Lifting the Veil of the Sacred Feminine

“Mysteries are feminine; they like to veil themselves but still want to be seen and divined.”
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

More than any other time in history the ultimate need to bring back the Goddess must occur now and happen not only in our hearts but must manifest in matter. As the earth exits the wormhole and enters the golden age we are slowly made aware of the coming of the Goddess in the form of Inanna aka Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Astarte, etc. Her motherly love is so imperative, as is her consort Christ, who is dearly awaited to release her from the chains that have bound her for the last 2000 plus years.

This is the time of the apocalypse and if you are not aware of the meaning of this word I will explain it to you: ‘ἀποκάλυψις’ which translated phonetically from Greek to English, apokálypsis, is the “lifting of the veil” or “revelation; it means something that was hidden from most of humanity for the longest time purposefully and deceitfully and will be revealed and this is one of my missions here on earth; to reveal that which was hidden not by divine law but by deception.


Representations of the Goddess can be found everywhere and she can always be seen in nature. It is not unusual to find flowers or rock crevices to emulate the sacred yoni and it is not surprising being as nature IS the Goddess herself.

I am not going to go into great detail of how the veiling of the Goddess is one of the greatest deceptions of so called ‘religious’ fathers but something that we fail to realize is that if this occurred, and we know that it did, then it was within full knowledge and permission of the Goddess herself and also part of the Divine Plan. Whatever her reason for agreeing to this she is still a part of this decision.

Some will argue with me and express that it was man and patriarchy and their fear of the Goddess who chose to stifle her word, yet if we say this we are claiming that man is more powerful than the deities themselves and we know that this is not true. Everything that has happened on this earth, regardless of free will, is within the Divine Plan. I agree that we have those lower vibrating societies whom try to eradicate the gods and make man an object of worship and it is they who created the matrix which many are still lost within. These beings collected the mystery teachings and used the tools of the gods to direct the majority and teach that the Christ and God is outside of themselves and if man looks outside of himself he finds what has been created within the matrix. This is where Esophoria comes in; Esophoria is an eye condition where the eye itself turns inward and metaphorically, this is what is needed in order to find the true divinity within. It is also within that we can find both the yin and the yang, both the god and the Goddess, for it is only when we recognize both polarities WITHIN the self do we realize that we are divine, created by the gods and contain the divine gene. It is by looking within and not outside of ourselves that we see the true representation of the creator for WE are the true idols which represent the gods, created by the father of mankind.

Another interesting question which may arise is, “Why did the gods allow the lower vibrating beings to create the matrix?” and my answer would be, “Because even they are working for the divine Plan without even realizing it.”


By these Gematria values above, we can see how the Divine Plan is in progress on Earth which is the kingdom. We can also see how Esophoria is part of the Divine Plan in the kingdom of Earth. This is why Esophoria has been brought to you because everything is governed by divine timing of Chronos and the divine intervention of Ananke.

So returning to the subject of the apocalypse, the unveiling of that which has been kept veiled purposefully and deceitfully, if even THIS is also part of the Divine Plan, why is now the time of revelation?

As I said, the lower vibrating beings who have taken hold of the direction of humanity, those who have chosen to work against the Divine Plan but unknowingly are tools of the Divine Plan, who created the Matrix which has veiled the truth and the Goddess, have abused the GOD GIVEN right of free will. In the ancient Sumerian texts regarding the gods, we can see that even the gods had rules that they had to follow; even THEY must abide by the rules of the Divine Plan. Although they also have free will, this was also given to them by the God most high and which they must honour and respect. Due to now being the return of the gods is why now it is permitted for the unveiling to occur and for those who have abused their free will to face judgment.






As you can see above, with the return of the gods we are transported out of the wormhole and into the 7th dimension. Many others express that we are entering the 5th dimension but this would not align with the energies of Aquarius, where in this age, humanity is becoming more aware, seeing BEYOND the veil and connecting with the divine. With the crown Chakra being the 7th Chakra found on the body, it is clear that with the return of the gods and reconnecting with them we are entering the age of celestial consciousness.


It is in the 7th dimension that the god and Goddess within us are resurrected and within this dimension that we begin to become aware of the Divine Plan and the divine laws which must be upheld by all. As we move into the god consciousness we see through the true eye, the all Seeing Eye from within and the unveiling of the matrix begins. It is then that we start to see beyond the matrix and beyond the matrix the Goddess awaits us in her full and holy glory.


