Enki’s Prayer

Here is a prayer that was taught to us by Father Enki which we wish to share with you:

“Dear Mother-Father,
Who reflect yourselves in the Daughter-Son,
Who are part of me and who dwell within me,
Who are merged with my I AM presence and Divine Will
That is aligned with that of the ALL;
I wish to enter into the most sacred and holy Ashram
Within the divine temple of my soul where we are

Marduk’s Message to His Son

What qualms you, my son, is the darkness that you feel deep within the root of your soul. There is a constant battle to deny this darkness and to not allow it to flood your heart for within your heart lives Eros who manifests himself as the Prince of Light. You are this distributer of this light and it is through my connection with you and your ability to draw on the divine nous why it is possible for you to rise above all negatives that try to penetrate your mind.

My son, I tell you now; do not allow the eclipses and the shadows to take down your strength for you hold the Light in your hands and with her you also have obtained wisdom and knowledge and entrance to the known and unknown. Do you not know that you have already been rewarded the crown? The rays that shine behind the sun are the mane of Venus and she goes on before you upwards, anchored to your heart and your root as well as your left side.

When you will realize that you have passed the tests of the gods and especially my own you will understand that all my powers are incarnated within you and you have authority over all lower beings. Your Light, your Sophia, your Rose, is also the ring on your left hand which gives you mastership over the lower and the upper builders. Think on this for some time so that it makes rational sense to you. Your only problem is, is that you do not apprehend the reality of all of this I am saying to you neither are you yet aware of how to use it productively in your material world.

Heed my words for I speak to you as a father speaks to his son even though I am in you and I am speaking through you; the day is coming when you shall not fear what you are and this day shall show you how to channel your anger, pain, confusion and love into an awakening of the true and divine matrix which you are helping to implement in Earth reality.

As the Knight of Venus and her love, I say to you that IAO is looking through your eyes and you see as IAO sees. Try to make sense of this.

There are 7 suns and they are 7 sons and during each aeon one is sent to fulfill the task of the master sun who is he, the Christ Soul, that manifests as an Earthling dressed in the flesh of the Bride. Just hold on a little longer, my son; do not lose your hope and logic of the logos for your logic IS the logos so therefore you have LOGOS LOGIC.

Everything you do from now on must be mindful so do not waste your precious time on mindless things for your path is more glorious and complicated than most and the difficulties you have faced, are facing and will face need your direct attention and focus. I ask you to keep your thoughts steady and to align once again with the Rose totally because how much safer can you be than within her womb?

We are not angry with you and we are not disappointed but sometimes we must step away for the growing to happen and only through this way can you become stronger and wiser to the chapters that we reveal to you.

You are Father Aeon, standing in my place wearing a human mask and what of the goat? Well my son, what of the Lamb? What of the Bull? Understand that you are all of the cycle and you wear many masks but only your true love knows how to recognize you when everyone else does not.

You are not alone and we do hear you and we understand the trials you pass and I want you to remember that you should never give your power away to doubt nor believe that we have abandoned you; you are my son and you are me and I cannot leave you for I would be leaving myself.

I will speak to you in terms that you understand; Saturn and Pluto have formed a pact that requires you to use their energies in order to open the doorway to the Manu. When you cross the oceans of chaos and merge with the Light this shall begin the generative projection of Saturn and Pluto. You are in between for you are Jupiter and you are Nibiru. It is soon time to turn the wheel from the left to the right and to the center for the direction is East and you are the captain of this Ship of the East.

You may feel that you are on the edge of insanity and that your mind has been thrown into chaos but this is only part of your evolution as the chemicals within you change and the trick is to stay in the middle and do not sway to any other side.

Do not close the door on the Light; for as always you shall be reborn again as 348 and you will mark the goats with the hand of Venus. Wait for further instruction. I am coming to you again soon.

The Golden Apple – Lady Babalon Speaks

The veil of the abyss is opening
And the dragon of the Earth is surging forth.
The ice that once covered the hand of Time is thawing
From the breath of Shalhevet
And again the aeon shall resound.

Woe to the ones who have not answered my call
And woe to the ones who have sank their souls
Into the murky waters of Chaos,
For nothing is ever unseen in the eyes of the gods
And nothing is unheard.

