Earth Soul By Goddess Inanna

My mother died on the 2nd February 2013 and I had to return to my homeland which is England for the funeral. During this time of great sorrow my main concern was returning to my family and helping my father in the worst time of his life. The gods understood my need to not ‘work’ and so stayed close to me yet they did not feed me material to channel. This will explain to many of you why Esophoria has not been publishing much activity lately.

As my system began getting used to this new way of thinking and feeling, I longed for the connection with the gods as it gives me healing and helps me to focus on other things rather than the utter despair I felt and feel over the passing of my mother.

As the gods know my heart and read my thoughts and heard me calling out to them to re acknowledge my channels with them, Inanna came to me and loved me and gave me rest within her loving and matronly arms. She told me that she has much to tell me that she would like me to share with the world and so I eagerly accepted to be the channel of her love.

Helen: “Mother, I need your words to find myself again; I need your wisdom to pour onto others.”

Inanna: “My daughter, I have much to share with you and I am here for you always and I always have been; we are part of each other and it is your choice when you wish to continue your mission.”

Helen: “I am ready for my mind to leave this world for a few moments of rest and reside with you within our I AM presence so that I may commune with you, my higher self, and be cleansed by the amnesia of my reality.”

Inanna: “Then it shall be so. Our message to humanity is this:

You can feel the Earth changes. Know that the weather conditions are the way they are due to the merging of the two worlds. I hope that your followers have no forgotten that two worlds are merging, and that this is why the signs on Earth and in the skies are as they are. I hope that they have not forgotten that the Nibiru consciousness and Earth reality are uniting to create the new world that you have all been waiting for.

It will continue to be this way for some time; this way of constant change and at many times is of confusion. This will take many years so do not keep asking when. You see, I am aware of many asking when they will ‘see’ changes and my answer to them is that you must be blind; change is happening all around you but because you are so used to it as a reality you do not notice it. Do you really SEE? When you say you are awake, are you? Really? For being awake means you notice and feel all changes even if they are not something in front of your very eyes. You have many senses; practice them and use them for you need them.

These changes include the many things that are being revealed to humanity and you will find that more good and bad things will be exposed to society. Many of the lies you have been told are being illuminated by the Sun of Truth.

There are many qualities that lie dormant within each of you which are beginning to wake up and see the light of day. There are instances that touch you in your lives which allow you to learn new things about yourselves that you never even knew existed within you. Know that you did not arrive on Earth without your tools; they are not gifts and they are not something that is given to you as your life progresses; they are already inside you, ready to be activated at the right times that you agreed for them to be activated.

We want to remind you that balance between all of your life bodies is of upmost importance. Your life bodies or your auric bodies should be a focus for you as balance is the key to awakening and remembering and balanced humans provides a balanced Earth consciousness and reality.

It is important now that you unlock the doors to your soul for by doing so you are unlocking the door to the Earth Soul. Enter the soul of the Earth! You ARE part of it, you know; it is part of you, you know. All of humans are filters for energy to pass in and around Earth, just like trees, just as crystals are which you have already been taught. The Chakras you possess are filters, yes, but you have them not only to keep yourself cleansed of negative energy by these filtering Chakras, but also you are filters so energy of all kinds if passed through and filtered by you.

So what is the Earth Soul? The Earth Soul is a consciousness, a pure consciousness and a web that contains the root of all life on your planet. You could say this is the core of the Earth consciousness. It is the place from where all life stems from. It is what nourishes life and the need for life and the want for life on Earth.

How can you access it? How can you open its door to you? Allow your ‘roots’ to enter the Earth and attach themselves to the core of the Earth and you will automatically be able to receive upgrades and updates of life on Earth and the data that is needed to improve you as a human being residing on your planet. It IS as simple as that and this is what many of you do not understand. All things are simple pertaining to your spiritual wellbeing. All things are easy when it comes to upgrading your consciousness. You just need to reconnect and absorb these positive energies.

We have told you many times that we left you sacred monuments to draw energy and enlightenment from. These buildings were created to mark energy wells so that these energy wells could always be located. Temples were not made to ‘glorify’ the gods but were a symbol of immense stores of energy that came was channeled into them not only from above but also from below and this is the Earth Soul consciousness. These monuments were strategically placed over areas that there were outlets from the Earth’s core, where energy enters the atmosphere the most. Those of you who have visited these places have noticed how strong the energy is there and that it is indeed a spiritual energy but this energy does not only come down but also comes up. They meet together in that place so that heaven and Earth become one and this is the hieros gamos or the sacred marriage.

You must not only look above to connect with divinity this way but also look below to connect with your native land, Earth Soul energy and the core of all humanity. It is common sense that although you originate from the stars you are also connected to the Earth for this is where your meat and bone is born from; you were created from stardust and Earth and so above and below do exist within you and is activated by your remembrance. Yes, I am talking about this many times and repeating this in many forms but this is only because it is so important that this data sinks into your minds.

I want you to really think about this; do you think there was not some reason for your existence? Do you not think that Father Enki and Mother Ninmah as well as the other Anunnaki thought carefully about your creation and HOW and WHY they would create you? Wake up and remember my beloveds! We wanted you to be from many realms and dimensions, the royal children of the royal family of the universe and to be the perfect example of two consciousnesses uniting to express perfection for you are ALL perfect in every way. You are the symbols and signs of the evolution of the universe and we love you very much and we are very proud of you and our work, regardless of how you have been led astray from your divine missions. This can be undone but what you are and what you mean to us cannot and we hold you in our hearts.

You are able to absorb all the history from the universe and all the history from the ALL and all the history of Earth and the times and aeons. You are part of the big plan and beings from all over the galaxy wish to reincarnate on Earth for spiritual evolution.

I will tell you now that when I hear our children exclaim that they are ashamed of being human or feel somewhat dirty for being human it upsets me greatly because you are lost and ungrateful and not even in touch with your true self for if you were you would not say such things. It is clear that you are not in a state of full awareness of what you are and what you can do. Do not look down on your own tribes for you are looking down on us and you are looking down on every tribe in the universe that has had a hand in helping with your evolution.

You have much work to do on Earth. Not all energies and activations will come from the planets and other species in the galaxy. Know this and take it in. This is a big reason why many of you believe there is ‘nothing happening’ right now and this is because you are looking and feeling in all the wrong places. You are Earthlings. Know that all the resources you need are right under your feet.

Remember: we love you and we are always there whenever you need our counsel.”



  • filiz selman

    thank U for all the wonderful info U are giving..
    with love and light.

    March 24, 2013
  • Tess Oro

    I like when you talk about the sacred places. Teotihuacan s pyramids is a great place.
    The meaning is Where GODS are born or something similar . So when one reads this article one really feels it is worth living and try not to feel worthless.
    Heavenly Blessings, I impose the hands since I encountered Sukyo Mahikari in 1985. Thank you

    May 18, 2013
  • Helen Demetriou

    Blessings and love! Thank you for reading and commenting! Hugs xxxx

    May 22, 2013
  • Helen Demetriou

    Blessings and many thanks! I am so glad you enjoyed this! Love to you and your family! xxx

    May 22, 2013
  • Elad Mashiach

    Wow, i can read this stuff all day!!! I am so glad and greatful for ALL the work and channeling you do for this earth.
    ******hugs and blessings******

    May 25, 2013

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