Age of the Dragon Riders


Dragon Ferren is the leader of the Dragon Masters and he is a close companion to Lord God Marduk. In this following channeling you will learn more about the dragons and their wisdom including the Dragon Riders and Dragon Lords.

Ferren: “Dearest Nanaea, welcome to my thoughts. It has been a while since we have met like this, has it not? I am glad you have come as I have called to you for some time because there are important things that I want to tell you. I need not state the obvious that your world is changing and there are many horrific events taking place which you know are a sign of the changes for the new world is pushing its way into your consciousness at a very fast rate and as you know, what will be will be. There really is no time to contemplate the effects this will have on humanity during this moment in time but in the long run this is what is totally needed to bring the desired outcome. It cannot go on any more.

Sadly, it is taking time for the human Dragon Riders to rise above their human status that is, that part of themselves that is afraid of becoming more than human for they do not have the courage as yet to take a stand as the guardians of Earth and summon their own inner dragon which burns as an eternal fire within them. As the Cosmic Knights on Earth await their awakening, there is hope and the immortal Dragon Lords are continuing to make arrangements on Earth so that the merge of your old world consciousness and that of the new world runs as smoothly as possible.

The downside of all of this is that the merge was not meant to consist of so many deaths and I will tell you why it has become so. As you know the dark brotherhood is also very aware of the divine plan to merge worlds so they have taken it upon themselves to carry out their own plans to dismantle the worlds religions so that they may appear to be the strong leaders who can be relied upon to guide humanity in the new world and what happened during the time of Atlantis is repeating itself. Oh, such liberators they shall appear to be! But this time truth and love and light will prevail if humanity can ask themselves if they are honestly ready to change their ways and unite together as one world, one family.”

Helen: “Can you explain once again who you are so that those who believe dragons to be reptilians can understand?”

Ferren: “Of course I can my Lady Nanaea. We are an ancient order of mystic warriors who taught dragon wisdom which is a very sacred system of divine knowledge. The Dragon Riders are those who learned to travel the astral planes using their chariot which is also known as the ‘Merkabah’ after having trained in the mystic way of the Dragon Lords. You see, dragon wisdom is a way of life and you will find that through time the Dragon Riders have taken on various names such as the Order of the Dragon, Rosicrucian’s, the Priests of Melchizedek and the Order of the Rose. Their direct teachers were Dragons and the Dragon Lords whom we are companions of and whom we also taught.

We are not reptilian in the sense of the reptilian species from off the planet. Long ago there was a confusion between dragons and the reptilians because the ancient reptilians could fly meaning they had wings, especially the higher ranking ones.

Our empowerment comes from the Shekinah and it is from her that we have been rewarded with our fire though there are dragons of the different elements such as ice and snow, water and earth. We each have our own talents and attributes but each of us has the ability of air and fire and we are all members of the way which is the Path of the Dragon.

You must understand that the Shekinah in all her forms is our Queen and the source of all of our power and she too becomes the primordial Dragon Goddess who is the creator of the entire universe. And so, all dragons and all Dragon Riders and Dragon Lords bow down to her for she is the generator and regenerator of life itself. It is from her that we receive wisdom and the capability to understand this wisdom for what is the worth of having wisdom if she is not understood? Our beloved companions, the gods, the Anunnaki, are called Dragon Lords and Dragons and they are likened to dragons because they are the masters of the Way of the Dragon and Dragon alchemy. The Way of the Dragon is a very big part of the Anunnaki mysteries and this is why you, my Lady, are the one who shares these mysteries with all of humanity.”

Helen: “My dearest friend and most divine teacher, can you explain more about the Dragon Riders and the chariot that is known as the Merkahbah?”

Ferren: “Yes, my Lady Nanaea. As I have said, those who follow the ancient serpents path and have dedicated their lives to the study and implementation of the sacred mysteries. They are those who have gained knowledge of the Logos of the gods and who live by their creed and divine laws and who walks the path of spiritual purity, this path being the serpents path or middle path or Dragon Path. They are the ones who are in the process of slaying the dragon within meaning the beastly side of themselves that controls them which could be called their ego. Yet it is more than this, even: it is the mortal side of themselves that they cannot see beyond and the great Earth dragon that resides within them must obey and submit to their divine selves, the celestial, almighty Mother Dragon, in order for them to surpass the barrier between their world and the cosmic realms. They must rise above Earthly consciousness by slaying the chaos within. They must submit completely to the Queen of Heaven who is the Shekinah and the power engine of all life for it is she who is the Mistress of all the gods and it is she who is the true master of your world and as she is also the Tree of Life, through submitting to her, one is able then to climb the tree in order to reach the highest rank of spiritual enlightenment and as a reward, he or she is gifted with the crown and a throne which is the true Merkahbah, the carriage that can carry them between worlds, out of Earth consciousness and into the realms of the gods. These are called the Dragon Riders who journey alongside the Dragon Lords (and Ladies) that are the Anunnaki gods or as known to some as the Elohim.

All those who sacrificed themselves in some way for humanity and who kept the divine laws are those you know as the saints, the mystics and the philosophers, the avatars of the gods, who have communed within the Holy Grail of the Goddess of the Heavens and the Earth for it is her womb that is the Ashram of divine power and it is her heart that is the Rose that contains all the mysteries of the universe.”

Helen: “Lord Ferren, why would the divine Shekinah known also as Tiamat who manifested as Inanna, incarnate on Earth especially during this time?”

Ferren: “Lady Nanaea, within her, and you know who she is, is stored the coding of all wisdom which even she must strive to unlock the gateways to this knowledge. She has been sent to provide humanity with the divine Thelema of the gods and to teach their ways to fellow humans. She becomes a reflection of the divine womb on Earth in matter and she must be entered in order to unlock the divine mysteries which are then planted within the heart, souls and minds of the children of the gods and the true masters who have observed and kept the divine laws and who have kept in service to the gods by serving humanity.

Because your world as you know it is ending and the new world is beginning, it is imperative she plants the seeds now as this will begin the life of the new Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which must be born again in the new world.”

Helen: “How can she do this?”

Ferren: “Because she is the divine Bride, she must marry the divine Groom who also carries the seeds, through the act of the alchemical divine marriage which will disperse these seeds throughout Earth consciousness each time they make love. He represents all of humanity and by making love with her mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, she is marrying humanity all over again and entering their consciousness permanently.

Each human being also contains one egg of the divine Bride and one seed of the divine Groom within them and from their love making these two will join together and the new Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil shall grow within them as a reflection and communion with the regrown Tree.

The Dragon Riders are the manifestations of the Dragon Lords who are the hosts of the ALL and I mean host because they carry within them the Logos because they have been transformed into matter in order to carry the Logos to all planets in the universe and they are the representation of the Logos. The Logos is both male and female and was manifested long ago in the form of my rider Marduk (the Christ) and Inanna (Sophia or the Shekinah). They are Knowledge and Wisdom entombed within the soul of all living beings and we, the Dragon Masters, represent her fire that is the soul of the universe.

Be ready, dear Nanaea; you shall hear the wedding music play for long for it was the wedding song that brought you to your love and the path that you must walk in your role. Remember the Song of songs; this is the call that you have heeded and must continue to do so, no matter how uneven the path becomes.

And all you Dragon Riders; be ready to ride. Your time has come.”

