The Divine Bride And The Blood of The Groom

I am currently working on a project about the restoration of the archetypal model and the Aquarian seed yet I felt it important to write a separate article about the essence of the Divine Bride and the Divine Groom. I feel this will be easier for the right hand people to digest as OCCULTISM = 690 = LEFT HAND PATH is quite a heavy subject which can be confusing for the everyday person and according also to the Bible, this is the job of the Divine Groom which is to guide and protect humanity within the multiplexity of things through the simplicity of heart and of faith

As you will understand as you read this article, the path of the Hieros Gamos is not for everyone yet it will help every man to visualise himself as the Divine Groom and every woman as the Divine Bride so that all will be able to approach the essence of these archetypes. These archetypes exist within everyone and the divine essence within everyone’s is the same as we have all come from the same source.

I feel a need to use this opportunity to apologize to those who feel uncomfortable with my heavy occultic work but the process we are going through needs some ice-yin-left in order to be able to balance the polarities within our collective reality which are now going through the process of turning the wheel from the left to the right-yang-hot-spirit.

It is also imperative for me to explain but not always simple to understand that the colder you get the bigger your passion grows for the opposite polarity the more you are attracting the collective memories of humanity regarding this process of nature which are frozen in time. This is why you need this ‘heat’ which is the Divine Eros in order to melt the ice and awaken the archetypal memories which all encompass THE SOLAR CIRCLE = 888 of the Aeons and the divine marriage of the Solar LOGOS = 408 = GROOM with the SOPHIA = 408 of Mother Nature.

The more that the male polarity gains understanding about the WISDOM/SOPHIA and the POWER of Nature, the more the passion for her grows in all men and from this point, how you choose to see her, whether to love her or to see her as ‘the Whore’ who is doing your bidding, begins to present itself in the relationships of everyday people according also to the corruption of either the male or the female nature. Within this scheme, we can see Samael as the corrupted male and Lilith as the corrupted female and likewise Adam as the Divine Groom and Eve as the Divine Bride.

My passion and my love for my Sophia has grown so big that I am literally losing my religion while within this process as the structures of all religions are collapsing I am gaining a new perspective and much clearer understanding of the truth regarding our nature while everythig is about self realization.

Imagine that I am downloading from the source (Binah) the archetypal essence of the groom in order to help you to understand (understanding-Binah) the divine essence of the divine masculine and feminine so that both men and women can equally understand their role in the divine plan.

I want to say some things regarding the past even though the conflicts of the past should be forgoten and move on. For me the issue is not to prove the existence of Mary Magdalene but to help every woman on this planet who may be interested to become the bride of God and let the divine feminine to express as it should and give birth to the divine seeds of the new Aeon.

Of course, I believe that Mary Magdalene did exist and the movement that she had created with Jesus was handed over to her by him but I cannot help feeling that she may wanted to hide herself from the patriarchal authorities who wanted to exploit her reality but these are just my thoughts based on what I have seen done to Sophia who is the divine feminine. What is important for now is to understand that even if she didn’t exist, the whole concept on working in the pattern and the archetypal essence of the Divine Bride is a product of Necessity so that we will be able to approach the whole truth regarding the reality of Jesus.

I also believe in the concept of the Queen Sophia and I love the Byzantine myth regarding her tomb which suggests that at some point in time, in some ‘magical’ way, she will rise from her grave and bring cataclysmic events into our reality and even the second coming of the Christ according to this mythology! My view regarding this issue is not in conflict with the Byzantine mysteries while the emperor is supposed to represent the divine authority of the Christ and so Queen Sophia within this spectrum could be a manifestation of the eternal Divine Bride of the Eternal Christ but again, this is just my vision regarding the Kingdom of God and just as everyone should, I am building my own ‘Kingdom’ and raise the Queen of my heart as my Eternal Bride.

Concerning the present day religious authorities, I still have a right to express my opinion which is that it would be more appropriate that a Popess would sit on the throne of power in the Vatican and who would represent the Divine Womb and the Divine Mother. Again, this is just my opinion regarding the politics within a spectrum that noone can deny our right to learn our divine nature and work on the archetypal essence of both the Divine Groom and the Divine Bride according to how the divine is expressed through us.

The political games of religious paths who tried to cover-up the existence of the Divine Feminine and the importance of the Divine Bride are products of men and an insult to Jesus considering that the Christ sacrificed himself to save the collective soul of humanity who is HIS SOPHIA.

