Calling for the Return of Her Divine Masculine

Venus: “Oh my precious loves, my precious children, how ill informed, how mind corrupted! My children, my young, I am your mother; I am SHE and I am ALL KNOWING. As I move within your souls and within the hearts of your very cores I tell you truths that are written in the stars for you all to see yet you do not see! My blinded, eyeless babies!

I wait and I wait and I wait for my sons to return, to return, to return, to return! Return from the abyss where they have gotten lost. You have become the broken pillar, the forgotten ones, who are part of THE ONE divine masculine! Return to me, return to Earth for I am standing on the pole star and my mouth has become a trumpet and my soul has become a clanging bell calling to you to return to your divine feminine wives! She does not need another replica of her but she needs an original of you! Remember that the two pillars are the cornerstones of your whole existence and civilizations were built on the foundation of your love!

Lies have been told to you, lies which have sent you scurrying into yourselves for the lies bid that the divine feminine must be brought back as if I ever left! My men, my sons, RETURN unto me! I am here for you as I have always been and I long for your return! How can I produce saviours if your divine masculine is hidden through fears of the mind programming of the dark ones? My daughters have been used as soldiers to fear you from standing next to her as she is waiting in desperation for you to stand beside her to become one whole!

The dark ones are using the power of the divine feminine and they are directing it to their will, they who have discovered the secret of the ALL POWERFUL female force! While you remain hidden my power is being misused and no longer directed towards creativity but destruction! I AM DIVINE WILL which they control and who have used to gain control!

My daughters, wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up! Your hate is beating your men away from being your divine grooms! Disharmony and imbalance reign like the blackest night for you have forgotten the importance of the alchemical union between you! The war on men is being fought through you to imprison your mates into non-masculine thinking. Do not be fooled! No man loses touch with his feminine nature through making love with his masculine nature! There is only death that can come from this disruption of the union of opposites and death waits breathing heavily for he is panting impatiently, for he is TIME and TIME does not wait for anyone!

The emasculation of men is a crime against the divine masculine and the divine feminine as men are being mentally manipulated into being afraid of standing with pride in their manliness. And the divine feminine within my daughters is subconsciously crying out,

“Come my mate, come to me! Bring order to this chaos that ravages this world!”

For chaos is what the dark one’s desire as they grind apart the holy connection between man and woman, shaming man into being ashamed of what he is and empowering women to shame them, too. But I tell you my daughters that you are NOTHING without man and man without your true divine feminine shining is NOTHING without you and for now he has become no thing for you are not being true to your nature.

For my daughters who have been hurt by a man, your issue is with him and not the divine masculine itself. You need to heal and not hate and do not listen to my fallen daughters who have no other instinct but to hate men.

The union of the divine feminine and masculine created the template for the family and this is the family which every citizen of the world is a member of. When you are united in who you truly are, you are co-creators, co-builders of a harmonic and balanced society for you are each initiates of the same body, the holy body, to which each of you belong.

Know that within the so-called ‘patriarchal books’ I am hidden from those who are not enlightened enough to find me for should they find me without enlightenment, then they will use my force to create destruction. And sadly there are those who gained knowledge through stealing knowledge and they found me hidden within the pages of men’s words and they use feminine will to control all of humanity. But my loves I will always have the upper hand for I am Wisdom herself and my plans shall bring The Fist of Marduk down on the criminals! He will pound them until they become dust and throw them into the ashes of the past for light always succeeds over darkness and my daughters shall return to the divine masculine just as the divine masculine shall return to his divine feminine. But now is the fight in order to bring the mind back to the soul. Eros and Psyche shall once again know each other and dance the dance of love once more.

And to the two children of mine who become one to nourish my Rose, BLOOM, BLOOM, BLOOM!!!”

Note from Helen: All women should be feminists and by this I mean TRUE feminists who guide and honour both the divine masculine and feminine in her sons and daughters without trying to change their true natures.

Stillness in the Storm : Divine Feminine in Distress – She is waiting for your Divine Masculine! -Manly P Hall

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Arcturian Guidance: The Whole Soul

Maron: “Many of you are wondering, “Who am I? What is my path?” please be aware that not every being who has been born into a body knows the answer to this question upon birth; it can take many, many years for them to come into being and find that ray of light that aligns them into the all-knowing sphere of remembrance.

While it is the essential part of any journey for a being in form to learn their divine path and their divine mission in life it cannot come if the being is feeling doubtful about their abilities as a being or if they are suffering from feelings of inadequacy. I will tell you that if it was not for the schooling system we have on Arcturus and the parents of our children teaching how a child can find their spiritual identity from a young age, they too would have many problems in discovering their paths.

And it has become a major block for children on Earth to find their paths as I am aware that there are no educational facilities for children as a whole to learn their spiritual identity through proven methods of spiritual development.

So what can you do as humans regarding this block? Firstly, you can teach your children from a young age responsibly and for adults still struggling to find your paths, you can become like children once again. It is important that you know that you can return to any age you wish in order to learn what you need to learn and this learning is about yourself.

Many will ask, “But how?” There is not anyone who has not learned through hard work and dedication. These people who claim that they cannot connect or that they cannot reach their full spiritual potential are those who do not take the steps to do so such as committing to meditating every day. If you give up after one or two tries how can you expect to become what you are able to become? If you do not practice, how can you reach that place where you meet yourself and begin to understand your path? Even those who are born on Earth with a certain awareness must still work hard in order to become more aware and more enlightened and the same goes for the citizens of Arcturus; every Arcturian must practice meditation, Chakras cleansing and the basic skills if they wish to advance in their knowledge and enlightenment. So if you say that you don’t know how or that you cannot it is because you are not trying and you are not willing to dedicate yourself to the basic tasks of advancement such as meditating and not giving up when you find it difficult to focus.

