Dragon Healing

Welcome to the Magical World of Dragon Healing!

“I am Ferren and I descend from the red dragon fire clan. I am one of many and my species is ancient and dwells on Earth though it is far too dangerous for us to reveal ourselves physically to human beings. Instead we use our skills to communicate through the channels within the ethers and we approach those who needs our help. When we appear to you we show ourselves in your mind’s- eye as holographic images of fire of various forms and to those who may not be able to see us, you will feel us as a warm glow deep within your heart.

We are sages, masters of divine magic and we are members of the Great White Brotherhood, acting as companions and advisors. We are also companions to humans and guide them on their spiritual paths.

Each dragon tribe consists of clans that correspond with the elements for we believe that balance is the key to ultimate peace. We understand that there are many humans who have known us from past lives and who remember our energy from long ago. We also know that there are people who align with our frequencies for they either have dragon DNA themselves or who are attracted to our history and our story.

Because of this, a representative from each of the four clans has been moved to join together to form an energy team that will bring the dragon healing to Earth conscious and is now available to anyone who wishes to partake in receiving these energies.

Our energy team consists of myself, Prince Ferren, and I offer the healing of the element of Fire. I represent the male primordial force of creation.

Princess Nia, who is a blue water dragon and she represents the female primordial force of creation.

Prince Rein, who is a white crystal dragon from the Nordic clan, a magnificent being with unbelievable beauty that offers crystalline dragon healing and represents air.

Queen Leyla, who is lavender in colour. She is the Great Mother Dragon, the Matriarch of the Dragon clans and the birther of Nia. She represents the Earth.

United as a healing team we represents spirit itself.”

Long ago Master Ferren gave the Dragon Fire Activation to Esophoria Mystery School and this ascension tool has become one of our most popular activations. He had told me back then of Dragon Healing and that he would give this to me to share publicly when the time is right which is now.

I have been using Dragon Healing on myself, family, friends and animals for a while and I have been working with the representatives of the dragon clans very closely. Below you will find the benefits of receiving Dragon Healing and how it can help you both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Dragon Healing helps to alleviate the symptoms of any illness as it works on a multidimensional level through all directions of time and space so this means that it works on all of the auric bodies and also resounds along the timelines into the past, finding the root cause of illness and helping to treat it.

Dragon Healing is very much like Reiki as in it is an energy that is highly advanced and intelligent with the energy going to where it is needed. Unlike Reiki, Dragon Healing energy can be used on focal points in order to heal problematic blockages in various parts of the body which causes illness and pain which is created by imbalances in one or all of the auric bodies.

This healing system is not only limited to physical ailments but as it has been stated, treats a person on all levels as a whole being. When there is a physical ailment then there are also mirrored symptoms in the mind, body and soul which are shown in the body.

Those who have received this healing have commented on how this energy has helped them on their spiritual path and many have partaken in this healing specifically to help in their ascension.

What happens during a healing?

The client will be instructed beforehand to sit or lie in a quiet place while the healing takes place which usually lasts around 30 minutes. At the beginning of the healing I enter into a deep meditation and call in the thought form of the client and then connect with their energies. When this connection has been established we enter the realm of the dragons together which is a sacred and safe place in a certain dimension that exists on Earth alongside our own.

Each of the representatives of the dragon clans are always present during a healing and each assist in performing healing sessions. With their unique energies they work on the client which I see visually and store these images and all messages received about the client in my memory which is then later given to the client as an emailed, written report.

Many times, another dragon will arrive to assist with the healing and this dragon can be a personal companion of the client. Please note that not everyone has a personal dragon companion and it cannot be guaranteed that one will step forward.

The dragons work on the Chakras of the client, cleansing, balancing, aligning and attuning them to the dragon frequencies and this is always a standard procedure to every healing session.

Please know that not every healing session is the same as a lot depends on what the client wishes the healing to be focused on and also on any findings during the healing. The dragons use their different healing methods to suit the root of the session and this can only be discovered while a healing session is taking place.

However, there are common benefits in receiving a Dragon Healing:

*Relief from stress and anxiety
*A sense of well being
*A feeling of being at peace and relaxed
*Relief from symptomatic pain
*Receiving messages
*Empowerment of psychic abilities
*Empowerment of spiritual ascension

Who can receive this healing?

Any person of any age and any animal can receive this healing. All illnesses can be treated using Dragon Healing.

How many sessions do I need?

You can choose to have 1 healing session or you can opt for the more economical blocks of healings that come in 3 and 5 healings. Because many people initially need a lot of cleansing it can take one session for this to be complete in order to allow the healing energy to penetrate into the different auric bodies, I always advise the client to choose more than 1 healing session with 5 being ideal but 3 being better than 1. Long standing illnesses or issues need more than 1 healing session but as always it is totally up to the client how many they wish to receive.


Dragon Healing is a complementary therapy and does not replace conventional medicine and should not be used to replace your regular medical treatment or medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms of pain, please seek medical attention.

Esophoria Mystery School makes no claims that this healing is a miracle cure and we advise that it may be used alongside medical treatment. We will not accept any responsibility of any adverse affects, however arising, that anyone may have from using these products, tools, information, advice or services given. By requesting to receive Dragon Healing you are responsible for yourself and your well being.

One Healing Session $80

Three Healing Sessions $200

Five Healing Sessions $300
(Comes with a FREE Dragon Fire Activation)


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