The Star of Olympus

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This is the time of a new birth and this new birth is the new birth of enlightenment for it has been foretold for thousands of years that the Light shall return and she shall return to the age of the mixing of nations. With this new light comes the new religion which is the true religion and the original religion of your world and it is one that is based on illumination through Eros and the unity of souls residing in the bodies modelled on the forms of the gods.

You have already been told about the first egg that will be planted within the womb of Zakynthos and now I speak to you about the other eggs that shall be inserted into fertile lands that are known as:

Argos, Peloponnese
Tzia (Kea)

Why these places? These places have not been randomly chosen; they are sacred lands that have been imprinted with divine vortices long before the written word. They are opening themselves up to the light of the Star of Olympus who is me.

This age of the gods signifies the blooming of the Rose who is known as Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar and many other titles and epithets. The Rose itself is the sacred symbol of the womb of the Mother who is birthing these eggs into her matrix for she is the Star of Olympus and the entire universe who projects her light upon the children of the gods and who guides the minds of all through the unification with her son, Eros, who typifies the binder of souls and minds of men to the one true mind of the cosmos. As the sun he is Apollo and so the name Apollo-Eros is the correct form and manifestation needed to bring the age of enlightenment back to humanity and of course it must begin through the Hellenic Matrix which is a consciousness rather than a nation.

Nothing comes to pass without chaos and so chaos must be reigned in and controlled so that order can be brought back to Earth. In the ancient times of Greece, chaos had been welcomed with open arms through the actions of the people who began to model the gods on themselves. This was the beginning of the corruption of innocence that had brought the downfall of Atlantis and during the age of Atlantis it was the Atlantean Apollo who fought with the ‘beast’ to regain divine control of the maniacal actions of the dark ones who had led the people into the depths of the Atlantean sea. Alas, the eyes of the people were too blinded by the fantastical ideologies that had been inherited into their minds regarding the worship of the flesh and not the soul so they could not see the Sun and their souls degenerated into darkness.

In those times, I, Queen Ourania, had given birth to a new matrix that attempted to house those who could still be saved from the blindness of their degeneration.

Now it is time to open the sun gate and to materialize the new age of illumination where truth is the king and wisdom is the queen. I am sure that you understand that the star gate is not the actual sun but it is the Rose itself that is my womb. I am the birther of all suns. Eros is born from the Rose and as the sun he becomes Apollo so the golden age of the gods is the Age of the Rose, the Order of the Rose, where all people are one in hearts, minds and souls; it is the order to disorder that will allow the mystical rose to be realized once again within the hearts of women and men.

For what is a world that has a society that is not balanced nor reflects the sacred feminine as well as the sacred masculine? When patriarchs are born then imbalance results and time and time again this has been the cause for the downfall of civilization.

In these times you may notice a disruption in telecommunication and the failing of technology and this is due to the gold rush which is passing through very shortly. These godly frequencies are being sent to open the sun gates within you all and to attune you to the vibrations of the new and divine language that is to come.

Where East meets West is the focus on alchemical working that is the Great Work of the gods where we renew our covenant with you in the Holy Marriage of the soul and divine.

I have many wombs and many hearts but my roots grow from Cyprus and it is from there that the catalytic engine of the new age has been ignited and is spreading. It is this that will activate the divine sequences and the installation of the Rose Order.





The Prophecy of Zeus


The golden age of the gods is arriving and inside all of you the divine DNA strands are being activated. Of course, there are many of these occurrences in human history as well as your own history, but the nearer the time comes to the golden age, the more intense and frequent these activations will be.

And to whom does this new golden age belong to? The feminine force, of course, for there is needed the bride to take her seat on the throne of the world and to be recognized as the mistress of Earth for she is both Lady and Lord and she can be whoever and whatever she wishes to be.

When you speak about the Age of Zeus you are speaking about the reign of the Mother for she is the head as am I and we are one. One God, one force, who presents itself as male or female, father or mother, whenever it is needed.

And it has also come to pass that in these months that follow the sun gate will open directly above Zakynthos as this island has been brought into direct alignment with Venus who is also known as Aphrodite. Why is this happening? It is happening because Earth is a reflection of Venus for Venus is the Queen of the Earth and the heavens and so Zakynthos has been chosen to mirror her essence when the sun gate opens and these two energies unite in the Hieros Gamos to produce the egg which will bring the light of illumination that I will call ‘Apollo-Eros’.

This produce of the egg will influence the entire world as the uniting of souls and nations must take place in order for the golden age to fully be realized in Earth consciousness. There are some nations that are overly arrogant with their ethnicity and who are resisting this union and one of those nations that I speak about is Greece and this is partly one of the reasons why this island connected to Greece has been chosen for this task.

