnet to attract more work into your life.

The money magnet activation can work for you if you are also willing to work for it and by following some simple values that are:

*Be grateful for what you already have. *Be honest in your work. *Keep the balance between giving and receiving. *Say thank you and mean it *Remember that money is only a vehicle and not a true living entity. *Do not say you don’t have any money *Be patient and allow money to flow.

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