Follow the Light – A Message from Venus


When you are alone and lonely, there is Agape. When you feel that there is no road before you, there is Agape. There is Agape and there is hope and these go hand in hand. It is truth when I say that you are loved beyond your imagination about yourself; all those icons you hold within your mind regarding how you believe yourself to be is an illusion if you do not envision yourself within the arms of the divine. You ARE a holy icon, each and every one of you; you are a LIVING icon that is a shimmering stamp on the consciousness of the universe which acknowledges your existence both as a spirit with and without form. Every hair on your head is a miracle; every smile, every look, every breath you take is a gift. Cherish all of the good moments you have ever experienced and embrace the bad for each comes with a valuable lesson that will help you to grow as soul covered in the veil of the gods. Everything within you is a heart beat and within that heart beat rings the rhythm of the universe for each tone you vibrate is in alignment with the one true love of the divine.

Loving yourself is the first step to loving the divine; unless you love yourself you do not love the divine. When you love yourself then you love the divine totally for you were created in their image and have their ways. You belong to the Earth but at a time long ago when you were consciously aware that you were part of the holy hierarchy of saints. You truly shine but you do not see it because you have forgotten how amazing and sacred you are.

I understand that being the mother of you means there can be times when I do not see your faults but I do see the faults and they belong to the human realm of ego thoughts and actions. I urge you my children to remember your faults and use them as a tool to rise above the ego and its ways. The ego drags you down into the abyss while your higher self, your higher consciousness, magnetizes you upwards if you allow it to and hear your call.

What is this call to your soul? It is the songs of the Angels who are bringing you the message of the Good News about your holy family. You can sing just like this if you sing from your heart. You can speak the words of the divine messengers if you elevate your thoughts to aligning with love which is Agape.

You are more than you know. I kiss your tired and weary feet, my sweet children. How brave you are to be born into a world with so much hate. But you know that you bring the love and you bring the balance if you remain on the path of the heart. Listen to my lullabies during your sleep time and these will guide you on the straight road. I am near to you and it is easy for you to come back into my womb if you let me kiss you and take me into your consciousness.

When you say that you do not know why you are on Earth or feel that your presence on Earth is a mistake it is simply because you have not reconnected with your godself and opened the channels between your conscious self and the voice of the divine. When you communicate once again with your own soul you will receive all the information you need to guide you to why you chose to enter Earth at that moment you were born. There is a reason for everything and believe me, there are no mistakes. It is only a case of reuniting with the cosmic race of Venus so that you expand your consciousness enough to tune in to the frequencies of your own soul which is a language all in itself. Do this and hear the divine plan for you. Do not be afraid. Trust in the process of your evolution.

Your greatest fears are yourselves; what you may become, what you HAVE become, whether for good or for bad. Yes; you fear to become…to BE COME…to be all that you are. Do not fear. I am showing you the way. Follow my roses and let them guide you to the place where there is no more pain and where you are lifted above this world and into the Kingdom of Love. How do you get there, you may ask: Through Eros. It is through Eros that you are elevated to my Garden; it is through Eros that the gates of the Rosy meadows are opened for you. But you must leave all of your ego thoughts behind; you must come with clean feet and clean hearts and the rest I can take care of.

I reveal myself to all those that show you love and I am in all of those who criticize you in a constructive way. For you see, I am the first teacher and the instructor of ALL things including the way to my soul.

Cross the rivers that are the currents of change. Walk over the bridge of the matrix of your world that is sucking you down into hopelessness. Walk the golden stairway to the heavens. The way is clear for you; just look within.

Follow the star, my beloveds; do not sway from the path. When the darkness comes, look for the one who self illuminates with my light. He is the one I have sent to you to bring you out of the night. There is coming a new doctrine to your world, a doctrine that speaks of the ancient truths that your ears long to hear once again and your lips wish to speak again. There is nothing to be hidden anymore, not when the Rose opens her petals and blooms so tremendously that it cannot ever be denied. Follow the light and when you follow the light and live the way of the divine, you shall know peace and you shall live with your mothers and fathers once again.