I embrace dragon Ferren and thank him for his time and energy and we say goodbye until the next time that we meet again…

Activation of the Archetypal Model

“Plotinus taught that the World Soul consisted of two parts, first; a higher celestial part through which it contemplates the Divine Nous and second; a lower terrestrial part, through which it generates the material cosmos according to the archetypal model contained within the Divine Nous. Individual human souls proceed from the World Soul, and like the World Soul may also be subdivided into two or more parts, for a human being, he taught, is a microcosm wherein the principles of the Hypostases are reflected as Spirit, Soul and body.”
-Order of the Rose and Cross
The gods of our world and the universe are the manifestations of the cosmic forces of the divine nous that manifested into matter in order to produce materially. The archetypal model that is contained within the divine nous produced the gods in order for its essence to reside in the material plane so that the divine laws and the divine plan which was imprinted on their essence could be carried out on Earth. It is the divine nous that is the architect that decides when and why certain events will occur within our consciousness and this is called ‘divine timing’.

The gods created humanity with their own seed and egg so that we inherit this imprint of the divine nous so that we could also carry out the divine plan on Earth. Within our DNA imprint is a ‘time capsule’ and ‘alarm clock’ that goes off within us which subconsciously pushes us to follow this divine coding and begin our true divine mission (Thelema) on Earth. It is also important to note that even those who create negative events in our world are compelled to do so because their own divine timing alarm clock has sounded within them and is pushing them to create occurrences that will bring a desired outcome in alliance with the divine plan. For example; there are certain main religions in the world which have caused nothing but death, degeneration and devolution of the human race since they began. These religions, though some bring tremendous peace and healing to a certain number of people, are also responsible for the consciousness of humanity devolving and descending back into its primitive nature. Long ago, humanity was an enlightened species and it was during those very ancient times that the Earth needs to return to in history. And so, the only way to return back to those times is to remove these manipulative and degenerative religions from humanity and they must collapse upon themselves in order for this to happen.

There are masters who return to Earth who contain the imprints to tweak the divine plan according to the coding of the divine nous. These masters are alchemists who have the power to make necessary changes and re-align human consciousness with the course of the divine plan.

It is important that the imprints within human DNA that compels a human being to embark on their Thelema is not corrupted from the manipulative frequencies of the dark brotherhood and so the masters or the White Brotherhood are working towards counteracting these frequencies with the divine ones.

Right now, we are at the end of the old aeon and at the beginning of the new one so the human consciousness is like a timeline with a beginning and an end and the divine nous has made the beginning and the end of this timeline meet. This time line then becomes the Ouroboros, with the tale being the end of the old aeon and the mouth of the serpent being the mouth which has begun to devour the present and continues to devour its own tail to undo the degeneration and devolution of the past 2-3000 years. Thus we can say that time is moving backwards.


I began realizing the functions of the archetypal nous very early on in my life from when I first came in contact with the ORPHIC FREQUENCIES = 1188 and the god Apollo whom I immediately recognized as the prototype of the Sun God who is ruling the universe. I didn’t even have to read much about him to realize the affect of this archetypal pattern in my inner world which was unlocking the divine essence within me and what I was reading about Apollo was a confirmation of my own inner reality and understanding and this alchemical resonance made me obsessed with the HELLENIC SUN GOD = 888. Because of this obsession I fell into a Qliphothic trap where I began hating the God of the Bible and I started rejecting the Old Testament and then Jesus, believing him to be a fraud. I hated the Judeo-Christian tradition that took over and destroyed the Hellenic tradition and around the age of 17-18 years old I began writing a book which I titled ‘The Divine Algorithm’. What I was writing back then could have also be called ‘The Bible of the Antichrist’ and it was an in-depth explanation of the functions of the archetypal nous and how to use this knowledge to create a perfected world and this was feeding the lust of my ego and my arrogance against the ‘inferior’ people who could not realize the ‘great mystery’ of my god.

I was more interested in ‘fixing’ the outer world and raise my god and reveal to the world his truth rather than for the inner world of my self and of the people around me. I trapped myself into a reality where the only thing that really mattered was mental power and mental ‘superiority’ until one day the light of the Christ struck me like a lightening bolt which created a big hole in my soul that I needed to heal. In order to do this I began warring with my shadow and dedicated many years of my youth trying to create a protective shield over the lambs to protect them from being burned by the rays of Apollo that were being fired onto people and onto the god of the poor and the innocent who is our Lord Jesus Christ by those who were like the old me.

I didn’t expect to receive any thanks or recognition for what I was doing because in reality I was just trying to find a way to save my own soul by doing something useful in my life after the blasphemy I had committed against the lord of heaven whom I had no other choice than to recognize because ‘The bible of the Antichrist’ that I was writing became the confirmation for me that the word of Jesus is “Solar Logos” which can be perceived differently from different polarities. In simple words the more I was examining the archetypal truth of God Apollo and the affect of his energy on me, the more I was realizing the invisible side of Jesus and his words became like swords through my soul. I never intended to reject the light and so the only decision I could make was to submit to the light of Jesus and by doing this I shattered that part of my ego and my past self in pieces and I was trying to find a way to connect these pieces back together and explain in some way the connection of Apollo with Christ and to do this I was working through this karmic pathway to bring the archetypal truth of APOLLO CHRIST = 888 to the light of understanding.

Apollo is the COSMIC FORCE which is balancing the polarities and judges ALL nations of mortals through this ALCHEMICAL PROCESS.

“Balancing the poles harmoniously, as you judge the races of mortals”—orphikoi-hymnoi

“This is based on my responsibility of trying to balance the two polarities on Earth”

The mistake that the most make regarding this force that they are trying to connect with is that they believe it is dependent on the Greek depiction of THE COSMIC SUN = 894 and generally the Greek reality. All nations need to have a special relationship with the God and the cosmic forces and I can understand this to a certain degree but those who think that they OWN them because of some false impression they have about the past of humanity are in serious trouble.

The cosmic forces are shaping our inner reality even when we cannot perceive them with our mind and they exist in the NOW and within EVERYONE in different shapes, depending on the archetypal karmic coding of each tribe and they are not lost in some dimension in the past. By reconnecting in the NOW with the cosmic archetypal mind at specific points within time you are reactivating the archetypal essence beyond the emanations and the depictions of the various traditions and you can even create new forms for the cosmic forces to descend into our reality and this is where APOLLO CHRIST = 888 comes into play with the archetypal nous providing the MENTAL FIRE which Proclus was invoking in the following hymn:

