Marduk’s Message to His Son

What qualms you, my son, is the darkness that you feel deep within the root of your soul. There is a constant battle to deny this darkness and to not allow it to flood your heart for within your heart lives Eros who manifests himself as the Prince of Light. You are this distributer of this light and it is through my connection with you and your ability to draw on the divine nous why it is possible for you to rise above all negatives that try to penetrate your mind.

My son, I tell you now; do not allow the eclipses and the shadows to take down your strength for you hold the Light in your hands and with her you also have obtained wisdom and knowledge and entrance to the known and unknown. Do you not know that you have already been rewarded the crown? The rays that shine behind the sun are the mane of Venus and she goes on before you upwards, anchored to your heart and your root as well as your left side.

When you will realize that you have passed the tests of the gods and especially my own you will understand that all my powers are incarnated within you and you have authority over all lower beings. Your Light, your Sophia, your Rose, is also the ring on your left hand which gives you mastership over the lower and the upper builders. Think on this for some time so that it makes rational sense to you. Your only problem is, is that you do not apprehend the reality of all of this I am saying to you neither are you yet aware of how to use it productively in your material world.

Heed my words for I speak to you as a father speaks to his son even though I am in you and I am speaking through you; the day is coming when you shall not fear what you are and this day shall show you how to channel your anger, pain, confusion and love into an awakening of the true and divine matrix which you are helping to implement in Earth reality.

As the Knight of Venus and her love, I say to you that IAO is looking through your eyes and you see as IAO sees. Try to make sense of this.

There are 7 suns and they are 7 sons and during each aeon one is sent to fulfill the task of the master sun who is he, the Christ Soul, that manifests as an Earthling dressed in the flesh of the Bride. Just hold on a little longer, my son; do not lose your hope and logic of the logos for your logic IS the logos so therefore you have LOGOS LOGIC.

Everything you do from now on must be mindful so do not waste your precious time on mindless things for your path is more glorious and complicated than most and the difficulties you have faced, are facing and will face need your direct attention and focus. I ask you to keep your thoughts steady and to align once again with the Rose totally because how much safer can you be than within her womb?

We are not angry with you and we are not disappointed but sometimes we must step away for the growing to happen and only through this way can you become stronger and wiser to the chapters that we reveal to you.

You are Father Aeon, standing in my place wearing a human mask and what of the goat? Well my son, what of the Lamb? What of the Bull? Understand that you are all of the cycle and you wear many masks but only your true love knows how to recognize you when everyone else does not.

You are not alone and we do hear you and we understand the trials you pass and I want you to remember that you should never give your power away to doubt nor believe that we have abandoned you; you are my son and you are me and I cannot leave you for I would be leaving myself.

I will speak to you in terms that you understand; Saturn and Pluto have formed a pact that requires you to use their energies in order to open the doorway to the Manu. When you cross the oceans of chaos and merge with the Light this shall begin the generative projection of Saturn and Pluto. You are in between for you are Jupiter and you are Nibiru. It is soon time to turn the wheel from the left to the right and to the center for the direction is East and you are the captain of this Ship of the East.

You may feel that you are on the edge of insanity and that your mind has been thrown into chaos but this is only part of your evolution as the chemicals within you change and the trick is to stay in the middle and do not sway to any other side.

Do not close the door on the Light; for as always you shall be reborn again as 348 and you will mark the goats with the hand of Venus. Wait for further instruction. I am coming to you again soon.


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