The Male & Female Ain Soph

Everyone has a war raging within them and this is the war of the left and the right yet neither are good nor bad; they are just the epitome of opposites that need to be united within. As long as I can remember I had to find the balance of all things IN all things and this channeling is only a part of my life in dedication to the gods and the divine plan. Many times I have felt like Job of the bible for I have passed many painful times in my life but when I really sit and listen to my inner self I understand that these experiences were not punishments from the gods but an imbalance in myself. While many of my readers do not know the innermost me and how my life is, know that everything I do is to attain the Rose and become the Rose through obedience to the divine laws as a servant of the gods and therefore a servant to mankind. I explain this to you because there are many parts in my channelings where the gods or higher beings give me personal advice and rather than take them out sometimes it is good for others to understand how we are guided by higher beings. I am not more special than anyone else; I am just Helen or Nanaea; call by whichever name you wish as I answer to both.

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God”.

Goddess Inanna: “There is no demonizing of left or right when your focus is on the Rose/Eros of the heart. You see, it is there that the Morning Star resides if it has been gifted to you by Venus herself. To do this you must reach the middle of all things and pass through it.

Let me explain, first, something very important and I am your mother and your mentor so I ask you to pay attention, daughter. The Earth has both south and north hemispheres, just like the brain. In one hemisphere the sun moves from right to left and in the other it moves from left to right. How then can anyone say that the left side is evil when the sun itself moves between the two??? Therefore, the sun can be both left and right for both hands are needed in order for wholeness and both left and right must come together in the Hieros Gamos/divine marriage in order to enter the center of the cross, the middle, the circle within the cross, the great Omega of the Greeks and the Rose of the Heart. This is the place of Eros and the initiation of the sun into the Venusian mysteries which is the initiation of the MORNING STAR = 888 = GODDESS ISHTAR yet let it be known that Venus is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega for she is the first star at night and the last star at dawn. This is why she is also the Queen of the Dawn, the Gateway of the Sun/son.

Though the religions of Earth will try to insist differently as do men who despise their feminine side and wish to only glorify the male, the left path is the course to enlightenment and wisdom while the right path is the course to self discipline and following the laws of what has been gained from what was learned from the left. When one unites both poles within them through walking the middle path then they gain the MORNING STAR for they have gained wisdom from the left and order from the right and they are combining both into one truth.

Those who insist that the left is evil are ignorant of understanding for it is the left which GIVES understanding of wisdom and it is the left which is the closest to the heart. Yet without the right there is no counterbalance or balancing formula of the left and the one following only the left becomes lost in the abyss of illusion. Those who follow only the right move further and further away from the heart, from wisdom and from enlightenment and this manifests as a punishing and merciless life.

Choosing left or right is not in alignment with the universal energies; choosing to honour both and recognize them both is in alignment with the forces of the cosmos and each left and right is a rung on the ladder to ‘heaven’. If you do not choose both then you cannot fully utilize the left and right hemispheres of the brain which is a reflection of the cosmos and the divine nous. Dearest Master Plato understood this and it is reflected in his own name ΠΛΑΤΩΝ: to understand ALPHA you must first travel to OMEGA. You cannot break free from the Ouroboros if you do not first understand how your beginning got you to your ending and which laid down the foundations for your new beginning.

And so, all union of the opposites are the Hieros Gamos, the divine marriage, and it is from this union that you enter Omega which is the womb of the universe and also the Holy Kingdom, the Holy ‘City’ of the gods. MORNING STAR = 888 = GARDEN OF THE GODS.

VAV EL ON = BABYLON. VAV is the Messiah and the holy hook; EL is God; ON is the sun. it is Babylon which is where the divine matrix hooked itself to Earth reality and so became VAV EL ON = 546 = HOLY LAND. Ishtar is Babylon and she is both the co-Messiah and the bringer of the Messiah; she is THE LIGHTBRINGER = 972 = THE VESSEL OF GOD = THE HOLY GHOST = THE WAY BACK TO EDEN = THE WOMB OF HEAVEN. The message here is that Babylon is the city of the beginning and is the Mother and to where all things will go.