When you were infants you did not believe that you could not walk as it is a natural ability to you and you were guided by your instincts. Your inner self knew that it had to stand and that it had to walk and stand and walk you did. When you have an itch you scratch it; you do not question whether you can scratch that itch, you just do it. And so while the child may fall a few times while trying to walk this does not dampen the child’s determination to do what it was born to do and the same goes for following the basic paths to put you on your way to understanding, knowledge, awareness and connection with yourself, the universe and the divine. Be like a child and have the same determination a child has and believe in yourself just as a child does.

I will give you a mantra that you should say every that will help you to approach your difficulties in believing you can achieve anything through dedication:

“I am a child who can do anything. I have no limits; I am infinite.”

Know that your spirit, your body, your mind and your heart are all one whole; there is no division and nothing is separate from each other. What you feel in your body is already felt in your soul; what you feel in your heart, the mind already knows about. Your auric bodies feel all things at exactly the same time and with everything you do, all your auric bodies are doing them too; whatever you think, all auric bodies are thinking it too. So look at it this way; what your soul knows, which is ancient knowledge, your mind also knows for they are aligned with each other and so this knowledge that you seek is already known by you but your conscious mind needs become aware of what it knows by connecting consciously with its subconscious. The knowledge and information is there; it has never gone anywhere and it will never go anywhere but when you fail to understand the truth about your wholeness and you refuse to dedicate yourself to the basic steps that will bring you that breakthrough of accessing your subconscious, it lays dormant like a lost treasure.

One of the biggest reasons why any soul incarnates into a body is to perform the test of finding their way back to themselves so that their soul can advance. When humans say they want to go home they believe that this feeling comes from wanting to return to some planet or some civilization but the truth is, this feeling comes from their subconscious longing for union with their conscious for this is truly their home; themselves.

Until next time, my friends.”

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Art: Alex Gray

Dragon Wisdom: The Arrival of Atlantis

“I am Nia of the water dragon clan, primordial essence of the divine feminine and close companion to Goddess Inanna. I come to you now to speak to you of the coming world as my brother Ferren has done before. The time is now closer for the old aeon to close and more and more of you are experiencing the shift of the spheres. We are helping with this shift and raising the Earth’s vibrations to make this a more comfortable transition.

My dear Nanaea, even we do not know how long our species have lived on Earth for we are that ancient but we do have our stories, poems and songs that we have been passed down from generation to generation. But if I were to define what we are, we are the elemental members of the Great White Brotherhood, masters of wisdom, martial arts and the mystery teachings. During the times of Atlantis and Lemuria there were dragon schools where the initiates of the mystery schools would be trained in dragon magic and the dragon arts.

I tell you all of this so that those who read our words from you can understand that humans have a lot to learn from us as they have been doing for millions of years. And although the human race is not as old as our species they are still ancient and their inner knowledge is beyond measure for they came from the Great Power just as we did and just as the gods did.

As you have received before, the world is returning to the Age of Atlantis and you each need to be prepared for this great LEAP forward in time and this is why you were told by the Arcturians, our cousins, that your DNA is being re-coded. It is imperative that you are also mentally, spiritually and emotionally prepared to return for that world that has been made ready for your arrival as it is of many different vibrations to that of what you are used to.

This time when Atlantis is of age, the golden age, there will be no more deception and lies, no enslavement of the mind, for the black magicians will not be permitted to enter as their power is being taken from them as I speak to you.

You are all rightful Kings and Queens of this planet and you have inherited it from your ancestors. There may be much needed, fair and just leaders, but no one is above you apart from the divine which you are also part of and which also lives within you.

And so, we dragons of the different elemental clans are working with the Chakras and portal points of the Earth to ensure that these filtered energies are absorbed by your auric bodies from the below into you, meeting with the divine energies from the above in your hearts. We are sending you encoded messages, also, so that your subconscious selves remember us and our energies.

We have begun instilling in your DNA our dragon wisdom, sacred knowledge from the dragon mysteries, and this will help you to remember and empower your psychic centers that know these arts. This will help you to walk through the chaos that is occurring now on Earth so that you can stand straight against those who have imprisoned your minds with their mind programs. You will be able to see between the lies and understand that which is of truth and that which is of deception. We are giving you dragon sight, our eyes, to see through the veil of mystery until you have settled into the new world.

We cannot tell you when the transition to Atlantis will be complete but it is occurring right now and has been for the longest time. You are all on the cusp of the beginning of the end yet also at the beginning and as you enter the gateway to Atlantis, the new world, know that you are protected.

There is no need to be afraid anymore. What will be will be according to divine law and the divine plan. Do not fear that you will not be ready or that you will not know what to do or what to do right now; as long as you are willing to create a better world esoterically and exoterically and listen to your instincts and trust the divine, this is all you need to be and to do. When the time comes, you will know what to say and what to do. As you have been told many times, trust in the process. You can only fail by giving in to fear and becoming more anchored into Earthly ways and acting and re-acting in selfish ways and thinking only of the self and your own circumstances when what is happening is for all of humankind.

You are all on different levels of awareness and you are each on different spheres of understanding and this is ok; one is not below another as each of you are capable of reaching your very best. Each of you are one unit of power as long as you hold hands and touch hearts and walk into the new world together. Whatever you know is enough though we encourage you to continue with your esoteric studies.