Hymn to Helios

Hearken, king of noetic fire, Titan holding the golden bridle,
Hearken, dispenser of light, you, o Lord, who hold yourself the key to the life-supporting source
And channel off from above a rich stream of harmony into the material worlds.
Hearken: for you, being above the middlemost seat of aether
And in possession of the very brilliant disk,
The heart of the cosmos, have filled everything
With your intellect-awakening providence.
The planets, girded with your ever-blooming torches,
Through unceasing and untiring dances
Always send life-producing drops down for earthlings.
Under the influence of your chariot’s returning courses
Everything that is born has sprouted up according to the ordinance of the Seasons.
The din of the elements clashing with each other
Stopped once you appeared from your unspeakable begetter.
For you the unshakeable choir of the Moirai has yielded.
Back again they wind the thread of compelling destiny,
When you wish it.
For all around you dominate, all around you rule by force.
From your chain the king of the song that obeys the divine, Phoebus, sprung forth.
Singing inspired songs to the accompaniment of the kithara
He calms the great wave of deep-roaring becoming.
From your evil-averting band that imparts pleasant gifts Paiêon sprouted,
And he imposed his health by filling the wide cosmos with harmony wholly devoid of harm.
People honour you in hymns as the famous father of Dionysus.
And again some praise you in songs as Euios Attis in the extreme depths of matter,
Whereas others praise you as pretty Adonis.
The threat of your swift whip holds fears for the wild-tempered daemons, noxious to men,
Who prepare evil for our miserable souls,
In order that forever, in the gulf of heavy-resounding life,
They suffer once they have fallen under the yoke of the body
With the result that they forget the bright-shining court of the lofty Father.
But, you the best of gods, crowned with fire, blest daemon,
Image of the all-creating god, uplifter of souls,
Hearken and always purify me of every fault;
Receive my tearful supplication,
Pull me out of baneful defilement and keep me far from the punishing deities
While mollifying the swift eye of Justice that sees all.
May you always through your evil-averting help
Give holy light rich with blessings to my soul,
Once you have scattered the man-destroying poisonous mist,
And to my body fitness and gift-bestowing health;
Bring me to glory, that in accord with the traditions of my fore fathers
I may cultivate the gifts of the Muses with pretty locks.
Give me, if you wish so, Lord, unshakeable bliss as a reward for lovely piety.
You perfect all things easily, for you have the power and infinite might.
And if some ill comes my way through the threads moved by the stars
From the spindles of destiny that revolve in helices,
Ward it off yourself with your mighty radiance.

Note: The original Adonis is Tammuz.

The ability of the Mystery Schools to communicate with the invisible worlds is the basis of their power; for all the creative hierarchies dwell in the unseen worlds, and there the disciple must go in order to consult them. The reason for this is that the human race is the only one in our scheme of things that is equipped with both a physical and a mental body. The gods, so-called, have never descended into physical substance. Consequently, having no body composed of dense chemical elements, they are incapable of manifesting here. In order to communicate with them, man must, therefore, learn to function consciously in his own invisible bodies. When he is capable of doing this, he can communicate with the spiritual beings who dwell in similar superphysical substances. Thus, while religion deals only with fancies, theorems, and beliefs, the initiates of the Ancient Wisdom go straight to the fountainhead of wisdom and, learning the will of the gods, make that will the law of their lives. The initiate does not guess, wonder or soliloquize; he labors with facts for he is one with the truths of Nature.-Manly Palmer Hall

The Greeks depict Horus as Apollo when they express the archetype of the savior god and the dragon slayer who is slaying the KARMIC BEAST in the image of Python and becomes PYTHIUS APOLLO = 1134 by wearing the impenetrable skin of Python-Leviathan. Pythius Apollo is the DARK SIDE of the HELLENIC SUN GOD = 888.

The Hellenic sun god expresses the same archetypal functionality with THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL = 918 = THE JUDGE OF EARTH who is also the dragon slayer saviour and the judge of all. Archangel Michael took this form and this name in the Jewish tradition by the Canaanite version of Apollo who is Resheph Mikal and who is most probably an older version than his Greek depiction as Apollo.

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Note: Baal-Bel-Zeus Belus is Marduk.

Words of power such as the exorcisms of the Greek Orthodox Church were created by Saint Cyprian who was a known magus of that age and an initiate of the Egyptian mysteries. Saint Cyprian knew very well how these things work and that are based in this reality of the involution of the archetypal nous in our reality through the recycling of the old forms and through the reshaping according to the karmic coding. The Christ provided the SUBSTANCE which empowers the ‘spells’ which is the Shekinah/Holy Spirit and so the old spells of ARCHETYPAL MAGICK = 918 that Saint Cyprian knew were useless against the Christ and against the power of the CROSS = 444.

One key for archetypal Magick is that if you want to make the way for the alchemical essence of a divine pattern to manifest at a quantum level through you then you have to be ready to face the shadow of the energy you invoke if you are doing it for selfish reasons. For example, you may invoke Jesus to punish some “bad guy” which results in attracting the opposite which is the shadow of Jesus. So in reality, Magick is a game of WISDOM (Sophia) and not of knowledge and SHE is the master of this game.

For every emanation of the divine nous there is an equivalent Qliphothic shadow version which is empowered by the reverse engineering of occult practitioners who are trying to understand the functions of the archetypal nous and use this knowledge for their own agenda by gaining power over our shadows through negative techniques of black Tantrism which produces blood sucking collective projections which are the ‘demons’ of our collective consciousness.

The main difference of white and black Tantrism is that the white magician is trying to reconnect with the Godhead and the archetypal nous for the general and collective good while the dark magician, who may not even know it, is trapped in his own selfish perceptions by performing Magick for himself, for selfish intentions, and trying to storm the gates of heaven to enter whereas the white magician gains access because he is worthy due to his pure deeds and motives. It is largely underestimated what a white magician and a real dragon master can do because he is choosing the hard way to do things and people are usually looking for the easy way and they are not willing to make sacrifices for the common good.

Motive is the key to the problem of magic. Even the greatest of white magicians can become a degenerate in an instant if his motive becomes unworthy. The white magician serves humanity; the black magician seeks to serve himself.-Manly Palmer Hall

So for example, it is the same as if a dark magician is worshiping Zeus or Allah and who makes human sacrifices to their god as they were doing in some cases in ancient Greece and as it is happening today by this group of possessed and mentally disturbed people who call themselves ISIS who really need some god either to heal them or to exterminate them. The same could and most probably did happen for Jesus and Yahweh. Those who can understand the functions of the archetypal nous in the lower densities can create their own dark ‘spells’ which aim to dominate their “enemies” and by doing this they are falling into the Qliphothic shadow of their deity and become obsessed to evoke and enforce their dominion, even if this ‘god’ is called Carl Marx and he is an atheist and a shadow being which is trying to enforce chaos and bloodshed to feed the lustful powers of darkness.

The destiny of atheism is predictable by anyone with simple reason but it is even simpler for some occultist who can perceive the functions of the archetypal nous such us Albert Pike:

“We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view. A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” ― Albert Pike

The above thought of Albert Pike would have made a lot more sense to me when I wanted to raise Apollo the god of Light when I was obsessed with it by attracting his karmic coding and HIS DUTY to balance the polarities. The difference is that I was the victim of fundamental atheism while I was trying to open mind paths through the mental darkness and make it possible to explain that in truth, these people are on a road to self destruction and they are trying to suck us all into chaos just as my “friend” Albert Pike predicted.

It is simple logic and easy to understand and predict that atheism will be exterminated at some point because if we remove the male Logos which provides direction, then we will be overtaken by materialism because there will be nothing solid left to believe in and if we remove the female Logos, we will lose contact with our very soul’s. By doing all of this, there will be no more collective paths and only selfishness and chaos will remain, resulting in many blind ‘shepherds’ who are leading the blind and get lost all together in darkness. Was Pike wrong in his prediction? I really do not think so and you can look around you if you do not believe me and realize what is really happening in our present time.