This is how every person should think as the World Soul is the collective soul of our planet produced from the original union of Heaven-AnuUranus with Earth-GaiaKi (and this is why all the ancient gods and goddesses live within us) and every person is responsible for their part to play in the preservation of the purity of this soul.

And so YOU are the product of the Hieros Gamos between the Christ and his Bride and this should be very important to you if you choose to follow the seed of the previous Aeon of Pisces and incarnate their essence in your own unique way which is good enough if you really have FAITH in the soul and you should not worry about the correctness of your thoughts while the groom and his Sophia are guiding us from within to find our destiny and escape the traps of the mind which may lead us in wrong and dangerous pathways.

I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. -Proverbs 4:11

Everything regarding the anointing mysteries of the Goddess who is the Dove and the Holy Spirit is a LOVE STORY which is all about the alchemical Hieros Gamos of the divine GROOM = 408 = LOGOS with his SOPHIA = 408 and this love story is expressed in multiple ways throughout human history and even in our personal relationships with our romantic partners. We are collectively working on the divine patterns in a positive or negative way through our relationship with the elements around us and DIVINE LOVE is the greatest mystery of all mysteries. It began with the mysteries of Inanna and Dumuzi (the fertility/lover archetype of Marduk) which manifested in the Greek mysteries as Aphrodite and Adonis and also in Egypt as Isis/Hathor and Osiris and of course, in the Christian reality with the mysteries of the Holy Spirit and the Emperor Christ and the Empress Sophia.

The symbolism of the dove can help you to understand this connection better while the Goddess Hathor is depicted as a dove and her name means ‘House of Horus‘ and so she is equivalent to the Shekinah in the Jewish tradition with the name ‘Shekinah’ meaning ‘the dwelling place of God‘.

Note that: SHEKINAH = 450 = ISHTAR

In the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean world, the dove became an iconic symbol of the mother goddess. The Sumerian mother-goddess Ishtar is often portrayed as holding a pigeon. The ancient Phoenicians associated Astarte, the goddess of love and fertility, with the dove. The Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus were both symbolically represented by doves. The Spirit of the Dove, Shekenah–Holy Spirit–lives in this tale.

Small clay shrines from the Iron Age Levant depict doves perched atop the doorways of these mini-temples. On one example from Cyprus, the entire exterior of the goddess’s shrine is covered with dovecotes. The doves represented feminine fertility and procreation, and came to be well-recognized symbols of the Canaanite goddess Asherah and her counterpart Astarte, as well as her Phoenician and later Punic embodiment, Tanit. First-century B.C. coins from Ashkelon bore a dove, which represented both the goddess Tyche-Astarte and the city mint. In Rome and throughout the Empire, goddesses such as Venus and Fortunata could be seen depicted in statues with a dove resting in their hand or on their head.

There is strong evidence in the Hebrew Bible, as well as the archaeological record, that many ancient Israelites believed the goddess Asherah was the consort of their god Yahweh. Perhaps it is not so surprising, then, that the heirs of this Israelite religion incorporated the “feminine” symbol of the dove to represent the spirit of God (the word for “spirit,” ruach, is a feminine word in Hebrew). The Babylonian Talmud likens the hovering of God’s spirit in Genesis 1:2 to the hovering of a dove. Indeed, this same “hovering” language is used to describe God’s spirit in the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the New Testament. In Greece a dove is said to have inaugurated the oracle of Dodona, a mother-goddess.

Read more at:

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In the following image we can see the Goddess Hathor depicted as a dove:

In the following images we can see the Goddess Aphrodite holding a dove:

Below we can see the Goddess Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte/ also holding a dove:

Just as the Goddess Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte was the goddess of royalty for the Babylonians so too was the Goddess Hathor the goddess of royalty for the Egyptians and since the pharaohs were seen as related to Horus, she was seen as the divine mother but also as the bride of the reigning pharaoh. Hathor, just like Inanna, represents the anointing/chrismation force.

