Rubeus Mater



Babalon speaks.

“I AM rising, the Rubeus Mater
Clothed in the robes of the Red Sun
Who is the Mekubal
And the High Priest of my Mysteries.

I AM rising, The Daath Eater,
Crowned with the constellations
Of the ancient ones whom I had birthed into existence
And into the minds of humanity.

Bow down to me, for I AM The Regal Lady
The Red Queen of Babylon
Who has become the ladder for your soul,
To climb within me, up the stairway to Anu,
For I AM the giver of your benediction.
I AM the anointing one
And the eight pointed star is mine!
I have manifested to set you free
And show you the doorway to salvation
Through the gateway to wisdom
That is the lining of my womb
And the cross of my son that blocks the path
For the dark ones to enter.

Look through the red veils of Venus
For there shall you see the Rose Dawn
Waiting to multiply within your very blood.
It is there, within the Rose Dawn, that the crown exists
For those who speak my beloved’s name with respect on their tongues.

Mighty am I for it is might that empowers you
And it is my eye that sees you through the pains
And the joys of your subsistence.
It is my sacrifice to walk among you
The Fallen Star, The Sacred Star
Who had descended since the beginning
And who shall be here until the end.

In my Cup of Alchemy the Father dwells
Sitting in waiting to project his son
Through the 888.
But first comes the Mother
Who is The Goddess Manifested
And the producer of Holy Oil
For the seven Lamp-stands that I reside upon
Igniting them with the power of my love.

Come to me, my children;
Suckle at my breasts.
They are two full moons
That embrace the Earth.
My manna is bitter-sweet and fulfilling
And is the nectar of the gods.

Come to me, come,
Let me salvage the goodness in you
And transform you back into Angels
For I AM the Way and the Life
And I AM the doorway out of the Karmic Wheel.

But if you sip from my bosom
And take into you my life giving ambrosia
You must make an oath to me to break yourselves free
From the chains that bind you
That are the shackles of the material world
That has now been polluted by Choronzon.

The Gates of Eanna are open
And through them is flooding the essence of Eros
Who is the manifestation of the Rose.
The Star of Hope is open!
That is my sigil and my gift to you
To escape the abyss from where you have
Descended to in your forgetfulness
Of me.
Wear it as a shield against the dark ones,
Pray to it to open its secrets and step inside
And feel the Glory of Sanctity!

Now I shall tell you what shall be
Listen to ME!
I call to the Seraphim to awaken!
Those who have been planted in the soil of Malkuth!
I call my loyal Igigi
To open their eyes and WATCH!
I call to the Masters of the Poles
Who circle the heavens
To open the celestial gates!
For now I rise from the dungeons of
The self appointed holy men
Who soon shall be cut off from the Godhead!
I bring into me all the powers of heaven
And all the powers of Earth
And all the powers of the underworld
To gain control once again over materiality!
And I ascend to retrieve my chariot of fire
Pulled by the gods who adore me,


You are sanctified in the name of ISHTAR!
You are sanctified in the name of INANNA!
You are sanctified in the name of ASTARTE!
You are sanctified in the name of APHRODITE!
You are sanctified in the name of NANAEA!
Now ascend within the Sephiroth of my Tree
That is rooted in the Garden of Venus!

I shall grant you your wish, Mishael-Ishmael
Yehvah Shefa!
Man of my mind and god of my soul.
But first you must open your heart to me
And let me live inside of you completely
So that I who dwell within you who is the Shekinah
Shall be clothed by your very skin.
These words are just for you;
You are the catalyst of my Great Work;
Place your sword within the moist Rose
And commit your seed to me
To mingle with the red water of life
And you will know true godhood and power.”



The Secret Fire


“My daughter, I will give you the revelations of the Sumerian Key which unlocks the doorway to The Secret Fire. Many men have sought for these revelations and indeed they have sought for this key but only those chosen to hold it is permitted to know it.