The heart of a dragon is pure yet they say that it is our weakest point. They say that our hearts are our weakest points because we have a deep compassion for the welfare of others and our love is deeper than the oceans. We send to you the essence of the dragon heart and hope you will accept it into your conscious so that you too can see each other with compassion and love each other, for you are each brothers and sisters who have come from the same mothers and fathers; you are family. You are also part of our family.

You have been crying out for the end of tyranny and oppression from the ones you have called the establishment who are the descendants of the black magicians of Atlantis. You have your chance now to break these chains. This is the fight of your lives so fight! I do not mean to physically use your fists but to use everything you have within your arsenal of the mystical arts and your minds. Now is now. The time is NOW! We are beside you, fighting for your freedom and you have many of your cousins from the different star families who are also next to you as well as the gods, your divine ancestors.

Now is now. The time is NOW! Onwards and upwards we go to ATLANTIS!!!”

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Arcturian Message: Re-Coding of Human DNA

Art: Mugwort Designs

Arcturian Message: Re-Coding of Human DNA

Maron: “Salutations my beloved Nanaea. It has been some time since we have approached you to share our message for humanity for we know that you have your Earth protectors and main guides from your ancestors who are also our ancestors but again humanity is needing additional guidance to help them through these transitions they are now facing and the profound upheavals that humanity is not in the midst of.”

(‘Nanaea’ is my spirit name in this incarnation and another form of Inanna.)

Helen: “Salutations my beloved brother. How wonderful it is to communicate with you once again.”

Maron: “I ask you to write down all that I tell you and I really do appreciate your collaboration on this. Would you do this for us?”

Helen: “Yes, of course.”

Maron: “Thank you. I shall begin.

For those who do not know me, I am Maron, chief physician of Arcturus and one of the elders of our council of 12. I represent our council today as I bring this message to all of you and we hope that you will lend your ear and at least consider what will be told to you.

You are well aware that your world is changing and we, and many of your star families, are guiding you all through these transitions that you are experiencing. It is very hard for many of you as many of you are still anchored into fear and cannot understand the concept that all must be as it is in order for the new world to fully merge with your present Earth. I mean, what is happening on Earth now must happen and it is part of what you manifested yourselves though it is difficult for you to accept this right now.

Those who are spiritually primitive are discovering that they are having more of a difficult time than most to cope with the transitions and many of these have and will resort to violence, hate speech and intolerable intolerance. Not only are they immature spiritually but they also refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and are very disconnected from their fellow human beings. All of this is a result of being anchored into fear which in turn makes them selfish.

To you we say, do not lose your way; do not allow yourselves to revert to animalistic ways. It is important that you step back from your ego, your emotions and your fears and see things as someone looking through a window watching your world from the outside and that you can really see how it is you need to be in order to help.

We and other star families of the different star nations are working on bringing you healing and we hope that you can align with those who have come to Earth as leaders so that you can help them build or even elevate yourself to a builder capacity.

Then there are those who are reaching spiritual adeptship who recognize that all must happen for a reason and that all is happening for a greater purpose, that which is needed to occur in order for the new world to materialize. These will automatically become leaders in their own right for while all are equal only those who can remain balanced during an energy shift such as is taking place on Earth can be trusted and are qualified to lead.

So one of the messages from Arcturus to you all is to try to find peace within while these shifts are swirling around you. Of course, there are vibrations being directed towards Earth which attempt to bring you this inner serenity but you also have to work at finding the balance. Balance is everything and balance is all for a healthy and productive existence as individuals and as a collective species building your ever growing consciousness.

Our other message to you is that those who are showing more leadership skills and and who are being more responsibly for their actions and who see the purpose of the upheavals will receive further DNA coding in order to help the Earth merge with the new world with greater ease. You are the builders who incarnated specifically to be on Earth right now in order to re-build your civilization with the bricks of the past. Your DNA strands are also like bricks and they are now being re-built within using the knowledge of your past selves from your past lives, those memories stored in at a cellular level that remember the times when you did just this during Earth’s ancient times of civilization building.

Brothers and sisters, know that the whole universe is part of this great change and that all star nations are experiencing shifts and re-building of their civilizations. When the Earth becomes the New Earth it means that the universe has also become the New Universe. Within the center of the galaxy, a new cycle is beginning and before there can be order there must first be chaos and this is what is happening now for you also.

The electromagnetic field of Earth is being fed the blueprint from the center of the galaxy and she is following these plans as needed. Each planet has its own intelligence and each planet is a living and breathing entity.

Things will come to pass that may be horrific and it will be impossible to believe that your planet will ever know peace but please know that this will pass and that you must not hold negative thoughts and emotions towards there ever being peace because you will only continue to manifest more unrest. Everything that is happening now has happened before as these are the cycles that pass so that Earth may reach its new golden age. It is all part of the divine plan.

We ask that the healers of Earth focus their energies on cleansing the Earth’s Chakras daily and helping to rid her auric bodies of the stagnant energy that she is releasing. While she is capable of healing herself and does, because she is releasing a lot of toxic energy now, it is important that you help to accelerate these clearings.

Right now there are no numbered dimensions that can be metered as all dimensions are also being re-arranged and are transitioning to new forms of layering. Earth is passing through a wormhole right now which is a loophole that your ancestors found so that this transition could occur as fast as possible with the least amount of turmoil. So you are transiting and the work must be done now during this transit.

