AngelCraft is a revolutionary therapy that utilizes the healing energy of the Archangels and angels to bring about an effective difference in the way we feel. It pinpoints dis-ease in the body and gives comfort and strength, healing symptomatic pain emotionally and physically. Incorporated with channeled energy, other tools are used to help with stress, anxiety and sadness, getting to the core of negative feelings. It cleanses the chakras and aura, and dissolves any blocks in the body and the body’s etheric layers.

After only one session, there is a notable difference in wellbeing and frame of mind. Some clients have reported seeing lights or even angels during a healing session. The healing energy of the Archangels and Angels is ancient, but has only now come to earth in its purest and uncontaminated form.

Clients who have received this energy noted how it strengthened their belief in angels and a number reported seeing lights or angels during a session.

Helen Demetriou is the founder of AngelCraft after being guided during a three year period of how to develop and protect the energy. Now it is ready to be used in healing sessions and taught to anyone who feels their call to this magnificent, powerful, yet gentle energy.

Incorporated with this therapy:

*Chakra Cleansing, balancing and re-aligning
*Angelic Alignment with the Archangels
*Aura Cleansing
*Angel card reading to see what is happening in the subconscious
*Spiritual counseling with full confidentiality
*Utilizing the energy of the angels and archangels to alleviate symptoms of disease and stress

Benefits include:

*Relief from stress and anxiety
*A sense of well being
*A feeling of being at peace and relaxed
*Relief from symptomatic pain
*Receiving angel messages


AngelCraft Healing Therapy is a complementary therapy and does not replace conventional medicine and should not be used to replace your regular medical treatment or medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms of pain, please seek medical attention.

Esophoria Mystery School makes no claims that this healing is a miracle cure and we advise that it may be used alongside medical treatment. We will not accept any responsibility of any adverse affects, however arising, that anyone may have from using these products, tools, information, advice or services given. By requesting to receive AngelCraft Healing you are responsible for yourself and your well being.

Price: $125

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