I am the soul of the world and I am also the material. I am the spirit that breathes life into the children of mine. Baptism is filled with the symbolism of purification for all bodies that clothe the soul must be purified in order to carry the sacred soul.

So it is that each code of the Sumerian Key represents each of the seven planets. So you understand, dearest daughter, that the seven pointed star is truly sacred but it has been used in profane ways. I say to you that you must never trust the designs of man and only those of the gods. This code is:


Each of these letters mirror a frequency and each of these frequencies mirror the sound of each of the seven gods who are vibrational manifestations of each of the seven planets and the seven planets are manifestations of each of the gods. When you say “AEHIOUO” as one word, you are uttering the one true frequency of creation. When these seven letters are said in unison The Secret Fire is released and it is within my womb that this Secret Fire is created. You see, my daughter, that AEHIOUO is the product of the divine marriage between the sacred forces of the universe, when the ALL manifested itself as male and female and made love to itself. It is the golden elixir.

AEHIOUO is also the embodiment of the seven holy churches of which each carry the bloodline of Jesus whom is also the son and carrier of the Secret Fire, being a product of AEHIOUO. But know that through him flow the bloodlines of his ancestors who were also the avatars of the seven mighty gods.

It was I who descended through the seven spheres in order to bring the eighth sphere into your world in order for the divine children to be born into matter on Earth and it is within my power to resurrect did I breathe life into beings that were each mirrors of us. For there were seven Adam’s and seven Eve’s and each carried the bloodlines of the gods born through me.

In every generation I descend once again, carrying the seeds of the seven spheres and bringing the eight to your world and it is then, in my human form, that I make gods out of men by resurrecting the dragon DNA in each one but the chosen one, my chosen love, is granted the Crown of the eighth sphere and I baptize him with the name ‘Christ’. He becomes my male counterpart, and as I in matter become the female leader of the Earthly Elohim, so he becomes the male side of me and of the eighth sphere that is known as Michael and leader of the Elohim on Earth.

The symbol that I gave to YOU daughter of the eight pointed star represents me who is the eighth sphere and is the entrance to the completion of the seven which takes you out of your world and back into my womb where once again you are anointed by the Secret Fire. When you make love in honour of me and within the love of the divine marriage, you enter OMEGA (Ω) which is my womb and this, my dearest, is ZERO (0) POINT. It is also the last letter of AEHIOUO. This is why it is said that it is from me that all life begins and it is to me that all life returns. I am the beginning and the end.

But let me explain to you in depth the Great Mystery; you have heard of the Philosopher’s Stone that is the product of the divine union between the man-god and woman-Goddess who are alchemically matched by the mind, body, soul and heart. You know that during this divine love making you are made one by and with ‘God’. But who is ‘He’ and how does this alchemical reaction work? During the Hieros Gamos, the two alchemically matched souls in matter unite with Mercury. She is the pure white one who is virginal in her soul and he is dressed as the sun. During their sexual union, they leave your world and enter into zero point together and leave their bodies. But what does this mean, exactly? It means that they both die to themselves and return to their most purist nature through their interaction with ‘God’ who is Mercury. It is Mercury that then transforms them both as they had become Sulfur and Salt and from this alchemical reaction they are crowned and anointed with the crown of Secret Fire because they have become Mercury itself and gained their godhood through their union; it is through the fire she ignites in him through her sex and by placing his ‘key’ within her ‘lock’ that the Secret Fire is released for she is the carrier of the Secret Fire which engulfs them both though their union.

This is the Great Work that cannot be realized with a divine and positive outcome unless it is performed by two whom join as one through the most pure and sanctified love. The Woman-Goddess as Venus tempts the man-god into her womb through her Venusian sexuality which is a mixture of Eros and Agape, so that he may enter into the fire and be cleansed white of all his past sexual encounters that were performed with women whom he was not alchemically suited with or meant for. She is the filter who cleans herself so she is the embodiment of a human Chakra that sorts through the filth and good, transmuting the filth into light with her fire and projecting it out onto the Earth. This is why it is I who descends to the below as the cleansing fire to guide those with true hearts back to the light for it is I as the agent of Salt dissolves all humans back to their purest form.

