Iconotherapia is a Greek word meaning ‘healing with icons.’ The system of healing with icons has been written about since the history of writing began. Through these writings we learn how ancient civilizations would pray before the statues and steeles of their gods for the healing of themselves, loved ones or situations in their lives. The belief our ancestors had in iconic depictions of their gods stems from their knowledge that the images of the divine were alive and that the essence of that divine being lived within that image. There have been many miracles that have occurred connected with certain icons in different faiths, especially the faiths that teach the more Gnostic paths of Christianity such as Christian Orthodoxy. As well, Catholic statues of Mother Mary have been witnessed to cry tears of blood or water.

As time has progressed there has been a more ordered system regarding which attributes belongs to which saints such as there are saints who cleanse a person of negative attachments and curses, saints who bring healing to certain or all parts of the body, saints who help us to connect with the divine and saints who help us to gain greater understanding of the esoteric mysteries. There are many icons not only of the saints but also of the different Archangels and the orders of the Angels such as the Cherubim and Seraphim. And of course, there are icons that reflect the different archetypes of the divine Mother and her son which is also an impression throughout the history of the Mother and Son worship. All of these icons are venerated and believed to hold special power in helping an individual in their lives on Earth and mostly the image on the icon is requested to assist in a persons healing.

Iconotherapia is the use of icons placed on certain parts of the body (usually the Chakras) with prayers are said over each icon as well as the placing of hands above them to channel healing, divine energy into that part of the body, through the icon. It is a healing system that was guided to me by our Mother and which I have been using only on a one to one basis until it has recently been instructed to me to offer it as a distance healing with guidance on how to perform it by distance.

How is a distance healing performed?

Once you have ordered your healing (s) I will contact you to organize a time and a date convenient for both of us for me to perform your healing and I always welcome any background information you wish to give me such as what you would like me to focus on for your healing.

For your healing I use a ‘tama’ (aka Milagros) which is a metal votive offering and a template that corresponds with your gender and which represents you. As your thought form is taken into this proxy, this tama is then placed on the holy shrine dedicated to the Mother and before her statue and various icons of the saints. Seven icons of the Mother and Jesus are then placed upon your seven Chakras on your tama and they are also placed around your tama. Your tama is then anointed with holy oil on the forehead, heart, each palm and each foot and anywhere on the body that healing has been specifically requested for. Holy oil is then sprinkled around and on the tama and a special blend of resins is placed on hot charcoal and is then smudged around your tama to cleanse your auric bodies, to attract the saints and the divine and to also bring you protection.

I am then guided to recite a prayer over each of the icons that are upon each of your Chakras and this prayer depends on which one I am guided to verbally recite. As I do so, the frequencies of my voice changes and aligns with that of the divine healing energies. I then place my hands above your tama and channel into it healing light which intelligently goes to where healing is needed.

With all of these elements combined of water, air, fire, Earth and spirit, the mysteries of the icons begin to come alive and empower the healing. The healing is not only meant to bring relief to physical ailments but also to the mind, heart and soul, in this dimension and all dimensions so we can say that Iconotherapia is a multi-dimensional healing system.

If I see any negative energies attached to any of your auric bodies or your Chakras, they are taken off with the assistance of Archangel Michael and they are then transmuted into light. If someone has an ‘infestation’ of negative energies and entities, then one healing session will not be enough and I advise anyone looking to order this healing to take advantage of the block healings which are offered at a more economical fee.

After the healing session is complete, your tama remains on the holy shrine for 24 hours and after this time, all cords are cut between you and this tama unless you have ordered a block of healings which means the tama which has been attuned to your energy will remain as it is on the shrine and will continue to be worked on.

Like all of my other healing systems, a convenient time and date for both client and myself can be organized for me to perform the healing where the client enters into meditation at the same time that their healing is being performed. If the client has a busy schedule or the time difference between us is great, I can perform their healing during their sleep time. Sometime after the healing, the client is emailed and given a report on what occurred during their healing and any additional information pertaining to it such as prayers may be given or further instruction on how to remain cleansed and protected especially while the healing is still taking place.

What makes Iconotherapia so powerful and different to other healing systems?

All healing systems are working with the frequencies of the cosmos and so although I cannot say that one system is better than another I can say that those who have a deep belief in the divine and the healing abilities of the icons have a stronger connection with the divine and so it is much easier for the sacred frequencies to ‘work’ with their cooperation to allow themselves to be healed.

Personally speaking and being a master/teacher of many different healing systems as well as my own, this is the most powerful healing system I have ever experienced and the one that has shown the most difference in the person I have used it to promote healing.

It is important to understand that no healing system offers a miracle cure as the success of someone being healed depends largely on the client being willing to be healed. What Iconotherapia does is empower the client to help themselves and to see the lessons in their experiences which gives them a greater insight on how they can help themselves to heal. Again, I have noticed that Iconotherapia has shown the most results in helping people to face their shadows in order to find balance and harmony within. My philosophy has always been, ‘healthy mind, healthy body.’

If you are a pagan but still want this healing performed, is this possible?

The answer is yes. I have a shrine dedicated to the Mother with her title ‘Inanna’ and the same process can be performed but instead of using the icons I can draw the symbols of the Goddess instead. Even so, I do advise anyone to experience the healing of the icons because as those who study the mysteries are aware, the saints correspond with the manifestations of the Hosts of Heaven as well as the elements and the celestial bodies.

Is Iconotherapia only used for physical ailments? What about relationships or spiritual ascension?

I also use tamata that correspond with the heart and with the third eye so any of these can be used as templates as a focus for your healing. As the Mother is wisdom herself and also the Goddess of love, her mysteries also cover matters of the heart, psychic development, spiritual ascension, empowerment of courage and general assistance for our life path.

Would someone need more than one healing? Isn’t one healing session enough?

It really depends on the person and their condition. It is important to remember that Iconotherapia. and really all of our healing systems. are a therapy and we must take into account that taking care of our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health should never be seen as a one time thing but an ongoing process that should always be a priority to us. Many people benefit from these healing sessions AS a therapy especially because of the support that is offered to each client during and after each healing session.

Sometimes, it is the support and coaching that I give that is needed more than the healing itself because as a human being and a professional, I understand the importance of treating someone as a whole being and how sometimes we really need someone to just be there for us during what we are going through, to care about us, to advise us and to want our healing to be a success as much as we do. To me you are not just another human being; you are a beautiful soul that needs love, patience and understanding. A healing with me is a journey where I walk beside you and hold your hand if you need me to.

If someone has an ‘infestation’ of negative energies and entities, a long standing illness or depression or if they have deep rooted issues that need to come to the service in order to be healed, then one healing session will not be enough and I advise anyone looking to order this healing to take advantage of the block healings which are offered at a more economical fee.

1 Healing $80

3 Healings $200

5 Healings $300

7 Healings $400

10 Healings $550

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