Inanna Channeling: Divine Law and Past Lives

The golden stars of the night sky are the compass points of humanity. It is through them and by them that enlightenment is projected and reflected on Earth. Believe me, it is the same for all planets and constellations, as the celestial bodies are the epitome of the carriers and messengers of divine law.

No matter how one being tries, they are always subject to divine law. They cannot escape it for they are held within the mind of the creator and the law, reality and truth are imprinted on the DNA of all beings. No one can avoid divine law for they are a law unto themselves.

There are hierarchies put in place to monitor and share divine law. You do not like it? That is not our problem. Those who are part of the hierarchies should not be tyrants nor force free will as free will obeys divine law without even realizing it. Divine will governs free will because every being is part of divine law.

Even the creator, the ALL, is governed by divine law for it is itself divine law. The ALL can only obey its true nature for true nature is divine law; it cannot behave any differently, for it would not be behaving within its true nature nor would those actions be divine.

So how does divine law affect human beings? You are all born; you grow, reproduce and die. This is divine law. And so is the ALL born again, grows, reproduces and then dies within the new egg that is already created and waiting to be fertilized. So how can some people not believe in reincarnation?

You are all immortal because the soul never dies and just as the ALL’s cycles, before the body is going to pass, the soul has already chosen which life it shall reincarnate into, which body, which culture, colour etc the body is already created in the etheric and it waits like an egg waiting for the seed to fertilize it. Now why do many of you not remember previous incarnations? Because you believe yourself to be mortal and that all that you are are who you are now and the identity you have in the present.

Why do you remember particular lives or one specific life? Because in those lives you were able to understand your immortality.

The gods were called ‘The Immortals’ because they knew they never died because they were enlightened enough to hold the knowledge that the soul never ends. They consciously remember the choice of the next incarnation.


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