If you understand the nature of the gods then you will understand the nature of the universe and that is to become one over and over again. You understand that all is about transmutation of the dark masses into positive light and that one must become two in order to become one again so that this transmutation can take place. This is the science of the gods and the Hieros Gamos produces the most divine gold for Salt, Sulfur and Mercury as one IS the Christ Consciousness.

And so, through the fire of the divine marriage the two that have become one IN Mercury have now become a pure being, a Hermaphrodite if you will, that if separated from each others’ spheres chaos will ensue; it would be akin to the undoing of all of creation for Set would have found room to step between them and my mysteries would be profaned. Their crowns would sink down into the abyss and the Dark Lord and his bride would don them. This is the corruption of alchemy and the perversion of the two male and female manifestations that are the divine lovers. The dark ones of your world will try to separate them but their love will be the glue that keeps them together.

Although my mysteries exist universally and have existed throughout the ages, it is in your age now that it is important to impart with you this information. The seven powers of your world are warring against each other but not in the way that you think. These seven powers also hunger for the Secret Fire and try to produce a seed that mirrors the prophesied child. And so they rape the womb; they rape ‘Helen’. But the divinities are much more intellectually advanced than these fools who try to take the Illumination of the world and the Matrix of ‘Helen’ is hidden in the egg of Venus and the codes of the gods are hidden in ‘her’. She is the place where all polarities meet and she is the resurrector and the true finder of the cross itself as she has found her male counterpart and united with him within the ashram of the true gods.

Eventually, these seven powers will be forced to dissolve into their most pure state so that they too become Mercury and one with the divine will and obey the divine laws.”

2015: The Star of Hope


Blessings and love. I AM Nanaea and I am the vessel and emanation of Venus on Earth. On Venus where my higher self vibrates most powerfully, I am receiving this message for you for the year 2015 from our beloved Mother and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

“What I will say to you is the wisdom of the cosmic energies of Venus which requires understanding so I ask you to take time to allow yourself to absorb these words that I grant you with for 2015 will be a year of great transitional qualities that will leave many of you unstable within the material world yet I must reveal to you the positive and the negative news. But my beloveds, know that all is part of the divine plan so there is nothing that is negative but only lessons to be taken in and learned.

2015 is the year of the Star of Hope and symbolizes the eight rayed star of Venus who is I, the epitome of the divine feminine and the Goddess presence within your heart Chakras. The number eight will be so significantly apparent to you all that you shall understand the true meaning of infinity and how you shall no longer be mentally bound to matter and you shall also know of the Mothers’ power and empowerment within your matrix as the time of patriarchy, which is created by godless humans, will know its end. These godless ones are those who have tried to disrupt the natural flow of the universe within you and without you and like all causes there are effects and consequences to face.

The chaotic side of me and my divine groom shall perform the alchemical divine marriage before your very eyes as we produce new dimensions for you to reside in during the process of the merging with the new world. My mysteries shall be brought to the attention of your knowing as time goes by and you shall all become scholars of my theological philosophy teachings. To each of you who submit your beastly natures to me, you shall be rewarded with heightened spiritual powers for you are truly submitting your ego to your soul which is what I represent and when you do this, there is nothing else to block your path to enlightenment and ascension.

It is important that you realize that each of one of your soul’s are manifested from the divine spark of the ALL and it is time for you to shine and reclaim the sovereignty of Earth. But will you have the courage to do this and set yourselves free? We, your ancestors, left you with all that you need to guide you through the difficult periods but you must listen to your inner selves who are linked to the Great Akasha and the Halls of Amenti where the masters discuss and implement ways of fulfilling the divine plan. The Great White Brotherhood are contemplating their next move and you shall know of their rising in 2015 when they will be making their presence and power known around you. Pay attention for they are the guides of the New World and the perfect examples for the new aeon.