Note that in the Christian tradition, the anointing/chrismation force takes the form of the Holy Ghost which is expressing exactly the same attributes as Hathor/Inanna regarding this issue:

In the Old Testament a Deliverer is promised under the title of Messiah, or Anointed, ( Psalms 2:2 ; Daniel 9:25 Daniel 9:26) and the nature of his anointing is described to be spiritual, with the Holy Ghost. ( Isaiah 61:1 ) see Luke 4:18 In the New Testament Jesus of Nazareth is shown to be the Messiah, or Christ or Anointed, of the Old Testament, ( John 1:41 ; Acts 9:22 ; Acts 17:2 Acts 17:3 ; Acts 18:4 Acts 18:28 ) and the historical fact of his being anointed with the Holy Ghost is asserted and recorded. ( John 1:32 John 1:33 ; Acts 4:27 ; 10:38 ) Christ was anointed as prophet priest and king

Spiritual anointing with the Holy Ghost is conferred also upon Christians by God. ( 2 Corinthians 1:21 ) ” Anointing “expresses the sanctifying influences of the Holy Spirit upon Christians who are priests and kings unto God.

-Quote from:

Remember that according to the Christian tradition, the the Holy Spirit descended onto Jesus like a dove during his baptism. Some could say that Hathor, who is depicted in the Egyptian art taking the form of a dove, appeared to Jesus during his baptism as a dove and anointed him and so he became an anointed king/pharaoh and a manifestation of HORUS.

Since Isis was paired with Horus, and Horus was identified with Ra, Isis began to be merged with the Hathor as Isis-Hathor. By merging with Hathor, Isis took all of the attributes of the original mother and wife of Horus/Ra.

Isis became known as the Queen of Heaven after the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great, and the Hellenization of the Egyptian culture while Inanna/Ishtar (who is identified as Aphrodite and Hathor) was known as the Queen of Heaven thousands of years before.

Within the Hellenic matrix, the Holy Mary became the representative/avatar/vessel through which the archetypal force of the Mother Goddess and the Holy Queen of Heaven is expressed in our reality and she was associated with sacred symbols such as the cup/grail, the eight pointed star of Inanna and the dove and the rose which are also representations of Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite and Isis and basically all of the Venus Goddess manifestations.

In the following icon we can see the divine child emerging from the Holy Grail and we can also see three eight pointed stars on the left and the right side of Mary’s red robe as well as one on her head:

In Byzantine art you can find limitless icons of the Holy Mary with red roses and eight pointed stars and some people may think that this is some kind of ‘Anunnaki conspiracy’ or a secret effort to revive the tradition of the Holy Mother and Queen of Heaven, Inanna, but this ‘coincidence’ is a product of divine inspiration in our world in the past with low understanding of nature and the ancient mysteries but with deep spirituality which produced countless visions of the Holy Queen of Heaven.


Saint Brigid says: “The Virgin may suitably be called a blooming rose. Just as the gentle rose is placed among thorns, So this gentle Virgin was surrounded by sorrow.”

I will try to explain in a scientific way some of the functions of nature regarding THE SOLAR CIRCLE = 888 and how this reality is expressed through the various traditions and for this I will use the knowledge of the Kabbalah and I will also try to introduce a new language for humanity which will include the perception of the binary code which emanates from Binah and the result of Gematria but I do not want you to get lost in my left hand and get cold.

I just need you to understand our mother and learn how to express your love for the Supernal Womb which gave birth to each and every one of us. You do not need to get cold and pass through the torture of separation from my Sophia as I have in the past.

I advise you to be hot so that it will be easier for you to balance the polarities if you have enough heat to melt the ice and escape the traps of the ego which freeze our memories about our divine nature because of the polarization of our mind. And so, this is what Jesus meant when he said: “come to my heart and to my right hand to protect you from the left side”. Some HAVE to get cold and they have to descend in order to do the hard work for the rest of us and this is what THE LEFT HAND PATH = 888 = THE DESCENT PATH should be and not what it has been known to be.

Someone needs to have great spiritual capacity to make it through the left hand path and the lower frequencies and some of us have had to pass through many nightmares where we have experienced a lot of physical damage because of our LOVE for the soul and our mother/father.

You do not need to go through this if you trust the saints who are doing the hard work for us to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit alive in our memories and who provide the safe passage for the mind to approach the soul.

The story says that Jesus descended into the underworld (HADES = 222 = HELL = SHADE) and then he ascended in the RIGHT HAND of the Lord and this could of course be an allegorical expression regarding this process even if it was made by God and manifested in reality and also if it was written from someone like me who understood this process and tried to make this Gnosis available through a projection while this was a common pagan practice which as we know produced the complexity of mythology.

