Light Language: Message from Arcturus

Maron: “It important that humanity understands that the civilizations of the star nations are your brothers and sisters for all material bodies are from the same source, all were created from the same ‘hands’ and the same intention.

Why is it important that humanity knows this? It is important so that they are aware that just as each planet has its own ‘countries’, those native to that planet are still of the same species. So because of this knowledge, you can understand that each planet are members of the same universe and therefore connected by this factor even though there are many that offer proof that all star nations are related and all created in the same ‘image’.

Apart from love, language is the main ingredient that unites all the nations of the universe and this language is the language of light. When humans continue to believe that non Earthlings are ‘aliens’ and different to them, they couldn’t be more wrong; apart from sharing the same life force they also share the same language. This is the main message that we want to bring to you today.

You see, even though each being may speak a language native to their planet or region of the cosmos, within that language there are frequencies that are inherent in all spoken word and this is called ‘Light Language’. All languages are made up of frequencies and there are many forms of vibration which are strands of vocal light and a particular vibrational light is what all beings have in common and which is present in all sounds.

This means that each of you have the power to speak in your own language yet this pan-universal light language vibration will be present in it and this also means that because each nation has this same vocal vibration in their speech, each nation of the universe can communicate with each other.

Because all species on all planets were created by the same ‘hands’ is why there is a common factor that connects you all which is encoded in your DNA and one of those things is Light Language.

Light Language does not have to be something ‘alien’ to you; no matter what tongue you speak in, Light Language is working through your tongue and being emitted from your vocal chords. Whichever earthly language you can speak, Light Language is part of that form of speech.

So now that I have explained fully what Light Language is, now I will explain to you why it is important that all species of the universe are aware of its existence.

At one point in time of the history of our universe, all beings spoke in one language and this was Light Language. As civilizations began to progress, they learned ways of creating new frequencies to speak in. This is highly important for the advancement of all beings as language encourages the growth of intellect. Sadly, as time went on, many civilizations forgot this one language that unites all species existed. It is paramount that you understand, also, that humanity are not the only ones who have forgotten; there are many highly advanced species who have forgotten too. We could say that the fault lies with the generations of teachers who were meant to pass this knowledge on, either through neglect or corruption, yet this does not shut Light Language down simply because there are those who didn’t know they possess it and that it speaks through them when they speak.

Pythagoras, who was taught by the Lyran mystery schools as well as the Earthly ones, was a great teacher on your planet who spread the knowledge of sound and vibration. Although he did not specifically call this common frequency ‘Light Language’, he understood it and its nature and shared his awareness of it.

He had learned that when a sound is sent out into the universe, it bounces off each planet and these combined sounds created a harmony which made up the song of the universe. This song is Light Language and is spoken by all.

When people become aware of Light Language then it can be consciously directed towards different, positive uses. For example, there are many who speak with a healing tone that promotes a sense of comfort and wellbeing in others. This is because the speaker has put all of their love into their speech and given a task for Light Language. When Light Language is activated because a being has become aware of it, Light Language can transform the molecules and cells in a person to change from diseased to healthy. All beings are made up of vibrating molecules and they can change according to vibrations. Father Enki has spoken to you before about this, Nanaea.”

Helen: “Yes he has.”

Maron: “Sound created the universe and the universe was created BY sound and so therefore all beings were also created BY sound and all beings can create BY sound. This is why the Christ is called the ‘Logos’ which is the ‘Word’ which is spoken sound. This sound is Light Language and the acoustics created by the combined ‘murmur’ of each planet is consciously and subconsciously known by all. Light is language and language is light and each of you speak it, feel it, know it even if many of you have forgotten it. Feeling is also vibration so therefore also Light Language.

So for now I will end this message with love and ask you each to search deep within yourselves to remember the power that you hold each time you speak, feel and think. You have the power to change your world simply by being that which is natural for you to be. Until next time, Delan.”

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Art: Andrea Laurel


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