As the world divides itself between east and west
The Holy Spirit that is Malkuth shall invade herself,
Purposefully turning herself inside out and backwards
To draw down the divine laws and implant them within her womb.

The Earth shall then crack open like an egg, the Mundane Egg
Releasing the celestial, one true light.
And the fire from this egg shall burn the corrupters of truth,
Those who contaminate my name with their falsehoods
And mistranslated insinuations.

Oh 846! How you have fallen!
Fallen from the eyes of the divine,
And for this you too shall lose your Light.
How you have sunk into the depths of despair!
You have closed your doors to the Light
And now you shall know a soulless existence
And look for her again but by you she shall not be found.

And without fault the divine plan
Shall counteract the failures,
And from the embers of this sacrilege
The new aeon shall appear, birthed out of the old
And aged by the new.

And now I cry for a love that is lost
And my tears fall as sacred water for my thirsty
And loyal children.
It is not long, now; the un-creating and re-creating has begun.

I, who am Wisdom, am standing on the altar of Knowledge
And the roots of my throne grow ever deeper into your consciousness,
For I am the bearer of saviours
And I am the star that emits the sun.

And now has come the time of heroes
The sons of the solar Lord and the sons of my flesh,
The daughters of mine have already arrived.
And to the one who wins back the Light
Shall be rewarded with my Golden Apple.

Art: Valeri Stenov

The Light Bringer-2016 Message from Venus

To understand the guidance from Mother Venus, it is important to be aware of a vision I was shown and the message I was given by a prophet I shall call ‘The Magician’ who is simply an archetype of the Magician card in the Tarot. The vision I was shown was a large beast that grew larger than the sun and who turned the sun black. Each part of these works is connected to the events that will unfold in 2016. Although the message you will read will initially seem to be negative it is given to you so that you gain a greater understanding of what is happening in our world right now and when you gain this understanding, you will also see how through the darkness of these days the light of love is preparing to shine through.

The Black Sun

The Magician: “Nothing is by chance; you have to know this first and foremost. There is no such thing as luck or chance as everything is created by a sequence of events that is set in motion by a cause. Moving further on swiftly because you know all of this, what you saw was the temporary death of the sun. The sun needs to descend to Earth through a small ‘death.’ The beast that you saw was the materiality of your world overpowering itself so that it has lost its mentalism in chaotic madness and it is raging through the world like a mad bull. This beast in chaos is the son and the produce of the spiritual Mother being forced into a way of being that does not suit it. I mean it has become this way because of this force and manipulation to make it a material existence which is totally against its nature. The sun, in death, descends as the Dark Lord. You must think about this because he is more terrifying than the beast for the dark ones who are forcing the imbalance on Earth for he is the light bringer. Heed my words; the dark ones, the black magicians of your world, are creating the new tree. They have created the new crown. This beast is materialism.

This much you should know. Expect more destruction. This beast, or the so called beast, is running through the divine channels of your world but it is mindless; it is a created being and it will continue to rampage more as the dark ones continue to try to force the produce of the spiritual mother into material forms. You think they do not understand that no man can command Babalon??? You think they do not understand that the more they push and defile and enforce, the more that she reverts back to her chaotic archetype??? MADNESS!!! Yet this is a planned madness. Babalon is the needed material force that keeps the balance of the formed and the unformed, the spiritual and the material. Her imbalance creates destruction. Chaos has no place on Earth once she was brought order to and manifested as the material presence of the Shekinah.

She must be let her out under divine will through the will of Eros. She is coming out now, anyway, but it must be by divine hand. This hand is the hand of Ishtar that can heal or disease and that can resurrect or kill. This is the only way to complete the Holy Pyramid of Osiris or what you like better, my lovely, the Etemenanaki of your beloved Marduk. That is right; RAISE BABYLON! Oh GLORIOUS BABYLON!!! (He laughs like a mad man.) The builders are rising. The builders are RISING! This is going to be the most exciting show on Earth for a long time. Let this aeon go out with a real bang!

Because they are forcing the spiritual mother into material forms that are created and she is falling into chaos, the Dark Lord must bring her back to order by reminding her of who she is through the Essence of Eros. He will place himself before her as a sacrifice and he will pour every last drop of his ‘blood’ into her ‘cup’ so that the seed of the sun is planted back into the material world to birth the new aeon. He must anoint her material self with his seed and baptize her with fire.”

