The Journey to the Rose

In my dream I saw that I was walking through a beautiful garden that was filled with roses, walking on a path that was lined by rose bushes and in front of me I could see a beautiful tree that was full of healthy, delicious looking fruit. I saw a rose vine spiraled around the tree and in the heart I saw Venus sitting on a throne holding her son/sun on her lap. As I looked up at the top of the tree I saw Venus joined as one with the son/sun whose face changed to Jupiter.

Venus who is known as Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Astarte, Asherah, stepped down from the tree and stood before me and smiled. She put her hands under my arms and lifted me like a child and placed me into the middle of the tree to sit on her throne with the son/sun sitting on my own lap.

I looked at the child and saw that he was Eros and he placed his finger to his lips and said,

“Shhh. listen to Love speak to you. I shall tell you the secret of secrets, the true way and it is very simple. You walked the middle path and you found the tree. You walked naked and you found the tree. My mother, Aphrodite, is naked. This is because she walked WITHOUT the attachments of dogmas and adherence to any Earthly religion or earthly religious constructions. She is naked because she is not the victim of a building or man made thoughts. She is the living divine. She is the divine living.

And so you, Mother, walked naked, because you are free from the trappings of your material world; you are not tethered to dogmas of the material world; you are not an agent of human ideologies; you are not the member of a congregation of manipulated truths forged to jealous and punishing human created gods. I say to you that those who worship the ideas of man and the false idols created by man are sadly damning their souls for they are not walking the middle path which is The Way but they are following the bridge that leads to chaos and the abyss.

Wake up my Titane; wake up; for there is much work for you to do; there is much for you to write and teach.”

I awoke and slowly I was able to sit up and switch on my laptop and in a half sleep I began to type the words I could still hear:

Eros: “Every man and woman must choose the ‘god’ they serve. Each human must choose not between left or right but between divine or human creation; they must choose between DIVINE TRUTH or human created dogmas and ideals that have NO CONNECTION WITH DIVINE TRUTH.

Those who demonize the left ways are walking the path of the damned. Those who demonize the right ways are walking the path of the damned. They are a product of a bipolar society who are entrapped in the false matrix and they are behaving exactly like those who are trapped. The gods DO NOT FALL! And anyone wishing to insist that they do are blaspheming and blaspheming against the soul who is the Holy Spirit for they are declaring that the Holy Spirit has also fallen because she lives within all. To claim that the gods can fall is what you would call a ‘Satanist’, just so you understand the meaning. They are mind-controlled agents who are being subconsciously controlled to bring decay to a society that was created as a divine society yet who chose man and his ideas over divine truths.

The gods have not only left or rights sides; they are MULTIDIMENSIONAL and never are they evil in ANY of their aspects. I am love; can I be evil??? How can Lucifer, which I am, EVER be of darkness??? The bringer of the light is only demonized by those who are AFRAID of this light!

My father taught you not to look left and not to look right but to stay on the middle path for this is the path to salvation and this is the Journey of the Rose/Eros. When you do not walk this path you are wandering in the desert with the sand as your food. When you do not walk this path you are a lost soul who becomes a victim to the ‘devils’ of your world and become a ‘devil’ yourself for you do not have the LOGOS/LOGIC nor Wisdom for you forsake her when you denied to use the gifts she had given to you; you sold her for 30 pieces of silver. You called her mother but never was you her son or daughter because you turned your back on her and you did not make a home for her in your heart.

Who is my father? None will know my father as long as they identify him with any ethnicity or race on Earth for HE IS NOT OF THIS EARTH! Do you understand this my Titane?”

Helen: “Yes, my Lord; I know this.”

Eros: “The middle path is one of Wisdom; it does not harm another and does not wish to cause harm to another. The middle path is the one for the seeker of divine truth and the follower of ‘Sophia’ who lays down his beastly, human nature at her feet. This seeker seeks the heart, the heart that is the heart of the tree and this is the Rose, it is LOVE, it is TRUE enlightenment for the crown of horns he will gain as he climbs the tree AFTER union with his mother.

Herein lies wisdom, a teaching for those to understand:

The Bride of the Son/Sun becomes the mother when she resurrects him and rebirths him into a new life of enlightenment. This is when he becomes an an anointed one, a Christ. Turn his back on his Mother, his Bride and he has lost his Ennoia.