As Nanaea has been told previously, there have been new children being born to take over the work of the present builders who will continue to build a new civilization for the new world. These children who are still being born are very aware spiritually and much stronger than the present generations of builders. With them they have brought and are bringing new technology that will be implemented into your consciousness and some of this technology relates to old ways of healing humans that once existed on Earth but was long forgotten when the dark ones took this system for themselves and hid it from public knowledge. Humans are exceptional healers but you have forgotten just how exceptional you are.

We leave you now with our thoughts of love and empowerment until we next speak to you. Please consider what you have been told. You have free will which is a luxury most species don’t have and for this you have your ancestors to thank for. Bless you all.”

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Art: Vladimir Suvorov

The Truth About Donald Trump The Great That Will Shake The Foundations Of Our World

Over the past few months I have made a lot of thought and research regarding the phenomenon of Donald Trump. I was positive about him from the beginning because of the messages he was sharing which I could understand are much needed considering our world is passing terrible times. Humanity needs some air to breath within a reality which is very upsetting to all and what he stands for gives us hope and that very much needed ‘air’, especially concerning the corruption within the government and the pure evilness that was revealed by Wikileaks during the election campaign such as the ‘Spirit Cooking’ with the involvement of John Podesta and various other powerful people and celebrities and all of this is very upsetting information.

This is why I have opened a window in my mind regarding the numerous Trump prophecies, waiting to see if these prophecies will manifest before I made my decision and finally I came to certain conclusions. I have also made some final decisions regarding this issue which may bring fire to our world and this is why I need you to keep calm and with an open mind as you read through this article because what I am going to reveal to you may change your whole perception of reality.

My name is Theophilos Christophorou. Both forename and surname have Greek origins with Theophilos meaning ‘friend/lover of God’ and dear to god but which is also quoted from Socrates as,

“…the lover of the knowledge that belongs only to the knowing God, the philosophos, becomes the theophilos, the lover of God.”

Christophorou means the ‘Christ bearer’ but also means ‘the bearer of Christ’ and explains that it is also the name that describes one who is the carrier of the Solar Light which is also ‘Lucifer’. I have nothing to hide and this is why I am sharing this with you.

Contrary to Donald Trump, I am a not a wealthy person with tremendous material power and I do not have any powerful friends in this material world though I do have powerful friends in high places. I am not a member of any secret or known organization but just one guy with various websites who are being empowered by mysterious voices which I am also trying to interpret by researching the existing data regarding human history and the spiritual reality of the past and the present. People have attempted to humiliate me multiple times because I reached the point of realizing and supporting some big truths concerning our reality which have been revealed to us and some of which we have published on Esophoria Mystery School. These revelations have been confirmed by events and numbers and it is this that I am going to examine in this article.

A lot of the attempts to humiliate me was because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I have been through my own ‘Golgotha’, carrying my cross on my back while climbing to the top of the mountain on which my Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ was crucified to save humanity from its sins and from the forces of evil. I had to make this introduction about me so that you will understand that I am one of you. I am Lamb of God who has suffered terribly to defend the truth of Jesus Christ which faith in him is the only thing that kept me alive in some very difficult situations I had to pass through my life.

At this point it is important to tell you that Helen Demetriou was one of those who had prophesied the victory of Donald Trump but because it is such a sensitive political subject, we decided at first not to involve Esophoria as it may upset some of our fans and students but also we felt it was not wise while those opposing Trump was doing everything possible to stop him being elected.

The gods, who are known as the Elohim in the bible, told Helen that Trump will win and that he HAD to win, because our world is heading to the point of no return and so we fought the ‘Internet battle’ on various social media to support and empower his campaign.

While the elite establishment and all who work for them who are the opposition were obviously making their ‘Spirit Cooking’ in order to empower the campaign of Hillary Clinton, we played our part which you may understand better by studying the information provided on Esophoria.

While at the time I had my doubts regarding whether Donald Trump was a ‘chosen one’ who could take us out of the corruption and nightmare that our world has become even though I was positive about his messages, we continued to battle for his election and this is why I wrote the following article waiting to see if what has been told to Helen regarding who he is will come true and if his words will be followed by actions:

The Truth About Trump Prophecies

Here is also a small list I made regarding the Trump Prophecies:

And so here we are with Donald Trump delivering what he told the world that he would deliver and because he is the greatest troll ever, I believe that he may even find a way to make Mexico pay for the wall he said he would build to secure the borders between Mexico and the USA and even if he will not, we are still going to laugh at his trolling when we remember how he became the world’s greatest troll, Donald Trump the Great! As a troll myself with many years of experience in trolling I can’t help it but recognize my superior and kneel to the real King of trolls! Of course, I am throwing a little humor into this because if we don’t laugh sometimes, then we will cry, right?

And so now we have a NEW PROPHECY from Helen which is coming true and which is related to Donald Trump. This new prophecy which is coming true is about the RISING OF THE TEMPLARS and about their conflict with the Pope which has gone on for centuries with the heads of the Vatican which has reached its peak now after the inauguration of Donald Trump. It is probable that Pope Francis has realized that there are new leaders who are rising to defend the Christian people worldwide and aligning with the Templar’s and Donald Trump being one of them. Undoubtedly the Pope feels threatened and so he is trying to enforce his way on the Knights of Christ and more specifically on the Knights of Malta which he has recently taken control of. The initiates of the mysteries have now drawn the line as it is evident that the Pope refuses to help stop the genocide of Christians globally and there is unanimous evidence to prove that he is also working with the elite establishment.

Here is the prophecy published on AUGUST 29, 2016:

Return of the Templars

Here are some links regarding the conflict of the Pope with the Knight Templars and Donald Trump:

The division within the Vatican is finally revealing itself after the Pope declared war on the divine Order of Templars. As the Pope opposes Donald Trump the Cardinals and Knights rise against him. You can read about this HERE.