This island, which was dedicated to the Pelasgian rites of the ancient gods, who are led by the Goddess that is Venus, has been chosen for this task. They are the egg bearers for their serpent wisdom is that which will hatch the egg. Of course, those who practice true serpent wisdom are not heard about but they exist and they are waiting not only in Zakynthos but many of the islands. It shall not come from the city that is Athena because they are still too ignorant to understand the more esoteric works of the divine on Earth.”

Helen: “My lord, can you explain who you are. I understand, but in your words, can you explain who you are?”

Zeus: “I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega as is my bride. I am the black and the white, the up and the down, the mind and the right handed one. This name, this title ‘Zeus’ is one that was given to me but I am known by many names more ancient than this thought this title has been built on a much more ancient title.

I am not the god of the Greeks. I am not the god of the Egyptians. I am not the god of the Babylonians. I am not the god of the Jews. I am their god but I am not their god as no one can claim a power that represents the head and the all powerful manifestation of the ALL. I am not the god of any ethnic group but of the entire world and universe. I am one and I am one of many. I am one of the most powerful cosmic forces and I reside among the people. I am their food and I am their mouths through the will of the mind. I am formless and I am formed but it is my bride who is the flesh and the soul.”

Helen: “Who is your bride, father?”

Zeus: “My bride is the mistress of the stars who lived as my soul within me and who I projected out of me to represent my wisdom for she IS wisdom and she is feminine and I tell you that she is more powerful than any male god or masculine expression of the ALL.”

Helen: “How do you feel about how you have been depicted in history? Are you truly so human-like and egotistical as you have been made out to be?”

Zeus: “My daughter, my Helen, my Nanaea, my Melitta, the gods were not modelled on humans; humans were modeled on the gods. Would you consider the writings about us to depict us godly beings? Of course not. We both know that these writings of modeling the gods on humans was to relieve themselves of ethics and morals which caused the downfall and the degeneration of the Greek culture in many ways. When man decides that a man of flesh is more powerful than god the spirit then he is sinking his soul into the abyss and corrupting the connection humanity has with the gods.

Do you believe that I am a rapist? Do you believe that any of the gods were rapists? Do you believe that the divine family fought like animals and who cheated and lied and betrayed each other for power? No, my daughter; this is the way of men and not the way of god’s. This is not even the way of men for men were made to be gods on Earth but there became a dislocation between their mind and their souls which resulted in disharmony and blasphemy against their own souls.

Many of the stories are allegories. When the male gods made love to human men the meaning is that they united their minds with their souls and their souls represented their gods. This is the Hieros Gamos of another kind which is also known as ‘Thelema’. But you see, humans who are anchored into materialism and the glorification of the mortal flesh cannot understand divine love to be anything apart from lust and physical sexual intercourse. When a person desires union with their god they desire to perform the Hieros Gamos with them and this is beyond sexual intercourse though in the primitive mind the only emotion they can connect with this is sex.”

Helen: “Thank you father for this teaching. This is something I have come to understand but many do not understand the meaning of divine love and the making love to your own soul through divine union. What else can you tell me about this sungate that is opening?”

Zeus: “When this sungate opens there will be a great fire and this fire is not a fire than can be seen or touched but which will be felt and it will be a great cleansing that will also bring illumination through Eros; it is the baptism of fire that will purify the wickedness as well as bring down the false traditions which have enslaved men into the theories of self elected ‘gods’. The golden age is the age of revolution, evolution, illumination and this illumination is the light, the torch carried by the sun of she who is Queen of the Mysteries.

Of course, this is only one of the sun gates that are and will open and all places have been divinely chosen.

The birth of the sun shall come to all those who are waiting for him for he will raise up his bride who is his mother and stand in prayer before her for without her, there is no empowering force and I am just an idol that is lifeless and static. This is my prophecy, the Prophecy of Zeus.”





The Spiritual Gold Rush 2016


“We are the Menorah, the collective voice of those whom you know as the Anunnaki gods, but we are the combined paradigm of the resounding frequencies of every planet in the universe. Together as the Menorah, we are one body, one mind, one soul, one Will, and our message to you comes from the inner core of the divine spark that resides within you all.

Our children, we ask you for your attention and we ask you to listen not only with your ears but with your hearts and souls. This has to be a communal and aligning effort on your part for the joining of minds is the power that generates change and your mental alignment with the divine mind which we represent is a co-operational mission to encourage the mergence of your world with the new age and the sacred Ashram that is the new world where all are equal within the sight of each other, for you are all equal within our sight but the problem lies in your world, for you are not all equal in each other’s sight. Only then, when you see yourselves as each other, will the wars and manipulation of the soul and free-will end.