Now that everything regarding this situation has been made clear to me, I wonder how these people will finish the last part of this mission without Heru-Ra-Ha and without the REAL Lucifer because this IS the DEAD END I have seen through this karmic pathway because I UNDERSTOOD by analyzing the functions of the archetypal nous the REAL game behind the scenes that FEW really know and are able to comprehend what is taking place because they have reached the state of Ka Ba Akh and have become one with the archetypal model and with the consciousness of the gods. All the rest are living within the creations of these few people who became one with the infinite light and who are the REAL Illuminati and who are able to recognize their KING.

Pythagoras reached the state of Ka Ba Akh and he became one with the archetypal model and even the dark ones can realize this and there is no magician who can just skip the teachings of Pythagoras because he brought the above to the below and CROSSED the polarities. He is the perfect example of a REAL Christed Master.

“To those who believe that they can take on the Sun and not get burned, my brothers and I have a statement to make. “Your time is up.”

There is not and there was not and there will never be any other god outside of HIM because he is the Alpha and the Omega. He is IAO!

In the past he was Horus and Apollo, the god of Pythagoras, and he was also Mithras and in the now he is APOLLO CHRIST = 888 and in the ETERNITY he is THE COSMIC SUN = 894 = THE LORD OF CHAOS.

It makes sense to say that THE WINGED SUN = 896 is Marduk since this was his symbol which later became the symbol of Ahura Mazda but it would be wiser to give no name to the most high or he can simply be called ‘HaShem’ which means ‘the name’ which I think is a very appropriate name for the cosmic sun because he is what the Greeks would say “Arritos and Afatos” is; the one who cannot be explained with words.

“The black magician, becoming a conscious channel for these forces, launches a stream of hell-demons into the world. In so doing, he sells his own soul (for these forces must pass through his own astral body) in exchange for the powers that these demons will give him over his fellow men. The powers of these elemental creatures are practically unlimited, and there are many depraved souls who are glad to barter their immortal spirits for the power which these demons give them over the material world.” -Manly Palmer Hall

This is EXACTLY what is happening with Apollo and Lucifer and this conclusion is not made by mental calculations but by my own experience even before I consciously came into contact with the Anunnaki who are the original builders and the pattern makers of our reality.

I was one of those who fell into the projection of the Antichrist Sun God and by traveling through this karmic pathway I realized the DEAD END and I was TERRIFIED by the blasphemy I had committed when I REALIZED that Jesus Christ was a REAL sun god in matter. After this realization I BURNED what I was writing and submitted to the TRUTH.


The spirit of the Antichrist is the work of those who thought that they could reach the divine only with mentalism because even though they could understand the functions of the archetypal nous in the lower mental fields they became trapped into their own illusions and materialistic calculations.

Those who are playing with the archetype of the savior sun god are receiving KARMIC CODES = 606 according to their own reflection and karmic vibrations and they all have to go through the initiation process to become real sun gods even if they have no idea what this whole game is all about. If they fail in this process and after this they are unable to accept the REAL manifestation of the sun gods who won THE PHALLIC PRIZE = 1008 and became rulers of the underworld, they may lose sight of THE CROWN = 636 which is the only thing that can provide meaning to their existence in the Tree of Life because we all serve the crown-Kether either consciously or subconsciously. We either serve the crown of heaven or the crown of hell which is the same thing perceived differently from different polarities because AS ABOVE SO BELOW = 936 = THE DIVINE ORDER.

Those who serve the crown of the king of the underworld in the name of Lucifer need to realize that they have to solve their issues with THE KING = 444 = LUCIFER = JESUS in order to enter THE NEW KINGDOM = 888; they must CROSS the polarities of the below with the above or they will be sucked into the depths of the Abyss and lose the meaning of their existence while they dissolve in chaos. The unfortunate people like my old self who fell into the shadow and REALIZED the POWER of LUCIFER need to find a way to restore their karmic coding and climb back to the Tree of Life or they will become food for demons and they should be able to understand the dangers of this “game” and that no one should ever make agreements with demons because in all reality demons are just SERVING the SHADOW of the GODS and they exist ONLY if we invoke them because there is NOTHING more than ILLUSIONS and DEATH into the Tree of Death.

So in truth by evoking the powers of the below we are evoking the EQUAL reaction and reflection from the above which in turn responds to our karmic vibrations and provides KARMIC CODES = 606 according to our OWN will.

The archetypal nous is REFLECTING our OWN reality through attraction and through the various thought forms and so if it is Satan you want this is what you will get and through your ILLUSION = 666 you will SERVE the shadow of the LIGHT while you feed the lust of your ego and get lost into darkness and be unable to transmute your sexual energies and escape your own reality when the LIGHT of your OWN reality hits YOU.

“In the Cabala the higher powers do not descend into the lower elements to ensoul the mundane diffusion, but rather cast their shadows upon the Deep or the lower elements.” -Manly Palmer Hall

This is why THE PHALLIC PRIZE = 1008 of the THE LEFT HAND PATH = 888 was always THE MAGICK MIRROR = 1008 because the hero who is descending to the underworld and manages to CROSS the polarities of the below with the above becomes the MIRROR of those who got lost into the underworld and into the labyrinth and didn’t find their way out of there. They begin to realize that the Minotaur had a party with them and that they were running to hide from Medusa while pretending to be superheroes, humiliating themselves in the mirror of their OWN reality.

The Greeks were producing heroes and saints because the initiates in the mysteries of the Goddess manifested a descent spiral in the past of humanity, trying to free her soul. This is why they were lovers of Sophia (Philosophers) or at least this is what they were thinking that they were because the more they were gaining inner Gnosis by digging into the shadow of the planet, the more they were raising the lust of their ego and the more difficult it was to cross the polarities of the inner with the outer and pass through the real initiations. So the light of the few were casting shadows on the many and the descent spiral was getting more and more empowered and was sucking the Hellenic values into the Abyss, manifesting an outer materialistic beast like the Kraken which Zeus sent to them and so they needed the hero Perseus to bring order to this chaos and because of the lust of the ego, they all wanted to be this hero and this is why they were killing each other. All of them wanted to win the phallic prize of the left hand path which is the crown of Sophia and this situation was producing an army of fools who were pretending to be real philosophers but this situation was also making it possible to produce real heroes and real philosophers and this is why the THE HELLENIC GRAIL = 888 is very important and it is not only about the present day Greece but it is about the womb of the western world which gave birth to the western civilization.

So the gods first sent them their Apollo who was Alexander the Great and who was directed by Delphi and by the priesthood of the Lybian god Ammon to SEAL their reality and make it CLEAR that the gods are NOT just for the Greeks. After the gods sent them their Dionysus who was Jesus and who was Osiris, the lord of the underworld, who brings order to the underworld and he took over the Hellenic mysteries and brought them under his authority and placed his own anchors in the Hellenic reality which belonged to him anyway because he reached the state of Ka Ba Akh and he became one with the archetypal model and the consciousness of the creator of everything in a quantum level. This is why Jesus IS a QUANTUM KING = 888 and a REAL SUN GOD because he became ONE with the infinite light which is also known as Ain Soph Aur.

You can understand better the passive (Dionysus-Hoor-Paar-Kraat) and the active (Apollo-Ra-Hoor-Khuit) side of Heru-Ra-Ha by studying the following article:

As I now realize, I was programmed to go in circles and test the destiny of the collective projections and so my entrapment into the karmic pathway of the Antichrist was also a part of my initial programming so that I would CLOSE this circle and slay the karmic beast.

