Lemurian Mer-Ka-Ba Activation (mp3 audio)

This activation was channeled directly from Lord Zeniel Melchizedek who is the High Priest of Lemuria following a very important message that was given to the scribes of Esophoria Mystery School which you can read here. During this activation, Lord Zeniel Melchizedek sends to you his love and support to ensure that you experience the successful activation of your Mer-Ka-Ba. Even those who have already activated their personal Mer-Ka-Ba, know that the Lemurian technique is unique and offers added healing benefits from erecting the star tetrahedron around you.

Below Lord Zeniel Melchizedek shares with us his explanation of what the Mer-Ka-Ba is and what it can do:

“It is important that I speak to you about the Mer-Ka-Ba because we know that our teachings regarding this would greatly help humanity for I wish to say that the Mer-Ka-Bah is like a galaxy that is created by the electromagnetic fields around the body. You see, although we do recognize the Mer-Ka-Ba as being a chariot which transports you through the different dimensions, to us the Mer-Ka-Ba is much more than this.

Many of you know that ‘Mer’ means ‘light’, ‘Ka’ means the spirit that drives the ‘Ba’ which is the ‘body’. Please know that the Mer-Ka-Ba is not only used for ascension purposes but many of us, who are the original Ascended Masters, use it to travel through the different dimensions as well as across the universe as I have just explained to you.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is what you navigate in to travel through time so that you can visit the past and the future but again this is not all that it can do; it is a healing chamber within the realms of spinning sacred geometric shapes which counter rotate against but through each other for from the Mer-Ka-Ba radiates transcendent healing life force energy which enables the cells and its elements to vibrate in alignment with the sacred geometric shapes. Remember that you come from the Earth and your composition is made up of the Earth as well as the elements of the stars. All need to be incorporated into the multi-dimensional hexagram which encumbers both above and below and the uniting of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine within you.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is also an antenna and receiver which amplifies your heart, soul and mental messages out into the universe and receives the same communicational frequencies back so you may use the Mer-Ka-Ba as a communication device when you wish to connect with different collective consciousnesses throughout the cosmos.

The holy and most sacred vehicle can be activated through a number of methods which enable the light body to awaken from its slumbering state and become a part of the Mer-Ka-Ba structure which assists the energies of the Mer-Ka-Ba to vibrate inwards which is back to the source of all that you are as an incarnated being.”

To read the entire channeling (recommended) please click here:


This activation is new to our consciousness as it is an ancient yet highly advanced method of constructing the star tetrahedron that is the Mer-Ka-Ba.

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Spiritual Awakening Activation (mp3 audio)

Many religions and spiritual belief systems speak about spiritual awakening and it is a pivotal point in during a souls experience in matter within each life time that those who become aware of themselves within the cosmic consciousness hope to reach. Spiritual awakening, to outline it in basic terms, is the awakening of the conscious self while in form and becoming aware of your oneness with the one true source of ALL.

Your higher self or your true self is already sentient and its mission is to merge its consciousness with your mental consciousness that is your reality as a human being. Spiritual awakening comes from the realization that you are not only one but many and that you are connected to all life throughout the universe, that you are a manifestation of the cosmic force that creates and flows through you and everyone you meet. You become aware that you are every rock, every plant, every animal, every-one and that you are indeed spirit, energy, residing within a vehicle of flesh.

Many experience spiritual awakenings in different ways. Know that we have many spiritual awakenings throughout our life time but there is usually one which begins it all. For some it is a process that began since they were a child. Others have awoken because of certain incidents that have occurred, some happy and some painful. There are some who have yet to have that cosmic explosion within when everything begins to make sense and become clear to them and they begin to see past the veil from the material to the spirit. Many have already reached certain levels of enlightenment but who wish to evolve further.

This activation does not promise to provide a full spiritual awakening for only hard work can produce this phenomenon, but it is a trigger that helps the conscious to gain access to your cellular memory and to help your conscious to communicate with the higher self and draw that awareness into your reality.

During this guided audio you will take part in your own activation as you are plugged in to the source of all knowledge and as a bridge is created between your conscious and higher self.