Is there anything better than the Mother? Is there anything beyond her? Is there any destination greater or more rewarding than the Rose? She IS the Tree of Life, the Anima Mundi, for she is the soul and empowerer of ALL life and without her there is only death and then non existence.

The Jews denied Asherah and they rejected and crucified Christ, her son. Their priesthood is the dark brotherhood who created a castrated and formless god, a false idol, a man made organization that was not based on what Abraham, the Babylonian and bearer of the Babylonian mysteries, had taught them.

The Greeks murdered their philosophers because they loved ‘Sophia’ and they abused and raped Helen and they lost her and although they were taught by Plato the Divine Theurgy they still claimed it came from THEM. Such arrogance! Plato, Pythagoras and the true masters all taught what THEY had been taught to teach which came from the Holy Garden of the Gods.  All roads began in Babylon and to Babylon shall they return.

And so they both murdered the memory of the soul who is the Mother and her divine son/sun who is the Father whom they castrated. Both went to war with the Divine Phallus of the Divine Groom in order to take power OVER the gods on Earth.

Why do you think this is? Why did they rebuke the soul who is the Mother and her divine son/sun and why did they take the form of God so that man could no longer identify himself with the Father? The divine council sent God to Earth with a face and for this they so despised him. Why, I ask you? It is because TRUTH is an outcast in the den of thieves! Truth is a light that shines in the darkness and a lie cannot parade as a truth any longer. They wished to keep the darkness because in the darkness they can declare that the devil parades as an Angel of Light until the Angel of Light conquers the darkness and shines the light upon the true ‘devil’ and illuminates the minds of men for What ‘God’ would create a mind yet refuse to share the divine nous with it???

Anyone who brought about such lies and tried to murder the Light who is Sophia who is Venus should never be supported and any that support such false logic must never be associated with the path of the Rose. To reveal TRUTH you cannot keep feeding the LIE and neither can you create a balanced society by only following the MALE god and believe you are in any way connected with the Rose; you must acknowledge and stand as a product of both the Father and the Mother if you are to become a true anointed child.

My Mother the naked Aphrodite, they called her a whore and the Great Harlot because of her NAKED TRUTH and they tried to cover her up, cover up the truth, with their ungodly, filthy lies. How can anyone support such an abomination against the SOUL?

Only through EROS can a man or woman learn the mysteries which are the divine truths; only through EROS will anyone hear the gods; only through opening the HEART and bowing down to the ROSE can anyone find peace and eternal life.  Did you not learn that all that remained of Dionysus was his heart and with this he was able to be reborn again?

Man, what truth do you possess that you wish to kill another for what you believe to be a lie??? It is not for Jesus nor Muhammad nor Jehovah nor Zeus nor Allah nor any title do you fight for but for your OWN self! For no divine being would demand you take the life of another to appease them. Do you believe a divine being cannot fight for themselves? And when they know ALL TRUTH why WOULD they? Are YOU ABOVE THE GODS? Who are YOU to bring the hand of Marduk that is the hand of JUDGMENT down on another’s head? No human is appointed and never shall they be; they are SELF appointed. All who take a life shall lose a life and all who wish for another’s death shall receive it for judgment belongs only to itself and neither man nor god can force its hand.

And so the choice now appoints you to decide if you will bow down to the soul and discard the beast that turns you into devils and serve the divine which you came from which has only ONE truth which is known by the TRUE masters and initiates! Do not be a false prophet and sink to your knees and worship the darkness for to be a true anointed one and an agent of the divine you must rise above the material world and deny the soul no more. The Rose is the only way to the light; only through and from the heart can you receive the crown of Inanna that is immortality through illumination.”


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Light Language: Message from Arcturus

Maron: “It important that humanity understands that the civilizations of the star nations are your brothers and sisters for all material bodies are from the same source, all were created from the same ‘hands’ and the same intention.

Why is it important that humanity knows this? It is important so that they are aware that just as each planet has its own ‘countries’, those native to that planet are still of the same species. So because of this knowledge, you can understand that each planet are members of the same universe and therefore connected by this factor even though there are many that offer proof that all star nations are related and all created in the same ‘image’.

