Esophoria Prophecy About Jerusalem Confirmed

Our world is going through a very difficult process. For the longest time there has been an underworld war taking place about which not many people are aware of or are able to comprehend. There is a great confusion because of this war and because of what is happening in the shadows which makes it very difficult for the everyday people to distinguish truth from lies while even the lies are part of this ‘game’ from all the parties involved and you also have to understand how secret organizations work while there are layers of reality which at some point may reveal a not so pleasant reality to the lower ranking members of such organizations. And so what I am trying to say is to not think that there are no real reasons to keep secrets in order to gain trust and push some agendas within a situation where so many interests are involved.

As for myself, I am not a member of any secret organization and I have nothing to hide but in spirit I am a member of the brotherhood of the Solar Serpent from which all the ancient mysteries are originated and to which ancient masters such Parmenides, Pythagoras and Plato were members of and so it personally makes sense to believe that there are some real Illuminated individuals in our world who are working for this ancient brotherhood besides the conspiracy theories regarding the Illuminati and the secret organizations behind the scenes. From what I understand, a true Illuminati is a visionary, which I am, who rejects the corrupted structures of this world and seeks for promised lands and Utopian worlds such as the New Atlantis.

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I made this post to confirm the information provided to us by the Anunnaki gods regarding Jerusalem and you can figure out for yourself if this information is important and if you would like to share it within this situation where confirmation of prophecies can at least make people aware that something ‘strange’ is happening in our world

Channeled by Helen Demetriou at Jan 5th 2017:

The Crusade, as you have been told in a previous message, has begun and the Templars are rising and are presently at war. In fact, my daughter, this war has never ended but it was always behind the eyes of the world and now it has manifested itself in front of all eyes and the world is witnessing a new fight for Hagia Sophia and the resurrection of Byzantium. Yes; she, Hagia Sophia, is also another representation of the cosmic axis in the physical world. The Shekinah cannot return to Israel and dwell in the temple which is not rebuilt and which has the Dome of the Rock built on top of it and for her to return the capital of Israel must once again be named as Jerusalem. This promise has been made that all this will come to pass and there are world leaders whose aim is to restore the Temple of Solomon. Of course, this is going to create immense conflict.

I have already told you that many of the sacred objects are kept within the belly of the Dome of the Rock which are mentioned in the bible. The fight continues for the power of Jerusalem and for the place where the Dome of the Rock mosque is built which is on top of the Temple of Solomon. Whoever controls Jerusalem controls the world and the great final battle will be for these two places but mostly for the Dome of the Rock. The ones of the Rose Cross have lain in wait; these builders of the Temple who have worked in the shadows to keep the balance. They await their father who is the Fire Rooster, Abraxas, Alexander the Great, Nimrod, Hiram Abiff etc He who will unite all nations. Their mother has always been with them.

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