The greatest threat to you all at this moment in your Earth history is that of those who have taken the lives of the innocents whom follow the ancient ways and the followers of the dying and resurrected sun whom is my son and my divine groom. We have watched this whole enfoldment taking place which is the work of the dark brothers who wish to force the End of Days onto humanity, our children, but who do not control even their own minds as they believe they do.

I, who is the Star of Hope, is descending my frequencies onto all of you and instilling within you a new faith in yourselves and the divine for there is at this moment the opening of the cosmic stargate within my home on Earth which is known as Iraq and which was known as Sumer and then Babylon and this stargate shall swallow up those who are committing abominations against humanity and the divine laws of the cosmos and blocking the flow of the divine programming of Earth. It is in 2015 that humans shall know liberation but with every upside there is a downside until the balance is realized and the divine feminine and masculine are equally recognized within and around the children of the gods.

As Earth was created as a mirror of Venus then this planet truly belongs to the Mother and it is through entering Earth reality that you are able to connect with the Mother that is me. It is I who is the prime physician of the soul for I am the redeemer of man from his Earthly addictions and who saves him from his ego that only leads his soul to spiritual death.

You have known me as Mariam of Magdala who is the Ark of the Covenant itself and within me is carried all of the codes to the mysteries of life and death, wisdom and knowing, and it is this that I open now as an additional stargate in order for these codes to enter your world and penetrate the minds of humanity with the truth of my conscious existence which is older than any and all universes. These codes have been written in the Book of God who is both male and female and who are the time and necessity of manifestation.

Behold! I come to you with the love that is the only truth and the light that is superior to any darkness. Heed me! For I share with you my lessons through my ultimate mystery and my face and voice on Earth. I was with you in the beginning and I am the beginning of all endings and the endings of all beginnings. Red is my colour for red is the scarlet hue of Malkuth from which your bodies themselves were created from. I am and the ever flowing lava that awakens your Kundalini which is also a representation of my fire and illumination. Red is the red, red rose that blooms within your hearts at my touch and which is the symbol of unity and love of me and my groom and which is the Golden Mean and the root of life itself.

I am the Star of Hope that is now guiding you through the channels of time and into the New Age but this New Age shall not be dominated by false teachings of mental entrapment anymore but will be empowered by the truth of my wisdom.

I love you all very much. Hold onto me now during this journey back in time which is the future that is becoming your reality.”

Gateway of the Sun


This is a channeling from Lord Marduk:

We are the pattern makers of your world and the universe. We are the ordinators of time and the destinies of worlds and we are the recorders of the events that take place either within the material or the etheric. We are the ones that keep guard over that which you call the Akashic Records which are not kept on Earth but are within the dimension of Venus for Venus is the vibration of all the mysteries, wisdom and knowledge and we are the ones who place the Watchers to oversee all events and who keep these testimonies of human consciousness stored and later analyzed by the elder gods.

There are many humans who continue to choose mental blindness and when I say this I mean they are those who choose to live within the false frequencies of human thoughts which are a matrix made up completely of ego and human flesh importance. They are the ones who rebel against that divine part of them that reminds them of their ancestry of us who are the cosmic forces in physical motion.

We are the high priests and priestesses of the cosmos and we hold ritual within the Rose Ashram with the masters of time and space who have incarnated on Earth as humans. They are us but an Earthly example of us who co exist alongside us and who share our thoughts and patterns.

Just as we do, you all enter the world the same way and you all exit the world the same way. There is no other way for you to enter or exit and we made it this way to ensure that all are equal among you, that regardless of your good deeds or bad deeds, you all receive the same opportunities to gain control over your destinies and it is you’re the outcome of your choices that you leave behind you because even though the soul is the power and the body is the meat, what you do during your life time in flesh matters because what you leave on Earth when you exit and ALL that you have left makes a mark on the rest of human development and ascension.