Apart from love, language is the main ingredient that unites all the nations of the universe and this language is the language of light. When humans continue to believe that non Earthlings are ‘aliens’ and different to them, they couldn’t be more wrong; apart from sharing the same life force they also share the same language. This is the main message that we want to bring to you today.

You see, even though each being may speak a language native to their planet or region of the cosmos, within that language there are frequencies that are inherent in all spoken word and this is called ‘Light Language’. All languages are made up of frequencies and there are many forms of vibration which are strands of vocal light and a particular vibrational light is what all beings have in common and which is present in all sounds.

This means that each of you have the power to speak in your own language yet this pan-universal light language vibration will be present in it and this also means that because each nation has this same vocal vibration in their speech, each nation of the universe can communicate with each other.

Because all species on all planets were created by the same ‘hands’ is why there is a common factor that connects you all which is encoded in your DNA and one of those things is Light Language.

Light Language does not have to be something ‘alien’ to you; no matter what tongue you speak in, Light Language is working through your tongue and being emitted from your vocal chords. Whichever earthly language you can speak, Light Language is part of that form of speech.

So now that I have explained fully what Light Language is, now I will explain to you why it is important that all species of the universe are aware of its existence.

At one point in time of the history of our universe, all beings spoke in one language and this was Light Language. As civilizations began to progress, they learned ways of creating new frequencies to speak in. This is highly important for the advancement of all beings as language encourages the growth of intellect. Sadly, as time went on, many civilizations forgot this one language that unites all species existed. It is paramount that you understand, also, that humanity are not the only ones who have forgotten; there are many highly advanced species who have forgotten too. We could say that the fault lies with the generations of teachers who were meant to pass this knowledge on, either through neglect or corruption, yet this does not shut Light Language down simply because there are those who didn’t know they possess it and that it speaks through them when they speak.

Pythagoras, who was taught by the Lyran mystery schools as well as the Earthly ones, was a great teacher on your planet who spread the knowledge of sound and vibration. Although he did not specifically call this common frequency ‘Light Language’, he understood it and its nature and shared his awareness of it.

He had learned that when a sound is sent out into the universe, it bounces off each planet and these combined sounds created a harmony which made up the song of the universe. This song is Light Language and is spoken by all.

When people become aware of Light Language then it can be consciously directed towards different, positive uses. For example, there are many who speak with a healing tone that promotes a sense of comfort and wellbeing in others. This is because the speaker has put all of their love into their speech and given a task for Light Language. When Light Language is activated because a being has become aware of it, Light Language can transform the molecules and cells in a person to change from diseased to healthy. All beings are made up of vibrating molecules and they can change according to vibrations. Father Enki has spoken to you before about this, Nanaea.”

Helen: “Yes he has.”

Maron: “Sound created the universe and the universe was created BY sound and so therefore all beings were also created BY sound and all beings can create BY sound. This is why the Christ is called the ‘Logos’ which is the ‘Word’ which is spoken sound. This sound is Light Language and the acoustics created by the combined ‘murmur’ of each planet is consciously and subconsciously known by all. Light is language and language is light and each of you speak it, feel it, know it even if many of you have forgotten it. Feeling is also vibration so therefore also Light Language.

So for now I will end this message with love and ask you each to search deep within yourselves to remember the power that you hold each time you speak, feel and think. You have the power to change your world simply by being that which is natural for you to be. Until next time, Delan.”

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The Law of Eros

“Love is stronger than Death,” says the Song of Songs. “It is more insurmountable than Hell. Love is the Eternal Fire, and there is no Deluge which can extinguish this.” – Eliphas Levi


I am the child of innocent love. I am love that permeates through the darkness of the soul and fills the mind with luminous light. As the bearer of the mind awakening and as a binder of the heart to the soul, hear me now, amid the rushing of corrupted frequencies that dim the chorus of truth that sings from the throat of the Rose.

Hear me, calling with the mouth of my Mother from the depths of the ancient sea, the living waters of Mem, the womb, that are maintained by the seed giver, the father of the seed.

Beauty will save the world; divine beauty will save the world. She is the epitome of life and the giver of nourishment. Within her is contained all wisdom for she is the producer of love. Not outward beauty do I speak of but the transfigurative beauty of how the soul, an unseen force, changes into something that is seen, its visibility made possible by the descent into it of the Morning Star.