When the all seeing eye of god looks within and with the help of Esophoria, we begin to see in true light the ego which also dwells inside. It is only when we look inside do we see this ego and only then can we face it head on and begin to dismantle it from our newfound celestial consciousness.

The ego for many will be the obstacle that blinds us from the truth and blocks us from seeing and believing in the Goddess who has always dwelled within. The holy Sophia, the Shekinah, the Shakti, the Holy Spirit is what we have been trained not to see and so we must observe with clarity and without ego in order to see her. When we discover her existence inside of us, we shall also resurrect the Christ consciousness into our reality.

The Goddess is not just an idol sitting on an altar, neither is she something which is external either. Though I myself have representations of the Goddess in my home and places of worship I always reiterate to others the importance of remembering that she is also living inside. Many tend to choose an aspect of the Goddess which mostly depicts themselves, one which they feel comfortable with and this is their inner Goddess projecting itself to the outside so that it may become a visual manifestation of the sacred feminine. This is also why we believe in different deities because our relationship with the divine is unique and not every aspect of the Goddess will be a part of each of our incarnations. This is not because we are incomplete, but because we choose different aspects to be experienced in different lifetimes.

Many religions abhor idolatry and I can understand their reasons to a certain level. Their belief that we should not worship god in the form of man is in part helpful to not worshiping man. Yet what about the form? We are taught in the Sumerian tablets that we were created in the image of the gods and so if this is the image of the gods, we should not be afraid of the temple which sits the god and Goddess. This vessel that carries our spirit was created for a reason and we should never feel shame at admiring its beauty. The negative side of some religious teachings to not seeing god in human form is erasing the memory that we too are divine because we too carry the divine gene and so we too are all gods; we are the children of the gods.


Theurgy means ‘divine-working’, and it describes rituals performed to invoke the presence of the gods or a god. The goal behind these rituals was to unite with the divine and this is exactly why many practitioners of the craft have representations of the gods in the form of idols; they invoke the presence of the god into the idol so that the idol and god share the same space.

Now, why is this of any importance at all, and is it really needed? My answer to this is no, it is not needed, but because we are visual creatures we resonate with images that evoke our own recognition and enosis (uniting). It is also recorded in the ancient scripts that the gods asked for images of themselves to be created; not to worship but to venerate. As the Christ light and the Holy Spirit (Goddess) live with in us, so does the essence of the divine dwell within the idol. It is in truth OUR image of our divine selves THROUGH the god representation and with this imprint on our minds we can therefore look for it not only externally, but internally. It is also within the Divine Plan that the ancients created statues and idols of the gods so that we may never forget their existence in the future, especially the Goddess, in this time when worshipping and venerating of more than one god is prohibited by all Abrahamic religions.

The key factor to dissolving the veil is to de-program our minds of the mistaken thinking that the body is of no importance and to reprogram it in alignment with the divine. The body can be spiritual even if it is not eternal like the spirit. Just because something dies does not mean it is worthless or that it should be abused because it does not have the same qualities or life span as the soul. If the body was not so important, then why would we have incarnated? To incarnate, the soul needs to a body to live within and be sure that if the divine spirit that we are is going to dwell within a vehicle, then that vehicle must be as majestic as the soul to carry it. Reincarnation is done so for a divine purpose and so the body itself is divine and belongs to the divine.

By how we have been taught to perceive our body and soul is what has segregated the soul from the body and to see them two different entities. By doing this we no longer hold the thought and belief that soul and body are one, but we have divided ourselves into two and allowed ourselves, as a consciousness, to become less than whole and complete. This also divides the divine and causes us to believe that true union with the creator is only possible upon the death of the body, when the soul evacuates matter, when in truth, union has already occurred from the uniting of soul and body.

How then, do we observe our reason for being on earth, if we are taught to live just to die so that we can enter paradise and be with the creator? Many religions teach that our whole existence and reason for being born with the body is to adore God. Yet why does a soul need a body in order to this? A soul is a consciousness which has stored within its vibrations timeless knowledge and experience. The soul is a genius, intelligent and AWARE, and can and does worship and adore the creator without incarnating into matter.


So must we die in order to become one with the divine? Must we die in order to enter paradise, the kingdom? One of the greatest secrets hidden is that paradise, the kingdom, is right here on earth; in fact it IS earth. By the union of spirit and body we are then permitted to enter the kingdom and to do this we incarnate on earth. We become the divine children, created by the god and brought to life by the Goddess to live on a planet which was ‘decorated’ for us by her. Jesus revealed that to enter the kingdom male and female must come together through sex. If the kingdom is earth then why do we need to perform sex in order to enter it? Because life must be created above and below, in the celestial dimensions and on earth.