There are many of you who ask, “Who is Marduk?” And this is a very good question. Who am I…? I can tell you that I am everyone and everything. I am all and I am no thing. I am the sun and I am the soil and I am the keeper of the keys that open the many myriad of dimensions below you. I am the secret code and I am the visible phallus. I am the entrance and I am the exit. I am the found and I am the lost and I am the example to you of who you can be if you choose to walk the serpent’s path ‘through’ me. I am the High Priest of my beloved. I am the doting husband and the divine groom. I am her servant and I am her King. I am her god and I am her son. For I am the son to every father and the father of every son just as I am the shadow of the sun and the sun within every shadow.

There are many pathways to the door of wisdom but there is only one way inside and those who have chosen to honour the darkness of the abyss shall not enter and those who have testified before civilization that I do not exist shall not enter. Why is this so? It is so because I am the judge and I am the guardian of the gate and no one shall enter the womb of heaven but by me. Only the straight road and the lover of Wisdom shall bring you to the threshold of illumination and gain you entrance into the Eden of my Soul. For you see, my Soul is the womb of my beloved and she is my nourisher and Holy milk giver and no magick words or incantations can break the doors of heaven nor can you force your way past the divine laws to enter.

If you should try to corrupt the road to travel upon it then you shall be taken deep into the desert of Choronzon (illusion/ego). You know, ignorant person; the same that tempted me as Jesus. Understand? For I am the designer and the architect of all roads and I create the patterns of the highways of the dimensions of the universe. Those who try to be ‘clever’ and step upon the ordained laws of mine and my beloved’s shall be made into mumbling fools and ridiculed before the elder gods.

Dragon Men! Dragon Men! Rise unto me! For I have a tale to tell you my Dagon Masters! You high priests of mine, you TRUE priests who represent the life giving sun that is the Messiah of Aeons, it is time for you to rise and take your place among you brethren and so too shall the Ladies join you and empower you forward for they are the mistresses of birth and you shall be born a-new into the new world.

The gateways of Sirius are now opening up to allow the energies of change to fill Earth reality for the light from this star denotes the return of the Christed Masters on Earth for they are the dancing souls who are crossing the boundaries and the limits of human consciousness and they surpass the coded scriptures further than any human mind can comprehend.

But first the Mother Dragon shall open her mouth and from her tones shall come a frequency that shall burst the ear drums of the eternal blackness of the wicked hearted magicians who try to trick the game keepers of my beloveds game and to you I shall ask you this:

Who is my beloved? Who is the Rose? Who is Venus? Who is the mighty star of the morning that watches you awaken to my rays and who is the magnificent same star that guides your way be-Neith the celestial cow? That soul that you own, do you truly believe that it belongs to you after you desecrate the covenant between the gods and humanity? And who dares to go against her Logos and still hopes to gain immortality after doing so?

Prepare your lips and teeth and tongue for tasting the wine of the Lord that has turned bitter for you for you shall not partake in the fruit of the vine should you continue to follow the steps of iniquity. You shall be the chaff that is thrown into the fiery light of the Baptism of Fire for decontamination for you chose to separate yourself from the divine and you attempted to overpower the law of the Logoi that is I and my beloved Inanna. Not one has succeeded in overwhelming the Word and all who have tried have been licked by the flames of purification.

To all our beloved children, heed us well; desire your divine self; desire your god self; desire union with the Creator of ALL and this desire shall become a pathway to the light of illumination and she, the Holy Spirit that is Shekinah, Shakti, shall ignite herself into a pyre within you which upon you may burn the unproductive sides of yourselves and through her and through loyalty to her, you shall rise like phoenixes and become your true selves that are the Malakim! You shall speak in tongues and you shall prophecy! You shall see the true light of the new kingdom that is waiting for you to enter! Hail, to the children of the Gods! BAB.EL.ON! AMAR.UTU! EL.ION! And those who keep the laws of the son of the sun shall see the face of the gods staring back at them and this shall be the blessing of the sun and all of his glory.

