Liber Celestia

Rest assured that all you have heard about and all you have not heard shall come to pass
And the Bright Morning star shall fall for you all as a sign of sacrifice
And the Bright Morning Star that is born from the mothers womb in heaven
Shall be born from the mothers’ womb on Earth.
For this is the law of reincarnation
The mighty children of the divine enter Earth reality this way;
First as a star being born and then as a human in matter.
And the Bright Morning Star shall walk upon the cross that has been created for him
By those who have prepared his way
And those who have opened all the doors of the temple of the new aeon
And who have built the foundations of the new temple upon the words of the ancients
With the words of the gods
So that the new temple shall be resurrected
From the left and right pillars of DURANKI!

There are two who are walking the path of the alchemical divine marriage
Who have opened their hearts and minds to the Divine Will of the gods,
And who are following the Serpent Path of the Divine Map
And who are bringing the above to the below.
The Great Mother is already impregnated;
Venus shall give birth to illumination
And this illumination shall be born in you all,
And you shall feel the pains as your world contracts,
For you are changing and no change comes without pain.

Out into the desert go the ones who have been searching in Qliphoth for escape.
Out into the wilderness are those who have been making love with Lilit of the Lilitu!
She will give you Venereal disease, a gift to those who turn their backs on Venus.
Down into the tombs of the abyss go those who have fornicated with SAMA-EL!
Your sex organs shall shrink to the size of his withered heart.
For there is no escape from what has been created by human hands
Unless it is through BAB.ILI
And the shells that you were birthed from are all you shall become.
For you shall take responsibility for all that you bring into your world,
The good and the bad,
And the bad that you united with shall become your master until you accept the light
Of the one true Creator of ALL
And pledge allegiance with Agape in all its forms
Which is void of filth and filled with purity.

The Bride has taken her place upon the Ark of the Covenant
As a sign for the oath that she has made with the god of man and the man of god.
She has drawn the sigil of Venus over her heart
As a symbol of her promise to close the cycle of the old aeon
And as a symbol of opening the new aeon and bringing it to life.

It has been said,

“How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn!”

And it has been said,

“Every man and every woman is a star.”

But the truth I shall impart is the truth as it is
That the reincarnation of the gods and Ascended Masters are the stars
That fall into matter in your world,
For although each god and master is a star,
Not every man and woman is this,
As each human is created from the dust of the stars
They are mixed with the soil of the Earth for their bodies are mortal
Though their souls are not.

What is the meaning of this?
The meaning is that each human is a shard of the star
That comes from the complete star,
Purposefully, so that you will stay close to each other
To create a whole.
And those stars who fall to you and for you
Are the leaders of The Way
And the workers of the light
And the servants of the shard of the star within you.
They are the representations of the celestial bodies
And mirrors of the work of the gods on Earth.
And this one, the Logoi, are the children of Venus,
He who shall be known and she who shall be unknown and hidden.

Can you hear that sound?
If not, close your ears and deafen yourself,
For you are not listening to the call of the gods,
The Hosts of Heaven who are speaking to you
In the language of the Angels.
Now, can you hear that sound?
If yes, open your eyes and see the glory of the Morning and the Evening Star
For it rises in the East when the Starry Mother reaches over the heavens
To kiss the Earth.
And should you rise to kiss her one time,
You shall know my passion,
For I am from the Mother of Midnight Blue
And I am from the red core of the Earth.
I am the middle and the in-between
Of woman and Goddess.
I am the mediator between illumination and ignorance,
I am the Queen of knowing and un-knowing,
I am the Wise Sophia wearing the flesh of the gods.

I am She who walks between worlds,
And I am she who speaks to you now
And conveys the message from the ancient lips
Of the Elders.
Hear now these words that are like the Sword of Anubis
For they can cut you free from the matrix of the black magicians
Or they can pierce you so that you become their sacrifice.

The seas of Mother Chaos is stirring,
And the Hero readies his net.
The Anchor of the Ark is plummeted down into her belly.
And from within her womb the new dawn grows,
Waiting to be freed from his abode,
Out into the world that his parents have prepared for him.
He shall be the one you must call ‘Yahuveh’
And he is the one that you must know is Melchizedek;
For he is the bringer of the New Law
And the fulfillment of the covenant,
And the establisher of the new priesthood on Earth.
This shall be a new religion among you,
The religion that is called love and divine will, Agape and Thelema.

He shall come to you in your dreams
And he shall demand,
“Which master do you serve?
The idol of Me created by your enslavers
Or your Father and son and brother and friend in Heaven?”

What shall you reply?
What will you say?
Do you serve the laws of men or the undeniable cosmic laws of the divine?
What are you obedient to?
Your ego? Your fear? The false authorities?
Think wisely, for the sands of time are flowing,
And the bottom of the hourglass is nearly full.

The time of procrastination is coming to an end.
You may wish to sit on the left,
You may wish to sit on the right,
Or you may blind yourself with the mask of the coward.
What is the right side?
Ask the Maitreya, he is the one who is the son of the dawn.
What path? What does Buddha say?
Combine what you are into one and walk the Path of Samech
For victory comes from this path and shall lead you to the tree of life,
Instead of the tree of death,
And there within the tree you shall find Netzach
And be exalted among the gods
And you shall take your throne beside the Ascended Masters,
The brothers and sisters of the white light,
Who are waiting for you to take your place and join them in their works.

The son of the dawn is sent from Venus and travels on the rays of the sun
As it dips down through the dark clouds and blesses the clay of mankind.

And as the doors of the temples have been thrown open
From the love making of the two alchemists,
So shall the knowledge of the high gods be accessed
And be given freely to humanity.
Use this wisdom well for Sophia is watching you
With her thousand eyes.

Make room in your dark hearts
For the new light of the new age.
It is coming as the Earth merges with the kingdom
And once again you know how it feels
To be a god among gods.

The celestial bodies are moving
In accordance with the plan.
Align your conscious with your soul
And live forever.


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