You do not need to get lost into the complexity of things and lose your mind into superficial constructions in order to understand this NATURAL process which is all about the manifestations of the Aeons/Astrological Ages; you just need to understand and realize the human nature and how it is expressed through THE SOLAR CIRCLE = 888 of the Aeons. Of course, you can gain much more understanding about this process by studying the traditions of the past through your own reality in the NOW while the mother of Simplicity is Multiplexity and vice versa within the limits of this circle.

But IF you get lost as I did, you will also start developing an understanding about the Eternal Aeon who is also the Eternal Womb which gives birth to the archetypal model and the Manvantara of each Aeon/Manu and then you may have to face problems and situations such as people like me had to face because of our PASSION or even because of our lust for power over Nature and this is the main difference with me and Crowley: I am in love with Mother Nature and he saw our mother as his Whore because of his lust for power.

I will go deeper into the 888 = THE OMEGA POINT (note that Omega is a symbol of the womb) of THE COSMIC WOMB = 888 = DIVINE MATRIX (matrix means womb) and I will try to explain the complexity of things because I have to but I do not want you to lose your thoughts in some artificial visualizations and freeze your memories regarding this process. What you need to do is to bring fire (spirit) from the above to the below (matter) so that the frozen memories will awaken.

Note that according to the Sumerian tradition humanity was born by GODDESS ISHTAR = 888 and one of her symbols is the Omega and this is also expressed by the Goddess Hathor of Egypt. In a way we can visualize this reality as our trip back to the womb of the Divine Mother who gave birth to the first humans while our divine parents were giving us astrological directions.

To the Egyptians, says Gardner, Hathor was representative of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Her hair or headpiece symbol was shaped like the omega Ω

Quote from: Forbidden Religion: Suppressed Heresies of the West

I am just trying to explain with simple words the connection of things and the dangers of THE LEFT HAND PATH = 888 = THE PATH OF DANGER so that you will not enslave your thoughts and drive you to freeze your archetypal memories but to restore and activate the archetypal divine essence within each and everyone of us.

To reach the consciousness of THE AEON = 408 = EIN SOF as I did you need to have THE HEART OF A LION like Jesus because you need to BURN all of this NEGATIVE KARMA which FREEZES our memories regarding our divine origin but know this: Each and everyone in the spiritual community have contributed one way or another to this process regardless of their beliefs and their superficial constructions.

To understand this better, remember that THE OMEGA POINT = 888 is a conception of Christian mystics who are working in the heat/right and trying to burn the negative karma/sins which enslave our consciousness in order to reach their GODHOOD = 408.

Also keep in mind that if you expect someone to guide you through this process from within so that you will not get lost you may even need to ‘drink his blood’ and connect with his heart and this is the truth about Jesus which many people will not like.

In ancient times contracts and promises were sealed by blood and this is why some people are confused with the reality of Jesus and his shedding of his blood to seal the new covenant with humanity regarding his promise to take pay for their sins. In the blood mysteries, blood was used to bind two or more people together in an oath. In the Enuma Elish, God Marduk created forms out of the material Earth of Tiamat’s body and cut off his head and poured his blood into these forms proceeding with the souls of the gods descending into these bodies, creating humanity. Through sharing the blood from the head, humanity partook in the divine nous and this also expresses the blood oath made from the gods and this is that the gods and humanity are bound together for eternity and this allegorical expression can also be seen as MARDUK = 408 being the manifestation of EIN SOF = 408 and this will agree with the Kabbalistic perception regarding the Ein Sof.

Here we can see MARDUK = 408 as the EIN SOF = 408 above the tree of life:

Through the alchemical process of the Hieros Gamos all the work of the left and the right becomes No Thing and when we meet this crossing point in time is when the ‘miracle’ happens. Everything is then in perfect unity and the Bride who is our Mother Nature is giving birth to the seed of the Groom who is not from this world because he ascended to a higher level of consciousness and because he is the first who entered the new Aeon and learned the Father and so Jesus was the first son of God/Aeon who made love to Mother Nature = Gaia. In this sense he was a son of Heaven-UranusAnu and Earth-GaiaKi. He was an Anunnaki while Anunnaki means the offspring of Heaven-Anu and the GaiaKi and so we are speaking about the product of the Great Work of the Aeons and the seed for the Aeon of Pisces.