The Great Architect designed the body with its masculine aspect creating the structure, and the female aspect giving it life and conditioning its environment.



And so we are taught that God or YHVH is both male and female and so it is with the Shekinah being the consort, the wife of God. It is taught that the mission of man and woman is to invoke the energies of YHVH and perform the sacred marriage so that there is perfect balance on earth. Because this teaching was not give correctly to the human race there has been a complete imbalance on earth. Christianity also wanted to teach the same thing but believing that sex was something dirty and ungodly they taught that the church was the Shekinah, the female wife of God, that Christ was married to the church when in actuality the church has both male and female attributes such as the doorway being the sacred Vagina and the steeple being the sacred phallus.

God and the Shekinah as the two most highest seats of the tree of life and through their union, their sexual union, the rest of the seats of the tree of life become balanced. And this leads us now to the Garden of Eden and of course to Adam and Eve; only when they were incarnated into matter could they leave yet where did they go to if the kingdom is on earth? In Genesis you are taught that Adam and Eve were expelled out of the Garden and Eden after tasting the fruit of the tree of good and evil yet there is nothing evil about knowledge, you only become wise. What was it about wisdom that was considered so negative? Through obtaining wisdom we are able to see through the matrix and understand that we are enslaved by the laws of man and not freed by the laws of God.

Sadly, through time the lower vibrating entities, those so called lesser gods who stayed on earth and who wanted to enslave humanity expelled God from Eden which means expelled God from the hearts of man and woman and through the demonizing of woman and blaming woman for eating the apple they ensured that the holy Sophia, the Shekinah, could no longer whisper her wisdom into the ears of her children, so that in matter, humans would not understand their own bindings to the laws of men who wished to imprison them within the matrix.

Once again we see the freedom within the sacred marriage, that the completeness of invoking YHVH brings. We must stop seeing the God of Eden as being male but as being the Elohim, the Gods plural, the male and female aspects, for we have been terribly mislead and lost, believing only to have a father who punishes and not a mother who loves, nurtures and teaches wisdom. Only occasionally are we taught about the Fatherly love of God but how can we have been so blind not to look at our own race and see that children need both a mother and a father? As I have said many times, there cannot be one without the other, not now, not ever. So when I say that ‘God’ was expelled from Eden, I mean that both male and female aspects of the creator, ‘YHVH’ were expelled, and as we are told in the bible about Adam and Eve, what we are not told is that YHVH was expelled after they had incarnated in matter.

Eden was created for spirit and once incarnated, matter could not remain in Eden. Who wrote these laws and who was the serpent of the tree of life? Many say that he was Enki or Christ who broke through the matrix to remind Adam and Eve that YHVH is ALWAYS with them and this is the knowledge the lesser gods did not want humanity to know.


EVERYTHING is about the divine marriage, otherwise known as the Sacred Marriage, or the Hieros Gamos. For balance there must be a balance of both the male and female energies and they must come together to resort back to their true perfection and oneness as they were in Eden.

This brings us back to why we are taught by the Abrahamic religions that Male is the most potent energy, that Male and patriarchy is all that exists. The biggest truth ever hidden is that God had a wife and that true freedom of self, of soul, of humanity comes from the unity of man and woman, body and soul, male and female. With the male energy we are told to war with each other, to try to dominate the other; without the female energy we lack the wisdom to find the balance within and without.

Christ taught that he had come to divide and many people take this to mean that he came to separate people. You could see it as this but the truth is he came to divide the male from the female so it could be clearly seen by all. His marriage with Mary Magdalene was a perfect example of his ministry of how he had come to break the old laws in order to bring the new ones. He broke the laws of man to bring the laws of God back to earth, the laws that state there IS the divine male and female which must be recognized otherwise those who opposed the divine laws would be punished and would pay for their divine law breaking.

Man without woman is like a head without a neck. Woman without man is an empty womb and lifeless…we have been like zombies, like the living dead without our most Divine Mother in our consciousness. We are weakened by an overdose of male power, order and direction when there is no power of our own to direct or to bring order to…so we are left ONLY with chaos within while the lesser gods who have created the matrix work with both male and female energies to direct humanity.


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