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We have entered the age of Aquarius and the archangels and the ascended masters with the help of many alien races are preparing the world for the biggest event in human history known to man. A growing number of people are slowly waking up to this reality while the new world order of god Enki is being manifested in our reality.

In this archeological relief you can see Lord Enki as Aquarius.

Lord Enki is known to the new age community mostly as Saint Germain and he appears to us in many forms, one of which is the form of Lord Thoth. Those who can recognize the true message of the new world order should know that Saint Germain, through his channeled messages, was among the first who spoke about the new world order of the Aquarian Age that will be governed by the Ascended Masters and NOT by the bankers and the dark brotherhood.

We speak in the various frequencies of the different universal races that we are in contact with and we share their messages to humanity to enlighten them about the great shifts that are taking place. These different universal races that we communicate with are projecting their own consciousness in their effort to help our reality to ascent in higher frequencies.

For some, this can make can create an acceleration in their consciousness if they knew that there are beings that can access our world from other dimensions and communicate with them. This could empower their faith and transform their knowledge but for us it makes no difference if a person can channel or not as there are many people who are naturally intuitive or who have a deep knowledge of the occult. There is no reason to feel inferior if you cannot channel; there are many ways of communicating with light beings and channeling is only one of those ways.

The ESOPHORIA project started one day out of nowhere when we were performing high energy work and petitioning the god Thoth (Enki/St.Germain) for guidance. Answering to our call, he joined us and we began to channel messages that he was giving us. Thoth gave us the name ‘ESOPHORIA’ and told us that this would be the name of our mystery school. He also gave us the symbol which has a very important meaning and alphanumerical value and we are realizing this importance every day and expressing it in our projects.

This  is the original symbol that Lord Thoth gave us.

The Anunnaki/Elohim are also teaching us the power of the numbers and how Gematria is related with the emanations of the tree of life that was planted in earth by them and they constantly provide us with alphanumerical keys that are also a way to validate the truthfulness of their words.

Here is an example:




Note: “Tiferet” means Beauty. It’s the center of the Tree of Life, the harmony of all the Sephirot. It is referred to as “The Son”, “The King”, “The Bridegroom.” Tiferet is associated with Adonis, Osiris and other sun, sacrificed, and resurrected gods. Malkuth means “Kingdom” and it is the bride/Shekinah.

ESOPHORIA is a prophecy about the arrival of the long awaited Aquarian Christ and His Holy Bride as well as the returning of the Ascended Masters and the birth of the new root race of humans that are and will be born on Earth.

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ESOPHORIA is part of the Divine Plan within the limits of which the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood are working along with the Archangels and the Anunnaki who are also known as the ‘Elohim’.

ESOPHORIA does not belong to us since we are just the guardians and the scribes of a project created by the Great Architect Lord Thoth. As one of our main guides, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky said to us:

“ESOPHORIA is a malignant time bomb which was already created by Thoth and which was encapsulated in a time capsule in the universe and which has descended upon those who are ready to share its message.” 

ESOPHORIA is a divine gateway that aims to dissolve the false matrix and forge bridges between the mental conscious of humanity with the divine and re-establish the truth of the Anunnaki on Earth as well as re-connecting Earth with our galactic brothers and sisters who are, and always have been, communicating with humans to keep the channels of our one-ness intact.

We are members and official representatives of the Solar Brotherhood of the Serpent that is also know as the Great White Brotherhood. We have a special and soul family relationship with the Anunnaki gods who are the Elohim mentioned in the Bible and one of our goals is to restore and reveal the truth about the gods and the creators of humanity.

We are also the OFFICIAL Anunnaki Council on Earth and much of our work is about teaching the truth about our beloved ancestors as well as healing the bond between them and their children.

We reveal that our lord Jesus Christ him self was an Anunnaki/Elohim hybrid and this is why he called himself “The son of man” and not just the son of God that is also a truth that we explain in full details in our work.



We provide you with a pure gateway to the divine and all the tools you will need for your ascension into higher states of consciousness.

We provide you with the new updated human software (divine algorithms) that will activate your DNA and prepare you for the great shift to the golden Age of Aquarius that is already happening.

As the greatest Christed Master, Pythagoras said to us:

“ESOPHORIA is a gateway to bring back the true teachings” 

Our lord Jesus Christ baptized the Apostles and the saints with the Holy Spirit that is the Shekinah/Shakti of the Logos, the energy that empowers the Logos, and it is with this same energy that will empower the Logos within you and help you to ascend to the Christ consciousness that will put order to your inner universe. One of our main aims is to resurrect the Goddess within the minds of humans and to unite her with her consort within the consciousness of humanity so that balance and harmony can become a reality of our society. We work towards the Hieros Gamos of the divine masculine and feminine and teach the benefits of understanding duality and collapsing duality within.

We are avatars and representatives of the Anunnaki, the Hindu gods, the Egyptian gods,  the Olympians and all the pagan gods, which are the same family. We have communication with alien races that are here projecting their own consciousness that not many know about or have broadcasted about. We are the representatives of many light beings that are here with us who are trying to help with the ascension process of humanity within the limits of the divine plan and the universal laws.

We shall reveal information about the purpose of their visits, our main mission here on earth, and we shall teach the universal and divine laws which all planets must obey to remain balanced.

We bring the message of light, hope, love, truth and wisdom, and we announce the return of the gods, those that are already incarnated and who are incarnating within our reality as avatars to establish the new world order of the Aquarian Age.

Helen Demetriou, Theophilos Amar_Utu the guardians of ESOPHORIA.

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