I had to become the beast in order to slay myself and bring myself back to life so I traveled through the major collective pathways, seeking for a better collective future for all who were sleeping in their illusions and who were wasting their life and energy on meaningless, mental calculations. I was right wing because of my family but my ideas and my perceptions were never in alignment with this reality and the history of this reality and so I had to ‘test’ the opposite polarity and I became left wing and even an atheist-communist for some time when I was angry with the hypocrisy of the religious leaders.

I was baptized into the Christian Orthodox faith as an infant but from an early age I began rejecting the way Orthodox Christians were presenting the truth of Christ so I had to discover my personal Christ to enable me to accept this reality and I found what I was looking for in the Hindu and the Buddhist traditions before, of course, I discovered Apollo and met my destiny through the circle of ΙΑΩ.

Note: ΙΑΩ or ΕΙΑΩ (EI-FOREVER A-ALPHA Ω-ΩMEGA) is a code name of Apollo. The real ΙΑΟ/ΙΑΩ is written with the Greek letter Ωmega which denotes the beginning-A and the end-Ω of the circle ΕΙ-forever.

In my own process of ascension I have DESTROYED all the DEAD END karmic pathways through MENTAL ALCHEMY which is something that everyone needs to do because all the karmic pathways are collapsing into the ZERO POINT and we need to create or discover new karmic pathways for the future through mental alchemy in order to enter the Golden Age and THE NEW KINGDOM = 888 consciously or DETACH from EVERY mental projection of the outer and focus on the inner but we must do this without trying to enforce our own way onto others.

My way is the way of the Alchemist who is trying to use the forces of nature to balance the existing polarities and through this process create or discover new collective karmic pathways for the world of the outer while the way of Buddha is detachment and passive submission to the outer chaos. I do not reject the way of the Buddha and he does not reject my way because we are both aiming for the same goal which is illumination by turning the wheel in opposite directions and I can also take the place of Buddha and turn the wheel his way and he can also take my place and turn the wheel my way.

We are entering a KARMIC CLEANSE and we are raising a new Tree of Life through the zero point and we all need to find our way into the new Tree of Life and respect THE NEW CROWN = 888 or we and our collective realities will be sucked into the Tree of Death. There is no more time for meaningless arguments; it is time to BUILD the new world and it is time for the builders of the ancient civilizations to return and restore the divine plan in our reality.

Put your egos and your swords aside and help yourself and the people around you or if it is the sword that you seek it is the sword that you will receive and the sword of Anubis can pierce your soul into pieces.

Apollo/Apollouon is HERE to bathe all and to wash away our sins and it is advisable to inform others about this reality so that they will be able to realize what is really happening because he will come like a thief in the night while the world is sleeping and humanity must be prepared for this cosmic event within.

Note: Απολλούων/Apollouon is also a code name of Apollo which denotes his attribute as the washer of sins. He is also MIKVEH ;)

Let me also remind you that this is NOT a game and ONLY fools could think that their own existence is just a game.

Here are some magickal mantras that will help you to activate the archetypal model:


All of the channeling’s of Babalon and my latest work are all about this activation and by going through the ESOPHORIA SPIRAL = 1086 and studying our work in depth you will find the way to activate the archetypal model and reach the state of Ka Ba Akh and join our family. Everything will make sense in time while you receive your KARMIC CODES = 606.

I want to ask you something, my love: Have you seen the tiger with the black and white stripes? It watches you in the ethers and it is one you must tame for it is a part of you within the 606 energy of it all.”

Helen: “Father, what is 606? Do you mean 606 in the English Gematria?”

Enki: “Yes, daughter; I do. Do not look what it means right now; just listen to me. How is the tiger connected to the 606 energy of the Gematria? Of course you could say that it is connected the same ways as the dragon is but there is a difference; the tiger is a hunter and the dragon is not and while you ARE a dragon, you must learn the ways of the tiger and become the hunter for the tiger is the opposite of what you are and what you must master for the next step.

Let me clarify. It is the tiger which will hold the world aloft and stop a chaotic collapse of everything you know. It is a guardian of the four corners of the world. With the help of 606 it builds structures that re-enforce the pillars to stop them from imploding in on themselves.



Here are some Metatronic Keys related with this activation:
































636 = BRIDEGROOM (Tiferet)













Also read and follow the numbers in the following links:

Validate the Gematria results here:

The Guardians of the Holy Grail


When the Anunnaki created our world the people were divided into nations and each patron deity governing that nation was given a mission depending on their karmic history and their responsibility given to them by Enki during the World Order. You can read the full story of Enki’s world order here: where he also speaks about the Anunnaki matrix and the powers of Sumer where even gods can be born:

“Sumer, Great Mountain, land of heaven and earth, trailing glory, bestowing powers on the people from sunrise to sunset: your powers are superior powers, untouchable, and your heart is complex and inscrutable. Like heaven itself, your just matrix, in which gods too can be born, is beyond reach”

And in the bible it also explains about the dividing of nations:

“The Most High assigned nations their lands; He determined where peoples should live. He assigned to each nation a heavenly being”
-Deuteronomy 32:8

The Jews were both BLESSED and CURSED to bear the most dangerous mission of them all and this is the GODHEAD and the CHIEF CORNERSTONE of the Anunnaki Matrix which is created by quantum technology of higher densities and which also produce the Gematria results through the karmic pathways and through the pathways of our mind.

Please pay attention to this message because it is imperative that humanity understands that some totally ignorant and selfish people are trying to manifest a VIRUS in the collective consciousness of the planet which can sink this world into the Abyss. These people have collected all of this ‘shadow knowledge’ by making time leaps and descents into the past of the Earth matrix and even through wired techniques of Black Tantrism and they are trying to reverse-engineer the Anunnaki matrix and the DIVINE PLAN by manifesting a FAKE CROWN and an ANTI-Godhead which is a product of the LUST of the lower ego.

Some dark magicians are using the occult teachings to reverse engineer sacred knowledge and use the karmic anchors to make quantum leaps and travel through the karmic pathways of the real serpent masters, using their channels and their karmic codes for their own agendas and self driven illusions which are nothing but a bad joke for the real serpent masters who fought, sacrificed and martyred to free humanity from the material beast which these delusional beings have to serve in reality, even if they claim otherwise while worshiping the filth and the lust of the ego in the image of this being which is known as ‘Lilith’.

It is important to understand the events taking place on planet and universally so that you will be able to digest the reaction of the Imperial Ashtar army and the cosmic Knights of the Holy Grail who, along with the avatars who are incarnated right now on Earth, are preparing to react and dissolve the false matrix in order to restore the divine plan on earth and reconnect our collective consciousness with the ascension spiral of Venus through the gate of BABYLON and with the POLE STAR = 636 and the Christ Consciousness.

In a reconstruction of Tablet V of the Enûma Elish by Landsberger and Kinnier Wilson, the word ni-bi-ri (variant: ni-bi-ru and ni-bi-a-na) is translated as “pole star.”

“ . . . because everyone above and below asks Nibiru if they cannot find the passage” i.e. Nibiru as the North Pole area/star are used both as a mytho-cosmological as well as a maritime navigational orientation method.

