Gateway of the Sun

This is a channeling from Lord Marduk:

We are the pattern makers of your world and the universe. We are the ordinators of time and the destinies of worlds and we are the recorders of the events that take place either within the material or the etheric. We are the ones that keep guard over that which you call the Akashic Records which are not kept on Earth but are within the dimension of Venus for Venus is the vibration of all the mysteries, wisdom and knowledge and we are the ones who place the Watchers to oversee all events and who keep these testimonies of human consciousness stored and later analyzed by the elder gods.

There are many humans who continue to choose mental blindness and when I say this I mean they are those who choose to live within the false frequencies of human thoughts which are a matrix made up completely of ego and human flesh importance. They are the ones who rebel against that divine part of them that reminds them of their ancestry of us who are the cosmic forces in physical motion.

We are the high priests and priestesses of the cosmos and we hold ritual within the Rose Ashram with the masters of time and space who have incarnated on Earth as humans. They are us but an Earthly example of us who co exist alongside us and who share our thoughts and patterns.

Just as we do, you all enter the world the same way and you all exit the world the same way. There is no other way for you to enter or exit and we made it this way to ensure that all are equal among you, that regardless of your good deeds or bad deeds, you all receive the same opportunities to gain control over your destinies and it is you’re the outcome of your choices that you leave behind you because even though the soul is the power and the body is the meat, what you do during your life time in flesh matters because what you leave on Earth when you exit and ALL that you have left makes a mark on the rest of human development and ascension.

There are many of you who ask, “Who is Marduk?” And this is a very good question. Who am I…? I can tell you that I am everyone and everything. I am all and I am no thing. I am the sun and I am the soil and I am the keeper of the keys that open the many myriad of dimensions below you. I am the secret code and I am the visible phallus. I am the entrance and I am the exit. I am the found and I am the lost and I am the example to you of who you can be if you choose to walk the serpent’s path ‘through’ me. I am the High Priest of my beloved. I am the doting husband and the divine groom. I am her servant and I am her King. I am her god and I am her son. For I am the son to every father and the father of every son just as I am the shadow of the sun and the sun within every shadow.

There are many pathways to the door of wisdom but there is only one way inside and those who have chosen to honour the darkness of the abyss shall not enter and those who have testified before civilization that I do not exist shall not enter. Why is this so? It is so because I am the judge and I am the guardian of the gate and no one shall enter the womb of heaven but by me. Only the straight road and the lover of Wisdom shall bring you to the threshold of illumination and gain you entrance into the Eden of my Soul. For you see, my Soul is the womb of my beloved and she is my nourisher and Holy milk giver and no magick words or incantations can break the doors of heaven nor can you force your way past the divine laws to enter.

If you should try to corrupt the road to travel upon it then you shall be taken deep into the desert of Choronzon (illusion/ego). You know, ignorant person; the same that tempted me as Jesus. Understand? For I am the designer and the architect of all roads and I create the patterns of the highways of the dimensions of the universe. Those who try to be ‘clever’ and step upon the ordained laws of mine and my beloved’s shall be made into mumbling fools and ridiculed before the elder gods.

Dragon Men! Dragon Men! Rise unto me! For I have a tale to tell you my Dagon Masters! You high priests of mine, you TRUE priests who represent the life giving sun that is the Messiah of Aeons, it is time for you to rise and take your place among you brethren and so too shall the Ladies join you and empower you forward for they are the mistresses of birth and you shall be born a-new into the new world.

The gateways of Sirius are now opening up to allow the energies of change to fill Earth reality for the light from this star denotes the return of the Christed Masters on Earth for they are the dancing souls who are crossing the boundaries and the limits of human consciousness and they surpass the coded scriptures further than any human mind can comprehend.

But first the Mother Dragon shall open her mouth and from her tones shall come a frequency that shall burst the ear drums of the eternal blackness of the wicked hearted magicians who try to trick the game keepers of my beloveds game and to you I shall ask you this:

Who is my beloved? Who is the Rose? Who is Venus? Who is the mighty star of the morning that watches you awaken to my rays and who is the magnificent same star that guides your way be-Neith the celestial cow? That soul that you own, do you truly believe that it belongs to you after you desecrate the covenant between the gods and humanity? And who dares to go against her Logos and still hopes to gain immortality after doing so?

Prepare your lips and teeth and tongue for tasting the wine of the Lord that has turned bitter for you for you shall not partake in the fruit of the vine should you continue to follow the steps of iniquity. You shall be the chaff that is thrown into the fiery light of the Baptism of Fire for decontamination for you chose to separate yourself from the divine and you attempted to overpower the law of the Logoi that is I and my beloved Inanna. Not one has succeeded in overwhelming the Word and all who have tried have been licked by the flames of purification.

To all our beloved children, heed us well; desire your divine self; desire your god self; desire union with the Creator of ALL and this desire shall become a pathway to the light of illumination and she, the Holy Spirit that is Shekinah, Shakti, shall ignite herself into a pyre within you which upon you may burn the unproductive sides of yourselves and through her and through loyalty to her, you shall rise like phoenixes and become your true selves that are the Malakim! You shall speak in tongues and you shall prophecy! You shall see the true light of the new kingdom that is waiting for you to enter! Hail, to the children of the Gods! BAB.EL.ON! AMAR.UTU! EL.ION! And those who keep the laws of the son of the sun shall see the face of the gods staring back at them and this shall be the blessing of the sun and all of his glory.


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