Edin, Edinnu, Eden, The Rose Garden, The Garden of Babylon, Nibru, all these names used to describe the Marriage Chamber, the meeting place of souls, that contains the Tree that overlooked the uniting of male and female in perfect and divine beauty.

This is where I sprouted, from the Tree that is, a root, a shoot, first born from the womb that nourished the seed from where came the Tree. It is I that was and is forever present within the heart that attracts the Alpha to the Omega and from this union the Rose blooms and the god-form is resurrected and rises from the clay of the Earth, an open mouth waiting to be fed the manna of my mother.

I am the Son; I am the Morning Star; I am the Son of the Morning, the Phosphorus who is the Light Bringer and the binder of The Crossed Halves. I am the king of the Astral Light and the King of the True Light. I am the Logos and the divine Liturgy carried by my Mother.

It is the water that binds for it is through the vehicle of water that the spirit travels, granting eternal life to they who drink from and who bathe in it. It is the canal dug by the Ancient Lord for the serpent to pass, the Serpent’s Path, for all those who pass through water become as cunning as serpents and as gentle as doves.

And so I say to you that it is the age of water that comes and it is through the vehicle of water that enlightenment is endowed. It is time to awaken to the reality of the coming of times and the leaving of the old, manmade traditions, for they lead you to the temptations of the material and starve you of the nourishment of the soul. You cannot see true beauty when you are prisoners of the flesh and the food you consume is contaminated with parasites and death and decay. You must eat the flesh to save the soul; you must consume the material like the Ouroboros that consumes its own tail in order to sever the chains of your mind and set free your spirit. If you have followed your inner calling then you are no longer of this world and you have returned back to the Kingdom while still walking the Earth plane. When you have dedicated yourself to being an agent of the divine plan you will have left this world and seen beyond the traps and potholes that enslave your thoughts.

From my divine mind, from my soul, I tell you to LOVE for this is the law and the Law of Eros and my law. Within Eros is the key for Eros is the code of the Rose and Rose is the code of what? It is the cipher key, the number and the pattern that unlocks within you the truth. The truth is Wisdom for was it not Wisdom that Solomon asked for? Was it not the Woman he received? For who worked through her? As I have said, BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD.

But my children I also must tell you that the divine liturgy is being hunted by the agents of the abyss who are unknowingly being controlled by the fallen ones. They wish to devour the divine liturgy with each acting as ‘Typhon’s’ who worship the material and despise the divine. They spread lies that poison and ridicule all who have faith in the divine powers and they understand that the divine liturgy awakens all who hear it.

Yes, you are all gods but if there were no divine mother and father then you could not be gods, yes? Anything that corrupts cannot become a god; the spirit in the flesh remembers consciously it is a god and then begins to serve the light while in the body. Is it not so? Therefore you must see beyond the form to become formless. Those who serve the darkness have elevated themselves as gods and this illusion has to be fed by the energy and adoration of other humans whom believe are below them. If you do not feed the illusion then the false god crumbles and all that is left is the truth and the light for it is for this that you were all instructed not to worship FALSE idols.

The descent of the Holy Spirit who is my mother is coming to you all again and she will make her presence known among you. She shall bring the divine liturgy in the form of doctrines which shall be three and all shall receive a doctrine depending on their level of enlightenment for they are tailor made in alignment with the understanding of each individual person. I tell you that as it descends once again, it shall be hunted and the darkness will try to swallow it and once you receive it, the attempt to swallow it from your minds will take place so you must hold onto her with all your FAITH and do not let go no matter how your minds are shaken and no matter how your thoughts are challenged by the agents of the abyss to deny her. Do not deny her; do not reject her truth.

It is then that I shall descend to you once again, standing on the mountain, holding the lamp, calling you all to follow my light that will illuminate your minds and when you see the sign that is the light shining in the blackness you will find me and I shall pass the lamp on to each of you so that you shall become a son and daughter of Venus. You will be tempted to deny me and you will be tempted to condemn me but hold onto this light with all of your FAITH and with all that you are for I am the light of logic and reason and I am my mother’s son who she has been sent to guide you back to the soul.