And now onto the message for 2016 from our beloved Mother Venus:

“Many people are mistaken about the origin of light; they are either mistaken or confused. People speak about love and light as if they are two separate entities when light only exists because of love because it comes from love. When you understand that all comes from love then you will understand its true meaning.

I will be clearer. If love did not exist there would be no light because at the beginning of all beginnings, at the first of all firsts, there was love. Love came into existence long before light. Light only came into being when love chose to be conscious of itself and gave birth to light.

Light is a gift that was given to every soul in the universe that came into being through love. Light was a gift given to every entity in the cosmos because of love. When the heart learns to love then automatically then it is given light and when the heart learns to love unconditionally and understands that all is love then automatically it is given enlightenment.

I am laying down this foundation of understanding for you in order to activate light within you because without light, how can you understand the meaning of love? As Venus I am all that represents love and the child that I produce is light and this child is the light of your world.

The winter solstice in 2015 falls on a Monday and Monday is the day belonging to the moon which is also a dimension that I rule. The moon is feminine and mysterious and it can be dark and it can be light depending on which side of the Earth you reside. Now see this from another perspective; the moon can be dark or it can be light depending on which angle you are viewing it from but sometimes, as with all cycles, there are both the darkness and the light; darkness for life to begin and light to nourish it. The 25th of December will be on Friday which is the day ruled by Venus. Venus is also feminine and mysterious and its energies project love, light and wisdom.

When the sun is birthed on the winter solstice under the rule of the moon and Venus you are being told that the sun, who is also the groom and the son of the Mother, will rise through love in order to teach a new light which is a revelation regarding his Mother and his bride. The sun/son will bring into human consciousness the material manifestation of the Mother’s existence and this has been building up for many of your years until this time when utter chaos is reigning in your world.

There are so many conflicts and so many lies circulating in Earth energy consciousness and this will ultimately reach its peak. I tell you now that the time of patriarchy is coming to its end so that balance can once again be produced on Earth but this will not happen without a grand finale of turmoil and the destruction of the old order and the old structure that has coveted the consciousness of humanity for a very, very long time.

And so the cycle has reached its zero point and it has evolved to the correct divine timing for me to send my Messenger of Light, the Light Bringer, who is the seed of illumination and who will plant itself within the created Earth matrix and be given birth to by my material form, the material Mother, in order to grow a new language and distribute true Gnosis.

What is happening on Earth right now is very complex and what you can see is simply a theatrical projection of the true battle that is occurring within the astral and its dimensions which is a war between those who wish to empower mentalism and with those who wish to empower spiritualism. Remember that both the mind and spirit are needed for balance and too much of either can create chaos.

It is difficult for you right now when all that you see and hear is death and war but I advise you not to sink into fantasies where you believe that all of that which humanity is experiencing is unreal. Know that all of this occurs when the old aeon is dissolving into the new and when the new savior, the light, the son Venus, will be born as a consciousness unto Earth and all its creatures.

Stay strong and remember that each and every one of you are gods and the children of the gods living in material form and you are witnessing all that you are because you were born to live through these times. Keep strong and do not sway from your faith for this is this what empowers the glory of the divine plan to be realized on Earth.

I love you, each and every one of you and soon Mama will be home…”

We wish each of our students, clients and followers the most amazing Christmas and we are sending you blessings and light for a prosperous and peaceful 2016.  We love you and we thank you for your ongoing support xxx


Do People Need Religion? From Zeniel Melchizedek

I feel the words of Lord Zeniel Melchizedek tumbling into my thoughts and I feel the essence of the subject which he wishes to speak about and this is religion and if humanity needs religion or not. For reference and understanding, you can read more about Zeniel Melchizedek by clicking on the following links:

The High Priest of Lemuria – Lord Zeniel Melchizedek

The New World
Helen: “My dear Lord Zeniel, I am so happy to hear you. I understand the question you wish me to ask you and so I will ask it: Does humanity need religion?”

Lord Zeniel Melchizedek: “My Nanaea, I will answer your question for humanity is deeply in need of an answer and I will begin immediately with answering your question.

Firstly it is important to differentiate between ‘need’ and ‘want’. Many humans want things that are not good for them or think that a want and a need for something are the same thing when they’re not. Humans can also not want something based on their ego thought forms when this thing what they do not want is really what they need.