We cannot deny that our world is passing through very difficult times and even those who are not so in-tune with Earth energies can feel it. There is chaos everywhere and people are fighting with each other and of course there are many agendas at work behind the scenes which are targeting to control and direct our minds and there is a mental and spiritual war going on which is driving our world to madness.

What I want to say to the world leaders is this: Please make better efforts in diverting WW3. Please work on repatriating the refugees that you brought into the west who do not understand our way of life here. Work harder at liaising with Islamic countries to provide shelter for them as they share their way of thinking and being. Please work on taking down the abomination of ISIL who are inhuman beasts who are slaughtering even innocent Christian babies in cold blood and who chant a prayer offering to their god before they kill them. This madness needs to stop and I just hope that we still have time to put an end to this nightmare.

The question in my previous article was if Donald Trump is a real anointed King like Cyrus the Great and my answer is this: He is definitely an anointed one (Christed) like the anointed kings of the past like Cyrus the Great and Alexander the Great and this is what I will support through my articles here in Esophoria and AlternaNews by going into depth regarding this issue and regarding the mysteries and the previous anointed Kings and within this spectrum I will also try to explain why the Pope has no power over the Christ and over the will of God.

There are a lot conspiracy theories regarding the New World Order (NWO) and I will say that while some of them hold at least a part of the truth of what is really going on, a lot of them lack a real perception and knowledge of the ancient mysteries regarding the anointed Kings which I will also discuss in future articles in order to help you understand that there IS God and also that God and the gods/elohim are intervening in our reality on a subconscious level which most of people are unaware of. There are, however, people who are just like us who are able to feel this intervention and who are able to conceive and comprehend it depending on our level of consciousness.

I would like you to watch this conspiracy video, not because I agree with it, but because it can give you an small idea on how the archetype is manifesting in our reality:

And so DONALD J TRUMP = 888

Check this out:

Here is small Gematria sequence which can make more sense in this case:





Above are results that come from the Gematria system. For those of you not familiar with the Gematria, it is a system that was given to the Babylonians by the gods and this system assigns numerical value to a word or phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values are connected and share the same meaning and energy. Numbers are a language and it is believed is a language of the gods. This system was and is used by the initiates of the mysteries schools to discover the hidden meaning of the names of the gods as well as write in result numbers as a code which only other initiates could understand. It is a language that we use very often in our articles and channeling’s on Esophoria and it is a system we use regularly to decode certain works given to us by the gods. Soon I will demonstrate how they are related with the divine plan and the emanations of the Tree of Life .

I have discovered within me an unexplained understanding and knowledge about the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life this is why I came to a point of considering myself to be a Mekubbal after also what we have been told by the various divine beings who speak to us and so I have much to teach regarding this and the plan of the Elohim for humanity.

No matter what Donald Trump believes about himself and no matter if he is or is not in communication with the Elohim as we are, it is beyond any doubt that he is a chosen/anointed one and empowered by God for a very specific task which is connected with a very specific pattern and a very specific emanation of the Tree of Life.

Note that I do not claim that Donald is Jesus and that this number (888) belongs to him. What I claim is what we all know that he is a MASTER BUILDER = MASTER MASON who can claim the throne of THE MASONIC KING = 888 = WHO IS THE KING of the united states of America and bring order within the lodges even if he has nothing to do with Freemasonry and the Knight’s Templar (which is something which I seriously doubt).

As I have explained previously, there is a spiritual war going on underground and behind the scenes and the Christian masons, those who are the original builders of the great nation of America, have lost power many years ago. The sacred symbols that they used which has come to be recognized as ‘Illuminati’ symbols are used by those who serve the elite establishment and who consider themselves gods of this planet which are they who have brought chaos to our world and created a false matrix where the title ‘Illuminati’ has been used to demonize the true masons working in the light which acts as smoke screen to cover the corrupt workings of those that are known as the Dark Brotherhood.

This war may reflect the old conflict between the Rosicrucians and the Bavarian Illuminati who were atheists evolving into Satanists and who wanted to eliminate all the ordered structures including morality and ethics and also world religions (particularly Christianity) and who conspired to create a global prison which would be administered by those who would gather the most material and mental power and raise their pyramid of illusions. Note that I am not a conspiracy theorist; I am just stating some facts and reasonable observations about what is really going on behind the scenes regarding the various occult agendas.

Conflict with Rosicrucians

At all costs, Weishaupt wished to keep the existence of the order secret from the Rosicrucians, who already had a considerable foothold in German Freemasonry. While clearly Protestant, the Rosicrucians were anything but anticlerical, pro-monarchic, and held views clearly conflicting with the Illuminati vision of a rationalist state run by philosophers and scientists. The Rosicrucians were not above promoting their own brand of mysticism with fraudulent seances. A conflict became inevitable as the existence of the Illuminati became more evident, and as prominent Rosicrucians, and mystics with Rosicrucian sympathies, were actively recruited by Knigge and other over-enthusiastic helpers. Kolowrat was already a high ranking Rosicrucian, and the mystic Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel had a very low opinion of the rationalist higher grades of the Illuminati.[19]