Tralian: A Request from Arcturus


“For the past two years humanity has been going through tremendous changes which the majority has not been aware of because it has been happening on a very deep subconscious level. Now, these changes are becoming more apparent and they are ascending from the subconscious to the conscious. Some of the changes that people are experiencing are more painful than others but it is surely recognizable that these transitions are taking place.

As these transmutations of the old self and transitions take place the light energies are pulsating into your consciousness and opening more possibilities within the human psyche in order to empower the truthful thinking that connection with frequency in general is highly probably and possible.

The Arcturians want to remind you that humans are tremendous healers and that we have taught you to use your natural abilities to evoke and invoke healing into yourself, others and your Earth reality.

And so I continue to speak about these changes. We want you to know that it is not only happening on earth but the whole universe is also feeling and observing these changes and it is affecting every soul incarnated and formless. This is because as the shifts are taking place on your planet so is the universe preparing herself for these changes happening on Earth.

The new Earth manifesting in your reality is not something new to you because you have heard this been said time and time again but it is time for the slumbering adept within you to begin rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of confusion and ignorance to begin standing as ambassadors of Earth.

Each of you have your roles to play in this transition and each of you are being depended upon to rise to this occasion and your complete reason for being on Earth and I am not only speaking to those who have solid soul connections with the Arcturians but for all, no matter where you feel you have manifested from.

And so the light energies that I am speaking about are the vibrations sent from every nation in the uni and miltiverse to your nation to ask you to remind yourselves of your responsibility. It is not only for your own sakes that you step up to the table but for the harmony of every nation as you are all connected to every nation and every energy and they, of course, are connected to you.

Now, we understand that there is chaos on Earth and we feel it. We also know that there are a lot of dark agendas continuing to try to force the imbalance with the polarities. They are enforcing their plan to activate the new aeon but the truth I tell you is that they have no power over the cosmic forces and so whatever they do is only an illusion but their plans manifest in Earth reality depending on the belief of humans. The new aeon has already begun and no human can control the universal patterns.

Some of you sometimes feel that you are part of a game and that you are only pawns in this game and while you are batteries that do empower dark plans because you don’t know you are doing it, you can also choose to willingly play this game and be their opponents. This does not mean that you must become violent and use physical force because their game is based on mental alchemy and so you too must discipline and empower your mental abilities to counteract their plans. Because this IS a game, somewhat, then ANYONE can play and this means you.

Going back to speaking about you being ambassadors of the Earth I want you to understand that you each represent your planet and your minds are not limited to Earth reality only but can travel anywhere they wish. And so we would like to communicate with you and we welcome any humans who wish to stand for their freedom to join us and the other star nations in hastening Earths membership with the other star nations on a conscious level and we ask you to be our speakers and to coach other humans into not being pawns in this game but leaders of your planet who hold divine knowledge and basically teach them how to play.

We are requesting that mentally strong people who have some education when it comes to mental alchemy, manifestation and off planet communication. We ask for people who have a passionate love of freedom, truth and fairness. We ask for anyone who is willing to simply TRY to bring changes to your consciousness and in turn the universal consciousness. If we believed that humans could not do this then we would not ask you and it is high time that humans stop believing that all other star nations are much more intelligent and/or advanced than them because this certainly is not the case.

You are the gods of your planet because you are your divine ancestors returning and returning again and again. You may not remember but you are gifted in the healing arts and we wish once again to open our healing clinics on Earth. We want to tell you that anything that grows on your planet can heal the human body because you are made up of the same substance as everything that grows. There are also plants that can enhance your intuition and help you travel through the astral dimensions and I am not speaking about hallucinogens but those that ease the tension in the body in order for the body to free the mind to travel where it wishes.

