What makes humans confused?

“What makes humans confused? Their ignorance to the divinity within themselves and the divine working through them.”

– God Apollo channeled by Helen Demetriou

The Ego Cage

The ego is the stumbling block on the path to enlightenment; he who ignores the calls of Wisdom locks himself inside the cage of his own ignorance

– Goddess Athena channeled by Helen Demetriou

Your Reflection

Anything you do is a reflection of you and what reflects from you will reflect to you.

– Channeled by Helen Demetriou from Archangel Metatron

Heart Exits

“There are many entrances to the heart…ensure there are equal exits”

– Channeled by Helen Demetriou from Ascended Master Kuthumi

Look into the Mirror

“The man who runs from the truth becomes lost in the wilderness; run towards the truth and be cleansed by it. The man who can accept the blame is the man who shall forgot the pain…look into the mirror and see who you are…if you are at fault, apologize; for each time you accept the manifestations created by YOUR hands which you have projected onto another, you shall be rewarded with an enlightened mind and a lighter heart.”

– Lord Marduk, Channeled by Helen Demetriou

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