Chakras Cleansing & Balancing

Chakra means wheel of light and these Chakras spins and swirl around with energy. Everything is composed of energy and energy is everywhere. It encompasses all life forms and it comes in different levels. The physical – which includes the human body, objects, plants, animals and so on, the emotional – which includes feelings and thoughts and the spiritual – which is the soul and all the healing life force energy that comes from this level. Chakras are channels that exist on the ethereal plane that is the first layer of the Aura.

There are seven major Chakras and these Chakras govern individual sections of the body. Each Chakra in each area of the body governs organs, joints, emotions and spiritual information. When one section of the body is ill, it is because the Chakra that governs that section is not flowing positive energy through to the body. Open and healthy Chakras help us to maintain health and a sense of harmony. They are the main energy sources and are very important for growth, health, love and happiness.

We must constantly cleanse, balance and align our Chakras to ensure that he mind, body and soul are in good working order and communicating well with each other.

During a cleansing and balancing session with Helen, she scans your Chakras as you lay comfortably on the healing couch. Using visualization and energy she is able to harmonize your Chakras while teaching you the basic reasons for any blockages or any unbalances you may have.

Price: $50

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