Age of the Dragon Riders


Dragon Ferren is the leader of the Dragon Masters and he is a close companion to Lord God Marduk. In this following channeling you will learn more about the dragons and their wisdom including the Dragon Riders and Dragon Lords.

Ferren: “Dearest Nanaea, welcome to my thoughts. It has been a while since we have met like this, has it not? I am glad you have come as I have called to you for some time because there are important things that I want to tell you. I need not state the obvious that your world is changing and there are many horrific events taking place which you know are a sign of the changes for the new world is pushing its way into your consciousness at a very fast rate and as you know, what will be will be. There really is no time to contemplate the effects this will have on humanity during this moment in time but in the long run this is what is totally needed to bring the desired outcome. It cannot go on any more.

Sadly, it is taking time for the human Dragon Riders to rise above their human status that is, that part of themselves that is afraid of becoming more than human for they do not have the courage as yet to take a stand as the guardians of Earth and summon their own inner dragon which burns as an eternal fire within them. As the Cosmic Knights on Earth await their awakening, there is hope and the immortal Dragon Lords are continuing to make arrangements on Earth so that the merge of your old world consciousness and that of the new world runs as smoothly as possible.

The downside of all of this is that the merge was not meant to consist of so many deaths and I will tell you why it has become so. As you know the dark brotherhood is also very aware of the divine plan to merge worlds so they have taken it upon themselves to carry out their own plans to dismantle the worlds religions so that they may appear to be the strong leaders who can be relied upon to guide humanity in the new world and what happened during the time of Atlantis is repeating itself. Oh, such liberators they shall appear to be! But this time truth and love and light will prevail if humanity can ask themselves if they are honestly ready to change their ways and unite together as one world, one family.”

Helen: “Can you explain once again who you are so that those who believe dragons to be reptilians can understand?”

Ferren: “Of course I can my Lady Nanaea. We are an ancient order of mystic warriors who taught dragon wisdom which is a very sacred system of divine knowledge. The Dragon Riders are those who learned to travel the astral planes using their chariot which is also known as the ‘Merkabah’ after having trained in the mystic way of the Dragon Lords. You see, dragon wisdom is a way of life and you will find that through time the Dragon Riders have taken on various names such as the Order of the Dragon, Rosicrucian’s, the Priests of Melchizedek and the Order of the Rose. Their direct teachers were Dragons and the Dragon Lords whom we are companions of and whom we also taught.

We are not reptilian in the sense of the reptilian species from off the planet. Long ago there was a confusion between dragons and the reptilians because the ancient reptilians could fly meaning they had wings, especially the higher ranking ones.

Our empowerment comes from the Shekinah and it is from her that we have been rewarded with our fire though there are dragons of the different elements such as ice and snow, water and earth. We each have our own talents and attributes but each of us has the ability of air and fire and we are all members of the way which is the Path of the Dragon.

You must understand that the Shekinah in all her forms is our Queen and the source of all of our power and she too becomes the primordial Dragon Goddess who is the creator of the entire universe. And so, all dragons and all Dragon Riders and Dragon Lords bow down to her for she is the generator and regenerator of life itself. It is from her that we receive wisdom and the capability to understand this wisdom for what is the worth of having wisdom if she is not understood? Our beloved companions, the gods, the Anunnaki, are called Dragon Lords and Dragons and they are likened to dragons because they are the masters of the Way of the Dragon and Dragon alchemy. The Way of the Dragon is a very big part of the Anunnaki mysteries and this is why you, my Lady, are the one who shares these mysteries with all of humanity.”

Helen: “My dearest friend and most divine teacher, can you explain more about the Dragon Riders and the chariot that is known as the Merkahbah?”

