Merry Christmas to the suffering Greece

In Greece there is a terrible crime taking place which involves certain neonazi criminals who claim to be ‘true’ Greeks and who are against all others, whether Christians or any ideology they do not agree with and the situation is driving the whole nation into schizophrenia. Those people who have spread this sickness claim to be the ‘original’ Greeks who follow the original Greek religion while they have absolutely nothing to do with the tradition and the spirit of the ancient Greeks besides the arrogance which is a mental sickness and not something which they should copy.

These people are in fact Satanists and frauds and their crime against their nation has become one of the worst crimes in human history. Their targets are mainly the Christians but also all those who may be friendly with the Christians and with Jesus and the situation is growing worse every day while these criminals continue to provoke and psychically attack anyone who is not in alignment with their opinions and their demonic sickness that they spread is also targeting the true pagans, theosophists, new agers and generally any other group of people.

I may write a more detailed article regarding this sickness because it has grown to a very dangerous level and nobody’s doing anything while the Christian ‘priests’ have better things to do than to protect people from the demonic attacks of these mentally disturbed people who are an insult to the whole of humanity and they should be eliminated while they serve nothing but the demonic sickness which has grown into a very dangerous situation for the whole nation.

I didn’t want to involve Esophoria in this but these people are doing everything possible to drive the situation to the limits and even cause a civil war and because of what is happening I have to try to expose their lies regarding history and the tradition of ancient Greece which is incompatible with their lies.

These inhuman criminals are an infection to the whole planet and they have absolutely nothing to do with the true Hellenism and this is why they are also doing anything possible to eliminate even the idea of the Hellenic version of the Christ as it is expressed by Neoplatonists before me and my version of the Apollo Christ which was also a living idea of the philosophers who spoke about this archetype such as Aggelos Sikelianos before this neonazi criminals spread this mental and spiritual cancer which of course is also a product of the corrupted Christian priesthood which I will also have to target and expose. I have chosen to do this because there is no other way to heal this toxic wound and give some hope to the Greek people regarding the future of the Greek nation.

I also want to inform the rest of the world to avoid any discussion and any contact with people from Greece regarding political, philosophical and historical subjects before they realize the situation and that the whole nation is under a demonic attack and because of this they may also get sick by such a contact with the darkness in that place.

I just wanted to send this message out and wish a Merry Christmas to the Greek people who have to suffer all of this darkness and all of these psychic attacks which never stop and it is certain that they will continue what they are doing even during these days because of their demonic mania.

I would also like to invite people from all over the world to pray for the suffering people in Greece and for the darkness to go away in order for the light to enter.

Merry Christmas Greece and my wish for the next year is for light to enter your reality and to gain enlightenment in order to realize that this cancer has to be eliminated by any means in order for you to become aware of what is happening in your own country.

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