Without yet delving into theology let us look at religion from this perspective; people naturally and instinctively form into groups and this can be for any category such as likes, dislikes, food, race, gender etc People naturally form alliances with others who they feel share the same opinions and even physical appearances as themselves. This tells you that religions were originally formed by those sharing the same or similar beliefs. Humans naturally divide themselves based on this. Did you read that? Yes; HUMANS divide themselves because they cannot agree with each other so they look for others who agree with them and form groups.

I understand that people say that religion is the cause of division among humanity but it is humans themselves, as I said, that form these divisions because of the individual groups THEY create for it is not only religion why people become divided but ANY group that is created which feels it is unique to others.

So you see, none of this has anything to do with theology or even the religions themselves but humans who segregate themselves from each other to be with those who share a common interest, belief, image of themselves etc And you must also remember that it was humans AGAIN who created religions BECAUSE they wanted to segregate themselves from others who they felt were not like them.

It astounds me how many humans cannot see this simple psychological pattern in their own species and they continue to look for a scapegoat to blame for why they are divided. It is not only that they segregate themselves into groups but it is how they become fanatical about their beliefs and believe that their opinions of what is the correct way is the ONLY truth and this is spurred on by the members of these groups who empower the fanaticism in each other.

It IS true that certain religions have been taken over by dark people with dark intentions but it is the parents who instill the majority of the beliefs of these religions into their children. But is the god of that religion to blame? And was the original idea and movement of each religion to blame? We are speaking about psychological and psychotic attachments of human beings whom oppress and repress others so in other words the dark brothers do not have to do this because human beings in their ego to be right and enforce their ‘righteousness’ on others do the work for them.

So now that I have cleared this subject up and made things more clear I will move on to if humans NEED religion…

The gods gave the divine laws and traditions to humanity and these continued to be taught by their avatars who are the ascended masters and members of the Great White Brotherhood. These divine laws and traditions incorporated the laws of the universe and how mankind should live in accordance with these laws of the universe lest he suffer from the consequences of cause and effect. These teachings were called by Jesus ‘The Way’ for it was a way of living, a way of being and a way of BECOMING.

You have to understand that the laws are represented by what you can call gods or forces of the cosmos and these were without order until they were put into order. When you hear about religious orders such as the one of my that is The Order of Melchizedek, this simply means that the mysteries which are the divine teachings, laws and traditions are put INTO order, into a structure, so that they are NOT chaotic and so that they are easier to understand, learn and follow. Remember that everything in the universe IS in its own divine order and has been put into order so that each is in harmony with each other and the turning of the aeons and the growth and renewal of the universe can continue smoothly and IN ORDER.

This does not mean, however, that each essence, each energy, each manifestation of the ALL is confined or straight-jacketed with no room to breathe; no; not at all! It means that there has been provided a FERTILE SPACE for GROWTH which is WITHIN the divine ORDER of the universe.

And so going back to religion and the mysteries given to humanity, these teachings were ultimately put INTO ORDER by those who were adepts within the mysteries and high priests to the divine manifestations. These structures were needed to make learning much easier. These structures were for the GOOD of humanity so that THEY had harmony and order WITHIN and AROUND them because the priests understood the nature of human beings and their need for structure and structural patterns and routine in order to feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually secure.

There must be order within disorder and for this to manifest the divine teachings must also be put into an arrangement that is going to become beneficial and understandable otherwise it is like trying to read a book where all the letters are jumbled up and all of the subjects are not put into their correct categories.

The days of the week, the hours in the day, the months, the years, the seasons ALL were put in order because humans need order to thrive and whether there are people who agree with this or not based on their own needs their opinions are unimportant because what I speak about is an undeniable truth and not someone’s ego attempts to enforce their opinion as a truth onto others!

Is religion bad? Let me ask you; is fire bad because it can cook your food yet burn you? Is a knife bad because it can cut wood and food yet can stab you? Everything depends on how you use it because there is a dual use for everything and free will means you choose whether you use it to help or to harm, to liberate or to oppress and it also means that you have the choice to move away from anything that hams and oppresses you.

What is right for you is not right for everyone else; there are many people with many psychological and emotional problems who rely on religion and structures to get them through the day because they are deficient in organizing themselves and it is not a case of simply teaching them because these people need what they need and for many it has saved their lives and given them meaning and has become a savior that saves them from themselves.