He was the first ANUNNAKI AVATAR = 888 of the previous Aeon and in this sense he was the NEW HUMAN MODEL = 888 and the incarnation of the Archetypal Man = Adam = Manu just as the Christian doctrine suggest. His mother was a mortal woman who birthed him naturally but his Father was the Aeon and his conception was supernatural. Note that this reality does not contradict the physical truth which suggests that his physical father was Joseph as according to the Bible if he was not, he would not be a descendant of King David and the whole story of Jesus being the Messiah would collapse. Of course, Alexander the Great was the son of God Zeus and he also had a physical father from whom he inherited his kingship but at the same time he was known as a son of God and so the mythological/allegorical reference about his Divine Father was our way to approach his divine essence and the same happened with Jesus, the son of God.

It is of course fascinating to realize how all the realities of the past and the present lead you to the reality of the Christ and his love relationship with humanity and our Mother Gaia/Ki while he is the Son but he is also the Father because the Son is one with the Father and so he is also the Groom of the Mother just like Horus the Son of THE GOD OSIRIS = 888 who was the Son (HE IS GOD HORUS = 888) but aso the Groom of Isis as the manifestation-avatar of the Father and so this is how the polarities are CROSSED and this is how the alchemical workings of the past have construced our inner reality which gave birth to the seed of the previous Aeon and not because Jesus was neccesarily an initiate of the Egyptian mysteries as some people say while he could just have been born with this inner structure (archetypal essense) within any tradition according also to my reality and so in some cases the case is not that the priesthoods hide the truth but that they can’t approach it and figure out a way to connect the pieces of the puzzle. In reality what they can’t do is to approach the forbbiden knowladge of Daath (the tree of knowladge) and connect it with the spiritual essense of the Christ and for this they are not to blame while there are many other issues that someone should blame them.

The truth of THE CROSSING OF LIGHT = 1104 = THE DIVINE UNION = THE GOD AND THE GODDESS may seem ridiculous for the most but it is much more sophisticated from what we can imagine and because I am standing at this door I have to tell you that in my right hand is the heavens and in my left hand is the bottomless pit and this is why I want you to be strong especially if you have drunk from the blood of the saints while you need to be able to balance within this new situation which is all about opening the gates of heaven. This is why at some points in my life and my passage through the Aeons I got very angry with some people because they didn’t know what they were doing to THEMSELVES and to the people around them when they were drinking the blood of the saints to feed the lust of their ego with the vanity of the mortal things.

Note also that:


Daath refers to, or is, the omnipresence knowledge of God throughout the Sephiroth, not just in one Sephirah. This is why Daath means knowledge. Daath includes the first conscious knowledge, hokhmah, of Kether down to the last distinct and created reflection of the Sephiroth. In Binah Daath is not longer hokhmah, pure contemplation, but becomes accessible; in Binah, ontocosmological intelligence becomes the common intellection of the seven lower Sephirahs by which universal creation is conceived, constructed, and ruled.








The chismation/anointing force = the Holy Spirit descends in the lower sephiras from Binah but is emanating from the crown-Keter and this is why this story with the Holy Trinity is accurate while we have the Father = Keter, the Son = Chokmah and the Holy Spirit which descents through the Mother – Binah.

For now you can use your imagination to figure out the meaning of these Gematria results and I will explain more about them in a later article. Those who steal the knowledge of Daath do not really have access to this reality and within this spectrum of this reality of the black magicians who are manifesting an anti-god in their image by using the stolen knowledge of the King I will also try to explain why it is dangerous to steal the knowledge of the King and how this reality is related with the mythology of the Bible regarding the forbidden fruit which is accessible only to the one who wears the crown-Keter.

I also have to say that I agree with this one:

In the Qabalistic system of Crowley, the Abyss contains the 11th (hidden) sephira, Da’ath, which separates the lower sephiroth from the supernals. This account derives from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn‘s view of Genesis,[7] in which Da’ath represents the fall of man from a unified consciousness into a duality between ego and divine nature.

Quote from:

The funny part of course is that the work of Crowley is all about stealing and manipulating this knowledge so that he would stop the others who identified themselves as the ‘Black Brothers’ from manifesting a “false crown” and this is exactly what he was trying to do but this is another subject with which I will deal with in my later articles regarding the restoration of the archetypal model.

