Angelic Reiki Healing

Angels are both a manifestation of the power of God as well as personifications of that power. Most Angels do not generally interact with humans unless specifically asked. Guardian Angels are always with us, The Archangels take particular interest in humans, and assisting and strengthening them.Angel Reiki resonates with everyone! Angel Reiki is not just for people with health or emotional problems; it is for anyone who would like to maintain balance in their lives of their mind, body and spirit. There were times when some students had some concerns with the source of Reiki and the idea of having Angels included in a healing was more palatable for them.

Each time an Angel Reiki session is performed, the Archangels with their healing helpers lend their energy to be channeled into the client, enriching the force of Reiki to offer a unique and effective therapy. Clients have remarked on their ability to connect with their angels during an Angel Reiki session, and comment on feeling energized and relaxed. This loving treatment helps to unblock stagnant energy and cleanses the Chakras, leaving the client with a feeling of well being.

Some clients have also reported obtaining a better clarity; being able to discover solutions to their problems by seeing themselves as a whole being, and not just a shadow.

Angelic Reiki enables clients to feel more balanced and at peace with themselves, finding harmony within their day and making decisions based on love and the highest good of all.

As with Reiki, the body’s natural healing ability is maintained and a modified, encouraging the immunity system to strengthen and function healthily.


Angelic Reiki Healing is a complementary therapy and does not replace conventional medicine and should not be used to replace your regular medical treatment or medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms of pain, please seek medical attention.

Esophoria Mystery School makes no claims that this healing is a miracle cure and we advise that it may be used alongside medical treatment. We will not accept any responsibility of any adverse affects, however arising, that anyone may have from using these products, tools, information, advice or services given. By requesting to receive Angelic Reiki Healing you are responsible for yourself and your well being.

Price for one session: $80

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