Mind Alchemy by Lord Marduk

The spiral goes both ways as you know. In truth, no one understands which way the spiral goes. Does it go inward or does it go outward? Its appearance can be deceiving but in reality, it doesn’t really matter which way it turns as it is very much like the lemniscate which goes on until infinity. With the spiral whatever you send out comes back to you and whatever you look for within yourself you can find outside of yourself.

The leminiscate is the symbol of the magician and as you know I am also a magician. You may wonder how you can break this cycle. This is where alchemy comes into play. Any other person without any knowledge of alchemy gets lost in the constant sequence of how one reality is sent out and ultimately comes back the same. There is no change. But the magician knows how to break the cycle, the eternal loops of the lemniscates and thus change the sequence.

Now am I stating that you can change eternity? No, I am not saying this. What I am saying is what you send out into the universe or out into infinity does not necessarily mean that you will receive the same back. You can send out and echo and through mind alchemy change and transmute it into something else so that when it comes back to you, it is a completely different thing than what you sent out.

I know there are schools of thought among human beings that everything is a mirror of you but this can also be changed. They also believe that you attract what you send out and this does not have to be this way. Sometimes, these ideas of the laws of attraction are like the links of a chain but chains can bind you to limiting beliefs and then drag you like a prisoner into the eternal sequence of the same cycle over and over again.

Others say that by changing a thought you can break the cycle. But still, this is trapping you in the same belief that you cannot change the echo you sent out. This is why many get caught up in the ensnarement of karma because they believe that once it is sent out it cannot be changed and what they sent out is going to come back the same.

The true alchemist knows how to change that echo once it is sent out. How does the true alchemist do this? By creating a different reality before it returns, thus breaking the cycle and defeating the system that has locked you into limited thinking.

I will ask you this: How can you break the chains that bind you? By realizing that not everything has a cause and affect. How? By changing the affect once the cause has occurred. As a magician I know many tricks and all alchemists are magicians with tricks. How else can they transmute one thing into something else? Well, is the product they have transmuted real or is it an illusion?

To the eye it is real yet the alchemist knows it is an illusion. Does this matter? No it doesn’t because it serves its purpose. Simply by knowing that you can change the affect of a cause gives you the power to break the cycle. That is right; simply as knowing. Ah, did you catch that Nanaea? ‘Knowing’.

You know gnoima? Gnoima is knowing all; it is being aware of the self and the capabilities of the self. It is the ability to change the affect by creating the illusion. Do you understand? Can you understand? Remember what Jesus taught? You can change an outcome by prayer or by faith or by belief. What he was trying to say, this master magician, is that through your belief and faith you can change anything you want and this is mind alchemy.

Now what if I told you that those who believe they cannot change cause and affect are the ones that are truly living in an illusion? What if I tell you that this belief or a set of beliefs are an illusionary world made up of cross paths and frequencies that act as a net of illusions? And what if I tell you now that the only reality is breaking cycles, not those of life and death, but the cycles of what you believe you are capable of. The only way to break the cycle is to break the illusion and the only way to break the illusion is to become an alchemist who changes illusion back into reality.

What is reality? Everything that is limitless. What is the illusion? That you are bound to the laws of cause and effect and that cycles cannot be broken. Ah, and now we come back to spirals and labyrinths. Do you remember what I told you recently about the labyrinth, that it is a spiral of enlightenment and there are different levels? And did I not tell you that by completing the labyrinth enlightenment is the prize? Solomon got the grail. Jesus got the Grail. I got the grail. Who is the grail? Wisdom in human, female form. But what does man get? The mind of the alchemist, who knows that he can transmute illusions into realities and realities into illusions and that there are no limits, that many beliefs only bind you to a helpless existence of not knowing how to break the cycle.

You are living in an illusion created by alchemists who were taught mind alchemy. The only way you can see the reality is by creating reality with your own mind alchemy. Expand your consciousness outside the net of illusions and break all limiting beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of. You also have many tricks. I know for I gave them to you.


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