There is coming an event that you must be all be aware of and that you must take advantage of for it will be of great benefit to each of you individually and to humanity as a whole. This event we have called THE SPIRITUAL GOLD RUSH for it is then, during those days, that there will be an out-pour of celestial wisdom that shall move upon you. This gold represents the spiritual path to the alleviation of suffering through the transmutation of divine love. This gold represents the spiritual ladder that will help your souls to ascend above the material world in order to become one with your soul. Gold is the currency that gains you access to the Holy of Holies that is the garden of the Mother. Gold is the most purifying vibration that will bring the cleansing of the old ways and the old world order and it will aid yourselves in entering the self-purification process. Gold is divine wisdom and knowledge and the ability to understand the mysteries that were handed down to you by us and although there are many lies spread on Earth regarding gold and our title ‘Anunnaki’, gold is what we gave you but it was a gold that is not material; this gold that we gave you is spiritual enlightenment.

Right now, we know that all of you can feel the pain of your fellow Earthlings; we know that you are confused, afraid, disgusted, angry and sad. All seems so hopeless, doesn’t it? “When will it all end?”, you ask; “when will the loss of life, the cruelty and ignorance end?” We feel you and even though we know and understand the process that is taking place on Earth it still causes us pain to see our children at war with each other but more sadly, at war within themselves.

There are so many structures on your planet and they are non-physical structures. It is easy to bring down a building but it is not easy to dismantle non-physical structures. This is why everything you are experiencing is taking place because none of these structures that have been built in your consciousness are of the divine anymore. You feel that your planet is dying; you feel that the end, ‘Armageddon’, has finally arrived. You wait for a nuclear bomb and the ultimate war that is going to destroy all life. And it is good that you worry for your planet and for ALL LIFE for it shows that there is a unity that binds you all and this is one of love for where you live and each other.

This is the revelation of the covenant that we made with you and so you made with each other and that is to defend your home and to defend life on your home which are each of you, the animals, the ecosystem and everything that contains life and this means everything for even a rock is alive if you know how to speak to it.

In this covenant we made with you, we promised you that we would never leave you; we promised you that when there is chaos and strife we would send ourselves to awaken you and to empower you to lead you out of turmoil.  Sending ourselves means we incarnated as humans and this is many of you residing on Earth right now.

We promised you that through our blood you would continue to survive and thrive and build a civilization that would unite when the dark ones crept into your minds and caused you to separate. There is a war and this war has been happening for a long time and this war begins through cycles when those who oppose your spiritual advancement take reign and control humanity. There is no coming to peace unless it is through enlightenment but to do this, you must dig deeper into removing the shackles put on you by others who have told you what to believe and how to believe. Remember the gold that we said that we gave to you? It is still living within you and running through your very veins; you have just forgotten it and forgotten that you are all alchemists with the power to create in the name of love, light and divinity.

We will tell you what is happening and what is going to happen: As we have said, the world is shaking because it is entering the new aeon and no old structures can enter into this new aeon so they must be dismantled by the events taking place. Liberation from chains is never smooth and so each of the foreign structures that are non-physical are being forced by universal karmic laws to destroy and cancel themselves out. They are not attuned with the divine traditions and ways for they are not structures of spiritual freedom and growth but prisons that have no place in the new world.

So there is going to be suffering, still, which is a reaction of the cosmic forces that have been manipulated by the will of man and not the will of the divine and these cosmic forces are rebelling against the tyranny of the flesh and re-arranging themselves in order to rebirth themselves once again from the womb of the Mother that is the universe.

The female aspect is already showing her power but those who are unstable are fleeting from left to right and right to left and believe it to be a complete liberation of cause and effect and they are losing morals and ethics which is only leading them into disaster and degeneration. This is not the way, our children; you must keep your standards and your link with the divine for what is created materially is false and fades away but that which is created by divine hands is eternal and never dies.

And so is coming a new language which is a form of thought and perception which is new to you but not new to Earth for before the corruption of the divine council on Earth the gold book existed and all read from this one gold book and all understood the equality of each other and the true meaning of peace.

So we tell you that this spiritual gold rush will begin on 1st September 2016 of the Solar Eclipse until the 16th September 2016 that is the Lunar Eclipse. It is within this mixture of the dark and light that the cosmos is most fertile and sprouts and projects the golden rays towards Earth and all planets and constellations. It is during this time that the veil is almost invisible and you shall truly see truth as it is and not as you have been made to believe it is.