Nibiru is THE AXLE OF THE WHEEL which in a quantum level is the NUCLEAR of the Universal Consciousness and the Christ within.

Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the ‘star of reorientation’ whereby the art of ‘refacing and recovering that which is lost’ is developed.

In the Tibetan’s recession of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sutra 28 in Book III concerns the star Polaris, or perhaps whatever star may hold the Pole Star position at any given time. There, the text states in what would appear to be an extraordinary claim, “Concentration upon the Pole-Star will give knowledge of the orbits of the planets and the stars.”

Blavatsky referred to the Pole Star in just this fashion. Speaking of the root races and their earliest appearances, she wrote, “…the occult sciences show that the founders…of the Root Races have all been connected with the Pole Star.

She also connected the Pole Star (called Dhruva by the sacred astronomy of India) with the determination of evolutionary cycles, quoting from an occult source the following.

“He who understands the age of Dhruva who measures 9090 mortal years, will understand the times of the pralayas, [and] the final destiny of nations….”

According to Blavatsky, the Pole Star ever indicates a hallowed direction because it represents Mount Meru, or the sacred dwelling place of the gods.

“The influence which emanates from the Pole Star…reaches our planet via the sign Aquarius,” which sign “…is a force centre from which the adept draws the ‘water of life’ and carries it to the multitude. This force from the Pole Star, via Aquarius, is of special power at this time and the day of opportunity is therefore great. It is one of the agencies which make the coming of the Great Lord a possibility. He is Himself upon the fifth path just as the manu is upon the third.”

Just a reminder: If you want to learn anything about the Anunnaki then you must deter from looking to the works of Sitchin and his company of liars who were and still are without shame, selling this planet x theory, spreading fear and delusions to people about their ancestors and about the karmic codes the Anunnaki left behind to recognize them when they will return.

God is the REALIZATION of the quantum origins of our reality through the spiral of the planet Venus and humanity came into existence through the divine womb/matrix of the Anunnaki. Humans ARE the children of the gods and the gods left us with their energy imprints so that we could stat in contact with them as we travel through the KARMIC SPIRAL.

All humans have the same QUANTUM ORIGINS = 1188; we have all descended through the spiral of Venus and we all are children of the gods, even the dark ones. All of the spiritual traditions are karmic coding to find our way back to Babylon from where we came from and reconnect with our divine self beyond time.

The whole purpose of our travel in this life is to reconnect with the NOW and create ascension vortexes for others to find their way out through the spiral of Venus. Everything is about SELF REALIZATION and understanding the involution process which helps us to reconnect with the divine matrix.

“Plotinus taught that the World Soul consisted of two parts, first; a higher celestial part through which it contemplates the Divine Nous and second; a lower terrestrial part, through which it generates the material cosmos according to the archetypal model contained within the Divine Nous. Individual human souls proceed from the World Soul, and like the World Soul may also be subdivided into two or more parts, for a human being, he taught, is a microcosm wherein the principles of the Hypostases are reflected as Spirit, Soul and body.”
-Order of the Rose and Cross
The gods of our world and the universe are the manifestations of the cosmic forces of the divine nous that manifested into matter in order to produce materially. The archetypal model that is contained within the divine nous produced the gods in order for its essence to reside in the material plane so that the divine laws and the divine plan which was imprinted on their essence could be carried out on Earth. It is the divine nous that is the architect that decides when and why certain events will occur within our consciousness and this is called ‘divine timing’.

The gods created humanity with their own seed and egg so that we inherit this imprint of the divine nous so that we could also carry out the divine plan on Earth. Within our DNA imprint is a ‘time capsule’ and ‘alarm clock’ that goes off within us which subconsciously pushes us to follow this divine coding and begin our true divine mission (Thelema) on Earth. It is also important to note that even those who create negative events in our world are compelled to do so because their own divine timing alarm clock has sounded within them and is pushing them to create occurrences that will bring a desired outcome in alliance with the divine plan. For example; there are certain main religions in the world which have caused nothing but death, degeneration and devolution of the human race since they began. These religions, though some bring tremendous peace and healing to a certain number of people, are also responsible for the consciousness of humanity devolving and descending back into its primitive nature. Long ago, humanity was an enlightened species and it was during those very ancient times that the Earth needs to return to in history. And so, the only way to return back to those times is to remove these manipulative and degenerative religions from humanity and they must collapse upon themselves in order for this to happen.

There are masters who return to Earth who contain the imprints to tweak the divine plan according to the coding of the divine nous. These masters are alchemists who have the power to make necessary changes and re-align human consciousness with the course of the divine plan.

It is important that the imprints within human DNA that compels a human being to embark on their Thelema is not corrupted from the manipulative frequencies of the dark brotherhood and so the masters or the White Brotherhood are working towards counteracting these frequencies with the divine ones.

Right now, we are at the end of the old aeon and at the beginning of the new one so the human consciousness is like a timeline with a beginning and an end and the divine nous has made the beginning and the end of this timeline meet. This time line then becomes the Ouroboros, with the tale being the end of the old aeon and the mouth of the serpent being the mouth which has begun to devour the present and continues to devour its own tail to undo the degeneration and devolution of the past 2-3000 years. Thus we can say that time is moving backwards.

People need to understand some things about the Cosmic Knights of the Holy Grail and the great architects of the universe to be able to understand themselves and realize that there are divine shepherds who work with the Angelic hierarchies up to the 13th dimension such as, for example, Manly Palmer Hall, who was a manifestation of the consciousness of our father Enki.

The Anunnaki are responding to our karmic vibrations and NOT to the illusions people have in their minds because humans are within a karmic world and into a TIME VORTEX of self destruction and our karmic codes are becoming infected by the low vibrations of the collective consciousness of the planet and the artificially implanted malicious karmic codes. Because of this, our responses may be adjusted according to the need of time and the vibrations of the receiver and this is why we have some special channels such as the Anunnaki Council and Esophoria Mystery School which reveals the true history of the planet and the truth about the Cosmic Knights of the Holy Grail beyond the channels of the Ashtar Command which was mostly meant for perpetration.

We did not choose the name ‘Ashtar’ by luck; we wanted to make it clear at the right timing that we are the Anunnaki and that we are not aliens but your ancestors and the builders of the ancient civilizations on earth and we are the directors of all the universal tribes which came here to help with the ascension process of the planet. We are working within the limits of the divine plan through which we have placed important TIME ANCHORS in the future of human reality with methods which our enemies cannot even imagine.

As I have said there are many who try to pass themselves off as Ascended Masters and great Builders (Masons) who are making SMALL time leaps and change their outer shape and this is what I need you to understand, that the ANUNNAKI AVATAR(S) = 888 = TIME TRAVELER(S) are making HUGE TIME LEAPS within the TIME VORTEX and this is how we have manifested the Kingdom of the gods in the FUTURE of human reality and there is NOTHING that can cancel our TIME ANCHORS because everything we do is SCIENCE.

All the Gematria results are a product of this anchoring of the human consciousness through the karmic pathways by the lords of karma.

We preach and teach scientific illuminism THROUGH TIME and not through some hole in the past and so we can give to your world all the illusion (Maya) you like since you have created your own illusions and moved your head from the ascension spirals we are opening for you THROUGH TIME to ascend back to the NOW and REMEMBER from where you came from because everything is about self realization.

