The Guides of Inanna

Description: Channeled by Dr. Helen Demetriou, “The Guides of Inanna” are the laws of living within spirit on earth, meaning, living through spirit, living as spirit while still in the flesh. They are also what the Great Goddess has declared in order to bring her grace upon you and onto the earth. They will help you to find realization of self, the realization of the Goddess within you, and the realization of your own divinity.

Through all of this you build your own pathway to the divine, to become closer with the divinities. This path you will also walk upon throughout your whole life which leads to the destination known as heaven, or summer land, or nirvana.These Guides enable us to be better people, to serve the light in others, to bring humility to the conscious and the subconscious mind and to bring pure and unconditional love to the heart chakra and the soul. They are the instructions that will bring you in alignment with the Goddess energy herself and will enable you to walk with her on the path you will have created by keeping her Guides.

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