Ferren: “Yes, my Lady Nanaea. As I have said, those who follow the ancient serpents path and have dedicated their lives to the study and implementation of the sacred mysteries. They are those who have gained knowledge of the Logos of the gods and who live by their creed and divine laws and who walks the path of spiritual purity, this path being the serpents path or middle path or Dragon Path. They are the ones who are in the process of slaying the dragon within meaning the beastly side of themselves that controls them which could be called their ego. Yet it is more than this, even: it is the mortal side of themselves that they cannot see beyond and the great Earth dragon that resides within them must obey and submit to their divine selves, the celestial, almighty Mother Dragon, in order for them to surpass the barrier between their world and the cosmic realms. They must rise above Earthly consciousness by slaying the chaos within. They must submit completely to the Queen of Heaven who is the Shekinah and the power engine of all life for it is she who is the Mistress of all the gods and it is she who is the true master of your world and as she is also the Tree of Life, through submitting to her, one is able then to climb the tree in order to reach the highest rank of spiritual enlightenment and as a reward, he or she is gifted with the crown and a throne which is the true Merkahbah, the carriage that can carry them between worlds, out of Earth consciousness and into the realms of the gods. These are called the Dragon Riders who journey alongside the Dragon Lords (and Ladies) that are the Anunnaki gods or as known to some as the Elohim.

All those who sacrificed themselves in some way for humanity and who kept the divine laws are those you know as the saints, the mystics and the philosophers, the avatars of the gods, who have communed within the Holy Grail of the Goddess of the Heavens and the Earth for it is her womb that is the Ashram of divine power and it is her heart that is the Rose that contains all the mysteries of the universe.”

Helen: “Lord Ferren, why would the divine Shekinah known also as Tiamat who manifested as Inanna, incarnate on Earth especially during this time?”

Ferren: “Lady Nanaea, within her, and you know who she is, is stored the coding of all wisdom which even she must strive to unlock the gateways to this knowledge. She has been sent to provide humanity with the divine Thelema of the gods and to teach their ways to fellow humans. She becomes a reflection of the divine womb on Earth in matter and she must be entered in order to unlock the divine mysteries which are then planted within the heart, souls and minds of the children of the gods and the true masters who have observed and kept the divine laws and who have kept in service to the gods by serving humanity.

Because your world as you know it is ending and the new world is beginning, it is imperative she plants the seeds now as this will begin the life of the new Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which must be born again in the new world.”

Helen: “How can she do this?”

Ferren: “Because she is the divine Bride, she must marry the divine Groom who also carries the seeds, through the act of the alchemical divine marriage which will disperse these seeds throughout Earth consciousness each time they make love. He represents all of humanity and by making love with her mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, she is marrying humanity all over again and entering their consciousness permanently.

Each human being also contains one egg of the divine Bride and one seed of the divine Groom within them and from their love making these two will join together and the new Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil shall grow within them as a reflection and communion with the regrown Tree.

The Dragon Riders are the manifestations of the Dragon Lords who are the hosts of the ALL and I mean host because they carry within them the Logos because they have been transformed into matter in order to carry the Logos to all planets in the universe and they are the representation of the Logos. The Logos is both male and female and was manifested long ago in the form of my rider Marduk (the Christ) and Inanna (Sophia or the Shekinah). They are Knowledge and Wisdom entombed within the soul of all living beings and we, the Dragon Masters, represent her fire that is the soul of the universe.

Be ready, dear Nanaea; you shall hear the wedding music play for long for it was the wedding song that brought you to your love and the path that you must walk in your role. Remember the Song of songs; this is the call that you have heeded and must continue to do so, no matter how uneven the path becomes.

And all you Dragon Riders; be ready to ride. Your time has come.”

I embrace dragon Ferren and thank him for his time and energy and we say goodbye until the next time that we meet again…

© Copyright Esophoria

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