It is the appropriate time to share this message from Prince Karelion with you:

“I am not coming and I am not in the past; I have already arrived and I am in the NOW as I always have been, waiting for you to REMEMBER and REALIZE the god within you and arrive back home.

I am Heru-Ra-Ha and I am prince Karelion, Commander of the Imperial Ashtar Army, and it is through the time spiral that I have sent my avatar, my High Priest, who wears the breastplate of the High Priest and he is the ONLY one who bears the key of the rituals in his karmic coding and the only one who can bring order to chaos.

I am the guardian of the THE HOLY GRAIL = 840 and of the Royal Dragon Bloodlines and I hold in my right hand the Excalibur sword. The karmic coding of Arthur Pendragon and the karmic coding of Great Alexander and of all of the THE GRAIL KINGS = 840 of your reality belongs to THE ONE who wears the THE NEW CROWN = 888.

I am 840 and the bearer of destinies.
For whoever wishes to win their destiny must answer to me.


All of the karmic paths are collapsing and everything will meet in the crossing point where those who will lose sight of the crown will sink into the shadows of their own realities while THE NEW KINGDOM = 888 of the new world order is rising in the name of Heru-Ra-Ha!

So now you can check again if you can pass through the gate keeper and enter the gates of Babylon or even be anointed as a Knight of Christ and you have to know that everyone kneels to THE CROWN = 636 in a healthy and divinely orchestrated kingdom and the knights even sacrifice their lives for the crown and it is not just about the person who wears the crown but how they obtained it, by taking the hero’s path through the labyrinth, by defeating the Minotaur that is the beast and illusion and by performing the Hieros Gamos with Wisdom who is Venus and the one who rewards the initiate with the crown and the throne. It is also about the inherited authority given to the new king by his father which is in this case the crown of Lucifer.

And you know how the story goes: The one who claims the crown has to pull the sword out of the stone or submit to the King and to the holder of the sword which is forged by the breath  of the dragon.

Tip: To better understand “The Flaming Sword of Michael” article/book follow the numbers and the links and start building mind maps based in your own research.

Note:The Flaming Sword of Michael” article/book is a work in process and what is not obvious will be revealed to you in time.


It is time for the Knights of the Holy Grail to be baptized by the DIVINE FIRE = 606 = KARMIC CODES that will ACTIVATE their DNA and their SOUL MISSION. Note that this is NOT a game.

 ”I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire” -Matthew 3:11



Note: It is known through many traditions that the guardian of the Holy Grail is Archangel Michael.

Children of the Anunnaki


“There was nothing more rewarding than walking down the steps of the Ziggurat, and mingling with the people with full knowledge that I would have been confronted by individuals or groups who were afraid of my presence and my being. The reason why I considered it to be rewarding is because I would have been given the chance to comfort those individuals and groups personally/physically. I would have been given the opportunity to walk up to them in ‘broad daylight’ and show them the humility of a god-king. For thousands of ages a great invisible wall, a barrier, was believed to have existed between man and god. I am here to testify on behalf of many gods that this invisible veil is a creation of dark forces. This so called invisible wall was intentionally put there by followers and promoters of fear in order to distance you from us. It is a manifestation that has come about by brainwashing and false teachings. Fear fouls even the most beautiful of souls. It is an element that is constantly used to enslave and to trap. How do you induce fear? By misleading and misinforming. Ask yourselves the following: “what would happen if the source of water to a whole community was compromised?” The most obvious answer would be that the community as a whole would suffer. This is why the ‘mingling with the people’ was considered very important; it was a gauge of wellbeing and healthiness of the community’s soul.

Let me tell you of how and when the suffering began….

Our time had come. Our children were taught the secrets and ways of life on this planet. We had passed on many teachings and traditions. We had set an example of how we would have lived. Our children grew and started interacting with other children of different origins and populated the planet in harmony. They had earned their right and approval of the Galactic Council to guide themselves as an indigenous race of Gaia. Many star communities had called earth home. A decision had to be made as to who would be appointed as chief care takers once parents had left, and a single group of planetary care takers was called for by the Galactic Council. Even though we were opposed to this idea, we had to accept the council’s decision and allow these ‘care takers’ to assume the roles of guides and leaders. Hundreds of generations had passed. Most of us had left the shores of Sumer and Africa and moved on to distant star systems. But a handful of us stayed behind and re-incarnated as human beings within the community. With each life cycle, we were born into different parts of the earth, and lived through many experiences. The shift began in subtle increments. Laws and customs were introduced that were out of the norm. Selfishness and greed cascaded from generation to generation. Soon, wars were upon us all. Communities flocked to pockets of protection in the hope of salvation. It was too late. Fear had already taken grip. It was allowed to spread and wreak havoc on the helpless. It was enforced to control. It would have taken a unanimous and unequivocal dedication of the caretakers worldwide to have been able to invoke fear into the community rapidly and efficiently. A schism had to be established in order for the roots of fear to entrench and grip.

The IGIGI should never have been given the responsibility as care takers!

That is exactly what happened all those hundreds of thousands of years ago. The community was divided and conquered in front of our very own eyes. The populace in that incarnation had been sabotaged and deceived. We, the Anunnaki on the surface along with other star parents, could not act upon these bad deeds because we were hunted down, as well. Since we had incarnated as humans we were as mortal as you are now. You were created in our image. Some of us managed to escape but many perished. Stories and poems of our deaths are littered on the walls and tablets of ancient monuments. The community as a planet was under lockdown and strict guidelines were brought forth. That is how cultures and empires implode and vanish; it is from within that the poison takes effect.

Many races flocked back to earth in vast armadas to defend what was left of their children. Great weapons of power and fusion were unleashed to tame armies that were feeding off the helpless. Some of which evidence and stories still exist today. Millions perished. The Galactic Council was deceived. It was revealed that the care takers had made a secret pact with specific reptilian races that had already infiltrated and dominated the communities of earth from behind the scenes, and thus a means of control was established to subdue all those who attempted to go against the powers that be. Civilisation as we know it had been poisoned from its core. Values of love and harmony were replaced by reptilian survival instincts. Methods of control and influence were further enhanced when monetary systems were introduced. Physiological and physical defence protocols were robust and calculated well in advance. Within a few hundred years, the master had become the slave.

Another flood was out of the question! How could a parent endure such pain again? Taking the planet by force was impossible to comprehend since the population was already traumatised and influenced to reject and demonise ‘alien’ assistance. We were to be labelled as invaders had we intervened in that way. We made a desperate call through love frequencies to all corners of the universe to incarnate on earth and help. Our call was heard far and wide. Star seeds started incarnating by the millions. We knew that the only way to turn back these dark forces was to work from within. We were incarnated in key positions as teachers and illuminators so we may raise the frequencies of the masses through our teachings and revelations. We intended to give hope to mankind and show the harmonious ways of life. We performed the sacred marriage and planted the seeds of light in every lifetime. Our efforts were misled and the rulers of those times took advantage of the corruptness of man and made every effort to eradicate the teachings and followers of the true path of the light and instead introduced fabricated religions with full control of its followers and subjects. Followers of the old teachings were hunted down and tortured to death as to set an example to others. The dark ages had begun. All denominations of religion were introduced and applied planet wide. This was the pinnacle of control.