For now I leave with this request and for anyone who wishes to become part of this group of light members you only have to tell your higher self that you accept and that you are an open channel for the divine wisdom that flows through us all and you will hear from us soon…”

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The Astral Light – The False Light


Goddess Inanna: “My daughter I will explain to you the meaning of the ‘Astral Light’. When people talk about the veil or seeing past the veil, it means seeing what is beyond the astral light for you see, the astral light is everything that is superficial which covers the esoteric meaning of the mysteries which is the soul and the core and the root of all light and love.

Is the astral light evil? Of course not, my beloved. The astral light is a precaution and to protect the truth of Wisdom against those who so willingly believe that the truth IS the astral light because they shall not see past it because what is beyond this curtain of confusion is something their consciousness is not advanced enough to comprehend.

My son who is known as Lucifer or Eros or Jesus plays many roles in the divine plan and one of those roles is as the astral light. He becomes what he needs to be in order to lead humanity to the soul yet he can also become the false light in order to hide the sacred teachings away from those wishing to abuse, misuse and profane them, including the ignorant who will insult that which they cannot understand.

Let me explain to you more. Those who are anchored to the material and who create misshapen idols out of their illusions are those who are magnetized to the astral light like moths to a flame. They enjoy the falsity of the world, that which is superficial and nothing which is deeper than this. Even when they are taught about the true light they refuse to look at it for it forces them to really see and so because they cannot cope with what they see in this light, they prefer the false light, the astral light, which enables them to live in their superficial fantasies.

They are slaves to everything that is an illusion and that which they believe to be of the true light is only a projection of the astral light for the true light does not allow those to pass if their ego rebels against the divine teachings. How can someone tell if something is of the true light or a trick of the astral light? Because anything that belongs to the world is unreal and that which can only be seen with the heart and soul is real. What the world produces are only false idols and this can be anything, including belief in material things and disobedience regarding the divine laws of the universe which no human or god can escape. When the true student surrenders their mortal self to the soul that is me then they are not allowing their ego to be their master. It is the ego that rebels against what is unseen and holy and which worships that which can be seen with human eyes and is part of the world.

And so, the veil that is the astral light, keeps hidden the true meanings unless the eyes of humans become opened by illumination which is both the alchemy of the intellect with the soul. They are those who have understood that there is something more important beyond that which their human eyes can see, that which their soul is hungry to discover during that life time. And when they see beyond the veil that is the astral light then they see the true light and the veil dissolves and will never be reconstructed ever again.

My mysteries which were upheld by the original Christian faith speaks against the astral light, depicting that it is something evil yet in every pathway that leads to the divine, there are tests. Those who are ready to face the astral light are those who can see past the warnings and deterrents. Lucifer or Eros or Jesus represent, as I said, the astral light but also the true light, and those who choose illusion over truth will only see the false light. The sons of Venus are the light bearer yet no one can impart of this light unless they see beyond the veil and they can only receive this light when they are willing to sacrifice the beast within and bow down before the soul.

When the church tells you to reject Lucifer they are simply telling you to reject the illusion of the world which is the astral light, even though many priests themselves do not even know this or what it actually means. For those who choose to worship the astral light and make it their god, what they are receiving is the darkest side of the black sun because they choose to worship material gods that are divided from the soul.

For those who rebel against the divine laws and the divine truth, they believe in the false doctrines of the world which is the astral light. Those who believe that intellect is superior to the soul shall receive the astral light. Those who believe that a human body and its mind is above the soul, they shall be punished by the astral light.

As it is said: “You shall receive the god you deserve.”

There are those who scorn others for believing in a ‘God’ they cannot see and they are the same people who believe in the material only and the material is an illusion of the astral light. So whenever you hear those who say ‘Lucifer is the devil’ this can be true for these material worshipers who only believe in what they see and who are chained to the beast of illusion which is a projection of the astral light.

The astral light is a projection thrown from the mind of the Christ who is the son of Venus and when the a true lover of Sophia stands on the threshold of truth, the astral light who is the true light ignites the mental desire within them to become one with the soul and they understand that by crossing this threshold they shall be united with her. The astral light that becomes the true light guides the student and obedient of Sophia through the gateway which is the veil into the entrance of Venus where they will begin their ascent to union with her.