I tell you that unless people begin to honour both the god and the Goddess there will be no coming to consciousness as I explained to YOU, Nanaea, the meaning of S-Ophia that day you visited the church. Ophia is the Great Serpent of Illumination represents SOPHIA the Mother who is the definitive expression of WISDOM. She is not OF God but she IS God. All things are engendered including spirit; this is the meaning of LIFE. Whether it is ANDROGYNOUS or not, it is STILL engendered with male and female.

When you speak, you must speak equally of both the god and Goddess; you must state their roles in the creation of A COSMIC MATRIX = 888 that was woven from the fabrics of infinity and divine frequencies to be instilled within the heart of the universe and therefore the heart of every manifested light.

Those that speak of patriarchs and believe that it was only men who built the towers of religious rites are severely mistaken; even to continue to speak about patriarchy being any true way is deluded and a lover only of the male. All men must become divine grooms of the divine bride if they are to find the light for if they insist on being only lovers of the male then even the male god will reject them for they are choosing ignorance over knowledge and right over left and male dominance over balance and harmony. Those stuck in patriarchal religions who support patriarchal thinking will never reach the kingdom let alone union with their male god. So for example, those who claim to love and follow Christ yet deny the Goddess will never KNOW Christ for She is Christ and so is He. And so they will never partake in the divine nous nor the reasoning of true EROSOPHIA = LOVE OF WISDOM.

Such as those men who believe the AIN SOPH is only male; their ignorance shows that they do not comprehend the meaning of SOPH which is from SOPHIA who is Wisdom and represents the Holy Spirit and the FEMININE. As she represents LIMITLESS so the AIN is MALE and represents NO-THINGNESS and as they are both sides of the brain, bringing the two sides of the brain together creates AIN SOPH AUR = THE LIGHT! CONSCIOUSNESS! ILLUMINATION! AIN SOPH is both the male and female principles and their uniting in the Hieros Gamos produces the LIGHT which is AUR. It is the passing through the veils of limitless no-thingness to a place and a void of all that is not, yet is, within and beyond.


This IS the CHAMBER OF VENUS = 912 = PATH OF TETH = POWER OF LOVE = THE DEATH OF THE EGO that enables all uniting the male and female to become one with ‘GOD’ who is the god and Goddess.

She is the World Soul, Anima Mundi and the Tree of Life and anyone who says that she is not is an agent of Qliphoth and one of those who aim to destroy the intent to implement the divine plan which is of whole truth and deliver Earth back to its divine state.

“The great mind is the PAN force of every thing and no thing which is both left and right, both front and back, the spirit and the mental combined as one. All brains/minds are a model of this great mind in matter.”
-Lord Marduk, Labyrinth Initiation

There can be no manifestation of a balanced society as long as people obsess over only the male or only the female or only the right or only the left; both must be honoured, taught and united within and without yet recognized as dual.

Now the heart has four chambers and these relate to the four arms of the cross, the four corners of the world.

“The heart of the labyrinth is the heart of all life; it is the womb of creation, rebirth, regeneration and metamorphosis. The heart is what is within you and what is contained within the cosmic essence of the universe and it is the result of your left and right brained thinking for it is through this alliance that you made it as far as the heart.”
-Lord Marduk, Labyrinth Initiation

The cross is neither left nor right yet it is aware of and is both as it is ALL FOUR directions for it is as above, so below, as within, so without. While the mind is powerful it is not as powerful as the heart; listen to these words.

“The truth of Self cannot come from him who has not realized that he is the Self. The intellect cannot reveal the Self beyond its duality of subject and object.”
– Ramana Maharshi

The divine mind, the sacred heart, these two need to be combined yet it is towards the heart that you must walk for completeness and illumination and it is the heart that will free you of all materialistic anchors. Each of you is a side of the cross and when the cross unites the rose of five petals blooms with each petal representing your two sides and the fifth petal representing your achievement in reaching spirit. This is the same concept as the uniting of the AIN and the SOPH to produce AUR/LIGHT.

So while the brain is in two parts, you must unite these two parts to reach the heart and your desire to reach the heart is initiated by Eros, the son of Venus, the one who binds all things together in order to reach the soul who is his mother and through reaching the heart through the Hieros Gamos/divine marriage you reach the soul and exit the material to enter the above to create in the below; you become a citizen of the Divine King/Queendom; the GARDEN OF THE GODS = 888 = DIVINE MATRIX = A COSMIC MATRIX.”


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