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Money Magnet Activation (mp3 audio)

Description: When spiritual people speak about money, many believe money to be an evil, materialist thing which is attached to greed and the ego. Though this can be true in some cases, money is also regarded as an energy that is used as a currency in return for goods received. There are numerous people who wish to manifest abundance into their life in the form of money, either to pay their bills, pay for spiritual education and courses or simply to enjoy life without having money problems or with not having to donate their time to thinking about having enough.Though this activation does not promise to make you rich, it will aid you in awakening the magnet that will attract prosperity that does exist within each human being. A lot of it does depend on you and how much faith you have in your ability to manifest money into your reality.

This activation works within the principle of giving and receiving and the divine laws of attraction. By taking part in this activation you will program your higher self to instigate opportunities for making money. So for example, if you have a business and you are hoping for more customers or clients, this activation will stimulate your inner money magnet to attract more work into your life.

The money magnet activation can work for you if you are also willing to work for it and by following some simple values that are:

*Be grateful for what you already have. *Be honest in your work. *Keep the balance between giving and receiving. *Say thank you and mean it *Remember that money is only a vehicle and not a true living entity. *Do not say you don’t have any money *Be patient and allow money to flow.

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Anunnaki DNA Activation (mp3 audio)

Channeled by Lord Enki:

“I have been with you since the first human memory was created. I was the first male face that the first human saw. Ninmah was the first heartbeat that a human being ever heard. And we were the first Mother and Father that the first human child ever knew. I am Father Enki and you are my children.

Whether you came from the Anunnaki godlines or the bloodlines of other species, you are still my children. I am the first Master Alchemist who gave humanity the gift of life. I am the first Great Architect who designed you, and you are beautiful, each and everyone one of you and so, so precious to me and your ancestors.

During the times of Earth changes and the wars that were made to control you, many of you have forgotten who you are and where you came from. Many of you have forgotten that you are of royal and godly blood and now I am telling you through Inanna’s representative on Earth, that you are indeed all gods.

When the Tablets of Wisdom was passed on to Inanna, she became your Mother, for she taught you the ways of the gods and the paths of civilization. It is only right that she should deliver this DNA activation to you, to help you reconnect with your ancestors and to regain your right to sit on your own throne in your own land.

Many of you may disagree with war and so do we, even though we are known to be a warrior race. What you should also know is that we are creators and that any war we have fought to keep you safe was worth it.

Please read the origins of humanity given to Esophoria by my beloved son, Marduk: The Human Origins.

I will tell you about this DNA Activation. It is a gift of remembrance. It is a gift of wholeness and your right to take your place as a honourary inhabitant of Earth who chooses to live your life in peace with a right to freedom. It is a gift of awakening to who you truly are and it is a gift of empowerment, to recognize that the blood of the gods runs through your veins.

I now pass this activation onto my children who created Esophoria for us to deliver to you in the way that they need to.”

The purpose of this activation is to reconnect all deactivated and forgotten DNA strands which have become forgotten and unused during the thousands of years of your Earth incarnations. By taking part in this activation, you will not only be taken back to your own, true human origins, but you will be realigned with the Anunnaki frequencies who are humanity’s star ancestors. The godlines and bloodlines will be stimulated within you (regardless of which species you originally descended from) which will empower you as a divine human being living on planet Earth.

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Horus 3rd Eye Activation (mp3 audio)

Description: The Eye of Horus is an amalgamation of 6 symbols which represents the shattering of Horus’s eye into 6 pieces and these pieces shall be reassembled within you to create the 1 hequat measurement of the eye. These 6 symbols corresponds to each of the 6 senses which are smell, sight, thought, hearing, taste and touch. During this activation, all of these 6 senses will be activated and finely tuned in affiliation with the Eye of Horus by Lord Horus himself. You may or may not witness site of the divine Horus but know that this activation is taking place on all levels, through all your subtle bodies, through all directions of space and time, in the past, the present and the future.

During this activation the Eye of Horus symbol will be placed within each of your 7 Chakras and your 3rd eye Chakra will become the Eye of Horus itself. With this you shall receive protection, healing, wisdom and the restoration of true sight, as the Eye of Horus stimulates the energy center of the 3rd eye.

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