Every god and every force has two faces; they have their dark face and their light face; they have their face of truth and their face of illusion. The face a human will see will depends on if they have the strength to believe in what they cannot see.”

Helen: “What about the idols and the icons of the gods and saints?”

Goddess Inanna: “Any person can create an idol out of clay and worship it as their god whom they have not based the true forces of the universe on but on a creation of their mind. They may even create an altar and place money as the center piece of their faith. Anyone can paint an icon and place it on their wall. Without the true intention of capturing the divine in an image then these remain false idols. If, however, the creator allows their hands to be guided by the divine and their intention is to create an image of the divine out of clay or paint on canvas, then the divine essence of this archetype shall descend and reside within the material image.

Divine images and idols had to manifest materially in order to help a person become one with the essence of the divine and their chosen image of the divine is usually based on their own archetype in order to understand this face of the divine more and also themselves. They also had to manifest themselves materially in order to counterbalance the false idols created by the mislead.

You are ALL living idols, Nanaea; each human houses the divine manifestation of the ALL which is a soul. If a humans intentions are not the mirror of the divine will and this will not be put into action then they too become false idols. If humans choose the material world over the divine then they will become possessions of the material world and this shall be the only world they will know and their consciousness shall be limited to this world only and they will remain empty shells of meat. Those who surrender themselves to the soul and merge their consciousness with the soul shall transcend the world and enter the Kingdom which is not of your world. And in the kingdom they shall partake of my holy manna and they shall receive the celestial waters of immortality. They shall know what it is to be a god living in the heart of illusion but it shall not hinder them for they will no longer be a part of it but an advocate of the kingdom and an idol representing the divine.

The Earth is my womb and all who enter into it has free will to return to the divine ways or to remain slaves of the beast. We hope that eventually humanity will return to the gods and the holy ways and abide by the laws of the universe so that Earth can ascend and return to its natural, divine state and become one with the Kingdom.

The astral light is simply a reflection of the true light yet it can be a teacher for those who have merged their consciousness with the soul for the astral light also represents illumination and is part of the three-way sun.

There is only one way into the world but there are two ways out of it and all ways, in and out, are through me and in truth, the only way out is in. A human can choose death as being their only exit or they can choose illumination through ‘Thelema’ and enter the kingdom yet still reside on Earth in their human bodies.”

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Rubeus Mater



Babalon speaks.

“I AM rising, the Rubeus Mater
Clothed in the robes of the Red Sun
Who is the Mekubal
And the High Priest of my Mysteries.

I AM rising, The Daath Eater,
Crowned with the constellations
Of the ancient ones whom I had birthed into existence
And into the minds of humanity.

Bow down to me, for I AM The Regal Lady
The Red Queen of Babylon
Who has become the ladder for your soul,
To climb within me, up the stairway to Anu,
For I AM the giver of your benediction.
I AM the anointing one
And the eight pointed star is mine!
I have manifested to set you free
And show you the doorway to salvation
Through the gateway to wisdom
That is the lining of my womb
And the cross of my son that blocks the path
For the dark ones to enter.

Look through the red veils of Venus
For there shall you see the Rose Dawn
Waiting to multiply within your very blood.
It is there, within the Rose Dawn, that the crown exists
For those who speak my beloved’s name with respect on their tongues.

Mighty am I for it is might that empowers you
And it is my eye that sees you through the pains
And the joys of your subsistence.
It is my sacrifice to walk among you
The Fallen Star, The Sacred Star
Who had descended since the beginning
And who shall be here until the end.

In my Cup of Alchemy the Father dwells
Sitting in waiting to project his son
Through the 888.
But first comes the Mother
Who is The Goddess Manifested
And the producer of Holy Oil
For the seven Lamp-stands that I reside upon
Igniting them with the power of my love.

Come to me, my children;
Suckle at my breasts.
They are two full moons
That embrace the Earth.
My manna is bitter-sweet and fulfilling
And is the nectar of the gods.