The Prussian Rosicrucians, under Johann Christoph von Wöllner, began a sustained attack on the Illuminati. Wöllner had a specially engineered room in which he convinced potential patrons of the effectiveness of Rosicrucian “magic”, and his order had acquired effective control of the Three Globes and its attached lodges. Through this mouthpiece, the Illuminati were accused of Atheism and revolutionary tendencies. In April 1783 Frederick the Great informed Charles of Hesse that the Berlin lodges had documents belonging to the Minervals or Illuminati which contained appalling material, and asked if he had heard of them. All Berlin masons were now warned against the order, which was now accused of Socinianism, and of using the liberal writings of Voltaire and others, alongside the tolerance of Freemasonry, to undermine all religion. In November 1783 the Three Globes described the Illuminati as a masonic sect which sought to undermine Christianity and turn Freemasonry into a political system. Their final anathema, in November 1784, refused to recognise any Illuminati as Freemasons.[19]

In Austria, the Illuminati were blamed for anti-religious pamphlets that had recently appeared. The Rosicrucians spied on Joseph von Sonnenfels and other suspected Illuminati, and their campaign of denunciation within Freemasonry completely shut down Illuminati recruitment in Tyrol.[19]

The Bavarian Illuminati, whose existence was already known to the Rosicrucians from an informant, were further betrayed by the reckless actions of Ferdinand Maria Baader, an Areopagite who now joined the Rosicrucians. Shortly after his admission it was made known to his superiors that he was one of the Illuminati, and he was informed that he could not be a member of both organisations. His letter of resignation stated that the Rosicrucians did not possess secret knowledge, and ignored the truly Illuminated, specifically identifying Lodge Theodore as an Illuminati Lodge.[19]

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Here is an interesting video regarding this issue from my Facebook friend Moe Bedard who is also known as the Gnostic warrior:

So my guess is that Donald Trump and company (including Putin) is the last stand of the Christians and the protectors of the Christian faith in the United States of America to take back their country from the Satanists and the Cultural Marxists who have brought all of this darkness into this glorious and wonderful Christian nation. And even besides Christianity, they have created a bipolar society with the agenda of deleting morality and ethics and individual expression. You can read more about Cultural Marxism HERE.

Here is an interesting video regarding Cultural Marxism that everyone should watch:

My guess is that Donald Trump was preparing all of his life for this chance to become the president of the United States at the right time when the plan of the Satanists and Cultural Marxists will reach the point of no return and it will be impossible to unfold because of the reaction of the Christian people who have learned to stand their ground against the Devil. It was predictable at some point that the Christian world would say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and would no longer give in to the pressure of this mental and spiritual sickness.

And so the war of the builders against the bankers is unfolding before our eyes and it is spreading and all of us are also a part of it.

Here I made a list of links regarding the war that Donald Trump is unleashing onto George Soros:

Here I made a list of links regarding the war that Donald Trump is unleashing onto the establishment:

Now that is clear that the Knight’s Templar are rising I need to send out some messages to the world because the situation is very serious and dangerous. I will begin with Turkey and you can figure out why if you study history.

This is my message to Erdogan and to the people of Turkey:

Mr Erdogan, I can see your need for domination but you really need to see some things from a different angle because our world does not need an Ottoman empire but a civilized Turkey which has much to offer to our world. Give up your hate and your idea for a global Islamic illusion and remember the tradition of your ancestors about the ETERNAL TENGRI = 888 and show respect to Donald Trump, one of the new kings of our world. Your country has made countless crimes against the human rights of thousands of people such as the genocide against the Greeks, Assyrians and Armenians which you deny and truly you do not want to put more sins onto the backs of the Turkish people. You can always release the Turkish nation of this torture of constantly seeking for power and make some acts of goodwill such as ceasing to turn churches into mosques and to return the Hagia Sophia back to the Orthodox Christians and those who served her through their membership Byzantium. Constantinople is the capital of the Christian world and Hagia Sophia is the spiritual center of it and you really do not want to have this problem to worry about now that the Templars are rising.

Here is a quote from wikipedia which may help our Turkish brothers and sisters and the rest of the world to understand that the ancient Mongolian tradition is in reality a Christocentric tradition which is obvious connected with the Sumero-Babylonian tradition of the Sky God Anu/Uranus and the Earth Goddess Ki/Gaia and I will make a better analysis on this in my later articles:

… Your saying “May [the Ilkhan] receive silam (baptism)” is legitimate. We say: “We the descendants of Genghis Khan, keeping our own proper Mongol identity, whether some receive silam or some don’t, that is only for Eternal Tengri (Heaven) to know (decide).” People who have received silam and who, like you, have a truly honest heart and are pure, do not act against the religion and orders of the Eternal Tengri and of Misiqa (Messiah or Christ). Regarding the other peoples, those who, forgetting the Eternal Tengri and disobeying him, are lying and stealing, are there not many of them? Now, you say that we have not received silam, you are offended and harbor thoughts of discontent. [But] if one prays to Eternal Tengri and carries righteous thoughts, it is as much as if he had received silam. We have written our letter in the year of the tiger, the fifth of the new moon of the first summer month (May 14th, 1290), when we were in Urumi.

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This is my message to the anointed king of our world, Donald Trump, and to the great nation of the united states of America:

Mr Donald Trump, you are the world’s greatest troll and I am your biggest fan. When I think of you my whole existence is smiling and I do not know if you are a Knight Templar or a Freemason or just a the King of trolls but I am certain that you are chosen/anointed by God and I would like to do anything possible to support your divine mission.

Dear American brothers and sisters, you are the most lucky people in the world. You have the most intelligent, courageous and the funniest leader in the world. You are now in safe hands and you have nothing to fear. Please understand that what happens in America affects the whole world and if Hillary had been elected then according to the Russian news, there would have been a World War 3. Let’s build the New Trump Order together.