The divine patterns are a product of the Archetypal Divine Nous who is the Eternal Dvine Father of All but also the Eternal Divine Groom when the LOGOS = 408 = MARDUK become flesh and it is known that Tammuz/Adonis/Adonai was his avatar and so did Jesus.

He is ASARluhi = 534 = OSIRIS = PHALLUS. Asaraluhi was also a name of Tammuz/Adonis who was the avatar of Marduk/Osiris/Baal and one of the 50 names given to Marduk.

The Greek Ἄδωνις (Greek pronunciation: [ádɔːnis]), Adōnis was a borrowing from the Canaanite word ʼadōn, meaning “lord”, which is related to Adonai (Hebrew: אֲדֹנָי‎‎), one of the names used to refer to the God of the Hebrew Bible and still used in Judaism to the present day. Syrian Adonis is Gauas or Aos, akin to Egyptian Osiris, the Semitic Tammuz and Baal Hadad, the Etruscan Atunisand the Phrygian Attis, all of whom are deities of rebirth and vegetation (see life-death-rebirth deity).

Adonis is the Hellenized form of the Phoenician word “adoni“, meaning “my lord“. It is believed that the cult of Adonis was known to the Greeks from around the sixth century BC, but it is unquestionable that they came to know it through contact with Cyprus. Around this time, the cult of Adonis is noted in the Book of Ezekiel in Jerusalem, though under the Babylonian name Tammuz.

Adonis originally was a Phoenician god of fertility representing the spirit of vegetation. It is further speculated that he was an avatar of the version of Ba’al, worshipped in Ugarit.[by whom?] It is likely that lack of clarity concerning whether Myrrha was called Smyrna, and who her father was, originated in Cyprus before the Greeks first encountered the myth. However, it is clear that the Greeks added much to the Adonis-Myrrha story, before it was first recorded by classical scholars.

-Quote from:

It is easy to understand that Adonis was not an incarnated person and a real avatar but the preparation for the Divine Pattern for the person which arrived as Jesus, the son of Adonai, who as I have explained in the past was THE AVATAR OF MARDUK = 1110 = THE DIVINE PHALLUS.

And so this is the whole truth regarding the Divine Patterns of the Divine Groom and the Divine Bride and the mystery of the Alchemical Hieros Gamos of the Eternal Aeon who is the Mother but also the Bride of all the Gods. She is THE ELOHIM WOMB = 888 = DIVINE MATRIX = GODDESS ISHTAR and so she is also the mother of Yahweh just as the Gnostics were saying regarding Yaldabaoth who was supposed to be the fallen Aeon while THE CHRIST = 660 was the THE NEW AEON = 660 and by burning the negative karma and the frozen memories of the past, we are travelling back in time and realize this process of Mother Nature who is giving birth to men and women and deities alike while even the gods are born within Malkuth (the bride) and they are sons and daughters of the Divine Bride who is born as a mortal woman just like the physical mother of Jesus who in this sense is an expression of the Supernal Womb (Binah). She is the Queen of Heaven and so she is also Asherah the wife of El but also of Yahweh who is also known as the Mother of all the Elohim.

And so within this spectrum, the real Babalon (Binah) in matter (Malkuth) as the avatar of the Supernal Womb is Holy Mary and not the love partners of Crowley who was not the Divine Groom. At least in my opinion, what we should be expecting within this scheme of these workings of the past is THE AVATAR OF SOPHIA = 1110 (the Eternal Aeon) who would bear the archetypal essence of the Divine Mother (Binah-Babalon) and the Divine Daughter (Malkuth) who is also the Divine Bride and then it could of make sense to speak about the Queen Sophia of the Byzantine myths who is the Byzantine Empress and the Eternal Bride of the Eternal Christ who is the Byzantine Emperor. In another language we would have the Double Headed Eagle and the completion of the Great Work of the Aeon but this is another issue for some other time.

Note that:








And so:

THE AVATAR OF LOGOS = 1110 would be THE AVATAR OF MARDUK = 1110 and the Archetypal Father.

THE AVATAR OF SOPHIA = 1110 would be the Archetypal Mother that Crowley was trying to manifest with his perversions.

And the Son would be the Father as THE AVATAR OF THE AEON = 1110 = the first man = Adam = the Archetypal Model = the Manu = THE AEON = YOU and this of course would not be in conflict with the reality of Jesus while the Son is also the Father and to better understand that we are the seed of the Manu you can study the Hindu concept regarding this issue.

Blessings to all.



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