If you have honoured your call to follow the divine then you are the new priests and priestesses of the divine for the new age; you are each the Morning Star. The church has been infiltrated and the dark ones work within its walls. It is now up to you to carry the lamp for others to find you so that you may all teach about the divine and the divine liturgy and teach them how the light is the doorway out of the false matrix that is slowly corrupting even the human part of the soul. Help re-attach minds to souls and bring them back to the Mother who is the soul and help them to understand the love of the Father who is the full of mercy.

Those who know me will understand ALL of this and they will understand their importance to the covenant made between humanity and the gods who are your ancestors. Do not break this chain of love that is bound with blood and the holy Word.

The Mother is watching; complete the plan. The Lyre is playing its 7 chords and the planets are dancing to its tune.







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Calling for the Return of Her Divine Masculine

Venus: “Oh my precious loves, my precious children, how ill informed, how mind corrupted! My children, my young, I am your mother; I am SHE and I am ALL KNOWING. As I move within your souls and within the hearts of your very cores I tell you truths that are written in the stars for you all to see yet you do not see! My blinded, eyeless babies!

I wait and I wait and I wait for my sons to return, to return, to return, to return! Return from the abyss where they have gotten lost. You have become the broken pillar, the forgotten ones, who are part of THE ONE divine masculine! Return to me, return to Earth for I am standing on the pole star and my mouth has become a trumpet and my soul has become a clanging bell calling to you to return to your divine feminine wives! She does not need another replica of her but she needs an original of you! Remember that the two pillars are the cornerstones of your whole existence and civilizations were built on the foundation of your love!

Lies have been told to you, lies which have sent you scurrying into yourselves for the lies bid that the divine feminine must be brought back as if I ever left! My men, my sons, RETURN unto me! I am here for you as I have always been and I long for your return! How can I produce saviours if your divine masculine is hidden through fears of the mind programming of the dark ones? My daughters have been used as soldiers to fear you from standing next to her as she is waiting in desperation for you to stand beside her to become one whole!

The dark ones are using the power of the divine feminine and they are directing it to their will, they who have discovered the secret of the ALL POWERFUL female force! While you remain hidden my power is being misused and no longer directed towards creativity but destruction! I AM DIVINE WILL which they control and who have used to gain control!

My daughters, wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up! Your hate is beating your men away from being your divine grooms! Disharmony and imbalance reign like the blackest night for you have forgotten the importance of the alchemical union between you! The war on men is being fought through you to imprison your mates into non-masculine thinking. Do not be fooled! No man loses touch with his feminine nature through making love with his masculine nature! There is only death that can come from this disruption of the union of opposites and death waits breathing heavily for he is panting impatiently, for he is TIME and TIME does not wait for anyone!

The emasculation of men is a crime against the divine masculine and the divine feminine as men are being mentally manipulated into being afraid of standing with pride in their manliness. And the divine feminine within my daughters is subconsciously crying out,

“Come my mate, come to me! Bring order to this chaos that ravages this world!”

For chaos is what the dark one’s desire as they grind apart the holy connection between man and woman, shaming man into being ashamed of what he is and empowering women to shame them, too. But I tell you my daughters that you are NOTHING without man and man without your true divine feminine shining is NOTHING without you and for now he has become no thing for you are not being true to your nature.

For my daughters who have been hurt by a man, your issue is with him and not the divine masculine itself. You need to heal and not hate and do not listen to my fallen daughters who have no other instinct but to hate men.

The union of the divine feminine and masculine created the template for the family and this is the family which every citizen of the world is a member of. When you are united in who you truly are, you are co-creators, co-builders of a harmonic and balanced society for you are each initiates of the same body, the holy body, to which each of you belong.

Know that within the so-called ‘patriarchal books’ I am hidden from those who are not enlightened enough to find me for should they find me without enlightenment, then they will use my force to create destruction. And sadly there are those who gained knowledge through stealing knowledge and they found me hidden within the pages of men’s words and they use feminine will to control all of humanity. But my loves I will always have the upper hand for I am Wisdom herself and my plans shall bring The Fist of Marduk down on the criminals! He will pound them until they become dust and throw them into the ashes of the past for light always succeeds over darkness and my daughters shall return to the divine masculine just as the divine masculine shall return to his divine feminine. But now is the fight in order to bring the mind back to the soul. Eros and Psyche shall once again know each other and dance the dance of love once more.

