Anunnaki Healing

It has been known for thousands of years that the Anunnaki are advanced geneticists and that they are experts in DNA manipulation. In the Anunnaki pantheon almost all of the gods are healers and so many of the Anunnaki can be called upon to aid in the healing of the self and others.

The Anunnaki are very pleased when humans call upon them for help in regards to healing. The same love and artistic energy they used to create humanity is used to ‘put right’ any malfunctions that may have occurred in the physical body while at the same time brings emotional, mental and spirit comfort, reminding the conscious just how special and divine they are.

Anunnaki Healing brings confidence in the self as the memories of your godhood resurface. Receiving an Anunnaki healing not only brings you closer to the gods but opens the channels to your own higher god self. The Chakras are cleansed, balanced and realigned and the DNA strands are examined, repaired and reconnected.

There are many benefits from experiencing Anunnaki Healing as the Anunnaki frequencies promote your ascension process as during your healing session; Helen guides your essence through the higher dimensions until together you discover a dimension which suits your soul vibration. When your suitable dimension has been found, Helen then proceeds with your healing session in that dimension.

Not many are aware that each human being has an Anunnaki guide and they are called to take part with your healing alongside Helen and the healing Anunnaki gods who choose to be part of your healing experience.

There is no set structure for this healing system. Helen is a channel for the Anunnaki gods and allows herself to be used as a conduit to direct their healing energies into the client. Because each client and their needs are unique, Helen studies the map of the clients energy field and uses her intuition to determine which Anunnaki frequency/god would best suit the clients vibrations and their individual healing needs.

Anunnaki Healing can be performed by distance. Upon payment, Helen will contact you to arrange a time and a date which is convenient for both of you for Helen to perform your healing should you wish to be in meditation for your session. Also note that this healing can be done when you are sleeping or at work or at any time during your day to day life.

During an Anunnaki Healing, you may be aware of the energies or you may feel nothing at all, but this does not mean that the healing is not taking place or not working. You may feel a tingling in one or all of your Chakras. You will be advised on how to deal with symptoms you may feel during or after your healing session.

Regarding the number of healing sessions you will need is up to you. Helen advises at least 5 sessions for the healing to really take affect but the choice is yours. You will have the option to order 1 session or a block of 5 which works out more cost effective for you should you wish to receive more than 1 healing session.


Anunnaki Healing is a complementary therapy and does not replace conventional medicine and should not be used to replace your regular medical treatment or medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms of pain, please seek medical attention.

Esophoria Mystery School makes no claims that this healing is a miracle cure and we advise that it may be used alongside medical treatment. We will not accept any responsibility of any adverse affects, however arising, that anyone may have from using these products, tools, information, advice or services given. By requesting to receive Anunnaki Healing you are responsible for yourself and your well being.


One Healing Session $80

Three Healing Sessions $200

Five Healing Sessions $300

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