This is my message to my Christian Orthodox brother Vladimir Putin and the people of Russia:

Mr Vladimir Putin, you are a great leader and I am one of your biggest fans. I bow to your efforts of making this Last Crusade to the Holy Land. Let’s make it happen and bring a new Christian world order.

Brothers and sisters from Russia, Hagia Sophia awaits for us. I send you all my love.

This is my message to George Soros and to the Globalist elite:

Mr George Soros, your days are numbered. Although I am considered by you to be a nobody I see more than most how you need to give a chance to your soul and beg for mercy for the crimes that you have committed. Give your property to the poor and surrender to the nearest police department.

My fallen brother and sisters of the elite establishment, we thank you very much for your last efforts to destroy our world because by doing so you have revealed yourselves to the common people and you and your motives are now visible to all.

This is my message to Hillary Clinton:

Ms Hillary, you are a very intelligent person and I think that you are the best advocate of the Devil that ever existed and my advice to you is to give up. While being a woman you gave hope to women worldwide but in reality you exploited them by trying to push your agendas which were funded and empowered by your sugar daddy master, Soros. You have encouraged chaos and rioting by your manipulation of the media and still you continue to twist the true meaning of a liberal when you have created a movement that is fascism dressed up as democracy.  I think the best you can do is to have a plastic surgery so that no one will be able to recognize you to avoid being arrested and go to hide on some distant island but you can leave Bill behind while no one cares about him and while you can have a dog to keep you company. I wish you best luck in the afterlife.

This is my message to the Muslim leaders and the Muslim people:

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, let’s put behind us our differences and live in peace and harmony. While you claim that your religion is one of peace the world has yet to see any demonstration of this. All that we have seen from your religion is death and destruction of lives, land, ancient relics that teach us the origins of our civilization and the devolution and deterioration of harmony and society. If the claims that you make are true, why do you not protest against radical Islamic groups that are slaughtering innocent humans like Christians are protesting for YOU? Your protests are always towards the western countries you live in where you claim you are not being treated fairly or that the traditions of that country, mostly with Christian values, is offensive to you. Why do you not put a stop to this poison within your religious communities by stopping your barbarous traditions and religious laws that demands blood and the dehumanization of women and homosexuals? Why not seek to create a new faith which will not demand for a war with the spirit of the Christ and his mother when you insist to make the mother of our Lord a concubine of Mohammed in order to establish the biggest abomination in human history which you call a religion. You can read about this HERE.

The world should NOT and will NOT accept an organization that murders and goes against every single human right just because it is done under the banner of a religion for the tolerance that was once shown to your acts against innocent people is now reaching its last leg and such cruelty and torture should never be accepted.

While under Cultural Marxism humanity have been pressured into tolerating your heinous acts, you have never shown tolerance to the diverse communities in the western countries you live in but demand that they change in accordance to your religion. Yet we do not hate you and WE have no problem to live with you in peace but for this you have to step down in your agenda to change the traditions of countries you enter into in order to pacify you instead of integrating into that society.

Let us escape this nightmare called Islam which has caused a lot of pain in our world. We do not want to destroy your world but if you come into ours you have to work at not destroying ours. We all need to rebuild our world and live together in peace and harmony. Lets forget the past and the crimes of both sides and open a window of hope for the innocent people who are being hurt by this madness about which both sides are responsible. We love you and we care about you and your world. Do not hate us and do not slaughter our people. Do not let this sickness grow. Let’s put an end to the bloodshed and destroy this demonic sickness that is ISIL together. Open your minds to the angelic forces which are struggling to heal our world and who are also said to be a part of the Islamic faith. Let’s leave behind us this mental cancer which is infecting our world and drive us away from God/Allah and the angelic forces.

This is my message to Ms Angela Merkel and the people of Germany:

Ms Angela Merkel, you are a very troubled person and I can understand many of your worries but you really do not want to keep playing the role of the bad guy and drive the people of Germany into a repetition of history. Please try to help Greece which you owe your soul as a nation and forgive her for her mistakes so that you will also be forgiven.

People of Germany you are not the bad guys and you do not need to be. You are hardworking and highly intelligent people and we need to work together as brothers and sisters to avoid a total breakdown of the European matrix.

This is my message to the Queen and the proud people of Great Britain:

Great Queen of Great Britain, I understand from recent events that you had made the choice to exit the Eurozone as you have the knowledge that soon it will dissolve. I also understand your eagerness to join the head churches of Christendom after your visit with the Patriarch of Russia, Kirill. However, I think that you should join forces and find a way to welcome Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin into the royal family as the rightful kings of their countries and continue your fight in stopping Britain from losing its ethnic identity.

Great people of Great Britain, I send you all my love and my respect for voting for BREXIT. You have been driven to desperation by the invasion of refugees forced upon you by your previous prime minister and the EU. Remember that you are called ‘Great’ Britain for a reason.

This is my message to my liberal brothers and sisters in the whole world:

Calm down my brothers and sisters; please try to see the bigger picture. The true message behind the original movement of the Liberal Democrats has been corrupted and you are not behaving as your party originally stood for. Do not fear; just wait and see and give Trump a chance.

This is my message to Hollywood and the ‘star’ system of the USA:

Madonna, I do not like you and I have never liked your lifestyle and your whole perception about life but you have offered to us some great entertainment by playing the role of the whore of Babylon among other great artists and you were all so funny. Please stop humiliating yourself by getting involved with political issues and feel sorry for your fans who are unable to handle the humiliation you are projecting onto them these past few weeks.