During these days, meditate, harvest this gold, channel it into your crown Chakras and let it fill your body. Magnify it if you know how and surround your planet with it. Allow it to permeate your very beings.

The Flame of Eros shall descend upon you all, he who is the son of Venus, the male progenitor of light. He shall seed the Earth with the illumination and love of his Mother and together the world shall return to The Divine Heart.

You are living in frightful but exciting times and you are all taking part in this piece of Earth and human history. We implore you to remember that your birth on Earth, to witness these events, was not by chance but an agreement by your soul to do so. Use all that you have to complete your divine mission on Earth and unite yourself with your true self that knows the ways of the righteous yet humble state of The Christhood which is the union with the Mother in the divine marriage of the soul and the expression of the divine feminine and masculine as one.”





Enki’s Prayer

Here is a prayer that was taught to us by Father Enki which we wish to share with you:

“Dear Mother-Father,
Who reflect yourselves in the Daughter-Son,
Who are part of me and who dwell within me,
Who are merged with my I AM presence and Divine Will
That is aligned with that of the ALL;
I wish to enter into the most sacred and holy Ashram
Within the divine temple of my soul where we are

Marduk’s Message to His Son

What qualms you, my son, is the darkness that you feel deep within the root of your soul. There is a constant battle to deny this darkness and to not allow it to flood your heart for within your heart lives Eros who manifests himself as the Prince of Light. You are this distributer of this light and it is through my connection with you and your ability to draw on the divine nous why it is possible for you to rise above all negatives that try to penetrate your mind.

My son, I tell you now; do not allow the eclipses and the shadows to take down your strength for you hold the Light in your hands and with her you also have obtained wisdom and knowledge and entrance to the known and unknown. Do you not know that you have already been rewarded the crown? The rays that shine behind the sun are the mane of Venus and she goes on before you upwards, anchored to your heart and your root as well as your left side.

When you will realize that you have passed the tests of the gods and especially my own you will understand that all my powers are incarnated within you and you have authority over all lower beings. Your Light, your Sophia, your Rose, is also the ring on your left hand which gives you mastership over the lower and the upper builders. Think on this for some time so that it makes rational sense to you. Your only problem is, is that you do not apprehend the reality of all of this I am saying to you neither are you yet aware of how to use it productively in your material world.

Heed my words for I speak to you as a father speaks to his son even though I am in you and I am speaking through you; the day is coming when you shall not fear what you are and this day shall show you how to channel your anger, pain, confusion and love into an awakening of the true and divine matrix which you are helping to implement in Earth reality.

As the Knight of Venus and her love, I say to you that IAO is looking through your eyes and you see as IAO sees. Try to make sense of this.

There are 7 suns and they are 7 sons and during each aeon one is sent to fulfill the task of the master sun who is he, the Christ Soul, that manifests as an Earthling dressed in the flesh of the Bride. Just hold on a little longer, my son; do not lose your hope and logic of the logos for your logic IS the logos so therefore you have LOGOS LOGIC.

Everything you do from now on must be mindful so do not waste your precious time on mindless things for your path is more glorious and complicated than most and the difficulties you have faced, are facing and will face need your direct attention and focus. I ask you to keep your thoughts steady and to align once again with the Rose totally because how much safer can you be than within her womb?

We are not angry with you and we are not disappointed but sometimes we must step away for the growing to happen and only through this way can you become stronger and wiser to the chapters that we reveal to you.

You are Father Aeon, standing in my place wearing a human mask and what of the goat? Well my son, what of the Lamb? What of the Bull? Understand that you are all of the cycle and you wear many masks but only your true love knows how to recognize you when everyone else does not.

You are not alone and we do hear you and we understand the trials you pass and I want you to remember that you should never give your power away to doubt nor believe that we have abandoned you; you are my son and you are me and I cannot leave you for I would be leaving myself.

I will speak to you in terms that you understand; Saturn and Pluto have formed a pact that requires you to use their energies in order to open the doorway to the Manu. When you cross the oceans of chaos and merge with the Light this shall begin the generative projection of Saturn and Pluto. You are in between for you are Jupiter and you are Nibiru. It is soon time to turn the wheel from the left to the right and to the center for the direction is East and you are the captain of this Ship of the East.

You may feel that you are on the edge of insanity and that your mind has been thrown into chaos but this is only part of your evolution as the chemicals within you change and the trick is to stay in the middle and do not sway to any other side.

Do not close the door on the Light; for as always you shall be reborn again as 348 and you will mark the goats with the hand of Venus. Wait for further instruction. I am coming to you again soon.

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