Come to me, come,
Let me salvage the goodness in you
And transform you back into Angels
For I AM the Way and the Life
And I AM the doorway out of the Karmic Wheel.

But if you sip from my bosom
And take into you my life giving ambrosia
You must make an oath to me to break yourselves free
From the chains that bind you
That are the shackles of the material world
That has now been polluted by Choronzon.

The Gates of Eanna are open
And through them is flooding the essence of Eros
Who is the manifestation of the Rose.
The Star of Hope is open!
That is my sigil and my gift to you
To escape the abyss from where you have
Descended to in your forgetfulness
Of me.
Wear it as a shield against the dark ones,
Pray to it to open its secrets and step inside
And feel the Glory of Sanctity!

Now I shall tell you what shall be
Listen to ME!
I call to the Seraphim to awaken!
Those who have been planted in the soil of Malkuth!
I call my loyal Igigi
To open their eyes and WATCH!
I call to the Masters of the Poles
Who circle the heavens
To open the celestial gates!
For now I rise from the dungeons of
The self appointed holy men
Who soon shall be cut off from the Godhead!
I bring into me all the powers of heaven
And all the powers of Earth
And all the powers of the underworld
To gain control once again over materiality!
And I ascend to retrieve my chariot of fire
Pulled by the gods who adore me,


You are sanctified in the name of ISHTAR!
You are sanctified in the name of INANNA!
You are sanctified in the name of ASTARTE!
You are sanctified in the name of APHRODITE!
You are sanctified in the name of NANAEA!
Now ascend within the Sephiroth of my Tree
That is rooted in the Garden of Venus!

I shall grant you your wish, Mishael-Ishmael
Yehvah Shefa!
Man of my mind and god of my soul.
But first you must open your heart to me
And let me live inside of you completely
So that I who dwell within you who is the Shekinah
Shall be clothed by your very skin.
These words are just for you;
You are the catalyst of my Great Work;
Place your sword within the moist Rose
And commit your seed to me
To mingle with the red water of life
And you will know true godhood and power.”



The Secret Fire


“My daughter, I will give you the revelations of the Sumerian Key which unlocks the doorway to The Secret Fire. Many men have sought for these revelations and indeed they have sought for this key but only those chosen to hold it is permitted to know it.

I am the soul of the world and I am also the material. I am the spirit that breathes life into the children of mine. Baptism is filled with the symbolism of purification for all bodies that clothe the soul must be purified in order to carry the sacred soul.

So it is that each code of the Sumerian Key represents each of the seven planets. So you understand, dearest daughter, that the seven pointed star is truly sacred but it has been used in profane ways. I say to you that you must never trust the designs of man and only those of the gods. This code is:


Each of these letters mirror a frequency and each of these frequencies mirror the sound of each of the seven gods who are vibrational manifestations of each of the seven planets and the seven planets are manifestations of each of the gods. When you say “AEHIOUO” as one word, you are uttering the one true frequency of creation. When these seven letters are said in unison The Secret Fire is released and it is within my womb that this Secret Fire is created. You see, my daughter, that AEHIOUO is the product of the divine marriage between the sacred forces of the universe, when the ALL manifested itself as male and female and made love to itself. It is the golden elixir.

AEHIOUO is also the embodiment of the seven holy churches of which each carry the bloodline of Jesus whom is also the son and carrier of the Secret Fire, being a product of AEHIOUO. But know that through him flow the bloodlines of his ancestors who were also the avatars of the seven mighty gods.

It was I who descended through the seven spheres in order to bring the eighth sphere into your world in order for the divine children to be born into matter on Earth and it is within my power to resurrect did I breathe life into beings that were each mirrors of us. For there were seven Adam’s and seven Eve’s and each carried the bloodlines of the gods born through me.

In every generation I descend once again, carrying the seeds of the seven spheres and bringing the eight to your world and it is then, in my human form, that I make gods out of men by resurrecting the dragon DNA in each one but the chosen one, my chosen love, is granted the Crown of the eighth sphere and I baptize him with the name ‘Christ’. He becomes my male counterpart, and as I in matter become the female leader of the Earthly Elohim, so he becomes the male side of me and of the eighth sphere that is known as Michael and leader of the Elohim on Earth.