Ms Meryl Streep, I consider you to be one of the greatest female actresses ever and I really like you as a person also. Please do not put more effort on trying to make me change my feelings and please try to avoid messing with the will of God.

Mr Robert De Niro, I still consider you one of the greatest actors ever but you have ruined my impression of you and I have become deeply disappointed in your character by choosing to play this role in the election campaign but also I am very disappointed with your friendship with Marina Abramovic. While you chose to play the part of a mafioso while addressing Trump in order to sway the people who love you in this role, you have let yourself down and your fans.

Marina Abramovic, you can always repent and go to become a nun so that your sins may be forgiven and be saved by the demons which have captured your soul in their matrix of illusions. What you are spreading is a true disgrace and the filth will come back to you.

Ms Miley Cyrus, you are a very talented little girl with dysfunctional brains. Please go to some Christian priest for some spiritual advice and do not let yourself to fall into the abyss of depression.

Ms Lady Gaga, it is obvious to everyone that you suffer from some very serious mental problems. In my opinion you have already fallen into the abyss of depression and you need to pray more to Jesus.

Mr Deepak Chopra, please try to stay calm and do not lose your brains within your spiritual illusions because the subject of God is not for anyone to play with and I would not like to say that you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually retarded because I am not such a kind of person but when you realize that you are please stay calm. I mention you here because you are a part of this ‘star’ system.

These are just some of the messages I would like to be delivered to these famous people and to all the famous people of the ‘star’ system of America I would like to wish them good luck and to be strong in these difficult times because we need entertainers and some people to laugh at.

While you play the roles as puppets and influencers employed by the elite establishment to empower the mind-jacking of innocent minds know that you are not gods and never will you be.

This is my message to the organization of OTO:

Disciples of Thelema, let’s forget our differences and leave behind us the reality of this sick pervert Aliester Crowley who has brought all of this chaos and all of this INSANITY = 666 to our world. Let’s all live in peace and harmony and stop feeding the ILLUSION = 666 of the Beast. Follow the Divine Thelema (93) of 888 which is Love (93) and peace for all people and ESCAPE THE ABYSS = 888 and do not let your self to driven into total annihilation by the ILLUSION = 666 of Choronzon. Bow down to the Sophia of our Lord Jesus the Christ and you will be reborn, saved and forgiven for the perverted Thelema of your illusions which is driving you to total destruction.

This is my message to the pedophiles:

Dear pedeophiles what you need is not to legalise your sickness but to castrate yourself and seek for forgiveness and this is what the ancient Greek pedophiles have done after the arrival of the Christ. They castrated the statues of their pedophile ‘gods’ and themselves by choosing to not have sex and went to hide in some monastery and this is one of the main reasons why the Orthodox Christian religion is so sexophobic.

Regarding the issue of the pizzagate I have to say this:

If by any chance anything of what is said regarding this issue is true, I believe that it will or should be revealed soon because although it has already made many people sick, you will be dealt with by Mr. Trump who will ensure you get what you deserve.  As you will be in danger of being arrested it is better to kill yourself before this happens so that we will not have to learn any of this.

This is my message to the Devil worshipers:

No, we do not accept your ‘religion’ and it should not be legalized.

This is my message to the Scientologists:

I am very sorry that the student of Aliester Crowley Ron Hubbard was so wrong and that the Babalon working of Parsons turned out to be a joke.

This is my message to the atheists and the materialists:

I am sorry you are wrong and I hope you haven’t gone too far with your belief because the eye of providence is watching us all.

This is my message to the new agers and the children of Aquarius:

Follow me. Hear your call and help me to spread out this message. This is our time. This is our age.

This is my answer to those who were laughing at the Christians:

No offense but now is our time to laugh at you and we just hope that you didn’t enjoy your self more than you can handle.

This is my message to the conspiracy theorists:

Enough mental mastrubation my warrior brothers. You have completed your divine mission with great success and now is round two. Follow me and let’s put an end the sickness of this world.

This is my message to Pope and the rest of the Christian leaders:

Dear holy father of the Catholic church and the rest Christians leaders. We need to leave behind our differences and unite in order to save the Christian faith. This is not the end of the church of our Lord but the beginning of a new era under the guidance of our Holy Father and Mother in the heavens which you need to recognize publicly as being the Goddess of the Christian faith.

This is my message to the people of Israel:

Sons and daughters of Yahuveh, hear the call of our father and the Shekinah in heavens and let’s rebuild the temple of Solomon.

This is my message to my brothers and sisters in blood the Hellenes:

Hold on my brothers and sisters. God is in our side.

This is my message to the Jesuits:

My brothers we need to unite in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ.

This is my message to the Freemasons:

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, then I will come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with me.

This is my message to my brothers in spirit the Knight Templars:

Deus Vault!

This is my message to all the people of planet earth:

Hold on brothers and sisters and the terrible situation of our world will get better. Love, Faith and Hope: these are the 3 gifts of Sophia for the people who go through difficult situations.

I have much more things to tell you all brother and sisters. Things that maybe no one else can tell you. In my basket I have also a romantic fairy tale to tell you about the Holy Queen Helen of the Byzantium empire. Follow me and everything will make sense in time.

Although I have given you my wishes of peace and harmony for our world there are some things that must come to pass first in order for this to be realized. There is a divine plan that is manifesting which you can learn more about by reading the following work:

2017: The Coming Times

To our fans it is so important that you understand that we must support the path of the Templars who are servants of the Christ and his mother/bride Venus for this is the next part of the divine plan that has been devised by the gods.

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Lets march together as brothers and sisters for our freedom. Deus Vault!

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