And to the two children of mine who become one to nourish my Rose, BLOOM, BLOOM, BLOOM!!!”

Note from Helen: All women should be feminists and by this I mean TRUE feminists who guide and honour both the divine masculine and feminine in her sons and daughters without trying to change their true natures.

Stillness in the Storm : Divine Feminine in Distress – She is waiting for your Divine Masculine! -Manly P Hall

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Arcturian Guidance: The Whole Soul

Maron: “Many of you are wondering, “Who am I? What is my path?” please be aware that not every being who has been born into a body knows the answer to this question upon birth; it can take many, many years for them to come into being and find that ray of light that aligns them into the all-knowing sphere of remembrance.

While it is the essential part of any journey for a being in form to learn their divine path and their divine mission in life it cannot come if the being is feeling doubtful about their abilities as a being or if they are suffering from feelings of inadequacy. I will tell you that if it was not for the schooling system we have on Arcturus and the parents of our children teaching how a child can find their spiritual identity from a young age, they too would have many problems in discovering their paths.

And it has become a major block for children on Earth to find their paths as I am aware that there are no educational facilities for children as a whole to learn their spiritual identity through proven methods of spiritual development.

So what can you do as humans regarding this block? Firstly, you can teach your children from a young age responsibly and for adults still struggling to find your paths, you can become like children once again. It is important that you know that you can return to any age you wish in order to learn what you need to learn and this learning is about yourself.

Many will ask, “But how?” There is not anyone who has not learned through hard work and dedication. These people who claim that they cannot connect or that they cannot reach their full spiritual potential are those who do not take the steps to do so such as committing to meditating every day. If you give up after one or two tries how can you expect to become what you are able to become? If you do not practice, how can you reach that place where you meet yourself and begin to understand your path? Even those who are born on Earth with a certain awareness must still work hard in order to become more aware and more enlightened and the same goes for the citizens of Arcturus; every Arcturian must practice meditation, Chakras cleansing and the basic skills if they wish to advance in their knowledge and enlightenment. So if you say that you don’t know how or that you cannot it is because you are not trying and you are not willing to dedicate yourself to the basic tasks of advancement such as meditating and not giving up when you find it difficult to focus.

When you were infants you did not believe that you could not walk as it is a natural ability to you and you were guided by your instincts. Your inner self knew that it had to stand and that it had to walk and stand and walk you did. When you have an itch you scratch it; you do not question whether you can scratch that itch, you just do it. And so while the child may fall a few times while trying to walk this does not dampen the child’s determination to do what it was born to do and the same goes for following the basic paths to put you on your way to understanding, knowledge, awareness and connection with yourself, the universe and the divine. Be like a child and have the same determination a child has and believe in yourself just as a child does.

I will give you a mantra that you should say every that will help you to approach your difficulties in believing you can achieve anything through dedication:

“I am a child who can do anything. I have no limits; I am infinite.”

Know that your spirit, your body, your mind and your heart are all one whole; there is no division and nothing is separate from each other. What you feel in your body is already felt in your soul; what you feel in your heart, the mind already knows about. Your auric bodies feel all things at exactly the same time and with everything you do, all your auric bodies are doing them too; whatever you think, all auric bodies are thinking it too. So look at it this way; what your soul knows, which is ancient knowledge, your mind also knows for they are aligned with each other and so this knowledge that you seek is already known by you but your conscious mind needs become aware of what it knows by connecting consciously with its subconscious. The knowledge and information is there; it has never gone anywhere and it will never go anywhere but when you fail to understand the truth about your wholeness and you refuse to dedicate yourself to the basic steps that will bring you that breakthrough of accessing your subconscious, it lays dormant like a lost treasure.

One of the biggest reasons why any soul incarnates into a body is to perform the test of finding their way back to themselves so that their soul can advance. When humans say they want to go home they believe that this feeling comes from wanting to return to some planet or some civilization but the truth is, this feeling comes from their subconscious longing for union with their conscious for this is truly their home; themselves.

Until next time, my friends.”

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Art: Alex Gray

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