The symbol that I gave to YOU daughter of the eight pointed star represents me who is the eighth sphere and is the entrance to the completion of the seven which takes you out of your world and back into my womb where once again you are anointed by the Secret Fire. When you make love in honour of me and within the love of the divine marriage, you enter OMEGA (Ω) which is my womb and this, my dearest, is ZERO (0) POINT. It is also the last letter of AEHIOUO. This is why it is said that it is from me that all life begins and it is to me that all life returns. I am the beginning and the end.

But let me explain to you in depth the Great Mystery; you have heard of the Philosopher’s Stone that is the product of the divine union between the man-god and woman-Goddess who are alchemically matched by the mind, body, soul and heart. You know that during this divine love making you are made one by and with ‘God’. But who is ‘He’ and how does this alchemical reaction work? During the Hieros Gamos, the two alchemically matched souls in matter unite with Mercury. She is the pure white one who is virginal in her soul and he is dressed as the sun. During their sexual union, they leave your world and enter into zero point together and leave their bodies. But what does this mean, exactly? It means that they both die to themselves and return to their most purist nature through their interaction with ‘God’ who is Mercury. It is Mercury that then transforms them both as they had become Sulfur and Salt and from this alchemical reaction they are crowned and anointed with the crown of Secret Fire because they have become Mercury itself and gained their godhood through their union; it is through the fire she ignites in him through her sex and by placing his ‘key’ within her ‘lock’ that the Secret Fire is released for she is the carrier of the Secret Fire which engulfs them both though their union.

This is the Great Work that cannot be realized with a divine and positive outcome unless it is performed by two whom join as one through the most pure and sanctified love. The Woman-Goddess as Venus tempts the man-god into her womb through her Venusian sexuality which is a mixture of Eros and Agape, so that he may enter into the fire and be cleansed white of all his past sexual encounters that were performed with women whom he was not alchemically suited with or meant for. She is the filter who cleans herself so she is the embodiment of a human Chakra that sorts through the filth and good, transmuting the filth into light with her fire and projecting it out onto the Earth. This is why it is I who descends to the below as the cleansing fire to guide those with true hearts back to the light for it is I as the agent of Salt dissolves all humans back to their purest form.

If you understand the nature of the gods then you will understand the nature of the universe and that is to become one over and over again. You understand that all is about transmutation of the dark masses into positive light and that one must become two in order to become one again so that this transmutation can take place. This is the science of the gods and the Hieros Gamos produces the most divine gold for Salt, Sulfur and Mercury as one IS the Christ Consciousness.

And so, through the fire of the divine marriage the two that have become one IN Mercury have now become a pure being, a Hermaphrodite if you will, that if separated from each others’ spheres chaos will ensue; it would be akin to the undoing of all of creation for Set would have found room to step between them and my mysteries would be profaned. Their crowns would sink down into the abyss and the Dark Lord and his bride would don them. This is the corruption of alchemy and the perversion of the two male and female manifestations that are the divine lovers. The dark ones of your world will try to separate them but their love will be the glue that keeps them together.

Although my mysteries exist universally and have existed throughout the ages, it is in your age now that it is important to impart with you this information. The seven powers of your world are warring against each other but not in the way that you think. These seven powers also hunger for the Secret Fire and try to produce a seed that mirrors the prophesied child. And so they rape the womb; they rape ‘Helen’. But the divinities are much more intellectually advanced than these fools who try to take the Illumination of the world and the Matrix of ‘Helen’ is hidden in the egg of Venus and the codes of the gods are hidden in ‘her’. She is the place where all polarities meet and she is the resurrector and the true finder of the cross itself as she has found her male counterpart and united with him within the ashram of the true gods.

Eventually, these seven powers will be forced to dissolve into their most pure state so that they too become Mercury and one with the divine will and obey the divine laws.”

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