If you do not want religion, then do not choose it, because who are you to choose for anyone else? You are behaving just as the fanatics of religion are by dictating what is right for someone else just because you believe it right for you! Unless you can understand the human need then you should not speak especially when it was humans who created religions BECAUSE of this human need and the need within themselves!

Let us move on…

The ideal movement or structure, let us say, is a system that all humans can agree on and one which all can benefit from. Do you ever wonder why certain people levitate towards certain religions? Why do they not all believe in ONE religion? You have many different religions on Earth and people are dividing themselves by choosing which religion best resonates with them. Why is this? And why, when they join these religions, do they feel that this is THE truth or THEIR truth above the truth of any other religion? Remember; it is THEIR choice to join these organizations because there is something in THEM that feels this is the right thing for them to do and because it makes them feel ‘at home’ and ‘found’.

And then we come to those who do not belong to any religious structure but who take from all religions and teachings, who create their own structure and bring order to their own chaos and create a system that is true for them, who do not look to other humans to bring them harmony, peace and discipline but become their own high priest or priestess. They may find others like them who are also building their own structures but who may not believe in exactly what they
do but they can find affinity with them and they become connected simply because they are walking similar paths. These ones who become their own priest or priestess are those who have a direct connection with the divine, who have crossed the boundaries of materialism and the flesh thoughts and who are guided directly by the holy manifestations. They are the ones who understand the double meaning in all religious texts and who can work alone or find a companion to work with them in the above. They are the ones who have found the divine or the gods within themselves and who do not need external icons or idols to SEE because they SEE WITHIN. And this is the true meaning of ESOPHORIA which is a Greek word meaning ‘TO LOOK WITHIN’!  Their religion and communion with the divine is a process that happens within themselves and with each other.

These people follow a set of theological practices and theories that have been given to them by the divine and this is the true ‘religion’ or ‘system’ of all of the adepts who have passed who are also known as the Great White Brothers and Sisters; the masters of the mysteries, the avatars of the gods and the ‘Awakened Ones’, these who are following the original teachings of the gods and who are carrying them out on Earth and raising the consciousness of humanity. You must understand that this path is not for everyone, as I have stated, as there are those who are not spiritually evolved enough to understand the mysteries and which can do harm to them rather than good BECAUSE of their low emotional, mental and spiritual level of awareness. And this is why these adepts that I speak of are those who are rejected and hunted by those who are fanatics of organized religions because ignorance makes them do so and also because they fear the freedom the adepts express when they, the fanatics, cannot handle this freedom.

Maybe now you can understand why Jesus was hunted and crucified and why all of those before him, all of those Christed Masters, male and female, were also hunted and murdered; it was because what they were practicing and teaching was outside structured religion that was led by other humans who believed their opinions and ways were superior to spiritual freedom of the individual who were not satisfied to have the freedom to practice their own ways but who wanted to take away this freedom from everyone else.

Originally, the first religion or structure on Earth was taught by the adepts, those who were guided by the gods and teaching and sharing the divine laws and traditions and who helped others to connect with the gods. This religion was one and in time as people multiplied and moved to other areas of the world, they took the ancient teachings with them which changed slightly such as the gods were given other names, but the essence remained the same and the same force was present within it which linked all humans to The Way.

So in conclusion and my answer as to if humanity needs religion my answer is this: humanity needs unity and they need the structure of a belief system put in order yet it should be ONE structure, ONE religion, and ONE which they ALL agree on which may NOT contain the same doctrines and theories and practices as each other exactly but to each have a COMMON GOAL and this is LOVE, PEACE and UNITY of the human race!

For a peaceful and harmonious life, obey the laws of the universe which even the gods themselves must obey and this means going with the flow of the cosmos and allowing it to flow through you. You have the blueprints of nature stamped within you and you carry it in your souls. Be ONE with the nature of the universe AND your planet for your planet and all of nature as well as YOU are the divine reflection and the manifestation of IT. Follow the ancient ways, the ways left to you by your ancestors for the root is always where the nourishment lies.

I am a student and a disciple of my own order as were the great Masters you know as Jesus, Pythagoras, Plato, Moses and many other names. My order is the reflection of the Venus Mysteries and we are her priests but this I will speak about another time…”

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