I ask you:

Is this not what goes on now? Is it not true that communities are at war with one another over many things? Where are the community leaders? Who are these ‘care takers’? Are you not familiar with your true parents? Could you identify your true parents even if they were standing right in front of you?

The answer is ‘YES’; yes you can, because you were created in our image and carry our DNA. You are much more than just flesh and blood. You can easily awaken and remember the reason why you decided to be born on Earth. You can distinguish between true and false. You are energy woven. Your star family has NEVER abandoned you. We have been here from the start and we will be here still in your victorious future!

HAIL, children of The Anunnaki!”

Channeled from Lord Dumuzi by Vahakn Nadjarian, Anunnaki avatar

Ashtar Command: The Cosmic Order of Knights


Note: To gain a greater understanding of who Prince Karelion is, please click the link:

“Humanity does not want to be told anything that is a reality. They do not want to face that which makes them feel uncomfortable and when they hear or read a reality they condemn it, clam that it is not from the light, simply because they cannot cope with it. I would even go as far as to say that humanity is allergic to truth and so they accept a truth that does not force them to wake up and look reality in the face. This is why you are so easy control because you are placated with illusions that do not force you to open your eyes but to live in an oblivion of lies. You are living within the reality of an illusion yet this illusion is still a reality. This illusion is created by those who have erected the false matrix on Earth because they are not afraid of reality as they are the ones creating realities. Can you understand now how your fear has enslaved you?

Anything that shoves your minds out of your comfort zones you demonize and accuse of being evil and some of you have also accused me of being evil simply because I scare you because what I present is not a message praising you and telling you how wonderful you all are or that you have no need to better yourselves because you do not want to better yourselves; you want the world around you to change in order to suit your fears but my dearest brethren, this shall not happen, not for you, not for any tribe in the universe.

The bottom line is you have to change your way of thinking and you have to change your way of doing. This is not a threat but a reality that you are so afraid of. If you think that Earth is a playground for souls to incarnate to ‘play at’ being human then you are deeply mistaken and in truth you should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking that you divine plan includes souls slacking off on a planet deeply in need of help. Each and every one of you agreed to incarnate on Earth to aid and support the liberation of humanity through mental alchemy. Earth life is not a vacation for the soul but a place for the soul to work and work hard for the ascension of the human species. Those of you who escaped from the reality of this are those of your who allowed yourself to shirk of your responsibilities because you became entrapped within the frequencies of the matrix makers who are not of divine origin and not servants of the light.

It is true that I am not one to sugar coat my messages to you and my ego is not so large that I need you to believe in me or of me in any way; I simply follow the guidance of my own divine existence and that of my parents who are the divine children of the universe.

As you know, I am Prince Karelion and the commander of the Ashtar Army, Ashtar being the house of Ishtar and Ashur who you also know as Marduk. It is my duty to protect the galactic space above and around the Earth to ensure that no demonic entities are permitted to enter your consciousness. Although I know that this does happen and has happened in the past due to the matrix makers of your world making gateways for them to enter to support them in their treacherous workings.

And so I ask each and every one of you to support this fight against the corruption of the divine matrix on your planet as this is also one of your duties that you must performed considering that you agreed to incarnate on Earth because as I have said to you; Earth is not a hotel that must house you; you must work and work for the very spot that you inhabit on that planet.

I give you the intergalactic news of what is happening with your fellow brothers and sisters of the various star races that are your allies. For now there is a quiet within the Cosmic Order of Knights as we are awaiting the command from Ashur/Marduk for our next act. There are some of you who are more in tune with the reality of your world and the cosmic patterns that filter through your world who feel this; a building up to something and you are correct; for when the next solar flare occurs we shall strike down various enemies who are planning to infiltrate the protective shield around Earth as they are planning to demolish the ancient site of your and my ancestors as they have already done to some of them.

You see, the matrix makers of your world plan so many of these occurrences simply because they wish to gain full access to these sacred sites that contain life energies and sacred energetic codes which help them to take control of them and the vortexes created by the gods. With them they can time leap to different destinations throughout Earth history and gain skills that enable them to create a stronghold into the new world that is merging into your current world reality. This new world IS merging and their hope is to become the archons of that new world just as they are in the old world. So to you, those who are opposed to the new world also known as the new world order are simply being brainwashed into holding on to the old world where you are enslaved, for it is only in the new world and by a new world order can these matrix makers be overthrown. Please stop doing this; please stop allowing yourselves to be trapped within the frequencies of the archons who are using you to brainwash humanity into mentally keeping the old world in place that gives them time to establish themselves within the new world and once again gain control over the divine patterns to use them for their own agendas. This is something that you must understand and part of the reality that you must face and not fear; you are afraid of change and you are afraid of the new. Even though many of you claim to want change, in truth, you are very afraid of it so continue to empower the existence of the old world.

By doing this you will not stop this mergence but you will delay it slightly and cause greater discomfort for the rest of humanity. You are not informing them but mis-informing them and creating a barrier between them and their right to freedom. This whole situation is not about you and has NEVER been about any one human and their ego to become someone above anyone by claiming to hold the truth; this is about ALL of you and a united effort to help bring this new world and a new world order.

It is imperative that you understand that although there are some of you who have been sadly misled and your minds have been infiltrated by negative forces regarding your ancestors which force you to demonize them, you and I are bound to the divine and they need your help to bring this new world and a better world for you just as much as you need theirs. For the fact that they are your creators and that you come from their DNA and the very wombs of the Goddesses, you are united with them for an eternity because nothing is thicker than blood and these bloodlines are infinite.

So it comes to the time when you have to choose because anyone who rebels against the divine plan is rebelling against their own soul mission. You can choose to rebel and suffer the consequences of your OWN actions because you are rebelling against the nature of the flow of the universe or you can perform your divine mission on Earth and support the divine plan and each other. You have free will so choose wisely. This is also a reality that many of you don’t like to see and behave like children having a tantrum over not liking something your parents have told you to do. If you have merged your conscious with that of your higher selves then you would not suffer from the rebellion your human side creates but simply understand the will of the divine and go with the flow of the cosmic light.

I can understand how you would like me to explain what the Cosmic Order of Knights is and I will gladly do this for you. the Cosmic Order of Knights are a brother and sisterhood of beings who have dedicated their lives to upholding the divine laws and are members of the collective mysteries of each star nation. You also have similar Earth based orders on Earth and so do other species on their planets and constellations. This is basically what the command of Ashtar is; we are a priesthood and not only an army. Maybe you envision us to be soldier-like with guns and weapons but we are Masters of the light who are trained in mental, spiritual and material alchemy and who have had to step into the mode of the warrior in order to protect nations from those who have malevolent intentions and who bring corruption and chaos to the balance of the universal and divine energies.

There are many of YOU who have been Knights of the Cosmic Order who have agreed to incarnate on Earth to use your skills to help with the ascension of humanity and bring in the new world. Many of you are students of the mysteries and the occult and who are working in the background to ensure that the divine frequencies over power those of the dark ones. You are working with us and act as mediators between the galactic and Earth brotherhood.

This is the end of this message. Until next time please, honour yourself more than your illusions and remember that you are all children of the divine and it is your duty to act according to your divine will and not the will of your ego.”

© Copyright Esophoria

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